How Well Do You Know The Death Eaters?


We all know and love Harry Potter and all of his sidekicks, but what about the villains? Of course, we guard Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and the others close to our hearts along with all of their trivia. However, when it comes to the bad guys, we tend to disregard the personal details that J.K. Rowling chose to share with us. From Lucius Malfoy to Igor Karkaroff to Lord Voldemort himself, there are so many facts that may have been forgotten.

They may have killed someone you loved, they may have been killed by someone you love, or you may even have felt pity for them. Some are cowardly, some have black eyes, and some turned against their leader. The Death Eaters are a diverse bunch all shrouded in black cloaks of mystery. Identifying them may prove to be a challenge and your observational skills will be put to the test. Only the most sharp-eyed of us will succeed.

Throughout the seven books and eight movies, so many faces, names, and details have passed us by. This quiz will determine how many you remember- it may be more than you think.

Let’s see how well you know the Death Eaters!

Question 1

Which Death Eater killed Sirius Black?

Sirius Black was possibly one of our favourite characters and we were absolutely devastated by his death. We were even more upset while we read Harry's appropriate response to his death. He was Harry's godfather and the closest thing that Harry had to a father. The Death Eater who killed him is utterly detestable and this act made us hate them that much more. We too would have responded like Harry, who threw Dumbledore's belongings around his office and screamed. Who killed Sirius Black?

Question 2

How did Snape die?

Wishing to be the master of the Elder Wand, Voldemort watched as Snape died without a glimpse of remorse. It all goes back to Dumbledore's death. Originally, Dumbledore was the wand's master. Draco disarmed him, becoming the master, and then Harry disarmed him a whole book later and became the rightful owner of the Elder Wand. Unaware of all this, Voldemort believed Snape to be the master, as Snape had been the one to execute Dumbledore. Due to this erroneous belief, Snape had to die. How did that death happen?

Question 3

Which part of Pettigrew's body was given to Voldemort in order to regenerate his body?

During the ritual performed for Voldemort to regenerate his body, he required three main ingredients: flesh, blood, and bone. He acquired the blood from Harry, hence transporting him to the site of the regeneration. The bone was taken from his father's grave, which is why it took place in a graveyard. However, he needed the flesh of a loyal servant. This is where Peter Pettigrew was forced to donate a part of himself to Voldemort. What did he cut off?

Question 4

What was the name of the school where Igor Karkaroff was headmaster?

Located in the north and focusing heavily on the dark arts, Karkaroff was the headmaster of a school that housed only young men. Its exact location remains a highly guarded secret, as only its residents know where to find it. Along with Beauxbatons and Hogwarts, this school is one of three to take part in the Triwizard Tournament. Victor Krum, a professional Quidditch player, was a student there. The values there correlate with Voldemort's, so it is no surprise that Karkaroff was a Death Eater. What was the school called?

Question 5

Why did Snape switch his allegiance from Voldemort to Dumbledore?

Severus Snape. An incredibly dynamic character who confused our hearts and took part in a plot twist at every turn. One of the most complicated plot lines in the series is Snape's loyalty. At first, he is a simple Hogwarts professor. Slowly, we are told that he was a Death Eater, that he is no longer a Death Eater, that he is a Death Eater once again, and finally that he works as a double agent. So why did he choose Dumbledore?

Question 6

What are the three Unforgivable Curses?

The Harry Potter series is full of many curses and spells, but there are three in particular that are punishable with a prison sentence. Azkaban is feared by all, so most wizards and witches avoid these curses. However, of course, the Death Eaters are afraid of no one and use these curses regularly. They are proud of them, even, and Bellatrix mentions one that she enjoys performing. Which three curses are they? Three curses that are dangerous, illegal, and beloved by Death Eaters.

Question 7

Which Death Eater had Tom Riddle's diary smuggled into Hogwarts?

Poor eleven-year-old Ginny Weasley was discreetly slipped Tom Riddle's diary. It was her that wrote in it, shared her soul with him, and allowed the Basilisk loose in Hogwarts. It was not her fault, of course. Voldemort possessed her as she wrote in it, gaining more and more power until he was able to exit the diary and fight Harry Potter in the Chamber of Secrets that Salazar Slytherin had built many years ago. Who slipped Ginny that infamous diary?

Question 8

Who swore to protect Draco after Voldemort ordered him to kill Dumbledore?

