How Well Do You Know The Harry Potter Houses?


It seems that the world of Harry Potter will never be forgotten, whether we ever get a new book series or not. The last few years have shown us how true this is, with the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Millennials grew up following this story, immersed in this world, and we know just how much you love it. So we're bringing Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and all the other wizards back in this quiz to test just how well you know Hogwarts' houses.

Too easy? Don't forget that J.K. Rowling recently blessed us with profiles on other wizarding schools around the world and their houses. You might know Hogwarts as well as the Marauder's Map, but do you know the Ilvermorny houses? Hogwarts isn't the only magic school to have houses! Can you match noteworthy wizards to their houses? Take this quiz to find out if you're as familiar with the wizarding houses, their characteristics, and members as you think you are!

Question 1

Which house's emblem is this?

Let's start easy, this shouldn't be too hard. Every house has their own emblem and story behind it, and this one should be the first one you remember. This one is composed of the colors red, gold, and a lion. This is probably the house you always wanted to be a part of, the one that all the big, important wizards came from... or the good ones, at least. You've probably got it by now, if you didn't already immediately know by looking at the picture!

Question 2

Which house's emblem is this?

This is one of the less underrated houses at Hogwarts, but still not the one that people usually consider as a major one. This house is known for its cool colors and ethereal mascot. We're not going to give away too much, but you would probably like this house, or want to be in it, if you're a good student or love to learn. Unlike Gryffindor, this house has an ordinary animal, and not a magical one, on its emblem.

Question 3

What is the name of the Gryffindor ghost?

Every house has its own ghost on top of its mascot, colors, traits, and element. Ravenclaw's is Helena Ravenclaw, who was stabbed after stealing her mother's diadem. Gryffindor's is an interesting character whose head is very, very close to coming off... but is still technically attached. Upon attending Hogwarts, he was sorted into Gryffindor (fittingly), and was a member of the royal court as well as a knight. After a magical mistake involving an attempt to fix a witch's teeth, he was beheaded - or at least, they tried!

Question 4

Which house boasts this emblem?

This is probably getting easier now, as we've narrowed it down to the last two Hogwarts houses. Like Ravenclaw, this house has a relatively ordinary animal representing it on its emblem. This one's pretty easy, you know, because of the wizards who have come out of this house, their general demeanor, and their affiliations. To say the very least, it's made the house infamous, so at this point, you should definitely be able to match this emblem to its owner.

Question 5

What is the name of the Hufflepuff ghost?

The Hufflepuff ghost is known for being a little chubby, and also for his association to the Catholic church. One of the less known house ghosts, the Hufflepuff ghost was born in the 10th century in an unknown location in Great Britain. He was a part of the clergy and was committed to charity and helping others - traits fitting for a Hufflepuff, the house he was sorted into at Hogwarts. He ended up being executed because people began to get suspicious of his magical healing abilities - blasphemy, you know.

Question 6

What are Hufflepuff's colors?

Every house has colors associated with it. Each house has these specific colors as a part of their emblem, and usually their common rooms are also decorated in these hues. Any kind of merchandise - scarves, socks, hats, gloves, and more - for each house are made in their colors. You know, since you've seen the emblems already, that Gryffindor is red and gold, Slytherin's colors are green and silver, and Ravenclaw blue and bronze... but what are Hufflepuff's colors?

Question 7

What is the dominating Ravenclaw trait?

Just like the Hufflepuff house, and all the other houses, Ravenclaw has an overwhelming dominant trait that trends in its students. They're quite different from their other Hogwarts classmates but definitely stand out in one undeniable way. Interestingly, the story of how students are sorted into their houses goes all the way back to the founding wizards of Hogwarts, who each had a certain standout trait that they valued above others. Ultimately, they wished for students in their house to reflect these traits.

Question 8

Which house did Harry Potter almost get sorted into?

