How Well Do You Know The CW's Arrow?


Ever since Arrow debuted on The CW back in 2012, comic book and genre fans have been pretty much hooked on the adventures of the Green Arrow and his pals. With Stephen Amell heading the pack as the Emerald Archer himself, the show has rapidly progressed from one man angry at those who’ve failed his city, to now a series that exists in a huge, ever-expanding DC-driven universe full of plenty of familiar heroes and villains.

Given the trepidation attached to the show before it had even debuted by some people – largely due to the fact that this new series wasn’t to exist in the same world as The CW’s previous big hitter, Smallville, or feature that show’s Green Arrow, Justin Hartley – it’s testament to the talent of all involved in Arrow that its proved so successful and that it’s laid down the groundwork for The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

Over its five seasons, Arrow has seen the Master Bowman take in a whole host of sights from across the globe, with a huge variety of friends and foes crossing his path along the way, but how well do you really know the adventures of Oliver Queen and Co.?

Pop up your hood, fill your quiver, and draw back your bowstring and take aim at these 25 questions to see whether you really are a true superhero or just simply a mere wannabe.

Question 1

What's The Real Name Of 'The Island'?

It's only fair to start off with a nice easy one for you, right? And trust me, if you can't get this one right then you might as well hang up your bow for good. The opening moments of Arrow's very first episode saw Oliver Queen stranded on an island - an island which he has both been stuck on and wilfully revisited throughout the show's five seasons to date. Now, poor Ollie obviously knows this mysterious, secluded place all too well, but can you tell us the name of this island?

Question 2

Who Voiced Prometheus?

With Prometheus, Arrow fans have been treated to a truly sinister and twisted villain, somebody who pulls no punches, is happy to cross any and all lines, and a rogue with a sick sense of justice to what he does. The man under the hood, of course, was kept a mystery for much of the show's most recent season. But before he was revealed as Adrian Chase, which actor provided the eerie vocals for Season 5's unforgettable and insane 'big bad', Prometheus?

Question 3

What Was Star City Previously Known As?

Like the comic book world, the Green Arrow's home is now called Star City in The CW's Emerald Archer-centric series, but that's not always been the case. The home city of Oliver Queen was called another name for the first 3 seasons of Arrow, with the death of Ray Palmer prompting the change to Star City at the start of Season 4. Before it was Star City, though, what was the home city of Ollie and Co. officially known as?

Question 4

Who Murdered Sara Lance?

One of the biggest arcs of Arrow's third season was the 'whodunit' mystery that surrounded the death of Sara Lance. As the series progressed, Sara would eventually be brought back from the dead courtesy of a dip in one of Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pits, and she can these days be found as part of the Waverider crew on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but for a moment in time this particular Canary was toast. When all was said and done, who was revealed to be the one who shockingly killed Sara in Season 3's huge opening episode?

Question 5

Which Wrestler Played Derek Sampson?

One of the villains who appeared more than once in Season 5 of Arrow was Derek Sampson, a rogue who is essentially invulnerable to pain and has superhuman strength. With an origin much mirroring that of the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker, Sampson was given his powers after a battle with Wild Dog resulted in him taking a chemical bath. Appearing twice as Sampson, which professional wrestler played this villain who caused such a headache for Team Arrow at several points?

Question 6

What Was The Name Of Malcolm's Son?

The closing moments of Arrow's very first season saw an explosive, chaos-filled episode which ended in personal tragedy for both Malcolm Merlyn and Oliver Queen. This carnage-heavy season finale saw a character perish under a pile of rubble, and that character was both the son of Malcolm, and also the best friend of Ollie. Played by Colin Doyle, can you remember the name of Malcolm's sadly deceased son, and someone who's death still haunts the Green Arrow to this very day?

Question 7

Who Trained Laurel Lance?

Following the death of Sara Lance, Laurel decided to become her own hero to avenge her sister and also to protect the streets of Starling City from its various no-good inhabitants. After Oliver initially refused to train Laurel, she decided to seek the help of Ted Grant. As things progressed, we'd learn that Grant had a past that included being a vigilante himself for a spell of time. During his time fighting the good fight, what was Ted Grant's heroic alter-ego?

Question 8

What Was The Serum?

