How Well Do You Know Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool?


Deadpool certainly made its mark on a lot of people. But the real question is how big of an impression it made on you. Because you're about to be quizzed on all the little details of this amazing superhero movie. It was definitely one of the most memorable Marvel movies to date. It seemed to break all the rules of superhero movies in the past. For one, it had an R-rating, which wasn't normal for these types of movies. Second, it had a very insane sense of humor that was a definite step away from all those superhero movies in the past that took themselves way too seriously.

There was actually a lot that went into this movie. For many people, Deadpool is very important to them. There are many die-hard Deadpool fans, and they were very unhappy with the way Deadpool was portrayed in his first appearance - in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. So Ryan Reynolds set out to make these disgruntled fans happy with the real Deadpool. But the question is, how well do you know Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool?

Question 1

How Long Did Ryan Reynolds' Full Body Makeup Take To Put On?

One of the most impressive things about the movie was the amazing makeup and prosthetics that Ryan Reynolds wore during the movie. It really captured the weathered, mutated, and slightly disgusting face of Deadpool that we all know from the comics. But how exactly was it done? Anyone who knows anything about these masks knows that it takes hours upon hours for the very talented makeup artists to do. But how long did this particular makeup application take? How many hours?

Question 2

What Did Ryan Reynolds Do With The Deadpool Outfit After Filming?

Another great element in the Deadpool movie was the insanely awesome outfit. It stayed true to the comic outfit, and for that the movie gets marks for authenticity. This is the total opposite of the representation of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which looks almost completely unrecognizable from the comics. So what do you do with that awesome outfit if you're Ryan Reynolds and you're finished with shooting? Well, that's a question the actor had to answer, and you might be surprised at his choice...

Question 3

How Long Did The Movie Take To Film?

Deadpool was an amazing movie, but for it to be great many hours of work had to go into it. Just how long a movie takes really depends. For some very dedicated directors, it can take years. They want to get everything perfect, and will reshoot months worth of footage if it's not good enough. Other directors will zoom through everything relatively quickly. Things can go wrong, which can extend the schedule. But how long did Deadpool take to shoot?

Question 4

The Film Was Released Exactly How Many Years After Deadpool's First Appearance In Comics?

Deadpool is a very special character for a lot of people. He's one of the most beloved characters in the comic book universe, and pretty much everyone knows about him. What makes him so special is his uniqueness, and he really gives comic book characters in general a good name. So when the film was finished, the people who made it knew they had to do something really special to honor the comic. In the end, they decided to release at a very special time.

Question 5

Who Is Going To Be A Main Character In The Deadpool Sequel?

Deadpool was a massively successful film, and the big name studios would be crazy if they didn't make a sequel. For one, the fans want it desperately. Number two, it's sure to make a ton of money, seeing as the first Deadpool was such a massive hit. But the sequel is going to be very special. That's because they've already announced the addition of another very famous Marvel character who has yet to appear in any of the X-Men movies... And it's about time...

Question 6

What Happens To Deadpool's Mouth In X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Of course, the Deadpool movie wasn't the first time the character had made an appearance. He also appeared in the earlier Marvel movie, called X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But the Deadpool in that movie was very different from the Deadpool we saw in 2016. The fact that Ryan Reynolds played him was pretty much the only thing that was the same about the two characters. Perhaps the most blatant difference, and the one that was the most confusing, was what happened to his mouth. Can you remember what that was?

Question 7

Who Did Ryan Reynolds Hire To Prepare Him For The Movie?

One of the most impressive things about the Deadpool movie was the fight scenes. They were just stunning. True, this was meant to be a more comedic Superhero movie, but you can't have a superhero movie without some awesome combat. Deadpool delivered in this department, but in a way that was totally unique - somehow adding comedy to butt-kicking. And to make this magic happen, Ryan Reynolds decided to go all out and hire someone to train him. It was a great move.

Question 8

Who Directed Deadpool?

