How Well Do you Know The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time?


It's been almost 20 years since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released on the Nintendo 64. To us, it feels like it was released only a few years ago. This timeless classic is permanently etched into our minds thanks to its wonderful imagery, stellar gameplay, and enthralling story. It's classified as one of the greatest games ever released. It has received many awards over the years and was given a perfect score by a variety of video game publications.

The title recently saw an update with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. Some mechanics were revamped and items were added, but the core of the game remains unchanged. Some players classify it as the best title within the Legend of Zelda franchise. (Even Dunkey didn't have anything bad to say about it.)

Due to its timeless nature and popularity, we figured it needed The Quiz treatment. It's time to see how much you can remember about this Nintendo 64 release. Don't be too hard on yourself if you can't recall a lot of these things; it has been almost 20 years after all. Do you think you can score over 75 percent on this quiz? Jump in and find out if you're still an Ocarina of Time master!

Question 1

Can you name the Hero of Time?

The adventure is called The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but you won't find yourself actually playing as Zelda. This is an easy one, for anyone who has ever played a Legend of Zelda release. The Hero of Time (sometimes referred to as similar titles) has always been the same young lad we've come to know and love throughout the years. This time, he embarks on a quest to stop an evil dark lord from recovering the remaining pieces of the Triforce. What is the hero's name?

Question 2

Who is the main villain for Ocarina of Time?

You'll face a lot of bosses (and mini-bosses) throughout your Ocarina of Time journey but there is one particular baddie that stands out among the rest. This dark lord is bent on dominating the region. He kidnaps the princess in order to steal her Triforce of Wisdom. It's up to you to embark on a dangerous journey and collect a variety of tools to help you defeat this once prominent Gerudan King. Can you name the main villain (and final boss) for this adventure?

Question 3

Ocarina of Time takes place in what fictional land?

One of the most impressive things about Ocarina of Time is how expansive and imaginative it is. You'll pass through an array of zones, weather types, and cultural styles during your quest. Compared to some of Today's open world titles, it's not exactly huge, but back in the 1990's, it was considered one of the biggest action-adventure titles ever. All of the fantastical locations are crammed into one large territory. Can you name the land where Ocarina of Time takes place?

Question 4

Can you name Link's faithful steed?

There are some areas sprinkled throughout Ocarina of Time that seem impossible to reach. Throughout your journey, you'll discover that the only way to make it to these areas is by securing a horse. In fact, in order to progress the main story line, you'll have to find Link a four-legged companion. Thankfully, one can be found at a nearby Ranch. It may take a little finessing (as well as a horse race) to free her, but once you obtain this faithful steed, she will follow you anywhere. What is her name?

Question 5

What color is the fabled Ocarina of Time?

After leaving him "home," Link ventures out and meets with Princess Zelda concerning Ganondorf and his motives. After completing a quest (given to him by the Princess) Link returns to find Impa and Princess Zelda fleeing Castle Town. Zelda tosses an item into a nearby moat before Ganondorf delivers a warning to young Link. After the episode, you'll be able to retrieve the item that Zelda secretly tossed away. It ends up being the Ocarina of Time. What color is this fabled time-altering instrument?

Question 6

Can you name this fatherly forest figure?

Ocarina of Time doesn't procrastinate about the dangers at hand. In the beginning of the game, Link is summoned to meet with this massive character, who informs him that Ganondorf has set a curse upon him. It's up to Link to venture deep into the roots of this great protector in an attempt to eradicate the curse. This acts as the title's first dungeon and although Link is successful in defeating the creature that waits inside, he is too late to save this forest icon.

Question 7

What's the name of this helpful fairy?

At the start of Ocarina of Time, Link is found living among the Kokiri. These forest-dwelling creatures seem to stay eternally young and each one is given a fairy (which acts as a protector and teacher). At the start, Link does not have a fairy but is one day summoned to meet with the guardian of the forest by a chatty little sprite. After the completion of the first dungeon, this fairy sets off on a grandiose quest with Link, offering him guidance, hints, and general help, throughout his journey.

Question 8

What is this race of rock-like creatures called?

During his journey, Young Link will find himself scaling a large mountainside, where he will stumble upon a city that's filled with an array of round rock-like creatures. These Death Mountain-dwelling folk find themselves in quite the predicament after their food source is blocked off. It's up to Link to convince the group leader to let him help. One of Young Link's dungeons is located in this area and you will find yourself revisiting the zone once you become an adult. Which race calls this place home?