A huge part of Arrow's second season revolved around a certain serum that was seen sending people crazy in both the flashbacks of the season and the present day action. When this was running through someone's veins, they would have enhanced strength and reflexes, and would largely be invincible for the most part. Roy Harper and Slade Wilson were just to of those who were injected with this super-soldier-esque juice at points in Season 2, but what was the name of this serum?

Question 9

Who Is Mark Scheffer?

Bad guys! Bad guys everywhere! Well, that's at least the case when you happen to be the famed Green Arrow. From villains-of-the-week, to mega-powered metahumans, to ancient beings who are centuries old, there's never the chance for a well-earned break when you're the protector of Star City. One of the many villains that the Arrow battled (and bested!) during the show's highly-acclaimed second season was Mark Scheffer, but what villainous moniker was Scheffer better known by during his two appearances in the show?

Question 10

Who Killed Moira?

Throughout Arrow's five seasons, we've seen so many characters suffer some truly horrific losses - and the Green Arrow himself is no different. As well as witnessing first hand the death of both his father and his lifelong best friend, one of the hardest hitting losses for Oliver Queen was when he saw his mother brutally murdered in front of his very eyes. It was tragic, it was clinical, and it lit a fire under the Emerald Archer. The question here, though, is just who was it that shockingly killed Moira Queen?

Question 11

Who Did Kevin Alejandro Play?

Plenty of familiar genre stars have appeared in Arrow and The CW's greater Arrowverse - be it The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, or Supergirl - over the past several years, and Kevin Alejandro is no different. Previously known to genre fans for True Blood, and more recently seen in Lucifer, the talented Alejandro had a significant role to play in Season 2 of the Stephen Amell-headlined Arrow, but do you remember which character he played during the show's second year?

Question 12

The Super Friends Defeated Who?

The Season 3 episode of Arrow titled 'The Brave and the Bold' saw Green Arrow team up with The Flash - which would prove to be one of the first times the pair would work together to take down a bad guy... obviously after they'd first fought each other! There have been several rogues who have had to deal with the combined wrath of the Master Bowman and the Sultan of Speed, but who was the unfortunate villain in this particular episode?

Question 13

What's Diggle's Sister-In-Law's name?

It may have been a tad too easy to just ask you for the name of John Diggle's much-troubled brother, but how about John's sister-in-law? Having been thought dead, Andy Diggle would resurface in Arrow's fourth season before ultimately betraying John and Team Arrow one too many times. In the show's first season, though, we would regularly see the wife who Andy left behind, and she'd even start a relationship with John, but can you think back and remember what her name was?

Question 14

What Is Thea's Middle Name?

The history of Thea Queen is a rather complicated one by this point in time. From her father and brother dying (although obviously Oliver would wind up alive and well... and a badass vigilante to boot!), to finding out Malcolm Merlyn is her biological pops, to her on-off relationship with Roy Harper, to her partying ways and personal demons, to her own death and eventual resurrection - it's been a wild ride for Willa Holland's Thea. On a far less exciting note, though, what is Thea's middle name?

Question 15

Who Was The DJ Assassin?

During Season 3, there was a point where Thea Queen became targeted by The League of Assassins, largely due to her ties to both Oliver Queen and Malcolm Merlyn. One particular attack on Thea saw a League member pose as a DJ at her Verdant nightclub. From there, this no-good sort would briefly become romantically involved with the youngest of the Queen clan in order to make an attempt at her life. That attack ultimately failed and this assassin-cum-DJ was killed by Malcolm, but what was his name?

Question 16

Who Was The Yamashiros' Son?

The Yamashiro family played a huge part in Arrow's third season, both in the flashback moments of Oliver's time in Hong Kong and also in the present day action of that particular season. If you remember back, the family underwent their fair share of tragedy, with Tatsu, aka Katana, the only Yamashiro left standing in the Arrowverse. The most tragic part of the Yamashiro family tree is how Tatsu and husband Maseo's only son was sadly killed, but do you remember the fallen youngster's name?

Question 17

Damien Darhk In The MCU?

