How Well Do You Know Rick And Morty?


It's been almost four years since the world was introduced to Rick and Morty. What started out as just another show on Adult Swim has blown up into a global phenomenon. Chock full of pop culture, weird science, and hilarious jokes, Rick and Morty has become a household name and one of the best-animated shows to ever grace a television screen.

We've only been through two seasons and there's already a mass multitude of crazy easter eggs and hidden secrets to sift through. Rick and Morty is the kind of zany TV goodness that you can watch over and over again, discovering unseen goodies and new jokes each time. The show's developers put a ton of work into detail and continuity, and it really shows.

It's hard to imagine Rick and Morty losing its stranglehold on the world anytime soon. With tons of merchandise, games, and T-shirts, this hilarious Sci-Fi Comedy has already reached viral proportions. So many dedicated fans are already clambering for season three, with an online uproar over its delays.

So while we all wait for the inevitable release of Rick and Morty's latest season, we thought we'd look back on the past. This quiz is dedicated to a wide array of Rick and Morty-based questions, to truly test your fan knowledge. Keep in mind that most of these questions contain spoilers!

Question 1

What duo created Rick and Morty?

Rick and Morty didn't simply appear out of thin air. Unless you believe in the Multiverse Theory, then it's entirely possible that there's a universe in which the show ascended from the heavens. The Comedy we know and love was adapted from a series of animated shorts, which is actually how Rick and Morty's creative duo met. An aspiring young cartoonist submitted work to a monthly short-film festival called Channel 101. After seeing his work, one of the creators of the festival approached the cartoonist, and the rest is hilarious history.

Question 2

What is Rick's last name?

When Beth met and married Jerry, she took his name. This is why we refer to Morty and the rest of the family as the "Smiths." Because of this "name by marriage" Rick doesn't share the same last name as everyone else. Thankfully, the writers do a fantastic job in reminding us what Rick's surname is on numerous occasions. History has seen some pretty intelligent family names over the years, with gems like Einstein, Tesla, and Newton. Rick's last name, however, isn't nearly as "exotic."

Question 3

What does Beth Smith do for a living?

From a background standpoint, Beth is definitely one of the better characters to grace Rick and Morty. Writers do an amazing job in releasing tidbits of information on characters' "past lives," while still maintaining an effortless flow of Comedy in the "present." Beth is a stellar example of this, with certain episodes giving peeks into her fragile psyche, alcoholism, and "what could have been" life choices. She has a pretty important job (although Jerry doesn't seem too enthralled by it).

Question 4

What is Rick's "universe number?"

The world of Rick and Morty is vast, not because of its size, but because of its alternate realities. Thanks to Rick's portal hopping prowess, he and Morty are free to explore an infinite number of timelines and locations. It also means there are an infinite number of other Ricks and Mortys with the same ability. In order to keep all of these mad scientists in check, each one is assigned a unique universe number to help quickly identify who they are and what universe they hail from.

Question 5

What movie does Rick and Morty draw influence from?

Rick and Morty draws influence from an array of shows, books, and movies. Creators have given much credit to works like Doctor Who and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's hard to pinpoint all of the show's influences, thanks to all of its pop culture references and fourth-wall breaking. That being said, there was one particular movie that seems to have 'started it all." The film in question served as the influence to Justin Roiland's iconic animated short (which would later transform into Rick and Morty).

Question 6

What item helps Rick travel between universes?

Rick and Morty is deeply rooted in the Sci-Fi genre, but that doesn't mean the creators are concerned with capturing any realism. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland admit that they only do "a little bit" of research when creating their wacky and zany Sci-Fi world. The writing is incredibly smart, making use of Science Fiction buzzwords and ideas that make most of Rick and Morty's tech seem plausible in the distant future. One of Rick's most prominent gadgets is used to create universe-hopping portals.

Question 7

Jerry Smith's vehicle is based off the car from what famous Comedy movie?

Jerry wasn't always meant to be the bumbling buffoon of the Smith family. Creators originally had high aspirations for the character. Thankfully, he was later transformed into the simple man we all know and love. Jerry isn't perfect, and his everyday struggles resonate with a lot of fans. He's a typical "dad" archetype, filled with terrible puns, shoddy jokes, and questionable morals (at times). In fact, Jerry is similar to a lot of movie and television dads. His car is evidence of this, modeled after a particular vehicle that belongs to another hopeless family patriarch.

Question 8

"Something Ricked This Way Comes” features a parody of which Stephen King novel?

