How Well Do You Know The Grey's Anatomy Holiday Scenes?

The festive season can't be avoided, and no matter what you do, it sneaks up on you before you can even say 'Happy New Year!'. Not all holidays are celebrated by everyone. Some religions have very different view on these times of the year, and that's ok with us.

Are you like Izzie who loves thanksgiving and Christmas? Do you also go to extraordinary measures to get your friends and family around the same table to enjoy a meal together?

Or do you run and hide in your comfort zone, like only Cristina can? She ditches Burke and Izzie to go get some alcohol and only returns hours later... Or maybe you are like poor O'Malley who gets dragged in to family traditions which literally end up being a pain in the butt?

No matter how you feel about the silly season, there's no escaping the vibe. The malls are riddles with Christmas décor, jingle bells plays on repeat and the snow falls regardless. As we approach Christmas and the New Year, we challenge you to take this Grey's Anatomy Holiday Edition quiz. Let's see how well you have been paying attention to the holiday scenes with your favourite Seattle doctors.

1Was Doc a thanksgiving gift from Derek to Meredith?

Who wouldn't want a pup for Christmas? Just look at that little guy, he is absolutely gorgeous! Ok, so Izzie and George don't really like him very much since he gives them a hard time. But they do still love the little fur ball. After Izzie sets up the Christmas tree, she plops under it with her friends. Of course, little fury Doc decides to join them too. Was this precious pup a gift from Derek to Meredith for thanksgiving?

2Who sings Christmas carols while Owen plays the guitar?

One Christmas we have a beautiful scene with all the doctors spending time together. Lexie moans at Little Sloan because she lent her 50 bucks and only bought her dad a snow globe. Derek makes a snotty remark to Mark, that his children are bickering... The alcohol is flowing just like the stories. Owen is sitting pretty with his guitar and the doctors are merrily singing along. The question is, can you remember who joins in and sings along with Owen?

3True or False: Does Dr Webber spend Christmas at Meredith's house?

Dr Webber and his wife have a very odd relationship. He spends too much time at work and she is left to fend for himself. She always has to book a vacation for one but would really love to book a holiday for two. Webber doesn't seem to make himself available for this though, and by the time he wakes up and realises what his wife needed, it was too late. So did Dr Webber spend Christmas at Meredith's house?

4True or False: Adison and Mark sleep together on Christmas eve?

The silly season can result in some extreme behaviour. This can cause tons of happiness and tons of heartbreak. There are often marriages proposals and lots of adult sexy time. We all know that Mark and Adison spent a little 'quality time' together while she was still betrothed to Derek. So was it the holiday festivities that resulted in such behaviour? Did Mark hook up with his best friend's wife on Christmas eve or was it maybe New Years Eve?

5What function were these ladies preparing for?

Sometimes it can be really difficult to decide what to wear... Especially if the event you are attending is a significant one with a bunch of over qualified and gorgeous doctors... Can you remember which even these three beautiful women were preparing for? Was it the prom for Dr Webber's niece? Or maybe it was a fancy New Year's party at the hospital. Maybe it was actually a Christmas party... Or could it have been one of the many times Cristina got married?

6Who is under the Christmas tree?

Christmas is a very special time of the year, and everyone deserves to enjoy it with family and friends that are super special. After Izzie sets up this Christmas tree they all lay down and stare at the beautiful lights. Doc, the dog, even joins in on the fun! So who was under the tree? Was it Derek, Meredith and Izzie? Or was it Alex, George and Callie? If you cant remember, never fear, we will show you the answer after you take a guess!

7True or False: These men are in Africa for new years.

Even doctors need a holiday once in a while. Even better, is a boys or girls only weekend. These guys seems to be really enjoying their beers and the view. And after so many seasons of Grey's Anatomy they really do need to just chill out. Do you know where they were enjoying this break? Was it a trip to Africa? Maybe it was a boys only Christmas party... Perhaps these men just needed some space away from all the 'crazy'...

8What gift does Sloan get her dad for Christmas?

Yeah this love triangle can be pretty daunting... Even when Mark was hooking up with Lexie, and his daughter Sloan showed up from out of nowhere... Talk about awkward... His daughter was just about as old as Lexie was... So during one of their Christmas's together, she borrows some cash from Lexie to buy her dad a gift. Lexie gives her 50 bucks. So what does she eventually get Sloan for a gift? A box of chocolates? Breakfast in bed?

9True or False: Maggie and Jo hook up on Christmas day.

Aren't the ladies in this pic just too adorable! As we previously mentioned, Christmas can allow people to do some really impulsive things that they wouldn't normally get up to. A lot of these mistakes land up with broken hearts because the mistletoe was just in the wrong place. We respect the choice to intimate preferences and we have no issues with that. Heck, Katy Perry even kissed a girl and she liked it... So did Jo and Maggie hook up?

10True or False: Cristina is making cocktails for a New Years Party?

It is rather unusual to see Cristina wearing anything other than scrubs and her white coat, let alone behind the bar mixing drinks. Cristina is after all Jewish, and doesn't even celebrate Christmas... That doesn't mean she can't cocktails and mocktails for those that do need a drink to get through the silly season. Although, knowing Cristina, her bar tending stint won't last all that long. Surgery for Cristina is like air for us, she cant live without being able to cut.

11Who puts up the Christmas tree in Meredith's house?

We all know that Izzie likes to nest when she is upset. She also enjoy baking. Cooking is a little bit of a disaster as she has to call in reinforcements but she still does her best to make an effort. The original Grey's Anatomy interns don't really have much Christmas spirit so someone has to man up, grab the reigns and get everyone feeling jolly. Who was the one that put up the tree and got the guys to lay under it?

12Is Jackson on holiday in Miami?

