How Well Do You Know The Joker?


"So... I see you received the free ticket I sent you. I'm glad. I did so want you to be here. You see, it doesn't matter if you catch me and send me back to the asylum... Gordon's been driven mad. I've proved my point. I've demonstrated there's no difference between me and everyone else! All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day."

It'd have been wrong of us not to begin this quiz with one of The Joker's best lines from The Killing Joke because, seriously, The Joker is the greatest antagonist in fictional history. With the ruthlessness of a dictator and the humor of a teenager, The Joker is the perfect antithesis to Batman.

But, how well do you know The Joker? Anyone can tell you that his girlfriend is Harley Quinn, but who was his assistant beforehand? Which other supervillain(s) has The Joker killed? Can you tell us?

As you can expect, there are MAJOR spoilers for several Batman mediums that include:

Batman: The Animated Series

Other DC animated series that include Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League

The Arkham series of games

The Killing Joke

Any of the Batman movies that The Joker has appeared in.

If you're not worried about spoilers or you really think that you know all there is to know about Batman's greatest foe, then paint your face white, put on a purple suit, and prepare to test your skills!

Question 1

As of 2017, this actor has not voiced the Joker

In the same way that we tend to think of a certain few actors for Batman (Adam West, Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy, and Christian Bale - oh, and the one actor who we refuse to mention), The Joker has had some famous portrayal over the years as well. From Jack Nicholson and Health Ledger on the big screen to Mark Hamill in...well, pretty much everything else, some big-name actors have excelled at playing the Clown Prince of Crime. Which of these actors, though, has yet to voice The Joker?

Question 2

Prior to taking on Harley Quinn as a sidekick, The Joker's 'assistant' was...

At this point in time, it almost seems impossible to imagine a Joker without Harley Quinn around, whether they're beating up on Batman or he's generally treating her like garbage. But, as we've discussed before, Harley is a fairly recent addition to the Batman universe, debuting in 1992's Batman: The Animated Series as a one-off character before becoming The Joker's full-time girl. Before the clown found Harley, though, he had another assistant/sidekick that he loved abusing. Can you remember his name?

Question 3

While his full backstory remains unknown, Joker admits that he likes his past to be...

Trust us when we say that you're not alone in wanting to know at least once in your life what makes The Joker tick and what made him into what he is now. Some people enjoy the mystery of it, but doctors and other antagonists have tried diving into the man's psyche to learn what exactly turned a normal man into a sociopath. Each time, however, the Joker will either tell a different story completely or blend elements from other tales in. What's his reasoning for changing up the story?

Question 4

Which of these DC Animated Series did The Joker not appear in?

While we like to think - and maybe prefer - The Joker to solely be Batman's nemesis, that doesn't mean the Clown Prince of Crime hasn't taken on other superheroes over the year. After the success of Batman: The Animated Series, the creators of that show tried their hand at Superman: The Animated Series and went on to make two shows about the Justice League. Did The Joker appear in all three of these shows, or was there a time when Batman never saw his rival?

Question 5

Finish this Joker line: "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Bat..."

While we may not get the rhymes and poetry that one might expect from a sociopaths clown like the Joker, there's no denying that the man certainly has a talent for words - when he's not blowing raspberries at Batman, of course. But when The Joker does start playing around with his words and decides to rhyme, you know that things are about to hit the proverbial fan. Joker displays some of his rhymes in Arkham City, and we'll leave you to finish the line.

Question 6

Which member of the Bat-Family did The Joker kidnap and try turning into his child?

As you've probably figured out with some of these Batman quizzes, I love the DC Animated Universe, especially their interpretation of the Joker - which was Mark Hamill's first time playing the role, by the way. As the war against Batman wages, the Joker comes up with one of his greatest plans: kidnapping a member of Batman's Bat-Family and turning them into not only his own soldier, but his own child. Can you tell us which ally of Batman was subjected to that torture?

Question 7

What name does The Joker bestow upon Tim Drake?

After fooling Tim Drake into thinking that Harley Quinn was a damsel in distress and kidnapping Batman's ward, The Joker subjects him to weeks of torture before finally breaking Robin. I mean, look at poor Tim in that picture. It's terrifying AND heartbreaking. Anyways, with him finally having a 'son', Joker gives young Drake a new name because, well, Robin isn't going to work and calling him 'The New Joker' would be too unoriginal. What name do Joker and Harley instead choose?

