How Well Do You Know These Rick And Morty Characters?


Wubba lubba dub dub! Season 3 of Rick and Morty will finally be arriving later this month, as Adult Swim announced the premiere date to be July 30 after much deliberation and an April Fool’s prank that turned out to be quite the opposite, giving us the season premiere a few months early. As seen from the trailer, we’ll be treated to the darkest season yet – which is a tall order, considering we’ve seen Rick attempt suicide, a ghost boy psychologically manipulate a cop grieving the death of his son, and Jerry’s semi-admissions of being raped as a child – not to mention Pickle Rick!

Ever since Rick and Morty first aired on Adult Swim a couple of years ago as a weird little interdimensional sci-fi cartoon, it has picked up millions of fans who fell in love with the show’s endearingly awful, yet sadly relatable characters. From narcissistic alcoholic Rick and his dweeby grandson Morty to sad, spineless Jerry and his regret-filled wife Beth, we can’t seem to get enough of these people. But how well do you really know them? The show’s legions of fans are all fighting to claim the crown of being the world’s biggest Rick and Morty fan. Only such a fan will be able to answer the following questions.

Question 1

Which universe is our Rick from, as far as we know?

The Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks is made up of Ricks from all conceivable dimensions and universes. They’ve gotten together and found each other across the space-time continuum and created their own organization. They each have a Morty whose idiocy waves hide their genius from the law. We got a close look at this organization in the episode “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind,” where it all pretty much came crumbling down. All the Ricks are known as “Rick Sanchez” followed by the name of the universe they hail from. So, which of these universes is the rogue Rick we know and love from?

Question 2

Who does Morty have a crush on?

There’s a girl in a few of Morty’s classes who he has a giant crush on. He hardly ever talks to her and more just obsesses over her from a distance. However, he does occasionally try to talk to her, like in the pilot, or the time she came to a party at his house in the Season 1 finale “Ricksy Business,” where he monopolized on her tanking romance with Brad. He showed her around Rick’s garage and showed her some of his inventions, which she was very impressed with until things got squanchy. But what is her name?

Question 3

What kind of surgeon is Beth?

Beth is often infuriated by Jerry’s dismissal of her line of work as not being “a real surgeon.” She is a surgeon, but she doesn’t operate on humans; she operates on a specific species of animal. In the episode “A Rickle in Time,” while Rick, Morty, and Summer split the screen into like sixteen different uncertain timelines of themselves, Beth and Jerry go to get ice cream and hit a deer. She fights to save the deer’s life, struggling on the operating table and also fighting a legal battle with a hunter, and eventually manages to save it. However, deer surgery is not her specialty. What is?

Question 4

Which rapper’s poster does Summer have in her bedroom?

In Summer’s bedroom, a poster of a famous rapper can be seen hanging on the door. Which rapper is it? You may remember Summer’s bedroom from the pillow fight she has with the fake butler and fake friends that the alien parasites created in “Total Rickall.” Also, Morty goes to see Summer in her room at the end of “Rixty Minutes,” the first interdimensional cable episode, to tell her that he and Rick came from another dimension to this one, where they were dead, and had to bury themselves. That was a heavy one. So, which rapper’s poster does Summer have in her bedroom?

Question 5

What can Morty transform into?

In the mind-bending world within a world exploration episode “The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” which kind of contemplates the morality of slavery but just mocks it more than anything, Rick tell Morty that he has modified his DNA structure to give him the ability to transform into something random. Morty had absolutely no idea about this until Rick brought it up out of the blue as they were running after Zeep Xanflorp (who was played by guest star Stephen Colbert). But what is it that Morty can transform into?

Question 6

Which How I Met Your Mother actress plays Beth?

In Rick and Morty, Beth is played by the same actress who played one of Ted Mosby’s girlfriends in How I Met Your Mother. Now, throughout the course of that CBS sitcom’s nine-season run, Ted had a lot of girlfriends, so which one was it? Funnily enough, in HIMYM, the actress plays a blonde doctor, just like Beth. The other TV role this star is known for is also a Blonde Doctor. Any chance she’s been typecast (even in animation)?

Question 7

What is the name of Morty and Summer’s high school?

Morty and Summer attend the same high school in Rick and Morty. It was also, of course, briefly attended by Tiny Rick before Summer got him expelled for killing the school’s gym coach, Coach Feratu, the obviously named vampire who posed a threat to the school. The name of the school’s principal, the one who had to expel Tiny Rick, is Gene Vagina. Morty’s teacher, whose dreams he once incepted with Rick, is named Mr. Goldenfold. But can you remember the name of the school?