The Rick and Morty universe is no stranger to pop culture and entertainment references. It's only been two seasons and we've already seen an abundance of characters and storylines inspired by other creative works. One of the more prominent references takes place in episode nine of season one. "Something Ricked This Way Comes" features Rick meeting Summer's new "boss," a rather eccentric individual who serves as proprietor of a mysterious shop. This story arc was heavily influenced by a popular Stephen King novel.

Question 9

Rick and Morty share a few easter eggs with this popular Disney Channel show.

There is so much happening in each episode, with so much visual detail, it's easy for the creators to jam pack hidden items and references throughout the show. There is one particular show, however, that has strong ties to the Rick and Morty multiverse. The Disney Channel series in question was created by a dear friend of Justin Roiland, and the two have worked as voice actors on each other's shows before. A well-known easter egg takes place in "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind," where a few items can be seen floating through a portal.

Question 10

Which actress voices Summer Smith?

She may not get the most attention, but Summer's character is pretty interesting. While most see her as a "ditzy" red-haired high school student, she's actually rather smart. It's obvious that Summer received some of Rick's positive traits, while poor Morty was left to emulate Jerry. Summer is voiced by an up and coming actress that's worked on a variety of other television shows. When she was younger she had a small acting role on Cheers, which her famous father also starred in.

Question 11

Rick and Morty appeared in the opening scene for what popular cartoon?

Crossover episodes are nothing new. We've seen many worlds merge, creating new and interesting storylines for beloved characters and locations. Usually, crossover specials are reserved for long-running shows, but Rick and Morty has already inspired a unique opening sequence. This hybrid effort received rave reviews and will go down in history as one of the wackiest and zaniest openings for a long running series that is no stranger to wild ideas. It's amazing to see how quickly Rick and Morty was received by the creative community.

Question 12

What's the name of this happy-go-lucky blue colored creature?

Season one, episode five, introduced viewers to the shrieking voice of a helpful blue alien. Before taking off on a Morty-led adventure, Rick attempts to help the family (in his absence) by acquainting them with this special creature. Summoned by the push of a button, these unique multi-talented clones are capable of solving a variety of issues. Once the problem is "fixed," they disappear from existence. Don't feel too bad though, they're completely fine with the swift outcome. After all, existence is pain!

Question 13

Which fast food chain used a Rick and Morty television commercial to push product?

You know you've made it big when you're approached by the executives of a fast food joint. To some, Rick and Morty's odd brand of hilarious humor may be a little too over-the-top for customers. That didn't stop one prominent "burger seller" from leaping at the opportunity to secure Rick as an animated pitchman. This isn't the first time that Rick has found himself drooling over a real-world item. In "Total Rickall," he goes on a crazed rant about a Walmart sale featuring Limited Edition Legend of Zelda Nintendo 3DS consoles.

Question 14

"Lawnmower Dog" features a scene referencing which proposed Justin Roiland animated pilot?

Justin Roiland is no stranger to animation. Rick and Morty may be the biggest project he's ever co-created, but Roiland proposed some hilarious animated shorts and pilots in the past. Sadly, some of these gems never made it to television, but one has to admire Roiland's tenacity and "never give up" attitude. The Rick and Morty episode, "Lawnmower Dog," makes reference to one of these animated shows. Near the end of the episode, Morty makes a curious statement about a world populated by dogs, prompting Rick to say that he would "watch the series," were it real.

Question 15

According to Dan Harmon (via Reddit AMA), how much is a Shmeckle worth?

It's hard to keep up with all the strange terms and crazy names found throughout the Rick and Morty multiverse. In season one, episode five (Meeseeks and Destroy), Morty leads Rick on an adventure to the Giants Dimension. This world is, as you guessed it, entirely populated by giant beings. After some unfortunate slip ups, Rick and Morty find themselves inside a rather strange pub. Here they learn of about the dimension's currency, Schmeckles. It's up to Rick to collect some of these strange coins so the duo can get a "ride home."

Question 16

Rick and Morty was one of the first shows to premier a new episode on what social media platform?

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Social media platforms are a goldmine of advertisements and self-promotion. With millions of prying eyes constantly scouring the internet, websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, provide an excellent space for creators to grow their brand. The creative minds behind Rick and Morty wanted to do something a little different than the norm. This led them to release an entire episode (Rixty Minutes) on one particular social media platform. To do this, they split the episode up into 109 fifteen second clips.

