How Well Do You Know The Main Characters Of How I Met Your Mother?


How I Met Your Mother, as you could probably guess, is centered around the story a man tells his children about how he met their mother. This man, Ted Mosby, is the protagonist of the TV series, but he is not the only main character.

Ted Mosby, the head-in-the-clouds romantic architect who tries to find his one love is not alone on his journey. He is joined by his four best friends: Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin.

Marshall was Ted's college roommate, and he was a lawyer with a dream of saving the environment. He is also married Lily, his college sweetheart and another member of the gang.

Lily, now Marshall's wife, was a kindergarten teacher who always wanted to be an artist and began to live out her dream when she became an art consultant. She is also the best friend of Robin and terrible at keeping secrets.

Robin is the one that got away. Robin was the perfect girl for Ted that he ruined things with, but the news journalist who often puts her career ahead of her love life became a part of the gang anyway.

Lastly, there's the wildcard: Barney. Barney is committed to being a "bro" to Ted at (almost) all costs, and he is a suit wearing womanizer who is afraid of commitment. Oh yeah, and he's also Robin's ex, too. That's the whole gang! Now let's how much you really know about the main characters of How I Met Your Mother.

Question 1

What magazine did Ted grace the cover of?

When Ted finally designed a skyscraper for the new GNB building, he was on top of the world. He added a building to the New York skyline, and his work did not go unnoticed. He managed to get featured in a magazine, and his picture was even on the front cover. He bragged about this magazine at Punchy's wedding in Cleveland and even used it to pick up a couple of dates. So, on what magazine was Ted on the cover of?

Question 2

What alias has Barney never gone by?

when people talk about having "game" when it comes to girls, Barney takes it to a whole other level. He likes to make a challenge of the whole thing and often makes the process far more complicated than it needs to be. He will develop characters with background stories, excessive preparation, and occasionally a ridiculous accent or physical feature. One of the most important parts of his plays from "The Playbook" that he uses to pick up chicks is that he almost never uses his real name. So, what name hasn't Barney gone by to pick up girls?

Question 3

Where did Ted, Marshall, and Lily go to college?

Ted, Marshall, and Lily's friendship dates back to college. Ted and Marshall were roommates, while Lily lived down the hall from them. It seems like the three spent a lot of time together because there are constant flashbacks to their old college days and their constant smoking of "sandwiches". This is where Marshall and Lily met and officially started dating, and this is where Ted dated his snobby ex girlfriend, Karen. So, which college did all three of these friends attend?

Question 4

What does Ted do when he is nervous?

In the episode "Big Days", it is revealed that Ted resorts to the same bad habit when he is nervous. He has done it so much that his friends can tell that he is nervous just by seeing him perform this action. Barney noticed Ted was nervous to go talk to a girl at the bar when he saw Ted doing his nervous tick, and Marshall knew Ted was nervous at a wedding when Ted was doing this same old habit. So, what does Ted do when he is nervous?

Question 5

How many hot dogs can Lily eat in 8 minutes?

In the episode "The Possimpible", the gang all realizes that their resumés all contain either outdated or irrelevant information. For example, Marshall's resumé included his dunking championship from high school, while Ted's included his DJ'ing days from college when he took on the persona "Dr. X". Lily's resumé included her impressive record at hot dog eating competitions. It is where she earned her nickname Lily "The Belly" Aldrin. So, what is her current record fro the amount of hot dogs she can eat in 8 minutes?

Question 6

What food is Robin allergic to?

Robin is known as a member of the gang that can often be stubborn. This was first learned by Barney when he discovered that she always wants what she can't have. So, Barney told Robin that he was done trying to go after her in a ploy to get her to want him back because he said she can't have him anymore. Barney knew this would work because Robin once learned she was allergic to a food, and even though she never really liked the food, she desperately wanted it because she knew she couldn't eat it. So, what is the food that Robin is allergic to?

Question 7

Who does Barney initially think is his father?

