How Well Do You Know The Kardashians And Jenners?


Do you think you really know all the crazy information out there about the world famous red carpet stars, the Kardashians and the Jenners?

This family has so many different quirks and personalities among themselves that it can be hard to remember all the little secrets and bits of gossip you hear just from scrolling through their social media or watching their hit reality TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This quiz covers everything you could imagine about this family, so make sure you brush up on your Kim K and Kylie J knowledge before pushing start, or just take a risk and go for it, hopefully luck is on your side! This ultimate quiz will not only teach you a lot about these individuals, but it will also inspire you because of how they run their own life. They're never boring, plus they know how to brand themselves as extreme and crazy!

Either way, I'm sure we all know quite a bit if you hold them in high regard like most do today, but will you be able to really ace this quiz and be the reality star guru you were meant to be?

Question 1

What Does Kim K Do Before Leaving The House?

I'm sure we're all very well aware that the Kardashians might have some quirks, especially if you watch their reality TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians! But some things are a little more bizarre, so you'll have to be the judge and figure out this little bizarre truth about Kim K herself! Will you be able to guess this right? Can you guess which quirk Kim K does every time she's about to go out for a night on the town?

Question 2

Matching What?!

Sometimes a parent bonding with their child can be a bit oversharing, but to each their own. It's up to you to decide if this moment of reality TV actually happened on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, because believe it or not, we're stumped! Pick your choice below and get ready to be shocked! Would your mom tell you this when you need advice too? Did Kris Jenner really advise Kourtney Kardashian to always wear a matching blank and blank?

Question 3

She's Worth What!?

The price of celebrities and their yearly income is seriously crazy, but as I'm sure you can assume it gets even more insane when it comes to the Kardashians and Jenners. Since they are the world's most famous celebrities all from their branding and reality TV show, I think it's time to guess how much Kendall Jenners' estimated net worth is! Take your guess but make sure not to overthink it too much! Who much is Kendall Jenner's reported worth?

Question 4

Is THIS really true?

I never would have thought of the Kardashians as the outdoors type, but as you know they are full of surprises! Kendall and her sisters love to go horseback riding, but which moment is real! I know I wouldn't want to deal with this kind of thing, just too much drama for me to deal with, but at least they've been reported as having fun with this hobby! But it's up to you to choose which horse play really did occur! What event really happened with the horses?

Question 5

What Does That Spell?

As you can probably guess, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were very popular in high school, until of course Kylie left to be home-schooled. But until then they were actually both on the same blank in school. They were probably the dream team of that entire school, always being the popular duo that every single person knows! I know I would want to be friends with them! What sport where they both a part of! Fill in the blank with your choice!

Question 6

So Much Matching!

Kris is a genius in the kitchen, always cooking amazing food that brings the whole family together in a very special way! But there is something surprisingly unique about some of the fancy dinners that Kris pulls together, especially when she's cooking Italian food, she knows what will get everyone together in a heartbeat. So make your choice below! What does she match on purpose when she's cooking up a very fancy and special Italian dinner for the whole family?

Question 7

Honestly, This Is Pretty Smart

Kim Kardashian is always known for sporting super cute and sexy bikinis at the beach or beside the pool. She's of course very picky about her fashion and the way she looks to the world, but would Kim K really go this far? Maybe I will start doing this too, it seems like a very brilliant idea, what do you think? When is the only time Kim Kardashian will wear a bikini? Trust me it's very specific, so be careful with your choice!

Question 8

Whose Idea Started It All?

One of the biggest reasons we all know who the Kardashians and the Jenners are, are because of the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a reality TV series that shows the real life of the family, even when it comes to the drama and tears! It all had to start from one individuals idea, so who do you think pitched the original concept for the show? But who's idea really started it all? Was it Kris, Kim, Kylie, or Kendall!?

Question 9

How Did This Famous Reality TV Series Get Its Name?

Since we've already talked about who came up with the concept of the show, now it's time to really figure out how the name of the show we have come to know and love, and who came up with it? Keeping Up With The Kardashians is basically a house hold name now in this generation! As crazy as that sounds, it's very true and of all the celebrities in this family, this is the one thing that brings them together, so make your choice!

Question 10

What Was Covered In Swarovski Crystals?

We all know that the Kardashians are extra AF, but I think we can all safely agree that Kim K is one of the craziest out of the entire bunch, making her the perfect individual to have a whole entire Swarovski crystal item in her home. While she might not have it anymore, you might have seen it make an appearance in the early episodes of the show! Which item was completely covered in Swarovski crystals, I know I want one!

Question 11

A Feud Between Who?

