How Well Do You Know These Simpsons Secondary Characters?


The Simpsons is the longest-running animated series and the longest-running American sitcom in the history of television. Created by Matt Groening, the half-hour show debuted as an animated sketch on The Tracey Ullman Show, depicting a middle-class family and its everyday problems. While there has been various rumors of the show's demise throughout the past decade or so, the writers continue to churn out quality (and not-so-quality) episodes; it recently concluded its 28th season and is scheduled to return in the fall of 2017 for its record 29th season. If you're reading this you're obviously aware of the show's main characters - Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie - but the beauty of The Simpsons is that it has since encapsulated modern American life through a variety of secondary characters living in the town of Springfield.

Springfield, in a sense, has taken on a life of its own. As an audience, we're made aware of characters in all sectors of society, from the church reverend and the mayor to the local bartender and the bullies on the school playground. Throughout 28 seasons there has even been entire episodes dedicated to the character development of those secondary characters. But just how well have you been paying attention? Can you correctly answer these 50 questions about Springfield's citizens?

Question 1

What is Mr. Burns' main catchphrase?

Charles Montgomery Burns, more prominently regarded as Mr. Burns, is the richest and most powerful man in Springfield; in one particular episode, his net worth was listed as over $1.8 billion. However, throughout the series, he has lost his fortune multiple times only to regain it back through the help of good-intentioned, but evil get-rich quick schemes with assistance from characters such as Lisa Simpson. The frail old man is supposedly over 100 years old, but continues to run the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Question 2

What was the name of Mr. Burns' teddy bear?

In stark contrast to his evil demeanor often depicted in the show, Mr. Burns was apparently a happy-go-lucky child. His childhood was detailed in one episode, during which time he lived with his parents Clifford and Daphne Burns, who called him "Happy." That changed when he was adopted by a heartless billionaire and became the sole heir to his fortune. Upon being adopted, he left behind a teddy bear which was the source of his happiness. Decades later, the bear was recovered in an ice bag picked up by Homer at the Kwik-E-Mart and given to Maggie.

Question 3

Who shot Mr. Burns?

As noted, Mr. Burns is one of the most powerful men in Springfield due to his massive fortune. Several episodes are dedicated to his evil schemes or extra curricular activities (see the baseball episode, which is an all-time classic), but one of the more famous early examples of his treachery - blocking out the sun - actually resulted in him getting shot by a citizen of Springfield. The "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" episode was one of the premier cliffhangers for an animated series and had everyone guessing who the suspect might be.

Question 4

What store is operated by Ned Flanders?

Ned Flanders is the Simpsons' God-abiding Christian neighbor who, for the better part of the show, has let Homer take things from his home with no more than an "okely dokely" in return. He's the annoying neighbor who is no more than a pushover at most times, but has often formed friendships with Homer and been the subject of complete episodes himself, like in the "Hurricane Neddy" episode, in which a hurricane destroys his home and causes him to finally lose his temper. During the hurricane, the mall store which he runs was looted.

Question 5

What is the name of Ned Flanders' kids?

Ned Flanders, for the better half of the series, was married to Maude Flanders and the couple had two sons, which, like Ned, are staunch Christians who stay away from violent video games and basically anything enjoyed by Bart Simpson. The children are foils to Bart in almost every single way and one even competed against Bart in a mini golf tournament for an episode that satirized the ultra-competitive parents of child athletes. According to show creator Matt Groening, the family's last name comes from a street in Portland, Oregon.

Question 6

What was the name of the restuarant Moe Szyslak operated?

The lovable schmuck bartender who runs the dank bar simply named "Moe's Tavern," Moe Szyslak generally doesn't have much going for him. His unwavering affection for Marge (or Midge as he calls her) is as much of a reference point as his inability to find love - and when he does, it doesn't last. There has been a couple episodes in which he wanted to spice up the bar, including the time he attempted to style it into a family restaurant after Dr. Hibbert and his family was unimpressed by the tavern. One of the guarantees at the new restaurant was that the food is free if he doesn't smile when the check comes.