Question 8

What was Jerry’s big ad pitch in the simulator?

In the twisty “M. Night Shaym-Aliens!” episode, David Cross guest-starred as the leader of an alien race hell-bent on stealing a formula from Rick, so they placed him in a simulation with Morty and, much to his surprise, Jerry was also in the simulator. In the simulator, Jerry had the best day of his life, selling his first big ad pitch, having great sex with a motionless simulation of Beth, and winning an award for his campaign. But what was the campaign? It was an ad for apple farmers that Jerry worried was a rip-off of the “Got milk” campaign.

Question 9

What does “wubba lubba dub dub” mean?

“Wubba lubba dub dub,” Rick’s oft-quoted catchphrase, is a strange expression. At Summer’s party, which coincided with Rick’s party, in the episode “Ricksy Business,” Birdperson explained the meaning of the phrase to Morty. According to Birdperson’s explanation, the phrase “Wubba lubba dub dub” is in the language of Birdperson’s people (Birdperson, of course, being Rick’s best friend in the universe until his tragic demise in the shocking twist in the Season 2 finale “The Wedding Squaunchers”). What does it mean?

Question 10

How old is Rick?

Rick is old. That much is certain. For starters, he not only has a daughter who’s a grown woman educated enough to be qualified to perform surgery, but he also has two teenage grandchildren, Morty and Summer. But exactly how old is Rick? In the Season 2 episode “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate,” he seemed horrified at the idea that Jerry might be 50 years old (“Jesus Christ, Beth, is Jerry 50?!” were his exact words). So, is Rick himself older or younger than that?

Question 11

What is Jerry’s favorite iPad game?

During kitchen conversation scenes in Rick and Morty, Jerry can be seen ignoring most of what is going on and instead playing a typically mindless game on his iPad. It’s playing this game that got Beth annoyed at him for not listening to her during the conversation about vampires. When Jerry fired back, it landed them in intergalactic marriage counselling that almost led to their deaths. Interestingly, the in-show game was later developed into an actual iPad app called “Jerry’s Game.” So, what does Jerry do on his iPad game?

Question 12

What is Rick’s favorite McNugget sauce?

In the Season 3 premiere that Adult Swim leaked on April 1 (leading some to think it was an April Fool’s Day prank), Rick reveals what his favorite McNugget dipping sauce is. He tells Morty that the pursuit of that sauce is “what this is all about,” referring to it as his version of The Fugitive’s elusive “one-armed man” and the drive of “avenging my dead family.” Rick says that finding that sauce is his “series arc” and he’ll keep searching for it even “if it takes nine seasons.” So, what is the sauce he loves so much?

Question 13

What is Morty’s secret fetish?

Morty is known to have a certain fetish for a specific body part. It was revealed in the Season 2 episode “Mortynight Run,” the one where Morty saves the life of an omnipotent gaseous being who can read minds. Thanks to Rick, the being becomes known as Fart. Fart goes inside Morty’s mind to find out which word he uses for the power of telepathy in order to convey to Morty what he does, but the words he gets from the forefront of Morty’s mind aren't exactly useful. So, what fetish was Morty revealed to have?

Question 14

On which planet did Jerry become famous?

In the Satan-themed Season 1 episode “Something Ricked This Way Comes,” Jerry’s worried about his intelligence, which leads him to force his way into helping Morty with his science project. During the work on their science project, Jerry and Morty butt heads on the provided information about one particular planet. Jerry is so adamant in his “confirmation-bias” science that he and Morty end up being whisked off to the planet, where Jerry becomes a lauded celebrity. Which planet was it?

Question 15

What sci-fi movie did alternate Jerry star in?

In the Season 1 episode “Rixty Minutes,” after being frustrated with a reality show like The Bachelor, Rick plugs his own cable box into the TV set that receives channels from infinite dimensions, realities, and universes. This includes a world where humans evolved from corn. It also includes a reality where Jerry is a movie star doing mountains of cocaine with his best friend Johnny Depp in his spare time. But which 2012 science-fiction film did this version of Jerry Smith star in?

Question 16

Where does real-world Rick Sanchez work?

The animated mad scientist Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty and also the infinite versions of him across infinite dimensions that want him dead are not the only people named Rick Sanchez in the world. Rick Sanchez is also the name of a correspondent for a major US news network. Which network does the real-world Rick Sanchez work for? Bear in mind that this guy from the news is nothing like the troubled alcoholic genius we all know and love.