Barney, growing up, only had his mother to raise him and his half brother, James. Barney would often ask his mother who his father was, and his mother would give him a simple answer so she could get him to stop asking. Eventually, Barney found out that this answer was false and would go on to find James' real father and then his actual father. Before Barney went on to meet his biological father, who did Barney think was his actual father?

Question 8

How many dogs did Robin get from ex-boyfriends?

When Ted and Robin planned to move in together, they decided it was weird to keep things from their exes. So, Ted got rid of all of his stuff he got from exes, and Robin did the same. The only problem was that Robin wanted to keep the dogs she got from her exes, while Ted had a problem with her keeping them. Eventually Robin gave her dogs away to her aunt that lived on a farm. So, how many dogs did Robin have?

Question 9

What is Ted's middle name?

Barney once figured out Ted's middle name, which isn't all that flattering, and has constantly used it when referring to him since. Barney may have learned this from the time he has spent with Ted's mother, or he found it through simple basic online research. Either way, like Robin's musical career, Barney will never let it go and will never stop making fun of him for it. So, what is this middle name of Ted's that is so embarrassing for him?

Question 10

What was Lily's annoying habit?

In the episode "Spoiler Alert", all of the gang's bad habits were exposed by others. These were the "glass shattering" habits that no one noticed until someone mentioned them. Then they could never un-see them after they were brought up. This all started when Ted never realized that his new girlfriend, Cathy, had a motor mouth until the gang told him about it. This led to a chain of exposing each gang member's flaws. What was Lily's bad habit in this episode?

Question 11

What song was stuck playing on a loop in Marshall's first car?

In the episode "Arrivederci, Fiero", the gang looks back on the history of Marshall's first car including Marshall and Ted's first road trip together. This is where Ted found out that Marshall only plays one song in the car because it was jammed in there and it stuck. According to Marshall, it is one of those songs that comes and goes in waves where you eventually get back to enjoying it after being annoyed by it. So, what is the name of this song?

Question 12

What Canadian TV show was Robin on?

As Robin Sparkles, Robin had a few hits in Canada including "Let's go to the Mall" and "Sandcastles in the Sand". This led Robin starring in an educational kid's show alongside Alan Thicke and her former best friend, Jessica Glitter. When the gang finally discovered the tapes to her show, they saw several sexual innuendos of a p*rn tape rather than the innocent kid's show Robin thought it was. What was the name of this TV show that Robin was once the star of?

Question 13

What tattoo did Ted get on his lower back?

Ted, in a drunken state of rebellion, ended up getting a tattoo. Even though he couldn't remember the incident, he ended up getting a tramp stamp from the ex boyfriend of the girl he was with that night. Although this was embarrassing for Ted, the removal of the tattoo did lead to him meeting his future fiancee. It may not have worked out in the end for those two, but at least they (almost) had a happy ending. So, what was Ted's tattoo of?

Question 14

What is the game that Marshall made?

Marshall is known in the group as being very good at games and very inventive. In the episode, "Game Night", it was revealed that Marshall wins virtually every game, so Marshall ended up running game night rather than playing in it. Rather than being in charge of already existing games, Marshall took it upon himself to create his own game that the gang would play. So, what is the name of the game that Marshall ended up inventing for their game night?

Question 15

How many days in a row did Barney successfully sleep with a different woman?

Barney Stinson is someone who is obsessed with sleeping with women. He has tapes, scrapbooks, lists, a playbook, and more just to keep track of and work on his game. His game was so successful that Barney once attempted a perfect week where he attempted to sleep with a girl each day of the week, and he ended up being successful. Is this his best streak, or has Barney Stinson slept with more women in a row since his perfect week?

Question 16

What is Marshall and Lily's song?

Marshall and Lily first met because Lily's stereo was broken and needed fixing. For some reason, Lily felt drawn to Marshall and Ted's room, and when Marshall answered, there was instant chemistry. Lily asked if Marshall could fix her stereo, and Marshall ended up successfully fixing it. Once the stereo started working, this song that then became their song began to play. It became important to Lily that the band they found for their wedding knew how to play their song. Do you know what song it is?