Question 7

Which television series was Moe fired from when he was a child?

In the past 28 seasons, The Simpsons have gone back to the past and ahead to the future so often that it's nearly impossible to keep track of all the character's timelines. In season seven, however, Moe tells Homer, Lenny, Carl and the other bar flies that he used to be a child actor and played the role of "Smelly" on a popular television series. His memory turns dark when it's revealed that he accidentally killed another actor on the show for stealing his bit.

Question 8

What is the name of Apu's wife?

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is a highly-educated character who apparently owns a doctorate in computer science. He began working at the Kiwk-E-Mart to pay back his student loans, but ended up managing the convenience store. In addition to his job at the Kiwk-E-Mart, he was part of The Be Sharps, a barbershop quarter featuring Homer, Principal Skinner, and Barney Gumble. He's also close with Paul and Linda McCartney because of a previous meeting in India as a Yogi. In one episode, Apu was set up for an arranged marriage, which ended up working out much better than he originally expected.

Question 9

How many kids do Apu and Manjula have?

Following the marriage of Apu and Manjula, the couple set their sights on starting a family and having a baby, but Manjula ended up giving birth to multiple babies due to receiving a larger-than-normal dosage of fertility drugs. Despite the strain the children placed on their relationship, Apu and Manjula have, for the most part, remained happily married. There was, however, one instance in which Apu had an affair, following which Manjula forced him to legally change his name to Slime Q Slimedog.

Question 10

What was the on-screen name of Milhouse's character in the Bonestorm video game?

Bonestorm was a popular video game that Marge refused to buy for Bart. He later visits Milhouse who owns the game and is having the time of his life, despite only just having entered his name. Milhouse refuses to share the game with Bart, so, in desperation, he visits the Try-N-Save and is coerced into stealing the game by Jimbo Jones and Nelson Muntz. Naturally, he gets caught by a security guard and is eventually gilded by Marge. Bart eventually wins back Marge's trust, but he doesn't get Bonestorm; instead, he gets Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.

Question 11

Who does the voice for Milhouse?

Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten is the awkward, stubborn, nerdy best friend of Bart Simpson. He has been the source of hilarious one-liners and tremendous bits such as when he acted out the different types of sprinklers, and his "everything is coming up Milhouse" line is recited by Simpsons fans to this day. The irony of that line is that, for the most part, nothing good happens to Milhouse - his parents divorced, he's taken advantage of frequently by Bart, and he lost his teeth in a hockey game. He did, however, land the role of Fall Out Boy in the Radioactive Man film, but was eventually replaced.

Question 12

What was the famous line at the end of Barney Gumble's Springfield Film Festival submission?

A Star is Burns is one of the best episodes of The Simpsons. In the episode, Marge suggests hosting a film festival as a way to improve the town's reputation and, to her surprise, it's received well by the crowd at the town hall meeting. Another big surprise is the performance by Barney Gumble in his film, Pukahontas, which details his struggles with alcoholism. The film was awarded the grand prize by the judges, beating out Mr. Burns' big-budget film A Star is Burns.

Question 13

What was the name of Barney's plowing company?

Homer and Barney's friendship is put to the test in Mr. Plow, the ninth episode of the fourth season. In the episode, Homer buys a truck with a snow plow and brands himself as Mr. Plow - we all remember the jingle, "Call Mr. Plow, that's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow". Business is booming for Homer until Barney surprisingly starts a competing plow business and trashes Mr. Plow in his advertisement. As Barney takes away from Homer's customer base, Homer tricks him into accepting a job at the top of Widow's Peak mountain, but eventually feels guilty and rescues Barney following an avalanche.

Question 14

What is Krusty the Clown's real name?

