How Well Do You Know The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta


When it comes to a reality show like Love & Hip Hop, the cast is key to its survival. It's the cast's hip hop career, families, and love lives that bring the drama. The drama is what the show is most famous for. There are three installments of Love & Hip Hop, including the original, which is Love & Hip Hop New York. New York might've been where the series first kicked off, but its cast was far from stable. There are zero cast members left from the first season, and only one who's been there consecutively, since season 2.

This is why Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has become the show's most successful installment. Unlike the original, the cast has remained mostly the same throughout. You recognize the key players, their significant others, and all of their baggage (drama). You've learned to love, empathize, sympathize, or even loathe them. You can relate to some of their struggles. Then, there are the supporting cast members. The supporting cast members can be spouses, or family members of the actual cast. However, supporting cast members are also introduced on a per-season basis. This usually happens when the storyline of a regular cast member involves the supporting cast member's life, too. So, how well do know the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Let's find out...

Question 1

Which Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member do you see in this photo?

The person in the photo is a rapper, who's best known for hits, "I Know You See It", and "It's Goin' Down" off his 2006 album, New Joc City. He joined Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as a supporting cast member, in 2014. He originally joined as a result of his relationship with another cast member, but he had trouble keeping his pants on. However, has stayed on since then as a friend of other cast members, and due to his drama-filled hip hop love-life.

Question 2

Who is Rasheeda's husband on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Rasheeda is a rapper and an original cast member of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She's been rapping since she was a teenager. She and her husband joined the series premiere cast together. Most of her music, including her GA Peach album, has been released under their own recording label D-Lo Entertainment. Rasheeda's husband was also acting as her manager. Rasheeda is one of the least messy female cast members, although her husband is often stirring up drama within their marriage.

Question 3

Which Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member is in the photo?

The cast member in the photo is an Atlanta rapper. He is best known for his 2006 hit single, "Money in the Bank". When he first came on the show he was in an on again, off again relationship with his baby mama, and former cast member Erica Dixon. He struggled with other relationships during his relationship with Erica, and following their last breakup. His daughter's name is Emani. He is related to Yung Joc, and friends with Kirk and Rasheeda Frost.

Question 4

What first brought Joseline Hernandez to LHHATL?

Joseline Hernandez is one of the original cast members of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She is considered one of the messiest cast members, but is also a fan favorite. Her constant relationship struggles with one cast member in particular have been a focal point of the show since day one. Joseline has built many friendships over the past six seasons, but also finds a way to burn all of those bridges. She's also known for stabbing other cast members in the back. The drama that she creates is a big part of what builds her fanbase.

Question 5

What did Kirk Frost do with Karter behind Rasheeda's back?

Rasheeda and Kirk have been married, since 1999. The couple have two sons together, Ky and Karter. They are both original cast members of LHHATL. Rasheeda is known as being one of the cleanest, and classiest cast members. She is a role model of sorts for women who're responsible for juggling both family, and a career as she has succeeded as a wife, mother, rapper, and entrepreneur. However, Kirk makes an attempt to discredit everything fans loved about Rasheeda following the birth of Karter. What did he do?

Question 6

Who is Momma Dee's husband?

Momma D is the most famous supporting cast 'mother' on any Love & Hip Hop installment. She is charismatic, with a dramatic and wild background. Momma Dee was left in a wheelchair, following a car accident. She supported her family by running a brothel and was known as Lady Dee. She was introduced on LHHATL as Lil' Scrappy's mom, and has moved into music and acting. Her most popular song is "I Deserve". Momma Dee has only married twice. Both times was to the same man.

Question 7

Who is Tammy Rivera's husband?

Tammy Rivera made her first appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in season three. She brought along her man, who eventually became her husband as a supporting cast member. Her husband is a well-known Atlanta rapper, who's known for "Round of Applause". They were married during their time as cast members, in 2014. Tammy found out that her husband had cheated on her and she announced their split in 2016, but in the current season she took him back.

Question 8

How many baby mommas does Yung Joc have?

Yung Joc is notorious for being a ladies man. He was first introduced to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in season three, as a love interest of an original cast member, named Karlie Redd. This was far from being his first relationship, or his last for that matter. He has had several love interests in just the three seasons, since he first appeared. He is still legally married, although he is no longer with his wife. He also has a couple babies with different women. How many babies and baby mommas does Yung Joc have?