Question 8

Which of these is NOT a signature weapon by The Joker?

So, can we please talk about something a bit cheerier and happier than The Joker torturing a 13 year old the way he did? As one would expect from the deadliest member of Batman's Rogues Gallery, The Joker has plenty of weapons at his arsenal - and we're not even talking about all of the times he's gained access to nuclear missiles. Of the weapons listed below, which of these is NOT a signature one that the Clown Prince of Crime uses?

Question 9

Speaking of cards, which of these villains does Joker NOT partake in card games with?

Not only does he use cards as weapons (think of them as a parallel to Batman's batarangs), but The Joker has also been known to partake in card games with other villains and gangsters. Of course, their mutual distrust and hatred of Batman usually becomes a subject of conversation, leading to tales about who has come the closest to offing Gotham's caped crusader. When these card game wind up happening, which of these villains doesn't get a chance to partake?

Question 10

This actor could have portrayed Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, but was deemed too scary

As mentioned before, we love The Joker's appearances in Batman: The Animated Series, where the Clown Prince of Crime does everything from wanting to blow up Gotham to patent fish that have his signature smile. Before Mark Hamill took the role and ran away with it, the producers were considering another actor, one who had experience in the horror genre and could probably pull off an excellent Joker. Well, he did, but the performance was so frightening that they went with Hamill. Who missed out on the role?

Question 11

Finish this Joker line: Ding d-ding, dong! Joker here! Here's what's new in the asylum:

In addition to loving the DC Animated Universe, we also absolutely love the Arkham games (and we even have a soft spot for Arkham Origins, though it's a step down from the rest of the games), and Mark Hamill's Joker again shines here. In the original Arkham Asylum game, The Joker and Harley take over the superprison, hoping to break Batman over the course of a single night. At one point in the campaign, Joker says the above quote over the P.A. system. Can you finish the quote?

Question 12

Stealing from The Mad Hatter, The Joker wanted to brainwash people in order to...

So at times, The Joker - who can be extremely prideful, especially when it comes to dealing with Batman - will team up with other villains and antagonists to get thins done. Because The Mad Hatter has the technology and ability to brainwash people, the two teamed up at one point...kind of. Really, The Joker stole The Mad Hatter's technology for his own personal gains, but it was suspected that Jervis Tetch was directly involved. Why did The Joker take Tetch's technology?

Question 13

True or False: The Joker has never learned that Batman is Bruce Wayne

Obviously, we know that Batman is Bruce Wayne beneath the cowl and mask, but does The Joker know that? Some of Batman's villains have figured it out, usually Hugo Strange, but has the Clown Prince of Crime ever put two and two together? Now granted, The Joker probably wouldn't look at the Caped Crusader too differently, but think about this for a second: in all of their years fighting, has The Joker ever figured out or learned Batman's real identity?

Question 14

The following actor has not voiced The Joker in a video game

At this point, I'm reading the questions and their descriptions in Mark Hamill's voice - and please, if you're doing this too, tell me so that I know I haven't lost my mind - but would you believe that Hamill hasn't voiced The Joker in every video game the Clown Prince has been in? Well, if you played Injustice 2 over the past couple weeks, you'd know that, but my point remains. Which of the following actors has not voiced the Joker in a game yet?

Question 15

True or False: Mark Hamill has never voiced The Joker in a live action role

So after 25 years of doing the role, Mark Hamill is still going at it as The Joker in every medium from video games to animated movies. Hamill is even using The Joker's voice to mimic some of Donald Trump's tweets! But, has the actor also known for Luke Skywalker played the Clown Prince of Crime in a live action role? We know that Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and...yuck...Jared Leto have, but what about the longest tenured and greatest Joker of all time?

Question 16

The Joker has not attempted using this as a backstory option

Earlier on, we mentioned The Joker's tendency to change bits of his backstory and his past as a result of his love for the 'multiple choice' option, but what are some of those multiple choices? And yes, we apologize for using Jared Leto's Joker, but Suicide Squad included this as well in one of the very few things they did right. When The Joker tells his story to policemen, doctors, or even Batman, which of these stories has he yet to use?