"Hey, hey kids!" Krusty the Clown is one of the most compelling characters on The Simpsons given his interesting backstory, strained relationship with former partner Sideshow Bob, and his love of all vices - smoking, drinking, gambling. Yet, despite all that, he's the star of a popular children's show and lends his name to everything imaginable from a restaurant chain to cereal. Growing up, his father discouraged his passion for comedy and eventually abandoned him when he found out he was continuing to perform, although they later reunited.

Question 15

What was the name of the ventriloquist dummy that led to the cancellation of Krusty's show?

In the Krusty Gets Kancelled episode in season four, the Simpson family - and others - are subjected to a viral marketing campaign for which nobody is exactly sure what the product or show is. It ends up being the name of a highly-popular ventriloquist dummy and a show that airs in direct competition with the Krusty the Clown Show. The dummy, armed with the catchphrase "I'm a bad widdle boy," eventually overtakes Krusty in ratings. Naturally, with the help of Bart and Lisa, everything eventually returns to normal for Krusty.

Question 16

What was the name of the short-lived third wheel in the Itchy and Scratchy show?

The Itchy and Scratchy Show follows a tried and tested formula, one in which the much larger cat is foiled again and again by the smaller mouse, who continually outsmarts him and subjects him to extremely violent and creative deaths. Part of the Krusty the Clown Show, it's Bart and Lisa's favorite show. It later spawned a movie which Bart was unable to watch due to being punished. At one point, Homer voiced a third character on the show, a sunglasses-wearing, surfboarding dog. Needless to say, the character didn't go over well and he was written out of the show as having died on the way back to his home planet.

Question 17

Waylon Smithers is the president of what fan club?

Waylon Smithers, Jr. is the son of Waylon Smithers, Sr., who previously served as Mr. Burns' assistant until his death as a result of radiation poisoning. The younger Smithers was essentially raised by Mr. Burns, though there is no indication that Burns feels any sort of fatherly love for Smithers; instead, it's Smithers who harbors an undying erotic adoration toward Burns, often fantasizing about him - who could forget the "happy birthday Mr. Smithers" dream sequence? Smithers finally came out as a gay man in the 27th season of the show.

Question 18

Before marrying Ned Flanders, who was Edna Krabappel previously engaged to?

Edna Krabappel was a fourth grade teacher at Springfield Elementary who was often portrayed as a lonely, middle-aged woman desperate for love. In fact, she was so desperate at one point she dated Moe, while she also exchanged romantic letters with Bart, who used the picture of a young Gordie Howe and wrote letters to cheer her up in hopes of better grades. She married Ned Flanders in season 23, but, like Ned's previous wife Maude, she passed away. Edna's death wasn't determined by the writers, however; Marcia Wallace, her voice actress, died in October of 2013.

Question 19

What is the name of Edna's friend and Lisa's teacher?

Lisa's grade two teacher isn't as prominent in the show as Edna, but she hates her job just as much. Like Edna, she is often seen smoking and drinking on the job and, at one point, handed over teaching duties to Ralph Wiggum, one of the least intelligent students at Springfield Elementary. Among other actions on the show, she has been seen dating Apu, making out with Groundskeeper Willie, and having an affair with Bart in his future dreams while he was attempting to get over an ex-wife.

Question 20

What is Seymour Skinner's real name?

The Simpsons does a great job of diving into different backstories of its many characters and The Principal and the Pauper is no different. The season nine episode begins with a banquet honoring Seymour Skinner's 20th year as principal of Springfield Elementary, but it's interrupted by a man claiming to be the real Seymour Skinner. The imposter Seymour Skinner admits he is a fraud and goes into detail about his past life and how he assumed the new name and life. The imposter Skinner is banished from Springfield for a period of time, but, of course, everything returns to normal by episode's end.

Question 21

What is the name of Skinner's mom?

