How Well Do You Know The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes?


From his beard to his Colt Python, it makes sense that we'd want to be Rick Grimes at the end of the world.

While Rick isn't always the perfect hero and often leans more on anti-hero than the innocent protagonist he was seven seasons ago, don't let that fool you into thinking that the ex-cop isn't as much of a badass as he was when he was walking through Atlanta covered in walker guts. Until Negan or Carl does him in, Rick Grimes is still king of the apocalypse.

And while some fans may prefer Daryl or Negan to the current leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Rick Grimes usually ranks among the top of fan lists. How can you blame them?

But while Rick may be popular, how many people really know one of the few survivors left from season one? Yes, it's easy to say that Rick wields a Colt Python, but can you tell us which weapons he hasn't used so far? We all know that Rick and Michonne are currently, as Abraham so eloquently put it in season six, 'bumpin' uglies', but which female character has offered to sleep with Rick multiple times - and has been rejected each time?

Today, you'll be asked to answer some questions about who Rick Grimes is, but these aren't your standard questions. There are spoilers for season 7, so take this quiz with caution. If you're all caught up or you're ready to take the risks, we wish you good luck as you get on your horse and walk down a car-filled highway of questions...

Question 1

Which of these weapons has Rick not used?

Best known for his Colt Revolver that favors reliability over flash and glamour, Rick has certainly used a more diverse selection of weapon, much more so than other survivors. Even early on in the outbreak when the naive survivors used guns for safety and to avoid close-quarters combat with the walkers, Rick has flourished with both guns and melee weapons - and his fists, which have been bruised up plenty of times. Through the end of season 7, which of these weapons has Rick not used?

Question 2

What is Rick's brother's name?

Family is so, so important when things go bad, especially in a time of crisis like the zombie apocalypse; when the cell tours go out and we can't make phone calls or check our Skype, it's easy to lose contact with family if you don't keep them close - or, like Rick, you're indisposed at the start. It's easy to forget that Rick Grimes has a brother, one mentioned several times in the comics. Can you tell us the name of the elder Grimes?

Question 3

Rick has not physically fought this group member

As we mentioned earlier, Rick has had no problems using his fists to solve problems, whether it be against an unforgivable enemy or...another member of his group? Yes, there have been times where Rick has taken on another survivor of Team Family in a fistfight, usually coming out on top. Though not all instances have been intentional, Rick has seen his face blooded and his knuckles busted after some of these encounters. Of the survivors listed below, who has Rick not physically fought through the end of season 7?

Question 4

Where does Rick come from in the show?

Before the world goes to end, everyone has a backstory. For someone like Glenn or T-Dog, it was the normal life of a single man that involved work and taxes. For Rick, it involved a family in a small Georgian town outside of Atlanta, where Rick and Shane patrolled the streets as police officers - well, sheriff's deputies - busting up the likes of drunk rednecks and small bank robbers. While we only know so much about Rick's pre-apocalypse life, can you tell us the area he's from?

Question 5

Rick tells the story of his war hero grandfather. Which war did the senior Grimes fight in?

Like the good southern boy that Rick Grimes is, it makes sense that Alexandria's leader would retain parts of his moral and honor code in the apocalypse. Though Rick has gone back on the 'we don't kill' mantra, he HAS remembered the teachings his father and grandfather well into the end of the world. Rick reminiscences about his grandfather in the season five episode 'Them', specifically about asking the older man about his days in the war. Which war was Rick's grandfather in?

Question 6

What are Rick's three questions?

As time goes on in the end of the world, it only makes sense that you're going to distrust and worry about new people that you meet. After bad run-ins with several groups, most notably Woodbury in season 3, Rick and friends decide to come up with a way to determine if they can attempt trusting people they come across: three simple questions, all of which correlate to that person's behavior. To answer this question, can you tell us Rick's questions?

Question 7

Which of these characters has Rick not hallucinated?