There isn't much that can be said for this handsome young doctor. Most people aren't even going to read this text because they're probably just staring at that bod. And who can blame you? Avery has the body of a model. Being an Avery he could also afford to go anywhere for a holiday. The Seychelles, Mauritius, Italy, or anywhere his heart desires. We cant believe that April and Avery called things off... Who would willingly just walk away from this?,

13Who helps Izzie make the thanks giving meal?

As previously mentioned Izze rounds the troops to enjoy a wonderful meal together for thanks giving. Unfortunately though all her friends ditch her and she is left to sink or swim. Luckily for her though, when Cristina pitches she brings a special someone with her. He happily jumps in and starts to delegate while Izzie follows instructions. They almost sound like they are in the OR together. Eventually they prepare an amazing meal together and everyone arrives to share in their meal.

14What is Meredith's drink of choice, all year round?

It doesn't matter what time of the year or day it is, the doctors of this Settle hospital will never turn down a drink... Luckily for us, Derek and Meredith met in a bar. Luckily for us, they kept going back! I am sure Joe doesn't mind the drinking doctors, since it helps keep him in business too. We know Cristina and Meredith would like to blameliquor for many sticky situations that they have found themselves in, but this is why we have big girl panties!

15Why does Izzie like Thanksgiving so much?

Poor Izzie tried her utmost to get everyone together to enjoy thanksgiving because it is one holiday in the year where they don't have to be doctors. They can relax and just have a normal day. George gets dragged off to hunt turkeys. Cristina disappears to get booze but actually ends up at the hospital. Meredith is also not at the house to help her cook. Joe and his boyfriend head off to open the bar. Only Preston stays to help.

16Who is making out with the handsome Mark Sloan in this picture?

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas... Well, we are sure that this beautiful young intern is dreaming of a little bit more than a white Christmas... There's nothing like spending this special time with all your loved ones, especially that extra special someone! Do you know which lucky lady is getting up close and personal with the best plastic surgeon known to mankind? Is it Jo Wilson? Maybe it's Cristina Yang or even Meredith Grey.. There's only one way to find out..

17True or False: Derek and Meredith hook up for the first time over Christmas.

Some songs have been forever changed thanks to Grey's Anatomy. We get teary eyed when Chasing Cars plays too. Here's another one that's changed forever, "And the talking leads to touching, And the touching leads to sex...". When we hear this song we know things are about to get real. This was the song that played when Meredith heads in to the hospital for the first time, after she wakes up in her mum's house with a naked and sexy Derek Sheppard.

18True or False: Cristina is Jewish.

We get to learn so much about these doctors that we actually start to feel like they are our own friends and family. So it's surprising when we learn about there religious beliefs or spirituality. Burke learns about Cristina's beliefs only when he decides to put up a Christmas tree. To his surprise, he learns a little bit more about his lover. We don't ever really seem to learn much more about it because the conversation kind of never progresses...

19True or False: The nurses strike over Christmas?

Fair hours! Fair wages! This is what the nurses chanted while striking outside the hospital. They don't want the doctors to cross the line. Izzie and George have a hard time deciding if they are going to take the plunge and face the angry nurses who are throwing odds and ends at anyone going in to the hospital. George eventually sides with the nurses. Does he join them because he is a nurse, or because he doesn't like Christmas either.

20True or False: Alex buys Jo a ring for Christmas

After Alex and Izzie ended their relationship it took a while for Alex to get over it. Eventually Alex meets the beautiful Jo Wilson and falls madly and deeply in love with her, Only after a few hiccups of their own does he realise how much he really loves her. Of course, he buys her a stunning ring. Now this is the part we were talking about - about doing impulsive things during the silly season. Does Alex propose or give her a Christmas gift?

21Who hooks up with Deluca on Christmas?

In case you didn't know, Deluca is a very cute Italian doctor. Unfortunately Alex rearranges his face for him, but even after the beating he is still very handsome. He has a sister who is equally as sexy. Although she isn't into men. She does however hook up with the gorgeous Arizona. This causes just a little discomfort for Deluca as he has to share a house with Arizona... Nonetheless, do you know who hooks up with the handsome Deluca?

22Who is the lady on Callie's shoulder?

After Callie and George's marriage falls apart Callie decides that maybe she is also in to ladies... She allows herself to explore this option and turns out, she also likes the ladies... And we are ok with that too. She has many relationships, with various people. But can you remember who the other lady is in this picture? Was it someone she met at a staff Christmas party? Did they hook up on New Years Eve? Or was it a thanksgiving lunch?

23True or False: Maggie hooks up with Avery on New Year's Eve?

With bringing in the new year comes, for some anyway, lots of partying, adult drinks and adult activities. There seems to be a little flame between Jackson and Maggie... Do they allow this to ignite over New Year's Eve? Do they set off their own sexy fireworks and sparkle? Or are we still waiting patiently for the next episode to find out what happens next? You'd have to be brave enough to answer this question to check if you know the answer...

24True or False: Cristina enjoys Christmas?

For some people it's the best time of the year. For those who follow different traditions or beliefs, Christmas is not celebrated. Nonetheless, Burke assumes that him and Cristina can put up their Christmas tree together, and make it special as it would be their first one together. Does Cristina help Burke to put up the tree? Or does she walk away from the situation by telling Burke she is actually Jewish? Select the correct answer below if you can.

25True or False: Alex and Meredith chill together on Easter?

Easter is such a yummy time of the year. If you practice the traditions then you get to enjoy all the holidays and treats too. If for any reason you don't celebrate it, then at least there are still tons of delicious treats which you can indulge in. We don't really see that many holidays celebrated in Grey's Anatomy. It's mostly just Christmas and New Years. But was there an Easter episode you maybe missed... Do Alex and Meredith hook up on Easter?

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