Question 17

What actor does one of the Ricks’ Morty look like?

It is well-known that series creator Justin Roiland based the character of Morty loosely on Marty McFly from Back to the Future (with Rick being similarly based on Marty’s cohort Doc Brown). In the episode “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind,” Rick and Morty meet many, many versions of themselves as they take on the Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks. One of the Ricks’ Morty is said to look like an actor who was originally cast to play Marty McFly before being replaced by Michael J. Fox. Who is that actor?

Question 18

Where does Summer catch Morty masturbating?

Morty masturbates A LOT, and he openly admits that he does it “everywhere.” In the episode “Something Ricked This Way Comes,” he warns Jerry about walking into his bedroom without knocking because he’s 14 years old and he has a laptop with access to the internet. When Morty lives with the tree people in the microscopic world within the world inside Rick’s car battery, Morty even masturbates to the image of an extra curvy piece of driftwood. In a flashback scene in “Total Rickall,” the bad memory of Morty that Summer has is that she walked in on him masturbating to the thought of her friend once. Where was it?

Question 19

What movie is Jerry’s car a reference to?

The Wagon Queen Family Truckster, the car that Jerry drives – an ugly green station wagon with wooden panels – is an homage to a classic road trip comedy movie. Rick and Morty is rife with pop culture references, as is all of Dan Harmon’s previous work, particularly Community. For example, remember when Beth and Jerry went to stay at a Titanic-themed hotel? The show’s writers and animators love making reference to movies. So, which classic movie does Jerry’s car come from?

Question 20

What was Rick’s excuse for crying about Morty’s memories?

When Rick is shown a montage of memories from Morty’s childhood, holding him as a baby and watching him grow up, he starts to cry. This shows that Rick is one of the few Ricks across the dimensions that actually cares about his brainwave shield Morty. This care is shown again when Rick is prepared to sacrifice himself to save Morty in “A Rickle in Time.” However, Rick does not want to openly admit that he was crying about Morty and feeling something for him, so he makes what excuse?

Question 21

Which SNL cast member plays Jerry?

Jerry Smith is often made fun of by Rick, his wife sees him as a weak, frightened little slug, and yet the actor who plays him always delivers his lines with a sad confidence, which keeps us invested in the painful tragedy that is Jerry Smith. Bryan Cranston (aka Heisenberg from Breaking Bad) auditioned to play Jerry in Rick and Morty when it was in the very early stages of development, but instead, a former Saturday Night Live cast member got the part. Who was it?

Question 22

What planet is Morty, Jr. from?

In one Season 1 episode, Morty asks Rick to buy him a sex robot as a “souvenir” of their adventure. Morty subsequently spends a lot of time in his bedroom with the robot until one day, it spouts out a flying ball that ejects an alien baby. All of a sudden, Morty is a father raising a child, being judged by Jerry and Beth for his parenting choices. What planet is the sex robot, and therefore the non-Morty half of Morty, Jr., from?

Question 23

What is the name of Rick’s band?

In the episode “Get Schwifty,” Rick and Morty are called upon by the President of the United States to save the Earth from annihilation in an intergalactic Eurovision-esque song contest. They are also joined by rapper Ice-T, who as it turns out, is an alien warrior from a planet where people are assigned materials and letters. During this episode, it is also revealed that Rick used to be a member of a rock band with Birdperson and Squanchy. What was the name of that band?

Question 24

What artist brought Rick back from Tiny Rick?

In the Season 2 episode “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez,” Rick transfers his consciousness into a younger body and calls himself Tiny Rick in order to enrol in high school with Morty and Summer so they can kill the vampire gym teacher. After that, he sticks around because all the other students love having him around. However, he sings songs and makes artwork that are cries for help from the older Rick that he’s dying inside Tiny Rick’s body, so Morty and Summer need to get through Tiny Rick to the older version to bring him back. What artist’s music do they use to get through to him?

Question 25

What are the two episodes Summer has not appeared in?

Summer has appeared in every single episode of Rick and Morty so far except for two. She has had all kinds of storylines, from working for the Devil in an ironic charm shop that sold everything for free to sitting in Rick’s car while it fulfilled its objective to “keep Summer safe” by going to grim and grisly lengths to ward off authorities and pedestrians (but eventually bringing harmony to that world, mind you). So, which are the two she hasn’t been in?

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