Story time! Remember when young, first year Harry walked into the Great Hall for the sorting ceremony with Ron and Hermione, all intimidated? He sat down to be sorted, while everyone was impressed that the one and only Harry Potter was there in the flesh. Then, for some reason, the Sorting Hat took twice or three times as long with him than it did with anyone else, stuck between two Hogwarts houses. At this point, Harry was pleading for the hat not to put him in a specific house, but which one?

Question 9

Who is head of Gryffindor at Hogwarts?

Every house has a head, a teacher who leads the house and takes care of disciplinary measures and order within the house. They serve as a mentor, support system, and represent order and the values of the house. The head of Gryffindor is probably one of your favorite professors at Hogwarts, and has acted at the head of the house for quite some time now. This professor embodies the Gryffindor values and is probably an example and role model for all Gryffindors!

Question 10

Which founder did the Sorting Hat belong to?

The Sorting Hat was not always the tool used to sort students at Hogwarts into houses. As a matter of fact, the four founders originally picked students themselves and taught them. It is only when they considered the issue of sorting after their death did they come up with the Sorting Hat as a solution to the problem. So, one of the founders took off their wizard hat, and cast some spells giving it a mind of its own and knowledge of the founder's values to do the job.

Question 11

Which house was Albus Dumbledore a part of?

Albus Dumbledore is, like our protagonists Harry, Ron, and Hermione, an alumni of Hogwarts. The warm, friendly, and trustworthy wizard is one of the most powerful in the world. He was said to be the only wizard Lord Voldemort feared, as a matter of fact. Dumbledore is like your favorite grandpa, a little quirky with his long hair and beard, but and undoubtedly safe presence. After being headmaster of Hogwarts for some time, Dumbledore was killed by Severus Snape himself in a complicated plan to defeat Voldemort.

Question 12

Which element is associated with Slytherin?

Every house is not only associated with a color palette and a patron animal, but an element! The element usually represents something to do with the dominant traits, characteristics, or values of the house. Sometimes, it is related to the area of study the house tends to have an affinity to. This is one of the many ways in which the houses are set apart from each other, and how they take on a life of their own. So tell us, which one matches Slytherin?

Question 13

Which House do all the Weasleys belong to?

The Weasleys have more than just red hair and wizardry in common - the whole family is Hogwarts educated. More specifically, every single Weasley was in the same Hogwarts house! That's right, Ron, Ginny, Fred, George, Bill, Percy, Molly and Arthur were all in this house. This family tradition is referenced more than once in the books and movies, and it is with relief and happiness that the Weasley parents welcome their youngest children, Ron and Ginny, to this house!

Question 14

Which house values pureblood wizards and witches?

Back when the four founders of Hogwarts got together and decided to create a school for witchcraft and wizardry, one of them had something in mind that the others didn't. That was the desire to teach only pureblood wizards and witches, and not muggle-born or half-blood wizards. Being the only one with this opinion, this founder eventually left Hogwarts, but not before locking something dangerous in the depths of the castle to come back and "cleanse" the school of wizards and witches that weren't pureblood.

Question 15

What are Hufflepuffs known for?

We can't very well ask you what Hufflepuff's emblem looks like, because you've now seen the other three houses' and that would be far too easy. Instead, we're gonna ask you what the Hufflepuffs defining character trait usually is. Every house has one, which is what the sorting hat bases its judgment off of when its sorting through the minds of young wizards. If you've got a certain dominant trait, the sorting hat will use that to put you in the right house!

Question 16

Which house did the famous Merlin belong to?

This is a wizard we all know! Even outside of the world of Harry Potter, Merlin (and his beard) are known worldwide. Of course, such a wizard would have gone to a magic school as reputable as Hogwarts. He is known as one of the most powerful wizards of all time, and after his time at Hogwarts, served in King Arthur's court. Merlin is also known for his respect for muggles, and his creation of the Order of Merlin that serves to protect them. This later turned into an award given to notable wizards, like Dumbledore!

Question 17

Which element is associated with Hufflepuff?

Like Slytherin being associated with water, the house of Hufflepuff also has an element attributed to it. This house's element has more to do with their general kind, loyal nature, as well as their affinity for a certain subject at school. If you know who the head of Hufflepuff is, this might be easier for you to figure out! Interestingly, the houses' elements are also linked to the founding members' traits and values. Oddly, every house's element fits it just right.

