How Well Do You Know The Women of Star Wars


When most people think of the Star Wars universe usually think about Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and even Yoda. But Star Wars is more than the movies, with both an unofficial expanded universe and a sanctioned one spanning books, animated films and more. Making up a large part of that wider world of 'Star Wars' are countless epic women who do more than their fair share to fight on the side of Light or conspire to keep people in the Dark. Sure, you all know about the iconic Princess Leia, but what about Darth Traya? Or how about Mara Jade? If you think you really know Star Wars, then you definitely need to know your ladies, so get yourself a drink at Mos Eisley Cantina, settle in and see just how well you know the women of Star Wars. All we can say is, May the Force be with you.

Question 1

Who is Luke Skywalker's wife?

Before the Expanded Universe was rebranded as Star Wars Legends and then declared non-canon, this former special agent for Emperor Palpatine is discovered to have an affinity for the Force, trains to become a Jedi Master and eventually marries her former enemy Luke Skywalker. She goes on to give birth to Luke's son, Ben Skywalker, before being killed by her nephew. While none of her story is part of the current Star Wars canon, she remains a fan favorite. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 2

Who is Anakin Skywalker's Padawan?

First appearing in 2008's animated 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars,' this character was assigned to Anakin Skywalker by Yoda. Yoda felt that it would teach Anakin a greater sense of responsibility. Anakin nicknames her "Snips" and she calls him "Skyguy." She eventually develops a positive relationship with Anakin and when she discovers that he has become Darth Vader it overwhelms her. She is last seen dueling with Vader while her friends escape a Sith temple. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 3

This character was played by Lupita Nyong'o in 'The Force Awakens.'

This 1000 year-old former pirate and smuggler manages a tavern housed in a really neat castle on the planet Takodana. She's an old friend of Han Solo and notably has a crush on his co-pilot, Chewbacca. Despite just running a bar, this character ends up giving Luke Skywalker's long-missing lightsaber to Finn when its intended recipient refuses to take it after experiencing a strange and disturbing vision. The character is expected to appear in the upcoming 'The Last Jedi.' Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 4

This character may have been Han Solo's wife at some point.

First appearing in 2015's 'Star Wars' comic book, this character has a history with everyone's favorite smuggler Han Solo. What exactly that history is, that's a little unclear. It's possible that Solo was married to this character at some point, though she later claims that she only pretended to be his wife as part of a larger scam. Whatever the real story is, we hope to see it played out in the untitled upcoming Han Solo film. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 5

Who captured Wedge Antilles?

First introduced as part of 'Star Wars Rebels' and seen again in the 2015 Star Wars novel Star Wars: Aftermath, this character is something of a rarity for most casual fans: a female leader for the Empire. With a rank of Admiral and having captured Wedge Antilles, this complex character is seen by some as being an excellent choice to bring characters from the supplementary novels and other media to the big screen, especially on the side of the First Order. Fans also note one other major reasons she should be on the big screen: this boss lady is black. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 6

In an alternate continuity, this character would be Kylo Ren's sister.

Though stricken from canon continuity when Disney acquired the Star Wars universe, this character and her twin brother remain popular characters for fans of the now-defunct Expanded Universe. The daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia, this character goes on to become a Jedi, eventually serving as the apprentice of her uncle Luke's wife, Mara Jade. But don't think she only inherited skills from the Skywalker side of the family. She's also a pilot like her father. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 7

While not seen on screen, which of these women was referenced briefly in 'Rogue One'?

First seen in 'Star Wars Rebels,' this Twi'lek woman is different from most others like her. Instead of being a slave or a Jedi, she is an ace pilot for the Rebellion. While we don't actually see her in the live-action 'Rogue One,' she is mentioned briefly when she is paged on the intercom. Since quite a bit of time has passed since Rebels we also get a clue about what has happened to her in that simple page. She's no longer just a pilot. She's a general. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 8

Who stole the plans to the Death Star?

When the Death Star is destroyed it's because the Rebels were able to find a fatal design flaw in the plans and exploit it. So where did those plans come from? This character, encouraged by a message from her father who had been pressed into service by the Empire, stole and transmitted the plans for the Rebellion. Of course, she stole these plans despite being told not to and is killed by the very Death Star whose fate she just sealed soon after. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 9

Which character could list graffiti artist, Imperial Academy dropout and bounty hunter on her resume?

A character from 'Star Wars Rebels' this teen with a surprisingly expert knowledge of weapons and explosives is related to a Mandalorian terrorist group called Death Watch during the Clone Wars. She is unusual in that she's an artist as well as a fighter. She helps Wedge Antilles defect from the Empire but she also has the awkward situation of her mother being pro-Empire. Ultimately this character chooses to stay with her family to help unite the clans to resist the Empire. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 10

Which character is Poe Dameron's mother?

Created for the comic 'Star Wars: Shattered Empire' this character didn't live to see her son grow up. Poe took after his mother in many aspects. She was a fierce Rebel hero as well as an excellent pilot. She actually taught Poe how to fly, having him sit on her lap while she flew her old aircraft. His mother is also where Poe gets his loyalty to General Organa: his mother used to go on secret missions with Princess Leia back in the day. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 11

Which woman could be considered the Indiana Jones of the Star Wars universe?

This character is an archaeologist who has her own murderdroids, Triple Zero and Beetee. She ends up on the side of Darth Vader and one could call her morals questionable at best. First appearing in the 'Darth Vader' comic book, this character has become so popular that not only did she get her own comic book spin-off, but there are many who expect to see her show up in one of the future Star Wars films. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 12

This character was killed by Jabba's Rancor

This young Twi'lek dancer's appearance in the Star Wars universe specifically 'Return of the Jedi', is sadly brief. Enslaved by Jabba the Hutt, this woman is chained to his throne and ends up killed by Jabba's Rancor. Despite her brief appearance living on as a popular cosplay favorite as well as parody comics that envision a different fate for the young woman, one in which she doesn't die in association with Jabba the Hutt. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 13

Who is the leader of the Resistance?

