How Well Do You Know Sheldon And Amy's Relationship?

Sheldon spanks Amy

The central couple of The Big Bang Theory may be Leonard and Penny, but everybody loves Sheldon and Amy - the most adorably awkward couple on the small screen.

These two first met in the season three finale, when Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) joined the show, and over the years since then, Amy has become a vital member of this group of geeks. The nerdy neurobiologist hasn’t always had an easy relationship with Sheldon (Jim Parsons), however, as this socially awkward man struggles to be a boyfriend and to make compromises for his girlfriend. Despite breaking things off more than once, the two are still going strong seven years later, and they just keep delighting fans with every step forward that their relationship takes.

There are going to be some pretty big steps in the near future, too - after Sheldon ended the show’s tenth season by (finally) proposing to Amy. From their initial connection, when Sheldon was determined not to call her his ‘girlfriend’, to their first kiss, the first time they spent the night together and their decision to start living together, these two just keep getting cuter… and we’ve rounded up some questions that only a true fan Sheldon and Amy could answer.

Question 1

How did Sheldon and Amy meet?

Sheldon and Amy's first date

It’s not easy for anyone to find love, so how did two people who are so desperately awkward manage it? Sheldon is certainly not the kind of guy who would be thinking about finding a girlfriend, and he later admits that he had never really been on a date or kissed a girl (with a couple of notable, and not-very-romantic exceptions!). At the beginning, Amy also says that she does not want a relationship, so how did two people who didn’t want to find love… end up finding it?

Question 2

Where was their first date?

Sheldon and Amy have had some amazing dates over the years, like a wine tour on a train, a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and a day at the Aquarium. But long before they started really exploring all the things that they loved to do together, where did they agree to meet up for their first date? Given that neither of them had really high hopes, it’s not too surprising that this wasn’t the most personal or inspired choice in California!

Question 3

Who put Sheldon on the dating site?

Sheldon would never have gone on a dating site of his own volition - especially since he had no interest in dating! However, that didn’t stop someone else from deciding that it would be fun to set him up on a dating site - even if he didn’t care. In fact, when some of his friends told him that they had taken the dating site quiz for him, he replied that “the algorithms used by matchmaking sites are complete hokum.”. However, that was the exact wording that his friends used when filling out the questionnaire.

Question 4

How did Raj convince Sheldon to go on the date?

Although Howard and Raj were excited about the idea of meeting the person that the dating site had matched with Sheldon, he was less enthused. He refused several times, leaving them to convince him using the only way that they could… blackmail! It was a technique that worked, and that actually led to Sheldon and Amy bonding over a shared aversion when he told her that was why he came - but what did Raj use to blackmail Sheldon into going?

Question 5

Who put Amy on the dating site?

Amy Farrah Fowler The Big Bang Theory

We now know that it was Howard and Raj who made the decision to put Sheldon up on the dating site, but what about Amy? She also wasn’t looking for love, and even told Sheldon that “all forms of physical contact up to and including coitus are off the table”. Amy revealed that the only reason that she was there was that she has an agreement with someone to date once a year - but who is the agreement with?

Question 6

What is Penny’s nickname for the couple?

As a pop-culture aficionado, Penny loves to use slang and to combine the names of people in couples to create a single name for the two of them. She and Leonard are known as Lenny, but there is another name that she loves for Sheldon and Amy. Although Penny tends to use it the most, however, she is not the one who came up with the nickname in the first place - that was actually Howard. But what was the name that he coined?

Question 7

How did Sheldon try to replace Amy when they first broke off contact?

Sheldon and Amy have broken up, or taken a break, multiple times over the course of the series - and the first time it happened, they weren’t even together yet! The two had a fight, and decided to terminate their relationship… which led Sheldon to go into denial about quite how important Amy had become to him. He tried to replace her, and it didn’t go well. In fact, it left Leonard very concerned about his roommate, and determined to get Amy back into his life.

Question 8

What was that first big fight about?

Sheldon and Amy fight

That first fight was a big one, although Amy and Sheldon have had plenty of other fights in the years since then. Usually, when these two argue, it’s because Sheldon has done something ‘wrong’, not realizing that it wasn’t the done thing. His social awkwardness has caused a lot of friction, but it wasn’t the core of this first argument, surprisingly enough. What was the topic that turned into a fight, and made these two so upset they broke off their friendship?

Question 9

How did Sheldon’s mother get them back together?