When it comes to making movies, the director is crucial. He's the one that provides the film with direction. He's the one steering the ship, and everything depends on the thousands of decisions he has to make during the making of the film. For Deadpool to be successful, they had to choose a great director, and it's pretty obvious that they did that. But when you find out who was behind the helm on this one, you might be surprised.

Question 9

Which R-Rated Movie Had A Worldwide Box Office Record That Was Shattered By Deadpool?

As previously mentioned, it was Tim Miller that directed Deadpool, and this was his first feature that he directed. That's what makes the fact that Deadpool was a massive hit so impressive. In fact, it shattered box office records for previous R-rated films, and it will be a tough record for future movies to beat. Quite the accomplishment for a first time director. In fact, the only person who came close was the co-director of Shrek The Third. But what film previously held the box office record for an R-rated film?

Question 10

According To Ryan Reynolds, What Is Deadpool's Sexual Orientation?

Some of the humor in Deadpool definitely went further than any other superhero movie before it. There was a definite sense that this movie would go into uncharted territory and make no apologies about the subject matter it touched on. Nothing was too risque, and that extended to sexuality. Throughout the movie, sex and jokes of that nature were a common occurrence in the movie. But what does Ryan Reynolds himself say about Deadpool and his sexuality? His answer might surprise you...

Question 11

Deadpool Was The First X-Men Movie Where Which Two Characters Failed To Appear?

Deadpool was a unique Marvel movie in a lot of ways. While it followed the same basic guidelines, there was a lot of parts that strayed off from the time honored formula of a Marvel superhero. First of all, it didn't really have a sense that you were following one of the good guys. Deadpool is definitely what's known as an 'antihero.' But one of the key differences between this movie and your average Marvel movie was the absence of two characters....

Question 12

How Did Ryan Reynolds Feel About The Portrayal Of Deadpool In X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

The first iteration of Deadpool was definitely different than the one we know from 2016's Deadpool. And it sparked a massive fan reaction. Truth be told, X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn't the greatest Marvel movie ever... In fact, it was far from it. People weren't really that impressed. But how much of that was down to the portrayal of Deadpool? And more importantly, what did Ryan Reynolds himself say about the way Deadpool was handled in this movie? You might be surprised at what he said.

Question 13

How Many "Fourth Wall Breaks" Are There In Total?

Another thing that made Deadpool totally unique was the way Wade Wilson broke the fourth wall. This is an old concept that goes back to Deadpool's comic book appearances. Breaking the fourth wall means talking directly to the audience, while in character. You probably remember Deadpool doing this many times during the movie. But just how many times did he do it? If you can't remember, it may just be time to watch Deadpool again. Either way, this is probably one of the hardest questions.

Question 14

Deadpool Was The First Marvel Picture To Be Nominated For A Golden Globe In Which Category?

Deadpool wasn't just a success in the box office. It was also a great success critically. It's not hard to see why. This movie had a great story, great fight scenes, and a unique sense of humor as well. And it wasn't long before the critics took notice. This movie was so celebrated by the film community that it was inevitably going to win some awards. And Deadpool managed to snag a very special award indeed - A Golden Globe. But what category was it for?

Question 15

Wolverine Was Going To Make A Cameo, But Didn't. Why?

Hugh Jackman Logan Wolverine

For those who don't know, Wolverine makes a cameo in pretty much every single X-Men movie. Even if it's just for a few seconds, he always shows his face. But Deadpool was the first ever X-Men movie where Logan did not appear. Why was that? In fact, Wolverine was actually written into the script at one point, so it was the plan to have him in the film. Something happened and he had to be cut. But in the end, I think it's good that this movie didn't have Wolverine.

Question 16

What Type Of Boot Does Deadpool Wear?

This is a question that is one of the hardest on the quiz. Deadpool's boots seem pretty similar to other boots, but if you look closely, you can see that they are quite familiar. Just a hint, these aren't special boots, and you can pick them up at most stores. In addition, they are a particular type of boot that is favored by the US Army, specifically in their special forces, because of their lightweight construction and durability. Can you recognize them?

Question 17

Where Was Deadpool Filmed?

