How Well Do You Know These Secondary Walking Dead Characters?


The world of The Walking Dead television series seemed so small when it debuted back in 2010. Dedicated fans of The Walking Dead comic books were already aware of how vast and vibrant the universe was, but those who had no idea of the comic's influence were entering Rick's world blindly.

Things started out a bit slow but quickly gained steam, with an abundance of main characters, secondary characters, and cameos, happening in the first season. Since it's iconic start, The Walking Dead has gained fans and world-wide fame over the last seven years.

With so much comic book-based content to draw ideas from, show developers have a serious stable of possible characters to include in each season. Some of these secondary stars are more memorable than others, and it can be quite difficult to keep up with all of the names we're introduced to each year.

This lead us to put together a difficult quiz pertaining to some of the interesting faces we've seen throughout The Walking Dead's seven seasons. It's important to note that this quiz is filled with spoilers, so only proceed if you're not currently catching up to Season 7.

If you think you've got what it takes to answer some of these difficult secondary character questions, then dive right in!

Question 1

Who does T-Dog give his life for?

Theodore Douglas, known affectionately as T-Dog was one of the most beloved side characters to grace the first three seasons of The Walking Dead. He didn't have many lines (much to the complaint of some fans), but the big-hearted hero spent a lot of his time helping Rick's group and doing the dirty work. A tense moment during some scavenging almost cost T-Dog his life, but he eventually made it to the Prison safe house with the rest of the group. While there, T-Dog heroically gives his life to save this group member, by tossing himself at some hungry walkers.

Question 2

What was Bob's occupation before the outbreak?

When we first met Bob, it was unclear what type of influence he would become. He seemed like a pretty pleasant guy until his prior alcoholism reared its ugly head. During a run to an abandoned supermarket, his booze lust almost costs him his life (while costing someone else theirs). He almost got the group into trouble at the veterinary college too. In the end, Bob becomes a very likable side character and manages to boost morale for a few of the group members (specifically Sasha). What did Bob do before the apocalypse took hold?

Question 3

What is the name of The Governor's daughter?

Philip Blake aka "The Governor" served as the main antagonist for Season 3 (and half of season 4). The ruthless shot caller terrorized Rick's group, destroyed the Prison, brainwashed Andrea, and tortured Glenn and Maggie. Many fans were happy to see this sadistic threat fall, but others felt a strange sense of pity for the once revered leader. Before the apocalypse, Philip had a family, and a daughter he loved with all his heart. Unfortunately, she didn't "survive" the new world, and in a depressing turn of events, The Governor kept her "alive" in his Woodbury office.

Question 4

What was Denise's career before the apocalypse?

The Walking Dead has featured a lot of shocking, sudden, and depressing character deaths. Rick's group has lost people to walker hordes, suicide, and even illness. That said, Denise's death was one of the most visually shocking and emotionally draining moments to ever grace the series. Alexandria (and the group) lost its "doctor" just as she was beginning to come out of her shell. Possibly suffering from anxiety, Denise was always a bit afraid of certain situations. Her medical knowledge became a very valuable skill to the people around her, but she wasn't a doctor by trade.

Question 5

What happened to Enid's parents?

Enid has a rather mysterious past. Although she's featured as a recurring side character since Rick's group arrived in Alexandria, we don't know much about her origins. Her original "fearful" attitude towards Carl suggests that Enid went through some pretty troubling times before arriving at Alexandria's gates. We do know that she arrived alone, surviving on her own for a period of time after losing her parents. What tragic event took Enid's parents from her, forcing her to carry forward on her own?

Question 6

What martial art did Eastman teach Morgan?

The second time we saw Morgan, with his horde of guns and emotionally crazed attitude, many feared that we would never see the beloved character again. He returned, much to our surprise and delight, with a completely different outlook and some impressive fighting skills. The episode "Here's Not Here" introduced us to the man that reshaped Morgan. Eastman only appeared for one episode but stands as one of the most memorable side characters so far. What martial art did this former forensic psychiatrist teach Morgan?

Question 7

Which actor plays the charistmatic Savior, Simon?