Question 9

Who is this massive spider-like boss?

It's easy to forget this boss even exists. She's not exactly challenging. Although to be fair, she does act as the first boss you ever encounter in Ocarina of Time. This large-eyed arachnid is the source of distress that lives deep within the Great Deku Tree. She's a bit of a pushover, with a glaring weak spot (her eye) and not much going on in terms of attack. She has appeared in other Legend of Zelda titles and has a long standing tradition of being easy to beat.

Question 10

What is the name of the blade Link retrieves from the Temple of Time?

This powerful weapon, also known as the "sword that seals the darkness" can be found wedged into a pedestal within the Temple of Time. It is said that only the Hero of Time can wield the magical blade. This strange sword acts as a time altering switch, allowing Link to travel seven years into the future (as a child) or seven years into the past (by returning it to the pedestal as an adult. What is this legendary weapon called?

Question 11

Which of these places is NOT an area in Ocarina of Time?

Before Ocarina of Time, Legend of Zelda fans were used to seeing the world of Hyrule pieced together through a series of shifting screens. It wasn't until the first 3D iteration that we began to see Hyrule in a different light. Ocarina of Time does a great job in crafting a game world that looks and feels like you're traveling through an array of far off places, while still maintaining a pretty tight overworld. Can you tell which of these areas wasn't included in Ocarina of Time?

Question 12

Can you name this adorable little ranch hand?

Throughout your Ocarina of Time playthrough, you'll come across a variety of interesting and entertaining NPCs. If you ever find yourself near Lon Lon Ranch as Young Link, you'll be able to meet this adorable little rancher's daughter. She helps to raise Cuccos, horses, and cows. As Young Link, you can accept a quest to find her father, Talon. After succeeding the quest, you're able to learn "Epona's Song" from this aspiring songstress. This allows Adult Link to free Epona from the ranch later on. Who is this girl?

Question 13

What type of animal offers guidance to Link throughout his quest?

For the most part, Navi acts as your main mentor and teacher during the events of Ocarina of Time. That said, there is another mysterious individual that shows up at specific times and offers Link guidance. This curious critter is rather well-spoken and seems to be quite knowledgeable about the events unfolding. There are some fan theories that point to the origin of this intelligent helper. He first appears when Young Link enters Hyrule Field, but also shows up when Link is an adult. What type of animal is he?

Question 14

What are these terrifying creatures called?

Prior to Ocarina of Time, we'd become accustomed to seeing cute pixelated enemies and unimposing sprites. The 3D shift and the capabilities of the Nintendo 64 changed that and allowed developers to breathe life into elaborate creatures. It also marked the first time that a Legend of Zelda enemy truly unsettled us. When exploring the bottom of the well, you'll come across these zombie-like enemies. If you get too close, they'll let out a horrifying scream and cause Link to freeze in fear. What are these creepy creatures called?

Question 15

Who is this fishy princess?

Those who played through Ocarina of Time will surely remember this obsessive little Zora. You first meet her as Young Link, when you're forced to rescue her after a mishap. Although she is a Princess, her only duty is to feed the Zora's patron deity, Lord Jabu Jabu. She ends up becoming part of the water spirit's daily meal and is swallowed whole. It's up to Link to venture inside the massive fish and rescue her. She often pressures Link about marrying her. What is her name?

Question 16

Who does Ganondorf transform into during the last battle?

This one is a bit of a gimme for anyone who played the original Legend of Zelda (NES) or A Link To The Past (SNES).After breaching Ganondorf's castle, and thwarting the dark lord in his inner sanctum, he begins to unleash his true power. As the castle splits apart, Link is thrown into a battle with Ganondorf's horrifying ultimate form. The boar-like creature sports twin-swords and towers above the Hero of Time. Do you know what this powerful final boss is called?

Question 17

Which temple features Bongo Bongo as a final boss?

Bongo Bongo is easily one of the strangest bosses to ever grace the Legend of Zelda universe. He's also one of the coolest. You'll begin this battle atop a large canvas drum when two hands will suddenly begin tapping on the surface. This can be quite the headache, as it causes Link to pop into the air every few seconds. Bongo Bongo is invisible and can only be seen through the Lens of Truth. Which temple features this strange yet entertaining boss?

Question 18

What primary weapon do you find in the Forest Temple?