If you survive long enough at the end of the world, we can't blame you if you begin suffering anxiety or some form of post-traumatic stress disorder from everything you've seen. From the loss of his best friend and wife to having to put down child walkers (more on them soon), Rick's mental state has definitely taken a bit of a hit at times, leading him to hallucinate people who aren't there. Through seven seasons, who hasn't Rick hallucinated through either hearing or seeing?

Question 8

How many children, dead or alive, has Rick directly killed?

With lost innocence in the new world comes lost children, sadly. Many of The Walking Dead's various mediums have tackled the unfortunate reality of children dying and becoming zombies in the new world, including the group's own Sophia Peletier in season two. A father himself, Rick is one of the few characters who has been shown on screen having to kill a zombie child, something that has left him rattled at times. How many children has Rick been shown killing on screen?

Question 9

Who is the first human being that Rick kills?

Considering all of the killing that Rick does now- sometimes to people who may not exactly deserve it - it's easy to remember a time when the ex-cop was against murder. "We don't kill the living." Rick once told Daryl with a gun to his head. So, what happened? What made Rick change his mind so easily? Well, part of that hearkens back to a moment early on in Rick's apocalyptic days when he was threatened by a man and had to kill him. Remember who that was?

Question 10

In the comics, Rick loses this limb during a confrontation with The Governor

So, let's do something different and talk about the comic version of Rick, shall we? While the original Rick Grimes lacks several key components of the television version's - including the 'CORAL' memes - arguably the biggest difference between the two is their limbs. During his first confrontation with The Governor and Woodbury, the man once known as Brian Blake (we're not spoiling anything) made sure that Rick was held down so that a limb could be removed. Do you know which limb that was.

Question 11

What is Rick's favorite piece of gun safety advice?

With leadership comes the need and occasion to teach, especially when you have a skill from before the apocalypse that others need to learn now. Though Rick used his gun pretty sparingly prior to the world's end, his experience with firearms has come in hand when he needs to teach other survivors how they can protect themselves. When talking to others about using guns, there's a certain piece of advice that Rick seems to always bring up. Can you tell us what that is?

Question 12

What did Rick do with his sheriff's badge?

Do you need us to remind you again that Rick was a cop before the world ended? No? Well, Rick was a cop before the world ended, cleaning up the mean streets of King County and discussing his marriage issues with burgers and sodas. Wearing his sheriff's uniform through the early stages of season two, Rick trades his trademark shirt for more casual gear, though his badge is a different story. Can you remember what the sheriff did to his badge?

Question 13

Where was Rick shot in the series premiere?

Where was Rick when the world ended? The hospital, of course! Participating in a firefight on the eve of the apocalypse, Rick was grazed by a bullet - which he told Shane to conceal from Lori if she ever asked - before being hit again, this time causing him to bleed out on the Georgia ground. It's a nasty injury that the scar from can still be seen today, but it hasn't stopped Rick in the least bit. Where was he hit?

Question 14

How many stories is Rick's home with Lori and Carl?

Though King County may not sound glamorous - and in our encounters with it during 'Clear' - it may not look fancy, but it's a nice suburban area that got the job done. While things weren't always best with Lori, Rick, his wife, and his son all lived together, even if the two adults may have been headed for a divorce if not for the apocalypse. We don't see much of RIck's place, but we do know how big it was. Any ideas?

Question 15

Who is the first named walker that Rick kills?

By this point, we've gotten pretty used to death in The Walking Dead and we've gotten pretty used to walkers, but it wasn't always like that. Though Rick didn't kill his first human until season two, he did register plenty of walker kills in season 1, including the killing of one who was already named to the audience. You may have to take a second to think about this one, but once you remember it, we hope that you get it right.

Question 16

When does Rick promise Morgan he'll turn his walkie-talkie on?

Though some fans may have gotten tired of Morgan's pacifist attitude and belief that 'all life is precious' after seeing all of the heartless people that the group had faced, there once was a time where the man was a fan favorite. Between becoming Rick's 'savior' and first friend when the sheriff woke up to the badass aikido skills Morgan displayed in his official season 5 reintroduction, we liked Morgan. When the two (and Duane) first parted ways in the series premiere, Rick gave Morgan a walkie-talkie and told the man he'd contact him...