Negan is perhaps the most charismatic and "charming" part of The Saviors crew, but Simon is easily a close second. The second-in-command is a critical thinker, using his intelligence, charm, and charisma, to strongarm other settlements. Not much is known about his origin story, but it's obvious that he's an invaluable part of the Saviors' group. If he looks familiar, it's because he's portrayed by a well-known voice actor. This individual "stole the show" as Trevor Phillips from Rockstar's smash hit video game, Grand Theft Auto V.

Question 8

Prior to the outbreak, why was Axel in prison?

We were first introduced to Axel in Season 3. Rick and his group find the suave-looking crook with a small group of inmates inside the prison safe house. Axel is well behaved and tries his best to get along with everyone from Rick's group. He seems most attached to Carol, often flirting with her, which eventually leads to his untimely demise. Although he may be a smooth talker, Axel was still admitted to the West Georgia Correctional Facility for a reason. What crime put Axel in prison in the first place?

Question 9

What instrument could Otis play?

When we were first introduced to Otis, it wasn't on the best terms. The ambitious hunter had just shot Carl, mistaking him for game, and was in a panicked rush to get him and Rick to Hershel's farm. What seemed like a villain in the making turned out to be a genuinely sweet individual with a big heart and a lot of talents. Prior to the apocalypse, Otis was a farmhand and volunteered for the local EMT. He was also an aspiring musician.

Question 10

What did Aaron do before the apocalypse?

Aaron may be the purest person to ever grace The Walking Dead universe. Through personal dialogue, we learn of times when he was bullied and abused, but the good-natured Alexandria recruiter holds no anger against those who have wronged him. Aaron occasionally shows up on the frontlines and has become a valuable asset for Rick and his group. His eloquent speech and trustworthy demeanor served him well before the outbreak. What was Aaron's original career path, before society broke down?

Question 11

How did Hershel originally lose his pocket watch?

It's tough to classify Hershel as a secondary character, after witnessing how quickly he became a cherished part of Rick's group. He was around for a while, offering sage advice and keeping folks as healthy as he could. Before the apocalypse struck, Hershel owned a farm where he and his family tended to crops and livestock. When he was a child, his father gave him a precious pocket watch, which Hershel later passes to Glenn. We learn that at one time, the downtrodden farmer actually lost the watch.

Question 12

What type of priest is Father Gabriel?

Father Gabriel was hated when he first showed up in The Walking Dead universe. Many saw him as a coward and were quick to judge his motives and method of survival. He was heavily scrutinized by Rick, who didn't trust the preacher initially. As time went on, Gabriel grew (much like Carol) and blossomed into a helpful group member that isn't afraid to put his friends before himself. When we first see Father Gabriel, we learn what type of priest he is.

Question 13

What was Jim's occupation before the outbreak?

Jim had a horrible time when the apocalypse began. He lost his family during a struggle and states that the only reason he escaped was because the dead were too busy eating his family. After the shocking and horrific ordeal, Jim found his way to the Atlanta Survivor's Camp. He showed a strong dislike for Shane but seemed to get along with everyone else. Unfortunately, he didn't survive his second run-in with the dead. Jim was rather helpful to the group, thanks to his occupational background.

Question 14

What did King Ezekiel name his tiger pet?

King Ezekiel is one of the best characters to grace The Walking Dead in many seasons. His stoic demeanor and kingly attitude make him a strong leader. He's incredibly kind, showing much adoration and respect for his followers. He's also quite the character, putting on a facade to help frame his leadership qualities. One of his unique "tools" is a ferocious tiger, which he keeps as an obedient pet. What powerful name did King Ezekiel bestow upon this deadly companion?

Question 15

What was Gareth's mothers name?

Rick and his group strongly believed that Terminus could be a new start for them. No one in the group could foresee just how wrong they were. Their poor choice led them directly to Gareth, a murderous fiend with a taste for human flesh. When we first meet Gareth, all we know is how twisted the individual is. Practically nothing is known about his life before the apocalypse. Although we do find out he had a mother and a brother (which lived with him at Terminus). What was his mother's name?

Question 16

How did Beth die?

This is more of a memory challenge than a hidden secondary character Easter Egg. Beth had been with the group for a long time, showing up when Rick and Carl were first ushered to Hershel's farm. She had some initial struggles, batting against suicidal tendencies and a general depression in the "new world." Her sister, Maggie, and those around her helped her to find a new outlook on life. Sadly, her refreshed vision was cut short in the episode 'Coda."