Sheldon's mom Mary Cooper the Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper, is one impressive woman. She’s a no-nonsense Christian woman from Texas, and while she doesn’t understand a thing about her son’s life, she tries to support him as best she can anyway. She’s also incredibly talented at manipulating her son, and at making him behave when she needs to! After Sheldon and Amy fought, Mary was instrumental in getting them back together when she came to visit (and to deal with his cats) - but how did she manage to do it?

Question 10

How did Sheldon react to the idea of meeting Amy’s mother?

Amy hugs Sheldon The Big Bang Theory

Before Sheldon and Amy were officially a couple, Amy asked him if he would be willing to meet her mother. He reacted in true Sheldon style, and Amy had to reassure him that she wasn’t in love with him. Instead, she wanted him to pretend to be her boyfriend so that her mother would leave her alone - but what did Sheldon do before she was able to talk him down by telling him that she wasn’t ‘in love’ with him at all?

Question 11

Sheldon first experienced jealousy when Amy was attracted to who?

Sheldon and Amy at the door

Amy isn’t the kind of girl who has really dated, or even found specific men that attractive. At least, that’s who she was in season four, when she found herself having a strange reaction to a man. After meeting him through Penny, Amy started making an involuntary ‘who’ noise whenever she saw him - and is too naive to understand that she is sexually attracted to him! The realization that this is what she feels causes Sheldon to get jealous, even if he doesn’t want to admit it…

Question 12

Why did a drunk Amy compare Sheldon to a ‘sexy toddler’?

Drunk Amy is a whole lot of fun to watch, and when she goes out on girls night with Penny, Bernadette and Sheldon (who is tagging along), drinking certainly loosened her tongue. As well as offering to kiss him, taking him out dancing, and inviting him into her apartment, Amy says in front of her friends that Sheldon is “like a sexy toddler” - a revelation that he’s not sure how to process. What about Sheldon prompted this bizarre comparison?

Question 13

What did Amy do immediately after kissing Sheldon for the first time?

Sheldon and Amy kiss

That same night, Sheldon agreed to come into Amy’s apartment because he just can’t turn down YooHoo - not realizing that Amy has something else in mind. The two have a conversation on the couch about Sheldon’s issues with Leonard’s current girlfriend, before Amy leans in for a drunken kiss. Sheldon is taken aback, and doesn’t reciprocate. Immediately after kissing him, and before he takes care of her until she passes out on the bathroom floor, what does Amy do?

Question 14

Sheldon became jealous because Amy went to a wedding with whom?

There have been a few different weddings on the show, including two within the core group of friends (Howard and Bernadette and Leonard and Penny). However, early in their relationship, Amy attended a different wedding - and didn’t take Sheldon, because he behaved badly at the last wedding that they attended together. She took another friend, and while the two had fun, a misunderstanding the morning after led Sheldon to get upset. Who was it that went to the wedding with Amy?

Question 15

Who did Amy go on a date with before she and Sheldon made their relationship official?

Amy drinking a martini

Sheldon got jealous again when Amy was asked out by another friend, and she agreed to go because she and Sheldon didn’t seem to be progressing at all. He refused to admit that he was jealous at first, even though he was stalking her date on social media and trying to keep tabs on her. Eventually, he realized that he had feelings for Amy, and ended up crashing her date to confess his feelings and ask her to be his girlfriend.

Question 16

During which episode did they officially become a couple?

Sheldon and Amy cuddle

Sheldon and Amy spent a lot of time together before they were actually in a relationship - when Sheldon was very clear that Amy was a girl that was his friend, but not his “girlfriend”. In fact, they didn’t even spend time physically in the same room for several months, preferring to talk entirely via text and Skype. Eventually, however, they did admit to the world that they were a couple (after a little jealousy and confusion!) - but in which episode?

Question 17

How many pages were in their original relationship agreement?

Sheldon and Amy relationship agreement

Sheldon is a big fan of paperwork - and makes his roommates sign an enormous ‘roommate agreement’ covering every detail of their lives in the apartment. When he and Amy officially got together, he naturally drew one up for them, as well. He brought it to her apartment to sign, and she actually found it quite romantic (which shows how perfect they are together). She’s surprised at the size of it, however, and comments on how many pages there are - how long was it?

Question 18

When was ‘date night’ in the original relationship agreement?