Question 17

Who is this spunky yellow sidekick?

The creative minds behind Rick and Morty are always working hard to create new characters and locations. This is most apparent in the episode "Total Rickall," from season one. Rick and the family are forced to battle against clingy space parasites, that have the ability to plant memories inside the heads of those around them. Prior to the episode's opening, we are introduced to an energetic "new" character. In an awesome show of detail, animators implanted this character into the show's opening, to make it seem like he'd been there all along.

Question 18

What Rick and Morty character does Justin Roiland NOT voice?

Everyone knows Justin Roiland as the co-creator of Rick and Morty, but he's been in the cartoon business for many years. Fans of Adventure Time will recognize him as the irate voice of Lemongrab, while those who obsess over Gravity Falls may remember him as Blendin Blandin. Thanks to his voice acting prowess and impressive vocal talents, Roiland provides the voice for a few characters throughout the Rick and Morty multiverse. Which of the following characters WASN'T voiced by Justin Roiland?

Question 19

What fictional arcade space does Rick drag Morty to in the episode "Mortynight Run?"

A lot of this show's charm is like buying real estate. It's all about location, location, location. Rick and Morty features some of the most imaginative and hilarious settings in all of modern day animation. From a world made entirely of Hamsters who live in butts to a dimension where humans serve as seating for furniture, Rick and Morty has it all. In episode two of season two (Mortynight Run), Rick drags a protesting Morty to this fabulous "galactic arcade."

Question 20

What is the name of Rick's half-avian half-human best friend?

Via: iDigitalTimes

It's hard to imagine Rick having any friends. The cold-hearted scientist showcases a hard-nosed attitude, blunt rhetoric, and disenchanted world view. Rick seems like an anti-social introvert, but deep inside beats the heart of a party animal. Rick has collected a lot of allies throughout his adventures, but one individual stands out among the rest. The avian-human hybrid holds Rick in high regard, with the two sharing adventures and a mysterious intertwined past. He makes his first appearance in the season one finale, "Ricksy Business."

Question 21

There is a Rick and Morty comic book published by which company?

The Rick and Morty craze isn't exclusive to the television medium. Creators have already stated that they would consider doing a movie if the show reaches six seasons. An abundance of merchandise has begun to fill store shelves, including things like collectibles, board games, and clothing. There is even a comic book series that offers an insight into some of Rick and Morty's un-televised adventures. This graphic "spin-off" is written by Zac Gorman and features illustrator CJ Cannon. The comic is top notch quality, with beautiful visuals and hilarious writing.

Question 22

True or False: Adult Swim Games created an iOS game based off Jerry's balloon popping game.

Adult Swim Games has done a fantastic job in entering the gaming space. At first, it seemed like we'd only get a few parody games here and there, but the company has managed to crank out some hilarious and well-designed titles. Pocket Morty's is a great example of this, with its Pokemon-like battles and gameplay. In the episode "Something Ricked This Way Comes," we see Jerry playing a mind-numbing balloon popping game. Did Adult Swim Games capitalize and create a real-world version of Jerry's game?

Question 23

This episode of Rick and Morty features improvisational shows and movie trailers by the cast.

At its core, Rick and Morty looks like a well-polished work of art. The jokes are smart, the animation is hilarious, and the music is memorable. It may seem that way on the outside, but the truth is that creators take a lot of improvisational freedom when crafting each episode. The scripts outline what each character needs to express, but much of the dialogue is ad-lib. Some episodes feature more improv than others. Take for example episode eight of season one, which features a multitude of fictional television shows and movie trailers.

Question 24

During Season 1 Episode 3, Morty is shrunk and placed into a dying hobo, where Rick has built an elaborate themepark. This episode spoofs what popular film?

Rick and Morty's episodic tone allows developers the creative freedom to craft some pretty amazing stories. Take for example episode three of season one. This mini-adventure sees Morty shrunk down and placed into the body of an incapacitated hobo. Rick feeds Morty instructions on what to do, in order to save an elaborate miniaturized theme park. Unfortunately, a decaying host isn't the only danger lurking within. It's not long before Morty finds himself running from terrifying depictions of STDs and human ailments.

Question 25

In the episode "Raising Gazorpazorp," what does Morty name his “child?”