Draco Malfoy is many things, but Dumbledore's killer is not one of them. He grew up bullying Harry, acting tough, and trying so desperately to make his father proud. Of course, these are three qualities that would lead someone to become a Death Eater. Once he had a seat at Voldemort's table, Voldemort told him he must kill Albus Dumbledore. Draco did not have it in him to do so, and his family knew it. Who swore that to protect Draco?

Question 9

What device did the Death Eaters use to sneak into Hogwarts in The Half-Blood Prince?

In the sixth book, Draco Malfoy enables a large group of Death Eaters to sneak into Hogwarts through the use of magically charmed objects. It is a set of two: one is placed in Hogwarts and the other is situated in Knockturn Alley. The group arrives and the whole event eventually leads to Dumbledore's death. Although Voldemort had intended for Draco to be the one to kill Dumbledore, Snape takes over for him, as per Dumbledore's prior instruction. How did they get into the school?

Question 10

Which Hogwarts House do most Death Eaters originate from?

The four Hogwarts houses are iconic and all known for different strengths and qualities. Gryffindor is brave, Hufflepuff is loyal, Ravenclaw is smart, and Slytherin is cunning. These are all important qualities to possess when it comes to taking over the wizarding world. It takes more than one characteristic to make up a person. Everyone is a mix of all of these traits, which is why the Sorting Hat has a difficult job. Into which house, though, did the Sorting Hat place most of the Death Eaters?

Question 11

Which Death Eater used Polyjuice Potion to impersonate Mad-Eye Moody?

In the fourth book, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, a Death Eater poses as Mad-Eye Moody throughout Harry's entire year and teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts. His goal was to help Lord Voldemort return to power by forcing Harry to compete in and win the Triwizard Tournament. After ensuring that Harry would win, he turned the trophy into a Portkey to transport Harry to Voldemort's location. This man also turned his father's corpse into a bone for easy burial. Who is he?

Question 12

Which Death Eater helped Harry by stating that he was dead to Lord Voldemort?

During the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry turned himself over to his enemy to save his fellow wizards and witches. After Harry and Voldemort had an out-of-body experience, Voldemort wanted to make sure that his opponent was dead. Wishing to return to the castle, this Death Eater lied to Voldemort after feeling Harry's beating heart. Harry was then able to play dead until they all returned to Hogwarts, ultimately facilitating Voldemort's defeat and the triumph of the wizarding world. Who showed Harry this mercy?

Question 13

Which Hogwarts teacher was secretly a Death Eater in search of the philosopher's stone?

Desperate to help Voldemort regain a body, this Death Eater entered Hogwarts as a stuttering, nervous professor and did not make it out alive. Defeated by an eleven-year-old Harry, the professor died in the attempt to obtain possession of the coveted stone. The revelation that this professor was in fact a Death Eater in league with Voldemort came as a shock to Harry and to Rowling's audience. The plot twist has surprised young minds for years. What was their name?

Question 14

What was Voldemort's real name?

Not a Death Eater exactly, but the evil leader of them all. Voldemort was not born with a slit nose, red eyes, and terrifying demeanour. Instead, he was once young and handsome, charming his way through life after his rough start in an orphanage. Rescued by Dumbledore in the same way that Harry had been found by Hagrid, he came to Hogwarts and immediately felt like he belonged. His parents did name him something that was not the "Dark Lord." What was it?

Question 15

What does R.A.B. stand for?

Voldemort had many of followers during his rise to power, but few strayed after donning the Dark Mark. One in particular rebelled in secret, stealing the locket which Voldemort had used to encase one of his seven Horcruxes. The Death Eater died in the process of replacing it with a fake locket. In it, there was a note signed with the initials "R.A.B." Harry, Ron, and Hermione spent time discovering who it was while they were in pursuit of the real locket. What did those initials stand for?

Question 16

What was the name of the Malfoy's house elf?

The Malfoys were one of the richest wizarding families in the entire Harry Potter franchise, so of course they had a slave. However, in the wizarding world, slaves are not humans, but rather small creatures called "house elves." This elf in particular was set free by Harry in the second book and has saved Harry's life numerous times. Dumbledore later employed him at Hogwarts in exchange for a salary. He has large green eyes, a high voice, and a particular fondness for socks. Name him.

Question 17

Who killed Bellatrix Lestrange?

One of the most iconic moments from the series is Bellatrix's death. We all wanted this incredibly devoted and loyal follower of Voldemort dead. She had a part in the torturing on Neville Longbottom's parents, rendering them incapacitated. She seemed to enjoy her acts of terror and was proud to go to Azkaban in servitude of her leader. Her death scene was responded to with sighs of relief and happiness from the readers. Who killed her?

