How Well Do You Know Peter Parker?

Peter Parker Spider-man

With Spider-Man: Homecoming just around the corner, fans are going to be treated to the third version of Spidey in the last ten years. 2007 marked the end of the Sam Raimi trilogy with Spider-Man 3, which some believe intentionally ruined the franchise. Then came The Amazing Spider-Man series that tried to haphazardly start its own cinematic universe. It only lasted two films before Sony decided to start over in partnership with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now Spidey fans everywhere get to follow the youngest version of Peter Parker yet alongside the beloved characters of the MCU.

Peter Parker himself has been around for over fifty years, starting his journey at different points in his life. Peter is a true "working class" superhero, always trying to make a quick buck and struggling to pay his and Aunt May's rent in the Concrete Jungle. It's been said that Marvel's characters are just average Joes who use the powers they often never wanted and didn't ask for to help those in need, and Spider-Man is an excellent example of that. He just wanted to go through life studying science and helping out with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. However, by chance he was bitten by a radioactive spider, sealing his fate as the protector of New York City. We're going to challenge you- How well do you know Peter Parker? 

Question 1

Finish this line- "With great power, comes..."

Spider-Man Peter Parker Uncle Ben Marvel

Any Spider-Man fan should be able to get this one! This is essentially Peter Parker's mantra, given to him by his Uncle Ben just days before he was tragically killed by a mugger that Peter could have stopped. It's more than just a platitude; it's a way of life! Peter bases his entire crime-fighting career around this philosophy that claims that no matter who you are or what strength you have, you need to use your powers to help other people.

Question 2

Who (alongside Stan Lee) created the character of Peter Parker?

Spider-Man Origin

Peter Parker first appeared in 1962 in a tale that covered how he got his great powers; while on a high school field trip, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. In true superhero form, the bite gave him the ability to leap long distances, endowed him with superhuman strength, and gave him a "spidey-sense" that warned him of danger. Like most Marvel characters, Stan Lee had a hand in creating Peter Parker. However, he was aided by this other comic book legend...

Question 3

Peter Parker famously revealed his identity to the world in this story arc-

To the shock of the entire world, Peter Parker revealed his identity as Spider-Man to the public back in the mid-2000s. He did so as a show of support for one of his good friend Tony Stark's controversial initiatives. Everything looked to be okay for awhile, until Peter had a falling out with his mentor. Suddenly he was hit with a lawsuit from J. Jonah Jameson and had a target put on his back as well as everyone he's ever cared about.

Question 4

Which actor has NOT played the character on screen?

There have been sooo many Spider-Man actors through the years. Most are familiar with the ones who portrayed the hero in the three big-budget movie series that have come out so far, but there have been even more when you start tallying up all of the cartoons and live-action shows! Though there have been dozens of actors who have stepped up to the plate as Spidey, the ones that appeared on the silver screen are the ones that are most associated with the character.

Question 5

In what comic did Peter Parker make his debut?

Peter Parker first came on to the scene in 1962 in this comic book series. Created by the combined efforts of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, there was a little bit of hesitation in making Spider-Man; both of them feared that people wouldn't take to the character because they don't like spiders. They also wondered if having an "S-man" at Marvel would get people confused with Superman. Thankfully they were dead wrong, and Spidey has gone on to become one of the most popular superheroes of all time!

Question 6

Which of these characters has Peter NOT dated?

Spider-Man and Gwen

Like any superhero, Spider-Man has had a variety of flings through the years. Right off the get-go, in the first few issues of his solo title, Spidey was caught up in a love triangle that spanned years before it died off and another one took its place. Peter doesn't really seem to have a "type" at all; he's dated blondes, redheads, brunettes, and everything in between. Naturally, all of Parker's relationships end up in the dumps thanks to his duties and responsibilities as Spider-Man.

Question 7

Who was Peter's high school bully that eventually became a close friend?

Peter Parker Bully

A big part of Peter's character is that he is just the local science nerd, always shoving his face in a book while the other teens are out partying. This led to Parker being bullied by a colorful cast of characters with a certain recurring character at their head. As time progressed, however, Peter and this character learned to become friends, putting their old high school squabbles behind and burying the hatchet. To this day, the two are friends in the comic books.