It might not always be easy when you're trying to constantly keep up with the busy and dramatic lives of the Kardashians, but sometimes it gets even harder when a feud starts to grow between two people, over the smallest things! These two people started fighting because one accused the other of stealing ten slabs of Italian marble which was called Calacatta Gold and is extremely hard to find in the United States. Who was the fight between this time?

Question 12

Who Told Her The Truth?

Still on the subject of feuds, Kris Jenner recently had her whole driveway made from cobblestones imported from France. How crazy is that!? It was extremely expensive and reportedly took months to complete. She ended up getting the whole thing repaved because one of her family members told her that they didn't like the color of the grout she had picked out. Saying that it contrasted too much with the stones and that it should be fixed. She actually made the workers redo the whole thing!

Question 13

How Tall Is She?

Kendall Jenner is a world famous model and TV celebrity, known for her unique looks and very tall frame. But just how tall is she? She's worked on runways and starred in hundreds of photoshoots, all that compliment her height, so at least we know she is actually pretty tall, but can you guess the right height? I'm sure there's already one choice you can rule out completely by now! Take your best guess and get ready to be amazed!

Question 14

Who Does Kendall Look Up To?

We all have our very own fashion icons, maybe even some of the Kardashians or Jenners are a few of your own fashion idols. But even the one's at the top of high fashion usually have an icon as well. While this might be unexpected, Kendall Jenner has her own icon she looks up to when getting dressed in the morning! You might think it's this person, but is it? Keep an open mind and take your very best guess!

Question 15

What Was The Theme Of North's B-day?

America's sweetheart can be none other than Kim Kardashian's and Kanye's baby North West! She's adorable and always with them no matter what. She recently had a little birthday and it's up to you to choose what the theme of the party really was! Of course it was all glitz and glam, but I'll give you a hint, they seriously went all out on this little baby's birthday. There was no holding back when it came to spoiling North West!

Question 16

Who Was She A Stylist For?

We all know that Kim Kardashian wasn't always the celebrity she is now. But where did she start? And no we aren't talking about the assistant she was for one particular celeb, because she also was a stylist for a few others. Before she was a household name she was a stylist for the same person who's family member released her sex tape to the masses. Such an awful thing to do! Make your choice, who was she a stylist for?

Question 17

Who Was Kourtney Classmates With?

We all know that Kourtney is one of the more mellow Kardashians, always choosing to stay out of the spotlight as much as she possibly can get away with, which isn't a lot, but better than how much her sisters embrace the spotlight on their life. Many people don't know that Kourtney Kardashian actually went to the University of Arizona, and you'll never guess who she was classmates with at the time! Take your pick, which celeb was Kourtney classmates with at UA?

Question 18

How Old Was Kim When She Got Married?

I'm not sure many people even remember this now, but it's very true that Kim K first was married in 2000 then actually proceeded to get divorced in 2004, a pretty short marriage and many people were very shocked at the outcome of the relationship as a whole. But what is even more shocking is her age at which she was married, do you think you can pick the right choice from below? Don't second guess yourself, you might regret it!

Question 19

What's Kim's Net Worth?

We've already discussed Kendall's average net worth being around $2 Million, but now it's time to guess what Kim Kardashian's net worth in total is. We both know she's been around much longer than Kendall has when it comes to time being spent in the spotlight, but could she really be worth that much more when Kendall has already made so much in a short amount of time? It's time for you to make your choice, how much is Kim K's net worth?

Question 20

How Much Does The Kim K App Make Per Day?

While we're on the topic of money, let's just test your skills one more time! I'm sure we've all played on the Kim Kardashian App, watching all the videos and tutorials, the vlog like videos she posts daily, and playing her mini game that has been around for a few years now. But when it comes to making money just off of the app, do you think you can guess how much she actually makes from it? Remember this is just from the app!

Question 21

What Was One Of Kim's First Gigs?

Many people might not realize that Kim K was a star many years ago before people really even knew her name. She had a lot of gigs and starred in a ton of music videos many years back. You'll find yourself looking up this music video to see where she comes in as soon as you find out the answer, because that's what I ended up doing! It's up to you to choose which band's music video Kim K starred in!

Question 22

I Need To See This!

The Kardashians are always scheming crazy antics when it comes to new business ideas and ventures. But this idea really does take the cake! I'll be honest I have never heard of this until now, and you can bet I'll be reading the whole thing and praying it comes to life. But Khloe Kardashian actually has her very own play, while it isn't on stages yet, maybe we can just hope it will be! It's up to you to decide what the title of Khloe's play is!

Question 23

Okay Grandma!

Did you know that Kris Jenner actually flat out refuses to be called Grandma or anything even close to the name? I mean I really don't blame her, it does have a bit of an old time ring to it that probably doesn't make some grannies happy! I would want my grand kids to call me this too honestly, it sounds much nicer than grandma and it's actually pretty cute, right? What does she make her grandchildren all call her instead?