Question 18

Which Death Eaters had their memories erased by Hermione in the Deathly Hallows?

At the end of Bill and Fleur's wedding, Harry, Ron, and Hermione flee the scene as it is infiltrated by Death Eaters. They apparate to Tottenham Court Road to change from their fancy clothes. Unfortunately, two Death Eaters show up. A battle in a coffee house ensues and the trio prevails. The Harry Potter audience knows these names since they are mentioned throughout the series as a loyal follower of Lord Voldemort. One of them is first knocked out by Harry and the other is hit with a Body-Bind Curse by Hermione. What were their names?

Question 19

What was the name of the werewolf who served Voldemort?

By promising equality to werewolves, Voldemort brought this man to his side. He was the one who bit Remus Lupin as a child, infecting him with the condition. He also attacked Bill Weasley, leaving him with scars across his face. In the seventh book, he led a group of people called Snatchers who were in the business of hunting down enemies of Voldemort and Muggle-borns. He was eventually defeated by Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom. Bloodthirsty and ready to fight, this werewolf is always at Voldemorts beck and call.

Question 20

Who revealed to Voldemort the whereabouts of baby Harry and his parents?

In 1981, Voldemort gained access to the home of Harry Potter, thanks to a loyal follower who gave away their whereabouts. Having used the Fidelius Charm, only one person knew where they lived, as per Dumbledore's advice. After infiltrating their home, Voldemort proceeded to kill James and Lily Potter. However, since Lily died to save Harry, Harry was protected against Voldemort. When Voldemort tried to kill him, he lost his body and fled to reside in an Albanian forest. Who was the Secret-Keeper that gave Voldemort access to Harry's home?

Question 21

Who defeated Antonin Dolohov?

Dolohov was one of Voldemort's earliest followers. He was always ready to torture Muggles or anyone who did not buy into Voldemort's way of life. He managed to escape prison in order to continue in his servitude to the Dark Lord. He injured both Hermione and Mad-Eye Moody in the Department of Mysteries and attacked the trio after Bill and Fleur's wedding. During the Battle of Hogwarts, he killed Remus Lupin. Who finally managed to defeat this notorious Death Eater?

Question 22

Where is the Dark Mark located?

Each member of Voldemort's inner circle is branded with the Dark Mark: a serpentine design topped with a skull. When inactive, it resembles a tattoo, but when it is being used, it turns jet black. Touching it alerts the Dark Lord, and Voldemort uses it to summon Death Eaters since they feel it burn. It can also be projected into the sky, as it was after the Quidditch World Cup. It is used to convey that there has been a death that occurred at the hands of Voldemort or Death Eaters. Where is it located on their bodies?

Question 23

Who were the brother and sister Death Eaters teaching at Hogwarts in the final book?

Harry, Ron, and Hermione did not attend their seventh and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but their friends were not so fortunate. Run by Voldemort, the school became a nightmare. Gone were the small worries about homework and exams, and instead was the fear of being tortured by professors. Neville in particular showed the physical proof of what he endured in that year. While Snape was the headmaster, who taught their students through torturous means? Name these followers of Voldemort.

Question 24

What was Snape's Patronus?

A Patronus is the physical embodiment of a person's soul in the form of an animal. When facing a dementor, the creature will attempt to suck all of the happiness out of you. The only way to fight it is to focus all of your energy on remembering your happy memories, clinging to them, thinking hard about happiness while performing the Patronus Charm. The animal will charge down the dementor. Snape's Patronus had a significant meaning to the story. What animal was it?

Question 25

Who placed the Imperius Curse on Pius Thicknesse?

During Voldemort's rise to power, he wanted to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic. What better way to do that than to control the Minister for Magic himself? He had the current Minister, Rufus Scrimgeour, killed, and then had Pius Thicknesse put in his place. Thicknesse was under the influence of the Imperius Curse, a spell that forces you to follow directions from the one in charge. A follower of Voldemort's who had been placed in the Ministry for a great while cursed him. Who was it?

Question 26

Who did Bellatrix Lestrange almost kill during the Battle of Hogwarts?

Curly haired, crazed, murderer, fanatic, and torturer are all adjective that can be used to describe Bellatrix Lestrange. Perhaps the one character we wanted dead more than Voldemort, our animosity for her only grew in the final chapters of the series. Portrayed brilliantly by Helena Bonham Carter, we watched as she battled fiercely until her death. One curse she sent flying missed someone by a mere few inches. The fact that she'd almost killed one of our favourite characters enraged us greatly. Who was this character?