A lot of mature animated shows are known for their FCC-taunting humor and envelope-pushing rhetoric. Rick and Morty is no different, in fact, it might be a little bit worse. In "Raising Gazorpazorp" (Season 1, Episode 7) Rick purchases a sex robot for Morty, from a pawn shop located somewhere in space. Yes, you heard that right. Through a series of events we'd rather not post here, the robot ends up pregnant and the birthed spawn is a bloodthirsty four-armed creature from a planet called Gazorpazorp.

Question 26

Beth Smith is originally from what town?

Time to dig a little deeper into the head's of the Smith family. Rick and Morty's writers do a great job of sneaking in little tidbits of information through normal dialogue. Hopefully, you paid close attention between all of the hilarious jokes and witty banter. In the episode "Meeseeks and Destroy" (Season 1, Episode 5), Beth has a long talk with Mr. Meeseeks about her life. Although it's hard not to laugh at Mr. Meeseek's wacky voice, we actually learn about Beth's hometown from this conversation.

Question 27

Which actress provides the voice for Beth Smith?

Most of Rick and Morty's voice actors/ actresses are genuinely funny people. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland did a great job in cultivating a group of people that bring some memorable voices and charm to the animated series. Beth Smith's actress may not be immediately (audibly) recognizable, but she's rather well-known throughout the Comedy community. She featured on ten episodes of television's "How I Met Your Mother," as Ted Mosby's' dermatologist, and also played a nurse on the popular medical-themed Comedy, "Scrubs."

Question 28

This well-known actor voices Jerry Smith.

Jerry Smith is in a constant state of insecurity. There are numerous instances in which Jerry tries his hardest to impress those around him, although he usually falls short. It's too bad he can't break the fourth wall and see how truly successful his voice actor is. If the soothing baritone of this Saturday Night Live alumni sounds familiar, it's because he also plays Cyril Figgis on FX's popular Comedy, "Archer." Not only is he an accomplished actor, he's also a singer and comedian.

Question 29

What was Jerry Smith's major in college?

Shocking we know. Everyone passes Jerry Smith off as the mentally inept family punching bag, but he still managed to pursue and collect a college degree. We first learn about Jerry's chosen major in "Raising Gazorpazorp" (Season 1, Episode 7), when the family is arguing about Morty's American-born son. His degree is real, but it's obvious that no one in the family takes him seriously, or feels that the college accomplishment was anything special. Perhaps Jerry should have majored in something with a little more pizzazz.

Question 30

Jerry Smith is a huge fan of which nautical movie?

Jerry is a collector of simple things. He loves mindlessly popping balloons, he builds things with Lego bricks, and he thinks Pluto is a planet. He may not have a categorical knowledge of the universe, but he knows what he likes, and that's more than some of us can say. One of his biggest guilty pleasures is a 1997 nautical drama film. His study features a photograph hinting at his obsession, and he drags Beth to a reenactment event at the end of season one.

Question 31

What name did the Smiths give their pet dog?

The episode "Lawnmower Dog" (Season 1, Episode 2) focuses heavily on the Smith family dog. Displeased with its inability to follow commands, Jerry asks Rick if there is anything that can be done to help the pup communicate. After Rick obliges with an intelligence boosting helmet (and some unfortunate events occur) things take a turn for the worst. The hyper-intelligent hound is displeased that his testicles are missing (he was neutered) and isn't too happy with his given name. He renames himself Snowball because his fur is "pretty and white."

Question 32

The Smith's family pet is based on Justin Roiland's dog, Jerry, which is what breed?

Speaking of Snowball, did you know he was inspired by a real-life look-alike? Justin Roiland's dog, Jerry, served as inspiration for Snowball's appearance. The co-creator actually has two dogs, the other being Pup Pup. It's no shock that Roiland loves dogs, as seen with his Dog World pilot. He also helped dogs in need by developing a custom T-shirt design. Hopefully, Pup Pup and Jerry are better behaved than Snowball, then again, it's possible Roiland got the idea for a pushy pooch from his two beloved pets.

Question 33

What does Bird Person say Rick's catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" means?

If you thought Wubba Lubba Dub Dub just sounded like a "filler phrase," you'd be right. Justin Roiland already admitted that the series of made up words was a dig at how nonsensical some character catchphrases can be. It may have started out as something random and wacky, but writers still managed to give it some purpose. Near the end of the episode "Ricksy Business" (Season 1, Episode 11), Rick's friend Bird Person alerts Morty to the true meaning behind "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub."

Question 34

What is the name of the slug-like creature that Rick pays to carry the duo down the massive stairs in "Meeseeks and Destroy?"