Question 24

Her Dad Did What?

Many, many years ago when Kim was only 14 years old, her dad, Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner, sent her away to a school so she could learn what they teach. Now it wasn't just any school, it was a specialized school he had sent her to so she could master a specific skill. It's now up to you to choose what skill that was and what school he sent her to! Do you think you can pick the correct answer?

Question 25

Why Didn't She Go In Her Bathroom?

I know we all have our own phobias, but could something you find in your own bathroom really scare you enough to make you not even want to go to your own bathroom for months? Maybe it was really big and came out of nowhere, but it's up to you to choose which creature Kourtney found in her bathroom that made her so scared she didn't go back in it until 2 months later! I hope I don't find this in my bathroom one day!

Question 26

What Color Is The Toilet Paper?

I'm pretty sure we're all on the same page when it comes to how outrageous the Kardashian family can be. They can be so over the top, but so many individuals like myself love hearing about their little and big quirks, because that's what makes them stand out from the rest of the red carpet. But it's up to you to choose what color all of the toilet paper is in Kris' bathrooms, I would have never been able to guess!

Question 27

Who's The Voice Of Reason?

If you've seen the reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you've probably seen how many little and big fights everyone gets involved in. While it might be entertaining to watch all the chaos unfold, it can be quite stressful. After all they are a really big family and all of their issues are on TV for the world to see, so you can guess tensions will be high. Who's the voice of reason when it comes to the Kardashians?

Question 28

Who Would Kylie Want To Be For A Day?

We all have our fashion inspirations but we all have that one person we've seen in the celebrity world that we are just so curious to know what a day in their extremely different life would be like. I've personally always wanted to know what the Kardashians lives are on a daily basis, so I'm glad there's a show! Who do you think Kylie would want to be for a day? I'll give you a hint, they're a very different style than she is; keep that in mind!

Question 29

Who's The Snapchat Queen?

Even though Snapchat is pretty new in terms of all other social media, I do think it's been a place where celebs can offer more interaction with their friends. Showing more personal parts of their life and really embracing the different options they can embrace the interaction with the people who love them most and look up to them. Which is why we need you to choose who you think the queen of Snapchat is, with the most overall views on the entire platform! Who is it?

Question 30

What's Her Fav Junk Food!?

We all have our own secret junk food that we sneak whenever we can. Whether it's hot dogs, pizza, or ice cream, no matter what we all have that one thing we love to eat and it always makes us super happy! While this isn't as much of a secret since it's been broadcasted in the hit reality TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall's favorite junk food is out in the world. But do you know what it is?

Question 31

What Does Kylie Want To Be?

Ever since we were little, we've always had a dream of being something big. We all have our own unique dreams that we've always held close to our hearts. It's no different for celebrities, especially celebs like Kylie and Kendall who were basically in the spotlight as a child. They all have their own dreams that probably exceed what they're doing right now, so will you guess what Kylie wants to do when she's older? Maybe even sooner rather than later!

Question 32

Who Knew?

Kylie actually has set up an eBay account where she constantly is updating a certain type of item that she doesn't need anymore and all the money raised from the auctions is used for the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. How sweet is that?! I'd love to be involved in something like this, just like many of her adoring fans, what an inspiration! Can you guess what Kylie Jenner sells on her eBay account? What do you think Kylie doesn't need anymore?

Question 33

What Is Her Special Skill?

We all have a set of special skills that don't really ever come into play in our lives or any practicality whatsoever. But it's still pretty interesting to know these strange little facts about someone and their own set of special skills! This skill is pretty weird and different, but I guess her friends could be thankful she spots this from even a distance! Good for you Kim K, keep it up! Can you pick which special skill Kim K has?

Question 34

Who Was Paid $700,000 For Selfies?

It's so crazy how much people will pay for a specific thing, but in this case this particular Kardashian was paid 700,000 dollars just to take selfies with a crowd of people who are famous on Instagram.That's insane but who wouldn't want a life like that? That sounds totally amazing, count me in! Can you guess which Kardashian was paid that much money to take pictures with influencer guests at this event before flying home on a private jet?

Question 35

What's Kim K's Fav Starbucks Order?

Last but not least, we just have to know what Kim K's Starbucks order is! Starbucks is good every single day of the week and celebrities apparently agree, especially Kim K! There are so many things she could possibly order, so this one might be a bit tough to guess, unless you're actually a mega super fan! Regardless, good luck and I know I'll be getting Starbucks after this quiz too, without a doubt. Now I want to know what the other Kardashians order when they go to Starbucks!

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