Question 17

Rick is skeptical of joining Alexandria in season 5. What's his reasoning to Deanna?

After weeks (roughly three or so months after losing the prison) of being on the road without a long-term home, Rick and the rest of Team Family are invited into the Alexandria Safe-Zone. As part of the process, Rick and the group have to do individual interviews with the group's leader, former Ohio senator Deanna Monroe. Things start off awkward, especially when Rick tells Deanna that she shouldn't open up their walls to him. Why? What has Rick so dismissive and cautious?

Question 18

How long was Rick in a coma?

Imagine waking up to what Rick woke up to in the series premiere. How scary must that be? While there's no direct confirmation from Rick or any of the King County survivors on how long the man was out, we do get an answer from Dr. Edwin Jenner of the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) during his tests and research. Is it as long as one might think? Probably a bit more so. With that hint in mind, how long was Rick in his coma?

Question 19

Rick has not met this villain

So when Rick told Jesus and the Hilltop in season 6 that, "confrontation's never been something we've had trouble with." Am I the only one who was laughing? True, Rick and Team Family have had their encounters with the bad guys, but let's not act like he's come out of things scot-free. Remember his final battle with The Governor? That first real meeting with Negan and their RV trip afterwards? Which of the following villains, however, has Rick not officially met?

Question 20

Obviously, Rick was in the comics. Which of these differences between the two versions is correct?

As was to be expected when it was announced that the comic would be turned into a TV show, the television version of Rick Grimes is quite a bit different than his comic book version. For starters...Andrew Lincoln is much more attractive than the comic Rick. Look at Rick in that photo from season 3! Oh, and there's some other pretty big ones too, not counting the loss of his right hand that we mentioned earlier. Can you figure out what makes the two different.

Question 21

How many times has Rick attempted suicide in the show?

When the end of the world comes and we lose so many things near and dear to us - everything from materials to our family - it can be hard to stay strong. For as brave and strong as we imagine Rick Grimes to be, it's easy to forget that he's as human as the rest of us. In fact, there may or may not have been a time where Rick has considered suicide. Is that true? If so, how many times?

Question 22

What is Rick's blood type?

This is a weird one, but do you remember when the deer shot Carl - I mean, Carl was shot alongside the deer - in the season two premiere, "What Lies Ahead" by Otis? Well, with Carl needing a blood transfusion as Hershel prepared to do the surgery, Rick stepped up because he and Carl had the same blood type. This may take a bit of thinking, but if you can remember what Rick's blood type is, then we're really proud of you.

Question 23

As of season 7, Rick's religious views are

Another weird one, but it's another one that makes sense AND ties in with Carl's shooting. Compared to characters like Hershel Greene and Father Gabriel Stokes, Rick's religious views are almost never mentioned on the show, especially not in times when members of the group turn to God for help. But, there have been instances where Rick's religious views have been revealed, most notably in his conversations with Hershel. Rather than turn to God for the answer, we're instead turning it to you.

Question 24

How many times as of season 7 has Rick shaved?

There are few things better than Rick Grimes' beard, I agree (except for when he let it go crazy in season 5 - we personally love the late season 4-early season 5 look in addition to the season 2 and 3 looks, but we digress). But, Rick has taken the time occasionally to shave and clean himself up in an attempt to look like a civilized human being. As of the season 7 finale, how many times have we seen Rick shave?

Question 25

Which female character has Rick turned down for a relationship - or at the very least, sex - more than once?

Obviously in the comic, Rick hooked up with Jessie and Andrea after things went bad with Lori and she died. Obviously in the show, Rick hooked up with Jessie and Michonne after things went bad with Lori and she died. But, there has actually been a female character who has made sexual advances on Rick a couple of times with him declining every time. Any ideas on who this female might be? Hint: it's not Jacqui, who died all the way back in season one.

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