Some Rick and Morty side characters are more memorable than others. Take, for example, this energetic (and possibly drunk) slug-like creature from the episode "Meeseeks and Destroy" (Season 1, Episode 5). During the duo's Morty-led adventure, they end up in a small tavern (The Thirsty Step) hidden within the side of a giant staircase. Rick is anxious to use his portal gun to make a quick exit, but Morty is intent on "seeing the adventure" through. This leads Rick to collect some Schmeckles, which he uses to pay this character for a fast ride down the giant steps.

Question 35

King Jellybean is voiced by which prominent voice actor?

Morty's adventure from "Meeseeks and Destroy" (Season 1, Episode 5) suffers from a few major setbacks. After almost being thrown in Giant Prison, Rick suggests that Morty admit his adventure is collapsing and heads home. Morty refuses to give up, which leads the duo to The Thirsty Step. Here, things get rather dark, rather quickly. An uncomfortable bathroom scene sees Morty fighting against a perverted purple jelly bean. This creepy character is voiced by one of the most prominent names in animation.

Question 36

What immersive VR game does Morty play at Blips and Chitz?

A lot of the best parts of Rick and Morty stem from elaborate plot twists and unique side stories. A great example of this is during "Rick Potion #9" (Season 1, Episode 6) when Rick and Morty are forced to universe-hop in order to escape the madness they've created. We were only six episodes in and suddenly an entire world was in shambles. Another example of this unique storytelling mechanic happens during "Mortynight Run," (Season 2, Episode 2) when Morty plays a rather curious virtual reality game at Blips and Chitz.

Question 37

Dan Harmon provides the voice for which Rick and Morty character?

Many may think of Dan Harmon as a silent force, hiding within the shadows. It's true that Harmon does a lot of writing and provides a steady flow of ideas and plot lines, but that doesn't mean he's afraid to get his hands dirty. Although he's well-known for his work on Community and Channel 101, Dan Harmon has done quite a bit of voice acting in the past. In fact, he voices a prominent character from the Rick and Morty universe.

Question 38

In the "Anatomy Park" episode what theme park ride does Rick care about most?

Anatomy Park does a great job in mimicking classic Science Fiction (the shrunken human entering the human body category), while also taking a few influences from Jurassic Park. The episode starts out innocently enough, but (in true Rick and Morty fashion) it quickly spirals out of control. However, there is one constant element that remains amongst all the action and adventure. Rick holds a special place in his heart for one of Anatomy Park's rides. After the park is lost to the cosmos, Rick envisions a new location with a heavy emphasis on which ride?

Question 39

In the "Anatomy Park" episode, Morty and Annie are saved by a giant monster that represents what ailment?

We might as well tackle this question while we're on the subject of Anatomy Park. The Jurassic Park-like elements come into play when a group of human ailments "escape" their confinement. As Morty and the crew make their way towards freedom, they encounter a few of these malicious viruses. Shortly after crashing The Bone Train, Morty and Annie find themselves back into a corner, at the mercy of a frightening monster. Thankfully, a second massive creature comes to their aid.

Question 40

This Freddy Kruger-like character shows up in "Lawnmower Dog."

"Lawnmower Dog" (Season 1, Episode 2) is primarily about the Smith's struggles to understand their pet in a Planet of the Apes style spoof. During the first part of this episode, though, Rick and Morty are nowhere to be found. They're off on their own Inception-like adventure, passing through dreams within dreams. Along the way, they meet a pretty terrifying killer, with tiny swords for fingers. This is a nod to Freddy Krueger, from the popular horror series "A Nightmare on Elm Street."

Question 41

In the episode "Auto Erotic Assimilation," what is the name of Rick's ex-lover?

We already talked about how hard it is to believe that Rick could have and maintain healthy friendships. Because of that, it's even harder to believe that he would ever settle down. At one point during his adventures, he did, but in true Rick and Morty fashion, there is one crazy hook. In the episode "Auto Erotic Assimilation" (Season 2, Episode 3), we're introduced to a unique Hivemind. Rick's ex-lover is incredibly powerful and has the ability to possess, control, and manipulate entire alien species.

Question 42

What is the surname of Morty's math teacher?

It's easy to forget that Morty was a "normal kid," before his grandfather showed up. Prior to becoming Rick's right-hand man, Morty attended school like any other teen. Awkward friendships, embarrassing moments, and struggles with academics were just a few of Morty's everyday problems. Morty isn't very keen when it comes to math, as seen in "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!" (Season 1, Episode 4). His math teacher may be partially to blame. He is a very eccentric man, known only by his surname, and has appeared in a variety of episodes, usually for brief periods of time.