Question 17

What was Robin's other stage name?

It is well known to most fans that Robin went by the name Robin Sparkles as a Canadian teen pop sensation. Under that name, Robin released songs like "Lets Go to The Mall" and "Sandcastles in the Sand" along with her TV show "Space Teens". However, Robin's persona underwent a dark persona, and she released a song called "P.S I Love You" that was primarily about stalking an unknown love interest. Under what name did Robin release this single?

Question 18

What are the names of Ted's children?

The whole premise of this TV series is to learn about the mother of Ted's children. Ted always wanted the perfect and happy family complete with a wife and kids. He had mentioned in earlier episodes how he would want to name his kids after Star Wars characters. He was also very fond of the name Hurricane when he and Barney babysat the child of Barney's brother, James. So, what did Ted end up naming his son and his daughter?

Question 19

Which job has Lily never had?

Yes, Lily spent the majority of the series as a kindergarten teacher, but that is not where her passion lays. This is why she went so far as to leave Marshall for an art program in hopes of pursuing a career in art. Throughout her journey of finding the right career for herself, Lily has jumped from job to job and would often find herself back teaching kindergarten. Which job, from the jobs listed below, has Lily never had throughout the series?

Question 20

At what age did Barney lose his virginity?

As mentioned many, many times before, Barney is quite the womanizer. He would spend virtually every waking hour attempting to sleep with women. This came from a harsh break up he had with his former girlfriend that he was "saving himself" for. After his heartbreak, Barney went with the corporate look and always wore suits and never looked for commitment. Instead he looked to sleep with as many women as possible, and it all started with "The Man Maker" Ronda. At what age did Barney lose his virginity to her?

Question 21

How does Robin say "I love you"?

Robin is someone that is not very good with emotions. She struggles with commitment, and she is an incredibly independent woman who focuses more on her career than her love life. So, when Robin is actually involved in a relationship, it is is hard to tell when she is being affectionate. This is why in "Robin 101", Barney took classes taught by Ted in order to effectively date Robin and make her happy. What did he learn about how Robin says "I love you"?

Question 22

When did Marshall smoke his first cigarette?

It was revealed in one episode, that everyone in the gang, at one point or another, has taken up smoking. While no one has necessarily had an addiction, no one was able to officially quit smoking until the future outside of the filmed series. Marshall would often make sweeping declarations about how he's "never drinking again" or will have his "last cigarette ever" but would break those promises almost instantly. So, at what age did Marshall smoke his first cigarette?

Question 23

Why did Lily start dating Scooter?

Marshall has been Lily's only romantic interest through college and after. However, in high school, she had a relationship with the very submissive Scooter. Lily was not very interested in the relationship, but Scooter was seemingly obsessed with her. In fact, Scooter was still on Lily's hook when Scooter worked as a lunch lady at Lily's school just so he could see her everyday. Eventually, Lily was able to cut off all ties with him, but why did Lily start dating him in the first place?

Question 24

What is the last play from "The Playbook" that Barney, himself, ran?

Barney, as mentioned many times before, was a womanizer. He would come up with complex ways to pick up women, and he even created a book of all of his best plays. Eventually, he gave it all up once he gave serious relationships a try. Of course, this wouldn't be the end of "The Playbook" as he would have Ted run plays from the book when Barney no longer could. So, what ended up being Barney's last play from "The Playbook"?

Question 25

What year did Ted's vomit-free streak begin?

Ted was always proud of one feat, mainly because it had a nice ring to it. It was the fact that he had not vomited since this year. There were a couple of scares during his streak like when he thought he vomited in front of Robin's door when he was drunk, but it turned out not to be him. He eventually broke this streak when he vomited after carrying a girl up the lighthouse at Robin and Barney's wedding. So, what year did Ted's streak begin?

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