Deadpool was filmed in a very unique location. You might have guessed from certain scenes that this wasn't filmed in L.A., and it has many landmarks that people might not be familiar with. But for people who know this city, they were constantly faced with little reminders of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While it looks like a unique place to shoot a movie, the truth is that TONS of films are shot in this city.

Question 18

What Does Deadpool Say When He Punches Colossus In The Groin?

One of the most hilarious parts of the film was Deadpool's battle with Colossus. It was clear right from the beginning that this was a fight that Deadpool could not win. Still throughout the battle with the so-called 'tin man,' Deadpool maintained his sense of humor, much the audience's delight. He keeps punching Colossus, even when it breaks his hands and limbs in the process. At one point, he punches Colossus in the groin and says something hilarious. What was it?

Question 19

What Kind Of Gun Does Wade Kill Ajax With?

Get ready for another very challenging quiz question. We all know that Ajax is the main enemy in the Deadpool movie. The whole premise of the movie is that Deadpool is searching for Ajax to get revenge for what was done to him through experimentation. When they finally meet in battle, it's the climax of the entire movie. They fight with melee weapons, but Deadpool's signature weapons, his swords, are not enough to bring this mutant down. He uses a pistol. What kind was it?

Question 20

What Golden Globe Was Ryan Reynolds Nominated For?

While Deadpool won the Best Picture Award For A Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes, they could have won a lot more. Ryan Reynolds was nominated for a Golden Globe as well, but unfortunately he didn't win. But what award was that? I'll give you a hint. Ryan Gosling was the one who won the award. Still, even to be nominated was a great honor, and just goes to show how amazing this superhero movie really was. Who knows, maybe he will win when the sequel comes out.

Question 21

Who Is The Only Character Who Is Seen Wearing A Classic Yellow Spandex X-Men Uniform?

The classic yellow spandex uniform is somewhat of a controversy when it comes to X-Men movies. These outfits never really make an appearance in the X-Men movies, although that's what they're supposed to wear if you go by the comics. It's been a source of a lot of debate among the fans, and some say they should wear the yellow spandex. Others agree that it would just look weird in the movies. But Deadpool was one of the few movies where this was featured, albeit only with one character. Who was it?

Question 22

How Much Money Did Fox Studios Cut From The Budget Last Minute?

Budget cuts were a major concern when it came to making Deadpool. Fox Studios actually cut a lot of money from the movie at the last minute. This necessitated tons of revisions and changes to the script and many other parts of the movie. In fact, this was the reason that Wolverine was cut from the film. Deadpool often breaks the fourth wall and jokes about these budget cuts to the audience, but the problem was very real. How many millions of dollars did they cut last minute?

Question 23

What Is The Name Of The Enemy Guard That Deadpool Recognizes?

In case you didn't catch it, one of the funniest moments in the movie was the part where Deadpool recognizes a random guard working for Ajax. They stop fighting briefly, and chat about mundane things before Deadpool goes on to fight Ajax. But this is actually a reference to a character in the Deadpool comics that you might remember. He's a Hydra employee that sometimes teams up with Deadpool, and he's one of the most hilarious characters in the Deadpool universe. But what's his name?

Question 24

Deadpool's Healing Factor Is Similar (But Stronger) To What Character's?

Deadpool's strength comes primarily from his healing factor. He can heal from pretty much anything, and once reformed himself from a puddle of his own blood. This healing factor was given to him through experimentation by Ajax, and they actually used another mutant's blood to try and trigger the mutation. This same mutant has a very similar healing factor, but Deadpool's is actually much stronger. Who was this mutant? This is probably one of the easiest questions on this quiz...

Question 25

The Name 'Ajax' (The Villain) Is Based On A Hero From What Ancient Story?

Ajax is a very interesting character. He is a mutant himself, although he is very different from his appearance in the comics, he serves the same purpose - Deadpool's mortal enemy. He is immune to all pain, has superhuman endurance and reflexes, and has increased strength. His name is also interesting. It's a reference to a character in a very ancient story. This character was also gifted with superhuman strength and fighting abilities. It's an often forgotten fact that the heroes of ancient mythology were the very first superheroes.

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