Question 43

In episode 9 of season 2, Rick and Morty visit a planet that spoofs what popular Horror movie?

During a leisurely drive through space, Rick and Morty manage to strike a rather large insect with Rick's ship. The strike leaves "bug juice" smeared all over the windshield, prompting Rick to look for washer fluid on a nearby planet. Here, the duo meets a society of people that engage in something called "The Festival." During this yearly event, all "crimes" (including murder) are legal for one night. This episode had to be quickly created after plans for Season 2's finale moved in a different direction.

Question 44

The end of Season 2 ("The Wedding Squanchers") features this depressing audio track during its outro.

Music and sound have always been the perfect catalyst to instill emotion. The creative minds behind Rick and Morty understand this and do a fantastic job in "driving home the point" with well-placed themes. A great example of this is featured in "Auto Erotic Assimilation" (Season 2, Episode 3), as the song "Do You Feel It?" by Chaos Chaos plays during Rick's narrow-miss suicide attempt. The outro for season 2 featured a similarly haunting tune, which plays as the camera pans away from an imprisoned Rick.

Question 45

Rick created this humanoid experiment in an attempt to craft a morally neutral super leader.

Rick has created a lot of unique gadgets over the years. He's also created a lot of "life" as seen in "The Ricks Must Be Crazy" (Season 2, Episode 6). Some of his experiments go better than others, as was the case when Rick attempted to create a morally neutral super leader by splicing the DNA of two historical individuals. The end result is a crazed maniac that constantly struggles with his own duality. He makes his first appearance in "Ricksy Business" (Season 1, Episode 11).

Question 46

What popular comedian played Zeep Xanflorp in the episode "The Ricks Must Be Crazy?"

Rick and Morty have already seen an impressive array of guest stars in its short two season run. Some of these voices may not be familiar, and you may be shocked to hear that one of your favorites starred unnoticed. Those familiar with a prominent comedian and talk show host should have no problem recognizing his voice in "The Ricks Must Be Crazy" (Season 2, Episode 6). The voice actor in question plays Zeep Xanflorp, a scientist that was created by Rick as part of a universe that powers his ships battery.

Question 47

In “Raising Gazorpazorp,” which prominent designer created Summer's beloved top?

The episode "Raising Gazorpazorp" (Season 1, Episode 7) showcases a strange storyline in which Morty ends up father to an alien child. However, it's not the only story arc in the episode. Other scenes follow Rick and Summer as they're pulled into a portal leading to the homeworld of Gazorpazorp. In an "Amazonian Women" twist, the duo meet the true leaders of the planet. Some antics quickly place the characters into hot water, but Summer's fashionable yellow top manages to get them out of it.

Question 48

In the episode “Total Rickall,” what is the name of Summer's “supposed” Lamb-like imaginary friend?

The parasites featured in "Total Rickall" (Season 2, Episode 4) have a nasty habit of getting into people's heads. The entire episode revolves around the point that these parasites can implant fabricated stories and memories to make the individual feel as if they've known them their entire life. Sadly, Summer's supposed imaginary friend is also a parasite. This adorable little Lamb hails from a place called Never Past Bedtime Land, and sports a lavender tutu with rainbow-colored socks. She is voiced by Tara Strong.

Question 49

Rick sends Morty to collect these special crystals in “Ricksy Business.”

"Ricksy Business" (Season 1, Episode 11), features a wild house party, and a chance for Morty to get a bit closer to his crush, Jessica. A mishap occurs in the garage and the entire house is accidentally transported to a strange planet populated by giant testicle monsters. Rick sends Morty, Nancy, and Abradolf Lincler out to collect a specific crystal, which Morty assumes will transport everyone home. Unfortunately for Morty, these crystals are nothing more than a potent drug, which Rick uses to help revitalize his party.

Question 50

This mythical creature is featured at the end of the Rick and Morty opening sequence.

The Rick and Morty opening sequence features a cavalcade of fast-paced hilarity and out-of-context jokes. There is so much that flies by during the intro, it's often hard to keep up. Although the openings are slightly different between season one and season two, the last few seconds remain practically the same. Rick pilots his spaceship, with Morty and Summer on board, hastily towards the screen as a massive well-known mythical creature gives chase. Strangely enough, this is one of the only scenes featured in the opening sequence that has not appeared on the show.

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