Question 9

Who was Lil' Scrappy engaged to?

Lil' Scrappy started off his first season as a supporting cast member of his girlfriend and baby momma, Erica Dixon. However, she eventually left as a result of issues with him, and bumping heads with his mother, Momma Dee. Lil' Scrappy moved on and began dating Shay. However, that didn't workout either, and there was still Erica Pinkett, Betty Idol, Jessica Dime, all before Scrappy eventually got with Bambi. Who out of all these ladies was Lil' Scrappy engaged to?

Question 10

Who ran over Kirk's motorcycle?

Kirk Frost has made plenty of enemies in his six seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. In season two, Rasheeda announced that she was pregnant with their second child to Kirk. His reaction was less than flattering. He also went on a weekend getaway with Benzino where it was heavily implied that he cheated on Rasheeda, with not one, but two girls in a jacuzzi. One of Kirk's biggest enemies met face to face with him following the incident and ran over his motorbike.

Question 11

What did Stevie J try to give both Joseline and Mimi Faust?

Stevie J's longtime girlfriend and baby momma, Mimi Faust, was originally cast for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, along with Joseline Hernandez who was supposed to be his artist. However, this was hardly the case. Stevie J had been stringing both ladies along. Everything comes to a head in the season two finale when Stevie J brings the two women together yet again in an effort to supposedly make peace. Joseline was expecting an acceptance of her proposal. What did Stevie J give the two lucky women in his life?

Question 12

Who did Mimi Faust make a "stolen" and "leaked" sex tape with?

Mimi introduced her new man in season two, while still dealing with her ongoing issues with Stevie J and Joseline. He was only a guest on the season, but returned as a supporting cast member for Mimi in season three, following the leak of their "stolen" sex tape. They claimed that the tape was stolen from their luggage at the airport. However, it was later revealed after two seasons that they had sold the tape themselves. Mimi never admitted the truth until her ex-boyfriend continued to pressure her for money.

Question 13

Who was Benzino engaged to when he left Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Benzino was Stevie J's best friend and was a part of the original supporting cast. He was originally in a relationship with Karlie Redd, before Yung Joc joined the cast later. He never got along with Joseline, and felt Stevie J had made a big mistake by messing with his artist. In the second season he made a diss track aimed at Joseline called "Smashed Da Homie". He became engaged later, but he and his fiance left the show following the violent fight brought on by Joseline and Stevie in the season three reunion.

Question 14

Where did Joseline know Jessica Dime from in the past?

In season four Mimi was trying to get Stevie J to help her build a talent management business. Jessica Dime was her first client. Jessica kept bringing up that her and Joseline went way back. However, Joseline kept sending word back that Jessica should keep her name out of her mouth. She still continued to make it clear that she knew Joseline from back in the past. Jessica also insinuated that something had gone on between herself, Joseline, and Stevie.

Question 15

Who did Lil' Scrappy get a dog for on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Lil' Scrappy's relationship woes with Erica Dixon led him through a string of new love interests. He eventually found a new love, yet still had to deal with Momma Dee's constant intrusions in his love-life. The girl in question was initially brought on as a love interest for Benzino on season two, although ended up seeing Lil' Scrappy on-and-off over the course of seasons three to five. He eventually proposed to her. Who did Lil' Scrappy get a dog for on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Question 16

Who did Khadiyah have handcuffed to a bed for revenge?

There is one player on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, who has really made friends and enemies fast with the ladies. He starts off in a relationship with Karlie Redd, but ends up seeing his assistant/realtor/side-chick, Khadiyah, behind her back. He and Khadiya become an official couple in season four, but he was trying to play Khadiya. Her revenge was to handcuff him to the bed, making it seem like a sex game. Instead, she calls him on his dirty dog ways, beats him, and leaves him handcuffed. Who was he?

Question 17

What did Mama Dee bring when she confronted Rasheeda at her boutique?