Question 27

What killed Peter Pettigrew?

One of the four Marauders turned evil, Peter Pettigrew was detestable. He betrayed his best friends to be in Voldemort's good graces. Possible the greatest coward in the entire series, we loved to hate him. For good reason, of course. However, he died when he showed a sliver of goodness in him, after hesitating to harm Harry. Killing you best friend's son can't be easy. He was the last Marauder left alive, but how did he finally bite the dust?

Question 28

What kind of magical creature did Voldemort recruit for the Battle of Hogwarts?

Voldemort managed to obtain the alliance of a certain creature that he had deemed a suitable ally to have when at war. Immense power, stamina, and strength are all qualities that Voldemort was eager to have on his side. Of course, Voldemort kept his distance from them, but he did enjoy having their power to his benefit. It is without a doubt that they caused great damage at Hogwarts, probably both purposeful and accidental. What kind of magical creatures were they?

Question 29

What was the spell used to conjure the Dark Mark?

Sending the terrifying Dark Mark into the sky is no light matter. The serpent-skull symbol means death, chaos, and Voldemort. Seeing it sends a clear message and it will cause panic to spread at an alarming rate. Voldemort seems to enjoy theatrics and attention! The drama he causes is ridiculous. If only he used his dramatics for the good. We hear the spell uttered in the fourth book during the Death Eater's intrusion of the Quidditch World Cup. What was that spell?

Question 30

Which Death Eater was not present during Voldemort's rebirth?

Perhaps they were in Azkaban, or they had died in servitude of their leader, or maybe they were too scared to return. There were several Death Eaters not in attendance at Voldemort's dramatic rebirth for a wide variety of reasons. This Death Eater in particular, however, was stuck in prison. Although the Death Eater did manage to escape, their absence was not missed by Voldemort and he noted it aloud. A lover of theatrics, Voldemort missed having his full audience. Which Death Eater was in Azkaban during his rebirth?

Question 31

Which Death Eater was employed to kill Buckbeak the hippogriff?

Any true Harry Potter fan will remember that Buckbeak was a hippogriff who scratched Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. While Hagrid taught Care of Magical Creatures, he introduced his class to many mythical, and dangerous, animals. Draco saw the opportunity to get Hagrid fired and tempted the hippogriff into clawing him. Although Hagrid was not relieved of his duties, Buckbeak was sentenced to death. If it wasn't for Hermione's Time Turner, he would have been executed by a Death Eater in the Ministry of Magic's employ. Who was the executioner?

Question 32

Who bullied Severus Snape as a child?

As a young student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Severus Snape was an easy target. Harry witness him being bullied while he took a literal trip down memory lane using the Pensieve. His long, greasy hair, flapping black cloaks, and cold eyes followed him into adulthood, along with a deep hatred for the one who had targeted him. While Snape was dying, he gave Harry his memories so that Harry could make sense of everything that was happening. It was his final act in servitude of Dumbledore. Who did Harry watch bully Snape?

Question 33

What was the name of Draco Malfoy's son?

Yes, the majority of the books are about Draco as a young man and his father, Lucius. However, by the time of the epilogue, Draco has married a woman named Astoria and together they produced a boy the same age as Harry and Ginny's son, Albus. The boy is blonde too, resembling his father. We hope that Draco has matured and has turned into a replica of his father! Perhaps this young boy is taught with new, better morals than Draco had been brought up with. What was his name?

Question 34

What is Snape's level of blood purity?

Oh, Severus Snape. We are privileged to have lots of information about this greasy, Potions-teaching character. We know about his childhood, his life as an adult, his allegiance with Dumbledore, and so much else. Yes, he did call Lily Evans by the derogatory word "Mudblood" as an insult to her Muggle parents, but is he that much better? Voldemort places pure-bloods at the top of the magical hierarchy when he himself is a half-blood. So what is Snape's bloodline like?

Question 35

Who is Bellatrix's husband?

Bellatrix was born into the Black family tree. Her two sisters are Andromeda and Narcissa. Narcissa married Lucius Malfoy, an acceptable pure-blood to the Blacks, but Andromeda was disowned for marrying a Muggle-born. Bellatrix has several cousins that we are familiar with, including Sirius Black and Regulus Black, and she is an aunt to Draco Malfoy. Bellatrix is proud of her lineage, ashamed of her sister Andromeda, and made sure to marry a pure-blood. What was the name of the man that she married?

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