Question 18

Which house did the last Hogwarts headmaster in the books belong to?

After Dumbledore's death, we all know that Hogwarts was taken over by Severus Snape who acted as headmaster. But the last headmaster at Hogwarts, acting since Lord Voldemort was defeated, is not Snape (as he was killed by Voldemort's snake Nagini). The new headmaster is someone most students admire and respect, and one of Dumbledore's most trusted colleagues. This headmaster is one of the better ones, since previous headmasters like Umbridge and Snape were known for their restricting and repressive ways.

Question 19

Who was not in Slytherin?

Slytherin is a house known for its cunning students and pureblood families. The house is named after Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogwarts who wanted to educate only wizards and witches who were purest of blood. As a result, many Death Eaters have been issued from this house, and many dark wizards as well. Although many Slytherins are known for being self-serving, others are known for the house's original traits of cleverness, resourcefulness, and ambition, among others.

Question 20

What is the first name of Hufflepuff's founder?

The story of how the founder of Hufflepuff created the distinguishing traits for her house is actually quite beautiful. While Ravenclaw insisted on teaching the brightest students, and Gryffindor leaned towards the courageous, and Slytherin was set on accepting the ambitious and purest of blood, Hufflepuff had something else in mind. She believed everyone deserved to be taught, and took anyone the other houses rejected. It is her inclusiveness and kindness in the formation of her house that makes the Hufflepuff house known for its generosity and loyalty.

Question 21

What is the first name of Ravenclaw's founder?

Ravenclaw was a Scottish witch who was actually friends with Helga Hufflepuff prior to the founding of Hogwarts. She was known for her beauty, intimidating demeanor, and her intelligence. (It's probably her beauty and intelligence that made her intimidating.) Legend has it that she was the one who chose the location for Hogwarts, and she later proceeded to favor students with a sharp mind in her house. She also had a daughter, Helena, who stole her mother's diadem, and upon her death at the hands of the Bloody Baron, became the Ravenclaw ghost!

Question 22

Which Ilvermorny house is home to adventurous wizards?

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a magic school in North America, located in what we know as the state of Massachusetts. J.K Rowling recently revealed, along with a few other institutions, the existence of this school as well as its four houses. Like Hogwarts, students from all over North America are sorted into houses that best match their qualities. They also have their representative mascot and founding members, all native to North America. Magic has no borders!

Question 23

Which Ilvermorny house has this eblem?

Just like any house or club, Ilvermorny houses have their representative emblems, each depicting their mascot or animal. Most of these houses were named after the founding member's favorite animal, or something representing traits they valued. This one is no exception, but let's be honest, Ilvermorny houses are a little more foreign to us than the good old Hogwarts ones. If you keep up with J.K. Rowling and her amazing online Pottermore world, however, you might have been sorted into this very house!

Question 24

What traits does the Horned Serpent house favor?

At Hogwarts, Slytherin favors cunning, ambitious students. Gryffindor praises the brave and valiant. Ravenclaw attracts the intelligent and studious. Hufflepuff encourages kindness and loyalty. Just like Hogwarts, every Ilvermorny house is geared towards students with specific qualities. The Horned Serpent house, founded by Isolt Sayre, was named after a mystical animal often referenced in Native American mythology. It is almost like a little dragon, and is eerily similar to what one would expect of Slytherin. Be careful though, not everything is at it seems!

Question 25

What traits does the Pukwudgie house favor?

This house sounds like it would be the Ilvermorny equivalent of Hufflepuff, but from the characteristics of Horned Serpent, I think we can all agree that similar sounding names or closely associated mascots between Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses mean nothing. Like its other counterparts, Pukwudgie favors specific kinds of wizards. Its mascot, depicted on its emblem, comes from Native American mythology and is described as a relatively small but human-like creature with exaggerated features. Interestingly, it is the only Ilvermorny creature that you can't get a wand core from!

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