Question 17

True or False: Dawn was a police officer before the apocalypse?

Dawn served as the main antagonist for Season 5. She wasn't a traditional villain at all, with mannerisms and ideals that were rather different than what fans became accustomed to seeing. In the beginning, Dawn seemed like a sweet and caring individual, but that facade soon faded and we were introduced to her fragile psyche. She ruled the Grady Memorial Hospital with an iron fist, using brutal tactics and shady practices to keep people in check. She dressed as a police officer and drove a squad car, but was she a cop before the outbreak began?

Question 18

How does Dr. Emmett Carson perish?

Dr. Emmett Carson served as the doctor to the Saviors, but we doubt it was by choice. It's assumed that he originally worked with his brother at the Hilltop community and that Negan forced him to return to the Saviors compound to serve as their personal aide. He became an unfortunate product of "wrong place at the wrong time" when Dwight placed a note (which he'd received from his ex-wife) on his desk. A series of events sparked an outrage from Negan, who promptly made an example out of the ill-fated doctor.

Question 19

What is the name of this Oceanside community member?

While scavenging for supplies, Tara finds herself in some hot water. Overrun by walkers, Tara accidentally falls from a bridge and is swept away by the tide. She wakes up on a beach, where she is almost "executed" by a young girl who's eliminating shore-bound walkers. The character in question stops the child from completing her task and ends up saving Tara from an early grave. Later on, she helps Tara back towards Alexandria, covering her tracks with precision marksmanship.

Question 20

Which Australian actor plays the "Leader of the Wolves?"

The leader of The Wolves (more commonly known as Owen) first appears at the end of Season 5. He then serves as the main antagonist for the first part of Season 6. Not much is known about Owen's past but he and his group of "wolves" are ruthless and cutthroat. Owen shows no remorse for the people he's killed and even speaks to Morgan about how he's going to murder all the residents of Alexandria. He's played by a very talented Australian actor, who now appears as Jervis Tetch (The Mad Hatter) in Fox's Gotham.

Question 21

What was Pete's profession before the apocalypse?

When the group first arrived in Alexandria, fans were hopeful that the location would serve as a means of rest and recuperation. It was at first, but things quickly went south when an enraged husband began plotting against Rick. Pete was uncomfortable with the amount of time that Rick had been spending with his wife, Jesse, and his quiet rage began to fester as time prattled on. Eventually, Pete attempted to assassinate Rick with Michonne's sword, which lead to his demise. We briefly learn about Pete's profession in earlier episodes.

Question 22

Who is this little girl?

During the Prison arc, we were introduced to a young group of children that came as product of Woodbury's downfall. A few of the youngsters didn't make it past the Governor's counter attack on Rick's group, but two young girls escaped alongside Carol, who had been taking them under her wing. Unfortunately, as time passed, Carol realized that one of the children was suffering from some mental issues. Sadly, before Carol could "act" this young girl ended up killing her sister, Mika. What is this character's name?

Question 23

What was Hershel's first wife named?

We become rather acquainted with the Greene family by the end of Season 2. Hershel had been living in his farmhouse, untouched by the outside world, and accompanied by his two daughters, son, and wife. During the events of Season 2, we discover that Hershel's "son" Shawn, is actually his Step-Son. Some unfortunate circumstances (which we don't know about) took Hershel's first wife before the horrors of the apocalypse ever began. We only see a photo of her within the farmhouse.

Question 24

What melee weapon does Jerry use?

King Ezekiel is the undisputed ruler of The Kingdom, but his "bodyguard" has quickly become a fan favorite. Jerry is a wisecracking, pun-loving, big guy, with an even bigger heart. You'll find him firmly planted by King Ezekiel's side, always diligent in his guard duties. There are moments when Jerry decides to pack heat, by carrying a firearm on certain missions and "meetings." That said, Jerry does have a "melee weapon of choice." What type of sharp weapon does Jerry carry with him?

Question 25

Which of these secondary characters was NOT featured in the comic book?

We already spoke about how vast The Walking Dead universe really is. There are so many characters that show up each season it can be downright difficult to remember who is who. It's also important to note that some television characters are completely "fabricated" by creators. There has been a multitude of recurring and secondary characters that were designed from the ground up and meant to help distinguish the television show from its comic counterpart. Can you correctly identify which one of these characters was not a comic book character?

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