Question 17

Which of these villains has The Joker killed?

Would you trust The Joker if he offered to work with you? I mean, probably not, considering his attitude and selfishness, but there's times where even the smartest supervillains have gone against their better judgement and worked with the Clown Prince of Crime - usually for some type of meaningful fee when the Joker is in need of money. Sometimes, The Joker will even go out of his way to take other villains out. Which of the following has he actually killed?

Question 18

What prison activity did the Joker escape from in the 1966 Batman series?

Let's flash it back to a simpler time, one where the Joker didn't kill or abuse his girlfriend and instead relied on tricks, gimmicks, and coloring his mustache white. Played by Cesar Romero, the Joker from the 1960's show began the episode 'the Joker is Wild' in prison. Why was he in prison? I mean, he's The Joker. A better question to ask, however, is what activity the Joker managed to escape from so that he could commit various crimes on Gotham?

Question 19

Which actor helped inspire The Joker's creation?

It's not unrealistic to think that an actor could have inspired The Joker, right? Think about it: it was the 1940's and America was coming off a time when we were getting some amazing films and plays, so why not use the performance of an actor to help inspire a clown that had the attitude of a performer to him? When Joker made his debut in Batman #1, creators Bob Kane and Frank Miller used a certain actor to create the character? Who was it?

Question 20

When The Joker returns in Batman Beyond, whose body is he in?

Have we talked enough about Batman Beyond: Revenge of the Joker yet? Yes? Too bad, there's still more to talk about. So because of technobable and something that doesn't really make sense, The Joker returns for the events of Batman Beyond after meeting his end at the hands of Tim Drake. With eyes on annihilating Gotham and finally ridding the world of Batman - now BOTH Batmans - with his Jokerz gang? Long story short, the Joker possesses someone's body to cause crime in Neo-Gotham...whose body is it?

Question 21

Finish this Joker quote: Something horrible must have happened to you... why else would you wear that costume?

While The Killing Joke's film adaption was less than stellar for its half-assed Batgirl story that did nothing for the plot, there's no denying that the parts with The Joker - which SHOULD have been the film - is one of the best Batman stories of all time. During his taunting of the Dark Knight, The Joker says, "Something horrible must have happened to you... why else would you wear that costume?" What did the Clown Prince of Crime say next?

Question 22

Which of these names has Joker NOT been called?

Like every superhero or villain, the Joker is no stranger to nicknames, especially Harley Quinn's favorite name for the clown: Mista J! Or, as Harley's one-time replacement called him, Mr. G. For nearly 80 years, The Joker has been referred to by a variety of nicknames, with some as simple as 'Jokes' and some a bit more sophisticated or long. Of the nicknames that are listed below, which has The Joker not been called or referred to? Think wisely on this one!

Question 23

True or False: Has The Joker gotten Harley Quinn pregnant?

Does The Joker love Harley Quinn? No. Does he care for her? Not really. Does he keep her around mainly as a pawn who can help him with plans? Yes, but that's not to say The Joker hasn't had relations with Harley at times. Between sleeping in the same room, moving in together, and...well, I think we're getting the point. Whether Joker is asexual or more preoccupied with killing Batman, the couple has had their moments. Has Joker ever gotten Harley pregnant, though?

Question 24

How did The Joker beat Jason Todd to death?

There are plenty of times in Batman history where people have supposedly died before being revived or re-appearing somehow, but Jason Todd (Robin)'s death is one that's always stuck around. Kidnapped by The Joker and taken to Bosnia, Jason Todd is brutally tortured by the Clown Prince of Crime before Robin finally meets his end. As much as it pains you to remember what happened, can you tell us how Batman's ward was killed during the events of Under the Red Hood?

Question 25

True or False: Has Batman tried to redeem The Joker?

When someone has killed your ward, paralyzed one of your assistants and best friends, been responsible for the deaths, torture, and maiming of so many innocent people...would you really want to redeem them? While Batman has desperately tried to cling to his 'no killing' code regardless of what heinous crime The Joker commits, it'd be understandable to think he wouldn't want to help The Joker see the light. Why would he deserve that? But, has Batman actually tried to help his enemy find redemption?

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