Question 8

Peter Parker is a freelance photographer for-

Peter Parker is always strapped for cash. Despite being one of the most brilliant scientific minds in the Marvel universe, he struggles to find a job up until he's an adult. Though he would later go on to become a high school teacher as well as own his own scientific engineering company, Parker got his start as a freelance photographer taking pictures of Spider-Man. He worked alongside Betty Brant, Robbie Robinson, Eddie Brock, and J. Jonah Jameson at this newspaper company.

Question 9

The only series to give Peter organic webshooters right off the bat is...

One of the greatest things about Peter Parker is his intellect. Almost immediately after he gained his spectacular powers, he went off and invented his iconic web-shooters to go along with his already-impressive web formula. However, there was one popular series in particular that skipped this part of the character's origin, instead opting to make Spidey's webbing a part of his power set. Though others would go on to copy the concept in their runs, this was the only series that started off with the organic webbing.

Question 10

Outside of his costume, which of these baddies does Peter Parker NOT have a relationship with?

Spidey Villains

Spider-Man has a really complicated life. Most of the time, superheroes and their villains are confined to being around each other only while they are in costume. For Peter, that's not the case at all; many of his greatest villains are people that he sees in his everyday life. Sometimes it's a friend of the family. Other times it's a mentor from college. Then there are other times where it's a love interest or a boyfriend of a family member!

Question 11

How old was Peter (in the comics) when he gained his powers?

Young Spider-Man

The debate has raged on for decades- Which is better? Teenage Peter Parker or adult Peter Parker? Proponents of the teenage version of the character argue that that's how it all started, with Peter in high school as an awkward teenager. On the other side of the fence, fans are tired of seeing the melodramatic, overly angsty teenage version of the character. Instead they want to opt for one that deals with darker subject matter and adult situations. However, he was this age when it all began:

Question 12

What college did Peter Parker attend?

College Campus

About two or three years into his webslinging career, the writers decided that it was time to have Peter graduate from high school. Spider-Man was no sidekick; he wasn't supposed to stay the same age his entire life! Besides, it was in college where the character met most of his most popular allies. Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacey, and Mary Jane Watson were all characters that appeared while Peter was attending this popular NYC university. He would go on to graduate in issue #185.

Question 13

Which of these gadgets did Peter NOT invent?

Spider Signal

Peter Parker's mind is up there among Tony Stark and Reed Richards as one of the brightest in the world of Marvel. Despite the fact that he's always struggling in school thanks to his life as Spider-Man, Peter can do great things when he puts his mind to it. Now, Spidey obviously doesn't have as many inventions as say, Iron Man. But there are a surprising amount of gadgets that Peter Parker has been able to invent over the years.

Question 14

Which of these villains DOESN'T know Peter Parker is Spider-Man?

As with any major superhero, Spider-Man has struggled with having his identity revealed to his greatest foes on many occasions. While this isn't an issue for a public figure like Captain America or Johnny Storm, Peter gets himself in with villains that don't play around; can you imagine if someone like the Kingpin knew who he was? In fact, that was the plot of the post-Civil War identity reveal! However, there are a couple of villains who have retained their knowledge of Spidey's identity all this time.

Question 15

Which of these teams has Peter NOT been a part of?

Spider-Man has always been known as a "loner" in Marvel comics. At the start of the character's history, everyone thought that he was just a common vigilante while others thought he was a straight-up criminal. Over the years, however, the rest of the Marvel Universe began to see how great the young Wallcrawler was; Captain America even claimed that with a little bit of training and maturity Spidey could "be better than all of us." Which of these teams was Peter not able to sneak his way on to?

Question 16

Who was Peter Parker's first love?

Spider-Man girlfriends

For being such a nerd, Peter Parker sure does have a lot of women fighting over him! The hero has been involved with just about every major female hero in the Marvel universe at one point or another, with a variety of non-superhuman love interests to boot! When he's not being seduced by the Black Cat, he's trying to find love with Gwen or Mary Jane or Liz Allen. However, this character was the first woman that Peter ever fell in love with.

Question 17

What was the name of the Peter Parker clone in "The Clone Saga?"

