How Well Do You Know The Grey's Anatomy Holiday Scenes?

The festive season can't be avoided, and no matter what you do, it sneaks up on you before you can even say 'Happy New Year!'. Not all holidays are celebrated by everyone. Some religions have very different view on these times of the year, and that's ok with us.

Are you like Izzie who loves thanksgiving and Christmas? Do you also go to extraordinary measures to get your friends and family around the same table to enjoy a meal together?

Or do you run and hide in your comfort zone, like only Cristina can? She ditches Burke and Izzie to go get some alcohol and only returns hours later... Or maybe you are like poor O'Malley who gets dragged in to family traditions which literally end up being a pain in the butt?

No matter how you feel about the silly season, there's no escaping the vibe. The malls are riddles with Christmas décor, jingle bells plays on repeat and the snow falls regardless. As we approach Christmas and the New Year, we challenge you to take this Grey's Anatomy Holiday Edition quiz. Let's see how well you have been paying attention to the holiday scenes with your favourite Seattle doctors.

1Was Doc a thanksgiving gift from Derek to Meredith?

Who wouldn't want a pup for Christmas? Just look at that little guy, he is absolutely gorgeous! Ok, so Izzie and George don't really like him very much since he gives them a hard time. But they do still love the little fur ball. After Izzie sets up the Christmas tree, she plops under it with her friends. Of course, little fury Doc decides to join them too. Was this precious pup a gift from Derek to Meredith for thanksgiving?

2Who sings Christmas carols while Owen plays the guitar?

One Christmas we have a beautiful scene with all the doctors spending time together. Lexie moans at Little Sloan because she lent her 50 bucks and only bought her dad a snow globe. Derek makes a snotty remark to Mark, that his children are bickering... The alcohol is flowing just like the stories. Owen is sitting pretty with his guitar and the doctors are merrily singing along. The question is, can you remember who joins in and sings along with Owen?

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