Seymour Skinner, or Armin Tamzarian, is mostly guided by two things: love for his role as principal and love for his mother. Mrs. Skinner is a strict, overbearing, bitter mother who still lives with her son and treats him like a child. She is extremely opposed to her son's choice in women, particularly Edna Krabappel, but has married four times herself. Additionally, she has dated Superintendent Chalmers, Otto Mann, and Comic Book Guy at times throughout the series and revealed she had an affair with Mr. Burns.

Question 22

Where do Patty and Selma work?

Patty and Selma are the twin sisters of Marge who seemingly do everything together. They're shown in flashbacks as being the rebellious sisters who try to get Marge to smoke, they live together as adults, and never miss an episode of MacGyver. They also work together and, in earlier episodes, light up cigarettes in sync. However, there are some differences between the two; Selma is constantly searching for love with a man, while Patty often seemed disinterested. It was later revealed that Patty is a lesbian, something that has been hinted at numerous times throughout the show.

Question 23

Which character hasn't Selma been married to?

As previously mentioned, Selma's desire for love is often the subject of Simpsons episodes. She first marries in an early episode after the death of her Aunt Gladys. The aunt leaves Patty and Selma a video tape in which she pleads them them to find true love as it is the key to happiness. Patty is content with receiving Gladys' iguana, Jub Jub, while Selma seeks out that connection and finds it with an unlikely husband. Divorced from all six husbands, she is now the single mother of an adopted daughter, Ling Bouvier.

Question 24

What is Comic Book Guy's catchphrase?

Jeffrey Albertson is best known in The Simpsons as Comic Book Guy, the nerdy owner of Springfield's comic book store, The Android Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop. Despite being an obese, socially-awkward, sarcastic nerd, he is married and previously dated Edna Krabappel and Agnes Skinner. He ultimately despises everyone except those who are as passionate about comic books as he is, though he often scoffs at Bart and others who attempt to interact with him. He keeps a list of people who are banned from his store, which include Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, Sideshow Bob, and Matt Groening, the show's creator.

Question 25

What is the name of Chief Wiggum's wife?

Clancy Wiggum is Springfield's inept police chief who enjoys a donut just as much as he enjoys refusing calls for help. He was an asthma-stricken hall monitor in high school who put on quite a bit of weight upon graduating and joining the force. He was also a former member of The Be Sharps until he was kicked out once the barbershop quartet discovered Barney Gumble had an excellent singing voice. He and his wife have one son, Ralph, a Grade 2 student at Springfield Elementary who has voiced classic lines such as "my cat's breath smells like cat food."

Question 26

What is the name of the other two officers on the police force?

Chief Wiggum isn't the only inept police officer in Springfield, although his two officers certainly seem more qualified than he is. One of the two officers rarely speaks (he hasn't had any lines in the show since an episode in the 18th season - over 10 years ago), while the other often chimes in with witty bars undermining the intelligence of Wiggum. Their best bit might be a Pulp Fiction reference in which they speak of the differences between burgers at Krusty Burger and McDonalds in the 22 Short Films About Springfield episode.

Question 27

What was the name of the war squad Abe Simpson and Mr. Burns were part of?

There's one episode in which Bart truly connects with Grampa Simpson and that's when he's told a story about the war squad Abe was part of during World War II. Abe was the unit commander, while a young Charles Montgomery Burns served as a greedy private who was later expelled for repeatedly attempting to have Abe killed to become sole owner of the treasure the group uncovered. Other members of the squad included Ned Flanders' granduncle, Barney Gumble's father, Seymour Skinner's father, Chief Wiggum's father, and a cast of characters such as Asa Phelps and Milton Haas.

Question 28

What was the name of the sex tonic conconcted by Abe and Homer?

The episode Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy ends with Homer and Abe hugging it out in front their old home which is burning to the ground. After bickering for much of the episode, they eventually bond over the fact that they're both screw ups. The episode begins with Homer and Marge seeking a solution to their struggling sex life, but the problem is eventually solved when Grampa whips up a batch of his famous tonic in the bathtub of his room at the senior's center. They end up traveling from town to town selling the product.