Lil' Scrappy's mother, Momma Dee, is best known for her antics. She is constantly meddling in Scrappy's love-life, and his finances. When Erica Dixon hits Scrappy over child support payments for Emani, he asks Kirk Frost and Rasheeda to appear in court on his behalf. Rasheeda didn't want to get in the middle of his issues with Erica. Momma Dee confronts Rasheeda and her mother at her boutique. She claims that Rasheeda and Kirk had committed treason for not showing in court. What did she bring to put on the floor as she was calling Rasheeda a rotten egg?

Question 18

What happened when Rasheeda tried to bust Kirk at the hotel?

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have had their fair share of marital problems, during the past six seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. In the fourth season, Kirk had signed a new artist named Ashley. Ashley was young and hot. Plus, Ashley was constantly downplaying Rasheeda, claiming that her career was washed up, and how she was too old. All of this led Rasheeda to believe that Kirk was sleeping with Ashley. When Kirk and Ashley went on tour Rasheeda took Erica, and they busted in the hotel room. What did they find out?

Question 19

Who on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta got Yung Joc to suck on her toes?

In season four of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Yung Joc was trying to juggle his new relationship with Khadiya, while seeing an old flame. Khadiya wasn't aware of this, but the old flame knew. The old flame wanted Joc back in her life all of the way. She set Joc up with lots of alcohol, and seduced him into sucking on her toes. She video taped the entire event and showed it to Khadiya. Who got Joc to suck on her toes?

Question 20

What was Mimi Faust's girlfriend's full name on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Mimi Faust was in a relationship with her daughter's father, Stevie J, when the series premiered. Joseline was the one to ended up with Stevie, following their two-season love triangle. Mimi moved on to Nikko, who turned out to be just as dirty as Stevie, if not worse. Their relationship ended after Nikko kept blackmailing Mimi over the truth about their sex tape. Mimi came into season five with a fresh female love interest, who identified as genderqueer. What was her name?

Question 21

How did Waka Flocka get Tammy back after he cheated on her?

Waka Flocka's wife, Tami found her life in turmoil, and her marriage on the rocks, following the leak of information about Waka Flocka's side chick on the internet blogs. It was announced that they were separating, in 2016. Much of Tammy's involvement on LHHATL in season six, included her tying up loose ends and kicking Waka Flocka out. It was announced that they had reconciled during the filming for Season six, leading viewers to chastise Tammy for standing by her man. How did Waka Flocka get Tammy back?

Question 22

Who has the second most kids on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

The men on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta all have kids. Yung Joc comes in first with four baby mommas and eight kids. Aside from Yung Joc, you've got Stevie J, Lil' Scrappy, Kirk Frost, and Benzino. Stevie J has kids with both Joseline, and Mimi Faust from the show. Lil' Scrappy has kids with Erica Dixon, Kirk Frost has kids with Rasheeda, Benzino never had kids with anyone on the show. Who has the second most kids, including those with women who haven't been on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Question 23

Were Stevie J and Joseline ever married, and how did the truth come out?

Joseline kicked off the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta series premiere as Stevie J's artist, and side-chick. He was originally with Mimi Faust. Stevie J and Joseline eventually got married, but their marriage fell under heavy criticism because nobody on the show (especially Mimi Faust), believed they were really, legally married. The truth came out, following a lot of gossip, a couple seasons of denial, confusion, and a nasty split. The couple now have a child together. Were Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez ever married?

Question 24

Who tried to force Kirk Frost to get a DNA test by calling him out in public?

Kirk Frost screwed up big time on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. A former stripper named Jasmine Washington showed up claiming that she is Kirk's former mistress, and that her son is his. Kirk tried to deny knowing her at all, but Karlie Redd looked into it more and got proof. Rasheeda kicked Kirk out of the house, but he's still avoiding taking the paternity test. Someone showed up at an event where Kirk's friends were, and put Kirk on blast about getting the test, over the mic. Who was it?

Question 25

What controversial business is Tommie Lee trying to get into?

Tommie Lee was added to the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as a supporting cast member in season five. Her love interest was her then-boyfriend, and ex-fiance Scrapp DeLeon, who was incarcerated last season. Tommie can be wild at times, and is struggling with an alcohol addiction that she refuses to own up to. She also has had legal issues before and during her time on the show. What is Tommie's new business venture that has Scrappy's mother, and her own mother worried?

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