Scarlet Spider

If you want a convoluted comic book plot, look no further than the Clone Saga of the 1990s. As the name might imply, the story featured B-list villain The Jackal as he returned to reveal that his Spider-Man clone had survived. If that wasn't enough, he then claimed that the "clone" he had brought back was the real Peter Parker, and that the one we had been following for almost twenty years was the original clone! Words cannot describe how weird this one was...

Question 18

What were the occupations of Peter's parents?

Peter Parker Parents

In the original canon of the Marvel Universe, nobody knows what happened to Richard and Mary Parker. When we were introduced to Peter he was already an orphan being raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Until the '90s, we had no idea about who Peter's parents were or what they did. However, there was a point in time when the characters reappeared into their son's life. Of course, they ended up just being robots built by the Chameleon. But still...

Question 19

How many times has Peter Parker "died?"

Want to get massive publicity easily? Sales not as strong as they used to be? Want to do something "special" for a character's anniversary? Kill them off! Just about every single character in the history of comic books have "died" at least once. Superman died. Batman died. Captain America died. Iron Man is currently "dead." And guess what? It works like a charm every time! Sales go up, people talk about the character for awhile, and then they are brought back a few years later like nothing happened!

Question 20

What villain took over Peter's body in "Superior Spider-Man?"

Superior Spider-Man

Speak of the devil! For Spider-Man's 700th issue, the writers decided to finally end the historic run of The Amazing Spider-Man comic (which had gone on for over 50 years). To celebrate...they killed off Peter Parker. Well, kind of- He ended up swapping minds with a villain just as they were about to pass away. This meant that the villain took over Spider-Man's body and Peter's mind died alongside the baddie's form. For a solid few years, this villain carried on Peter's legacy as the Superior Spider-Man.

Question 21

Peter Parker and Mary Jane's daughter is named-

In an alternate version of the Marvel Universe, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson finally get old. Well, middle aged....anyways, in this universe they have a teenage daughter who is finally discovering the powers passed down to her by her father. Though against his wishes at first, Spider-Girl carries on her father's legacy of protecting New York City. Sadly, this alt-universe version of Peter Parker was killed off by Morlun during the recent Spider-Verse story line. Spider-Girl was one of the first solo female titles in Marvel history.

Question 22

Which of these heroes does Peter consider to be a close friend?

Marvel Superheroes

With a repitoire of characters as large as Marvel's, chances are that some of your heroes are going to cross over into each other's titles. Before cinematic universes were a fad, comic publishers handled crossovers like they were an everyday occurrence; Daredevil would show up in the Punisher's book, Cap would appear as a guest in the Incredible Hulk comics, and the Fantastic Four would make appearances in just about every book that was published! Over time, Spidey formed a strong bond with this fellow crimefighter.

Question 23

Peter's marriage to Mary Jane was retconned out of existence by this villain-

Spider-Man is one of the few superheroes that could actually make a marriage work. Others, like Superman and Cyclops, have gotten married to their longtime love interests before. However, these nuptials only generally lasted a few years. Meanwhile, Peter and Mary Jane stayed together for almost twenty years before Marvel decided to retcon the entire thing with the events of "One More Day." In this story, Peter makes a deal to sacrifice his marriage to his true love in order to save the life of Aunt May.

Question 24

What was the name of Peter's landlord in the original Spider-Man movies?

If there was one thing the Sam Raimi films were not short on, it was heart and humor. After moving out of his Aunt's place in the aftermath of the first Spider-Man movie, Peter finds a crappy, run-down apartment in NYC. The landlord (cleverly named after one of the legends that worked on the Spider-Man comics) was an over the top and goofy older man. He would constantly stalk Peter's door to ensure that he got his rent on time, and his daughter took a strong liking to the Wallcrawler.

Question 25

Why did Peter struggle with the Spider-Mobile in its only appearance?

Believe it or not, this was a real thing. Apparently Peter Parker didn't want to be outdone by the X-Men and their Blackbird Jet or Batman and his Batmobile, so he created a land vehicle of his own. Of course, the nature of Spider-Man (swinging from buildings) make a dune buggy essentially useless to the Wallcrawler. Alas, he drove it around for a singular issue in which the Spider-Mobile ended up at the bottom of the Hudson River. Why did he struggle with this so much?

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