Question 29

What is Lenny's last name?

A co-worker of Homer's at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and best friend of Carl Carlson, Lenny is a blue-collar worker who can be best described as a simple drunk. He's often seen at Moe's Tavern drinking with Homer, Carl, Barney, and the other barflies. Not much is known about his family other than the fact his mother wishes Carl was her son, although, in another episode, he's portrayed as deeply loved by the Simpson family; upon Homer lying to Marge that he can't make it home because Lenny was hospitalized (he's actually bowling), Marge informs the kids, to which they respond, "Not Lenny!"

Question 30

In which country did Carl Carlson grow up?

Like Lenny, Carl often tags along with Homer either at the Bowlarama or Moe's Tavern. The trio have been friends for most of their lives according to flashback episodes and all began working at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant at the same time. There are numerous allusions to homo-eroticism in the relationship between Lenny and Carl, primarily from Lenny, who seems to idolize his best friend. From what we know, Lenny grew up in Springfield, but in one episode Carl recalls growing up in another country.

Question 31

What is the name of the secret society which both Lenny and Carl are in?

In "Homer the Great," Homer begins noticing the privileges which are bestowed upon Lenny and Carl - they have great parking spots at work and get fancy new office chairs - and begins to investigate. He eventually follows them one evening to discover they are members of a secret society, which he later tries to gain admission. He's able to join because Grampa is a member, but is later made to carry the Stone of Shame for destroying the Sacred Parchment. However, while doing so, it's discovered that he has the mark of the Chosen One, and he becomes their leader.

Question 32

Which film did Hans Moleman appear in for the Springfield Film Festival?

As good as Barney Gumble's Pukahontas short film was, it had some strong competition for the grand jury prize at the Springfield Film Festival from at least one juror. Homer, who was reluctantly let on the jury by Marge, was incredibly fond of the film in which Hans Moleman starred, laughing incredulously as it was shown in the theater. The film was simplistic in nature, but the source of great comedy, prompting Homer to shout: "Give that man the ten thousand dollars!" Homer originally voted to award the grand jury prize to Moleman's film, but later changed his vote to Barney's Pukahontas.

Question 33

In which popular film did Troy McClure star in the musical version?

In season seven, Selma once again falls in love and this time marries Troy McClure, who is merely using her to boost his career. As a result of their relationship putting McClure back in the public eye, he's offered a job in a musical based on a popular film, with hilarious results. The musical itself is a small part of the episode, but it's one of the finest and most-quoted scenes performed by Phil Hartman, who was the voice actor for McClure. Both McClure and Selma later accept that their marriage is a sham and it ends peacefully.

Question 34

Phil Hartman voiced the character of McClure. Which other character did he voice?

Phil Hartman was tragically murdered by his wife in 1998, leaving a gaping hole in not only The Simpsons world but the world of comedy. The Saturday Night Live alumnus was a prominent guest voice actor on The Simpsons, lending his voice to the "You may remember me from such films as," film star Troy McClure and one other prominent recurring character. Hartman also voiced Lyle Lanley, the character which promised the prospect of fortune with the building of the town's monorail. His characters were all retired when he was killed.

Question 35

Who did Bart and Milhouse pair with to buy a copy of the first Radioactive Man comic?

You've heard of Three Men and a Baby, but in its second season The Simpsons introduced Three Men and a Comic Book, in which Bart, Milhouse, and another kid combine their money to purchase a copy of the first-ever issue of Radioactive Man. Naturally, the three kids have trouble deciding who gets to keep the comic and eventually decide that they'll all spend the night together with the comic in Bart's treehouse. The natural progression of the episode is that they all become suspicious of each other's intentions, which in turn ruins their friendship.

Question 36

What is the name of the kid known for throwing up on the bus?