After waking from his seven-year slumber, Link is greeted by the Light Sage Rauru. He tells Link about Ganondorf's evil plot and urges the Hero of Time to locate a series of medallions scattered throughout Hyrule. The first dungeon you'll face as Adult Link is the Forest Temple. This eerie place is filled with an array of confusing rooms and architecture. There are switches that will rotate and change the temple, further enhancing its puzzle-like aesthetic. There is a rather useful item found here. What primary weapon does Link obtain in this spooky place?

Question 19

How many sages are there in Ocarina of Time?

The first part of Ocarina of Time sees Young Link running around and solving issues for some of the nearby "kingdoms." He spends most of his time meeting NPC's and conquering small dungeons to gain their favor. After transitioning to Adult Link, things get much more serious. Link is told that he must help retrieve some temple medallions (and sages). This starts the main bulk of Ocarina of Time's dungeons and introduces us to some familiar faces (from Young Link's adventures). How many sages make up the council that helps Link defeat Ganondorf?

Question 20

Which of these songs will warp you to the entrance of the Shadow Temple?

During your quest, you'll take a trip to Kakariko as Adult Link. Here, you will find the village erupting in flames. As you make your way to the center of town you notice a large shadow climbing from a nearby well. Link tries to fight the beast but ends up getting knocked unconscious. After awaking, Sheik alerts the Hero of Time that the shade was none other than Bongo Bongo, who was sealed underneath the village. The creature has made its way back to the Shadow Temple. Shortly after, Sheik teaches Link a song which can teleport him to temple entrance. What is this song called?

Question 21

What's this two-handed sword called?

The Legend of Zelda series is abundant with side quests. In older releases, extra content consisted of hidden rooms and special items. In the modern age, Link finds himself completing all sorts of odd jobs for Hyrule's citizens. One particular side quest in Ocarina of Time has you completing a series of trades. The end of this swapping game will reward you with the strongest sword (in terms of damage) available for this adventure. Do you know what this massive two-handed blade is called?

Question 22

What is this self-propelled bomb called?

These cute little items are a rarity throughout the land of Hyrule. Even though Link can hold up to fifty of these mouse-like explosives, you'll be hard pressed to find that many. Any stocks you stumble upon will be pretty expensive, as these items are rarely found in dungeon-based treasure chests. Don't let their cute appearance fool you. These self-propelled bomb variants are explosive and fast. They can be rather useful for taking out enemies at a distance. There is even a bowling alley (Hyrule Castle Town) dedicated to these cuties.

Question 23

Which of these is NOT an item given to Link by a Great Fairy?

Hidden throughout Hyrule are Great Fairy Fountains which house magical fairies that can aid Link on his quest. Some rewards are a bit better than others, with a few key items imbuing the Hero of Time with magical abilities. These items can be used to damage enemies, create shields, or even teleport while in dungeons. The three abilities you gain are named after three prominent Goddesses of Hyrule. Let's see how well you remember these skills. Can you spot the fake among this list?

Question 24

In which temple would you find Phantom Ganon?

During your quest as Adult Link, you'll find yourself face to face with a phantom form of Ganondorf. This spiritual doppelganger looks just like its master, with the exception of an odd skull-like face. The fight is rather unique, with Phantom Ganon riding atop a horse and disappearing into nearby paintings. You'll have to determine which boss is "real" as multiple riders threaten to emerge from each painting. It'll take the Fairy Bow and quick reflexes to bring down this foe. Which temple features Phantom Ganon as a boss?

Question 25

What useful item is found in Dampe's Grave?

One of the first things you need to do as Adult Link is race a ghost. It sounds strange, we know, but it's required to obtain a rather useful item. In the Kakariko Graveyard, Link will discover a journal that belonged to Dampe, the old grave-keeper who has since passed away. It speaks about an item that is hidden under a specific grave. After locating the grave, Link will venture into a secret underground passage, where he must race the ghost of Dampe to secure his prize. What item is given to Link if he completes the race?

Question 26

What are these spooky specters called?

If you find yourself exploring Kakariko Graveyard late at night, you may come across some rather spooky looking sprites. These floating ghosts are all around the area and can be defeated with a few sword slashes. However, it's recommended that you attack them without Z-targeting as staring at them too long will cause the ghosts to vanish. Those looking to make a little extra cash can trap these spirits in jars and sell them to the Ghost Shop. What are these creepy critters called?

Question 27

Do you remember what these strange stones are called?