Season 4's 'big bad' was the nefarious, clinical Damien Darhk, played by the brilliant and charismatic Neal McDonough. This wasn't McDonough's first foray in to the world of superheroes and supervillains, though, for he had previously played a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The ridiculously talented Massachusetts native was largely a supporting player in the greater MCU, but he was certainly a memorable presence to many genre fans. The big question here, however, is just who was it that Neal McDonough played in the all-encompassing Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Question 18

Who Is The Bug-Eyed Bandit?

The Bug-Eyed Bandit is a male supervillain from the DC comic book world, but upon appearing in the Arrowverse (in both The Flash and Arrow) the character was changed to a female. Initially an unhappy former employee of Mercury Labs, this rogue took her anger out on the world in the form of a mass group of robotic bees. The Walking Dead's Emily Kinney played The CW's take on this longtime comic book rogue, but what was the 'real name' of this new take on the Bug-Eyed Bandit?

Question 19

What Does A.R.G.U.S. Stand For?

As comic book fans, don't we just love a potentially corrupt, all-powerful organisation lurking in the shadows? The A.R.G.U.S. organisation has seen its reach widened over recent years, with the group having appeared in the comic book world, in Warner Brothers' cinematic DCEU, in animated adventures, and, of course, having a heavy presence in The CW's DC-driven Arrowverse. Now while the A.R.G.U.S. acronym has been short for various different full titles for the organisation across various mediums, what is A.R.G.U.S. short for when it comes to the Arrowverse?

Question 20

How Well Do You Know Your Suicide Squad?

Now while the Suicide Squad may have been thrust into the general conscience of casual moviegoers with David Ayer's 2016 Margot Robbie and Will Smith-headlined, villain-centric movie, the team had previously been brought to live-action life in both Smallville and later Arrow. During Task Force X's Arrow appearances, viewers have seen a couple of different line-ups for the team, but which of the following has NOT been depicted as a member of the Suicide Squad at some point during Arrow's run?

Question 21

What Was Dinah Drake's Undercover Name?

As Arrow's most recent season saw Team Arrow fleshed out to include more members, one such new addition to the team was a new incarnation of Black Canary. Following the death of Laurel Lance, Dinah Drake is the person who has been given the task of continuing the Black Canary moniker - and she's doing a fine job with it so far! Before she got her powers thanks to the particle accelerator explosion, though, Dinah was an undercover cop going by what name?

Question 22

Who Is Rene's Daughter?

Another new member of Team Arrow who was introduced during the show's most recent season was Rene Ramirez, aka Wild Dog. A hot-headed hero who has his own way of getting the job done, Rene's character was developed in multiple ways as Arrow's fifth season went on. And most interestingly, we got to see Rene's life before he became Wild Dog; a life that saw him with a wife and child. While his wife may now be dead, his daughter is very much alive - but what is the youngster's name?

Question 23

Who Directed The Season 5 Finale?

With this final question, it's time to crank up the difficulty setting once more to see just how well you know your Arrow trivia. It's safe to say that the show's fifth season went out with a figurative and very literal bang, with 'the island' seen being blown to smithereens by Adrian Chase as the season finale come to a close. Where that explosive episode was concerned, though, who was in the director's chair for one of the best Arrow episodes of the past few seasons?

Question 24

Which Season Featured Constantine?

While Matt Ryan's solo Constantine show may have unfortunately been cancelled, the chain-smoking, whisky-supping occult detective did manage to make an appearance alongside Oliver Queen in The CW's Arrow. Given the grand scale and scope of the network's ever-expanding Arrowverse many cheered upon seeing Ryan's Constantine alongside some fellow DC heroes, but how well do you remember it? Whether we see Hellblazer in a live-action setting again in the future at any time remains to be seen, but which season of Arrow was it that Matt Ryan's John Constantine was seen rubbing shoulders with the Emerald Archer?

Question 25

True or false, Felicity's ex-boyfriend's name was Sheldon Hooper?

For the first few seasons of Arrow, we saw the ever-evolving will they/won't they relationship develop between Oliver and Felicity, but this wasn't the first time that young Miss Smoak had dabbled with love. As Season 3 showed us during a flashback, Felicity used to go out with a fellow hacker during her college days; a former beau who explained, "Just your typical boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy goes to jail for girl... Boy tries to kill girl for money." True or false, this ex-partner's name was Sheldon Hooper?

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