Although he isn't often featured in recent episodes, the kid known for constantly throwing up on the bus - or anywhere to be precise - was quite often shown in earlier episodes. While everyone else in the show is either yellow or black, this character is pale white and believed to be albino. He's good friends with Martin Prince and is often seen with little-known classmates Richard and Lewis. In addition to puking on the bus, he once vomited in the hallways of Springfield Elementary, leaving Groundskeeper Willie to clean the mess.

Question 37

What is the name of the German exchange student at Springfield Elementary?

"Don't make me run, I'm full of chocolate," this obese German exchange student exclaims in the hockey episode as Homer is chasing him with a towel. Not much is known about his character aside from the fact that he is a lover of all things sweet and is often seen eating candy and/or chocolate at school or on the bus. He once went missing during the class visit to the Civil War re-enactment at Fort Springfield and was also stuck in a cobweb in the air vents at the school.

Question 38

Which country is Groundskeeper Willie from?

The much-maligned janitor for Springfield Elementary, Groundskeepr Willie has an incredible disdain for Principal Skinner and is often both a friend and foe to the Simpson family. He once helped Homer get out of a sexual assault case because of his passion for secretly videotaping couples in cars but also chased him down once in protection of the school's grease. He's hard to understand at times due to his thick accent and supposedly lives in the utility shack at Springfield Elementary.

Question 39

Which character won a $130 million lottery?

Springfield's State Lottery has the slogan "the State Lottery, where everybody wins," but only one person was a winner during a 1992 episode in which lottery fever took over the town. The jackpot reached a total of $130 million with everyone hoping to cash in and win the massive fortune. In fact, every copy of Shirley Jackson's The Lottery was sold out at the Springfield Public Library as the town's residents looked for ways to win. The winning numbers were 3-17-25-38-41-49.

Question 40

What is Mayor Quimby's nickname?

The corrupt, womanizing mayor of Springfield is Joseph Fitzgerald O'Malley Fitzpatrick O'Donnell the Edge Quimby Jr., but is simply refered to as Mayor Quimby, although he is often called by his other nickname, especially in earlier episodes. He accepts bribes from Fat Tony and the mafia and bends the law to his benefit in multiple episodes. His appetite for beautiful women is often depicted in various episodes as well; in one instance, he was caught by Homer with Miss Springfield in a hotel room, after which he dropped his catchphrase, "Vote Quimby!"

Question 41

What is the name of Quimby's nephew who was on trial for assaulting a waiter?

Mayor Quimby's newphew was the subject of "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" episode. In it, Bart skips school and, on the run from Principal Skinner, ends up in the back of a sportscar driven by the mayor's nephew. He eventually witnesses what actually happened in an alleged altercation between the nephew and a French waiter, but can't testify at court because it would prove he skipped school. He eventually testifies, stating that it was the waiter's own clumsiness that led to his injuries and not an attack by the mayor's nephew as suggested.

Question 42

What was the name of the band Nelson Muntz formed with Bart, Milhouse, and Ralph?

In the 2001 episode "New Kids on the Blecch," Bart, Nelson, Milhouse, and Ralph are discovered by record producer L.T. Smash to form a boy band. Neither kid can actually hold a tune, but the group rises to stardom with the use of voice enhancers. Among other songs, the group releases a single titled "Drop Da Bomb," which includes the suspicious lyric "Yvan Eht Nioj." Lisa eventually discovers that it's a subliminal message which, when read backwards, spells out join the Navy. She also discovers that L.T. stands for Lieutenant ("That's right, Lieutenant L.T. Smash," he tells her).

Question 43

Which state was Ralph Wiggum in a Springfield Elementary representation of all 50 states?

Marge Simpson is one of the most reliable moms in cartoon history. She's the voice of reason in the Simpson household and always there for her children. However, there is one episode when that wasn't the case. In "$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)," the town gets a casino and Homer becomes a blackjack dealer. Marge ends up becoming a gambling addict, spending all of her time at the casino. As a result, she isn't around to help Lisa make her costume to represent Florida in the school pageant.