While the title his hers officially now, this character has been a part of the pushback against the Empire since the moment we met her. She's lost both of her biological parents, her adoptive parents, her home planet, her husband and even her son and yet she is still the strong, mission-focused Rebel determined to fight for the side of light. While her brother is a notable Jedi, this character may be strong in the force, but she chose to fight in a different way. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 14

Yoda feels the death of which character?

A Jedi General during the Clone Wars this character is on the team that rescues Obi-Wan (along with Anakin and Padme) on Genosis and is later rescued by Anakin during the Battle of Quell. A talented warrior and powerful Jedi she died alongside other Jedi generals when her own troops turned on her and the others after Supreme Chancellor Palpatine broadcast his Order 66. Yoda was able to sense her death through the Force. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 15

This character finds a lightsaber and that discovery turns her whole life upside down.

With Han Solo and Princess Leia in her family tree it's no surprise that this young woman would end up on wild adventures. After escaping an Imperial prison camp, she is helped by a droid keeping a promise made to Han Solo. She then becomes a junk dealer until she finds a lightsaber in her junkyard. When she tries to sell the weapon, she ends up the target of a Sith and finds herself in the middle of an insurgency that will ultimately lead to her being accused of murder of an Imperial Knight. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 16

Who carried on the Jedi tradition following Order 66?

First seen in 'Attack of the Clones' this character was a Jedi General during the Clone Wars and assisted with the rescue of Obi-Wan on Geonosis. She survived Order 66 and when the Jedi Temple on Coruscant was attacked she managed to evacuate survivors before the Temple was destroyed. She went on to find survivors of Order 66 and helped find a safe place for them to try to carry on the Jedi tradition despite the Jedi being left in ruins. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 17

Who served as one of the Emperor's Hands for Palpatine?

Appearing in the now-defunct extended universe, this character was a Dark Lady of the Sith. She served both Emperor Palpatine as well as Darth Vader and when they died in the battle at Endor, she became Mistress of the Sith. She was horribly disfigured on a mission to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance and ends up with a lifelong need for vengeance against Luke Skywalker as a result. In the end it is Skywalker who kills her after she lies and tells him she is responsible for his wife, Mara Jade's, death. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 18

Which character has a tie to both Marvel and DC Comics?

Because she was played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers, who stars as Vixen in 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' on The CW and the Star Wars franchise is owned by Disney which also owns Marvel (and, not to mention, Marvel publishes the 'Star Wars' comic books) this character who appeared only briefly in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' has a tie to both comic universes. In the film though she dies on Hosnian Prime when the First Order unleashes Starkiller Base. General Organa took the loss of this character hard as the two were close. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 19

Which character was a Jedi Knight during the days of the Old Republic?

Some 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin (the battle that led to the destruction of the first Death Star) there was the Old Republic, a time of tenuous peace between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic and this woman was a great Jedi Master who was considered to be one of the key leaders of her time. She's so legendary that a Jedi musician during the New Republic era composed an entire ballad dedicated to her deeds and adventures. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 20

Which character got her name from a 1979 horror film?

Her look comes from a rejected Kylo Ren design. Her name comes from a 1979 horror film. She legitimately looks like she might be a knight in shining armor and the character wasn't originally created as being female, but make no mistake: this Star Wars woman is awesome in her own right. She is a sassy veteran commander, her armor is made out of Palpatine's Naboo yacht and she is the most fabulously dressed of any stormtrooper we've ever seen. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 21

Which blind Jedi is actually a Sith Lord?

Appearing only in 'Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords' this character is blind and Force-sensitive and is a mentor to the player of the game. However, at the end she is revealed to be a Sith Lord and has plans to destroy the force. It's a stunning betrayal and while we'd love to find out more about her in other Star Wars properties, she hasn't been seen or heard from since her time as the final boss in the video game.

Question 22

Who wields dual lightsabers that can fit together to be a double-bladed weapon?

This character is seriously bad, as in one of the most ruthless villains ever. Her end goal? Kill all the Jedi. She's got two major lightsabers, can put them together as one, and she knows exactly how to use them. If she wants you dead, you're dead. She's so devoted to the task of "kill all Jedi" that even when Count Dooku betrays her she just becomes a bounty hunter and continues on her journey of bloodshed. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 23

Who was a professional ballerina?

Her mother was a choreographer for the premier ballet company on Alderaan and as such this character trained as a ballerina. Of course, she also learned her father's profession as well and her dad was an aerospace engineer. As an adult she went to work as an Alderaanian intelligence operative. She ends up with a blown cover so she switches gears and becomes a freedom fighter for the Alliance. She eventually teams up with Mara Jade to form an elite team. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 24

Who is able to use advanced Force skills without ever having been trained?

We don't know much about this character. To be honest, she doesn't know much about herself and more or less accidentally finds herself involved in the action, but despite not having a history and never intending to get involved in things she proves herself to be a formidable opponent and a devoted ally, so much so that she is the one to deliver to Luke Skywalker his lost lightsaber, the same one that she somehow was able to use despite never having had any Force training. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

Question 25

Who was a Jedi, then a Sith, then a Jedi again?

She started as a Jedi Knight from Tatooine who was raised as one of the Sand People after being adopted by the leader of a Tusken Raider tribe. She was unfortunately seduced by the Dark Side when she cut ties with the Jedi during the Second Galactic Civil War and became a Sith apprentice. That was short lived, though and after living as an outcast for a few years she finally came back to the Jedi Order after being cast aside by Jagged Fel. Who is this woman of Star Wars?

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