During your quest, you may stumble across a few stones with strange carvings on them. Whacking these objects with your sword will cause them to wiggle a bit before telling you the time of day. There are other animations you can trigger by using different weapons and items. They may not seem like much but these stones actually do serve a purpose. After obtaining the Mask of Truth, they will begin to give Link tips and tricks. What are these impressive rocks called?

Question 28

Which of the following Rupee colors is NOT found in Ocarina of Time?

There are a lot of materials and goods to buy in Ocarina of Time. In order to collect everything, you'll need a lot of extra cash. Rupees can be found by chopping through grass, breaking pots, opening chests, and defeating enemies. There are a few different kinds of Rupees, each with their own unique monetary denomination. It seems difficult to gain Rupees early on, but later in the game, you'll find yourself filling your wallet to the brim. What color Rupee does NOT appear in Ocarina of Time?

Question 29

How many Gold Skulltula Tokens does it take to get the Giant's Wallet?

While we're on the subject of Rupees, we might as well talk about wallets. When you first start your Ocarina of Time quest, you're only allowed to carry 99 Rupees at any given time. This can be quite the headache when you begin to venture further into Hyrule, as Rupees start popping up everywhere. Thankfully, you can find some wallet upgrades to increase your carrying capacity. If you want to bump your storage to max (500 Rupees) you'll need the Giant's Wallet. How many Gold Skulltula Tokens does it take to obtain this item?

Question 30

Which tunic will allow you to breath underwater?

This stylish blue tunic will give Link the ability to breathe underwater, which comes in handy when attempting to conquer the Water Temple. It is important to note that this article of clothing is entirely optional, as it is possible to complete the game without it. That said, it's much easier to get things done when you aren't worried about running out of oxygen. You can purchase this garment from a gift shop for 300 Rupees, or receive it as a gift for completing a simple side quest. What is the tunic called?

Question 31

Can you name the boss of the Spirit Temple?

Everyone seems to have a favorite Temple from Ocarina of Time. For us, it was always the Spirit Temple. We loved the puzzles scattered throughout the level, as well as its sand-swept aesthetic. Visuals and gameplay blend together perfectly in the Spirit Temple. It also features one of the coolest bosses you'll face during your Ocarina of Time journey. This fire-and-ice imbued sorceress can be quite the headache if you don't know what you're doing. Do you remember the name of this fearsome foe?

Question 32

What type of arrow is Ganondorf susceptible to?

Many gamers still remember fighting Ganondorf for the first time. The battle operates similar to Phantom Ganon from the Forest Temple, with Link swatting an orb back at the villain in a 3D game of Pong. Ganondorf is a bit stronger than his phantom counterpart, so you'll need to take an extra step during your skirmish. Once you successfully volley the ball back at Ganondorf, he'll become temporarily stunned. This is your chance to pull out your arrows and hit him where it hurts. What elemental arrow is used to fight Ganondorf?

Question 33

What song is required to drain the well in Kakariko Village?

If you ever want to make it through the trap-filled Shadow Temple, you'll need to conquer the hidden mini-dungeon at the bottom of the Kakariko Well. In order to access this place, you'll need to be Young Link but a certain obstacle stands in your way. The well is filled with water, making it impossible for Young Link to reach his destination and retrieve the Lens of Truth. The only way to bypass this obstacle is with the aid of a special song. Which song will drain the Kakariko Well?

Question 34

What powerful weapon is found in the Fire Temple?

If you can manage to beat the sweltering heat of the Fire Temple, you'll come face to face with the mighty dragon Volvagia. Defeating this foe is the key to freeing the Fire Temple Sage and restoring peace to the Goron Village. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do much damage to Volvagia without first securing a specialized weapon that was used to beat him long ago. This item will allow you to stun the dragon so you can effectively wallop on him with the Master Sword. What item is found in the Fire Temple?

Question 35

Koume is one half of Twinrova. Can you name the other half?

The Sorceress Sisters were surrogate mothers to the Dark Lord Ganondorf, so it's no surprise that they guard the Spirit Temple. The elemental duo manages to chase the Spirit Sage Nabooru from the temple, before promptly capturing her. It's up to Link to rescue the Sage and put an end to the devious siblings. The Mirror Shield is required for this fight, as you'll need to redirect specific attacks towards the duo. Once they take enough damage they'll form Twinrova. Koume is half of this twin nightmare, who is the other half?

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