Sheldon and Amy on a date

Over the years, we’ve learned quite a few of the stipulations in the relationship agreement that Sheldon makes Amy sign - although as time has gone by, it’s definitely changed quite a bit! Originally, the two have a standing ‘date night’ once a month, which Sheldon will honor if Amy does not expect to have any other official dates with him. He picks the day of the month that works best for him, of course - but which day is it?

Question 19

What gift did Sheldon first get Amy to apologize to her?

Sheldon gives Amy a gift

When Sheldon messes up in his relationship with Amy, he’s become pretty good at figuring out how to make it right. However, when the two were first together, he needed a little help from Penny on how to make things right, and she suggested to Sheldon to get Amy a present. Despite Amy’s initial anger that Sheldon thinks a simple gift will fix things, when she sees what he got her, she is ecstatic, and forgives him on the spot.

Question 20

What was the profession of ‘Arman’ a made up boyfriend that Amy 'had' before meeting Sheldon?

Amy Stark Trek cosplay

When Sheldon has to go to Amy’s aunt’s birthday instead of having a gaming marathon with his friends, he ends up trying to bring his laptop - and she ends up telling him to stay home. However, she later tells him how hurtful this was, and that her family told her that they didn’t believe Sheldon was real! The two had yet another fight about Sheldon’s inconsideration, and the audience learned that Amy used to have a made-up boyfriend named Arman. What was Arman’s profession?

Question 21

Which movie did Sheldon borrow from to tell Amy how he feels?

Sheldon big bang theory

After Sheldon lets Amy down (by inviting Raj to join them on their anniversary dinner), she tells him that she needs to hear something heartfelt, or she’ll leave him. At first she’s blown away when he says “When I look in your eyes, and you’re looking back in mine, everything feels not quite normal. Because I feel stronger and weaker at the same time, I feel excited and at the same time terrified. The truth is I don’t know what I feel, except I know what kind of man I want to be” - but he’s quoting a movie.

Question 22

Why did Sheldon spank Amy?

Sheldon spanks Amy

Things almost got kinky for a moment there, in an episode where Sheldon both massages Amy’s chest with vapo-rub and gives her a spanking - which she’s a little too enthusiastic about for his liking. It all happened after Amy got sick with a bad case of the flu and Sheldon had to take care of her (it’s in the relationship agreement, after all!), which explains the vapo-rub… but why did he feel the need to give her a spanking?

Question 23

What was the first Valentine’s gift that Sheldon ended up giving her?

Sheldon gives Amy flowers

Sheldon struggles with gifts, so for their first big Valentine’s Day as a couple, he asked for some help from Alex, his assistant. She comes up with three different gifts; a harp music box (because Amy plays the harp), a map of the Canterbury Tales (Amy's favorite book) and a a signed drawing of a brain cell made by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the father of modern neuroscience. Although they are all amazing gifts, Sheldon rejects the first two and keeps the third - what does he give her instead?

Question 24

What couples costume does Sheldon suggest for Halloween?

Amy and Sheldon on Fun with Flags

Sheldon and Amy have struggled to find a couples costume in the show, with Amy’s suggestions usually being shot down - but at one point, Sheldon suggested a couples’ costume himself! Sadly, we didn’t see them in it, but after Leonard tries to placate Sheldon with a gift of a particular kind of hat, Sheldon responds that it “doesn’t change anything except my Halloween costume this year” and tells Amy she’ll be dressing up with him. What did he want them to dress up as?

Question 25

Where did Sheldon kiss Amy (properly) for the first time?

Sheldon kisses Amy

Although Sheldon and Amy did technically have one kiss in their past (when Amy was drunk), and did a little bit of virtual fooling around via their D&D characters in an earlier episode, their first real kiss was a huge moment for the couple. Technically, it happened in the middle of a fight, as Sheldon wanted to prove that he was being romantic enough for her… but it quickly turned passionate (or as passionate as Sheldon gets!). Where did it happen?

Question 26

According to ‘proven criteria’, what is Shamy’s score for relationship stability?

Sheldon reads to Amy

Sheldon likes to compare his relationship to Leonard and Penny’s, and while most people would find his situation with Amy odd, he thinks it's far better than that of his roommate. At one point, Sheldon and Amy go out on a double date with Leonard and Penny, and after Leonard makes fun of them, Sheldon says he’s just jealous. He lists the work of Berscheid, Snyder, and Omoto and their relationship scale for predicting the stability of a relationship. He gives himself and Amy a solid score - and Penny refuses to take the test for her and Leonard.