Question 44

What is Reverend Lovejoy's first name?

The somewhat jaded reverend of the First Church of Springfield, Reverend Lovejoy arrived in the town as an eager, idealistic young man but became disillusioned in large part due to the constant pestering from Ned Flanders, who is known for calling him about any and every problem he has. He once relayed to Marge, "I just stopped caring. Fortunately by that time it was the eighties, and no one noticed." His fading interest in Christianity is rather apparent through his monotone voice when reading scriptures at Sunday sermons.

Question 45

What is Reverend Lovejoy's true passion?

Timothy Lovejoy's character is explored in the 1997 episode "In Marge We Trust," in which Marge takes on a volunteer position at the First Church of Springfield and ends up becoming The Listen Lady, essentially solving the problems of people Lovejoy often pushed away, such as Ned Flanders. The problem is, her solution for Ned, who is dealing with Jimbo and others harassing him at The Leftorium, doesn't exactly work and the gang essentially take Ned hostage. All the while, Lovejoy is removed from the church and busy spending time on his true passion, albeit in a depressed state.

Question 46

What is the name of the two aliens featured in numerous Halloween episodes?

Despite only being featured in Halloween episodes, the two fictional aliens of the series are present in every season save for the first. One of the aliens, in an earlier Treehouse of Horror episode, is revealed to be the father of Maggie Simpson during an appearance on Jerry Springer. Among other appearances on The Simpsons, the two aliens have plotted plans to enslave the entire town and caused dolphins to attack humans. One even impersonated Bob Dole in a Presidential election.

Question 47

Duffman is shot by who in a 2002 episode?

The macho party-happy mascot of Duff Beer, Duffman first appears in "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson," and has since become a recurring character on the show. He revealed in one particular episode that "Duffman can never die! Only the actors who play him," which is not only a reference to real-life corporate mascots but an actual truth of the show. There have been at least two instances in the show in which the Duffman character dies but he nonetheless returns. One died of a liver failure, while another died when Moe covered his face with a sticker.

Question 48

Before falling in love with disco, what was Disco Stu's profession?

As evidenced by his name, Disco Stu is a disco-loving citizen of Springfield who manages Stu's Disco. He refers to himself in third person and, in addition to being married to Selma at one point, he's often seen hitting on the women in town, including Marge, before being put off by her children - "Back away, not today, disco lady." In a taxi cab confession spoof, Disco Stu reveals he actually doesn't even like disco anymore and is worried he has let the music define his personality. His earlier career is detailed in the episode "Springfield Up."

Question 49

What's the name of the restaurant run by The Sea Captain?

Nautical Stu isn't the only sea captain character referenced in the show. There's Krusty the Clown's Rory Bellows moniker in an earlier episode and, of course, the actual Sea Captain character. His real name is Horatio McCallister, though that's not often mentioned in the show. Yet, despite the Sea Captain moniker and his "Yarr" catchphrase, he has actually admitted he isn't a real captain. He does, however, operate a failing restaurant, which was given a negative review by Homer when he was a food critic. Nonetheless, he displays the review in his window as it covers up the D grade the restaurant received from the health inspection agency.

Question 50

What was the name of the littly boy Homer took on as a little brother?

After Bart is left at the soccer field in the "Brother from the Same Planet" episode, he shuns Homer and joins the Bigger Brother program, where he is paired up with Tom, a much cooler, in-shape father figure who learns of Homer's incompetence and disregard for Bart. Homer, meanwhile, feeling betrayed by Bart, joins the program himself and finds a suitable little brother in a disheartened, lonely orphan who is grateful to have Papa Homer as a father figure. All is well at the end of the episode as Bart and Homer patch things up, with both realizing that Homer's little brother is better suited to pair with Bart's big brother.

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