Question 27

Why does Sheldon run away after seeing Amy in her prom dress?

Sheldon and Amy at Prom

The gang is a little old for a real prom, but after finding out that no-one in the group has good memories of their high school dance, the girls decide to re-create the experience. Sheldon is taking Amy, of course, and he goes back and forth between dreading it and being excited. However, when he first goes to ‘pick Amy up’ and sees her in her prom dress, he freaks out and excuses himself - and they nearly miss the dance, although they do make up in time.

Question 28

When Sheldon first tells Amy he loves her, what other possibility did he consider for his feelings?

Amy and Sheldon at the computer

That same prom night, Sheldon confesses his love to Amy, surprising everyone (the audience and Amy herself). Amy even nearly has a panic attack, so shocked that ‘[he] said it’. However, it still doesn’t mean that girls are allowed in his room! It’s a sweet moment where Sheldon explains that love is the only explanation for the feelings that he has for her - although he did briefly consider another, less romantic explanation. What was the other possibility he thought about?

Question 29

What kind of pet did Sheldon and Amy want to get together?

Sheldon Amy at the pet store

Sheldon and Amy never ended up getting a pet together, but at the start of one episode, they happily announced that they would be - to take their relationship to ‘the next level’. They go to the pet store, but have some trouble picking out their pet - Sheldon is awfully picky, and worried about the pet being upset because they don’t live together. It’s a conversation that causes Sheldon to reveal that he has applied to be a colonist on Mars, and that takes over the discussion, leaving them pet-free.

Question 30

What sparked Amy’s decision to take a ‘break’ from the relationship?

Sheldon and Amy Harry Potter

Amy and Sheldon’s relationship comes a long way, but by their fifth anniversary, something happens that causes Amy to put on the brakes. After not speaking to Sheldon for a couple of days, she Skypes him and asks him to give her some space: “This isn't easy to say because I love you, but I need some time to take a step back and reevaluate our situation”. It’s a break that turned into a break-up, and kept them apart for several episodes.

Question 31

What’s the name of the person Amy dates when they are broken up?

Amy and Dave the Big Bang Theory

During the time that Sheldon and Amy are broken up, both try dating other people, although it doesn’t go too well for either of them (because they are clearly meant for each other). She ends up dating a man who is a huge fan of Sheldon and his work, and the two end up kissing - which Sheldon sees in a heartbreaking moment. Of course, the two end up back together, with Dave out of the picture - but Dave gets to meet Sheldon in the process, so everyone is happy about it.

Question 32

What inspires Sheldon to get back together with Amy?

Sheldon and Amy on the couch

After their separation, Sheldon finally realizes that he wants Amy back. Thanks to one thing in particular (that drives everyone around him crazy for a while), Sheldon has an epiphany - Amy is the dryer sheet of his heart. He heads over to her door to confess his love, and (with a little help from Amy’s date, Dave) manages to make her understand. The two come together in a loving kiss, and Shamy is back together again… what was it that inspired their reconciliation?

Question 33

When do Sheldon and Amy sleep together for the first time?

It takes years for Sheldon and Amy to finally consummate their relationship, although Amy has made no secret of the fact that she has wanted to for a long time. Still, she is ever-patient with her awkward boyfriend, and it makes the episode where it does finally happen all the more incredible for fans of the show. Sheldon’s decision to sleep with her lands on a special occasion - and starts the tradition of only continuing to have sex once a year. Which day is it?

Question 34

How long do Sheldon and Amy agree to try living together for?

Sheldon and Amy live together

Sheldon and Amy’s relationship takes another giant leap forward when the two finally decide to start living together - prompted by a burst water pipe and Leonard and Penny, who want a chance to live together, alone, now that they are married. They manage to convince Sheldon to treat the experience as an experiment, appealing to his scientific curiosity. The experiment is set to last a specific amount of time, which is also the length of time it will take to repair Amy’s apartment. How long is the initial ‘experiment’ for?

Question 35

How did Amy respond to Sheldon’s proposal?

Sheldon proposes to Amy

In the season ten finale, Sheldon realizes that he wants to be with Amy forever, and rushes to her side to propose. It’s with a ring that he has had for some time (since right before their break-up), but it’s a new realization thanks to Amy being away, and Ramona reappearing and hitting on Sheldon. After Ramona kisses him, Sheldon runs out the door and straight to the airport to go to Amy, who is shocked to see him on one knee outside her door. He asks “will you marry me”… but what is her reply?

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