How Well Do You Know Penny From The Big Bang Theory?


When the hit CBS series, The Big Bang Theory, was first released in 2007, it wasn't seen as a slam dunk hit for a general audience. There was quite a bit of risk in introducing a series about a group of geniuses and their obsessive tendencies towards comic books, collectibles, and the science fiction genre. Yet, the public quickly attached themselves to the series and was able to relate to the characters. While everyone seems to have their favorite characters on the show, it's the Penny character that tends to stand out. Penny is one of the few characters in the series that isn't considered an academic and has completely opposite interests than the majority of the cast. Played by Kaley Cuoco, the Penny character is thought of as one of the main reasons to watch the show.

It's no wonder that Cuoco consistently made it on the list of the top paid actresses on television since her Penny character is hugely popular and adds a huge amount of humor to the show. While Sheldon Cooper may get most of the credit when it comes to the intricate storyline and humorous eccentricities, it's Penny that allows the audience to see a more generalized point of view. The series often delves into complicated storylines that involve the theories of the universe and it's Penny's confusion that really shows off the heart of the show. Despite their differences, the series is about a group that truly cares for one another and can relate to each other, despite all of their shortcomings. Whether you're a huge fan of Penny or just a Big Bang Theory enthusiast, check out our quiz and see how well you know this "Queen of the Nerds."

Question 1

Why did she need to go to the emergency room?

Early on in the series, Penny and Sheldon had a major bonding moment when she slipped in her apartment and needed a ride to the emergency room. Sheldon came to her aid and even helped to get dressed in order to get to the hospital. He later regretted helping her because he wound up getting a driving ticket while he drove her car to the emergency room. Yet, it all worked itself out in the end and Penny was very appreciate of his help. Why did she need to go to the emergency room?

Question 2

Penny's commercial

Over the years, Penny had went to a plethora of different auditions and it seemed like she could never truly get her big break. While other people seem to have a great amount of luck getting recurring appearances in soap operas and national commercials, Penny kept getting excuses why she was never chosen. At one point, Penny was so frustrated that she even considered moving back to Nebraska. Yet, she got a phone call telling her that she was chosen for a commercial endorsement and she changed her mind. What was her commercial advertising?

Question 3

Where is her apartment in relation to theirs?

The very first episode of The Big Bang Theory features the day Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper meet their new neighbor. Penny is a welcomed addition to the building since Leonard becomes instantly attracted to her upon seeing her through the open door. After their initial meeting, Leonard decided to invite her over to share their takeout with them. This was quite convenient for her since her apartment was so close to theirs. Where is her apartment in relation to theirs?

Question 4

What is the indicator light from Penny's first car in the series?

Since Sheldon can't drive, he is often reliant on his friends to take him places. Leonard signed a roommate agreement that requires him to give Sheldon rides to and from work and the rest of the gang seems to take turns in driving Sheldon around. Penny is often forced to take Sheldon to various places but he always seems a bit uncomfortable with her driving. In fact, everyone that has driven in Penny's car seems to notice a blaring indicator that disturbs them. What is the indicator light from Penny's first car in the series?

Question 5

What present did Penny give Leonard from the car proceeds?

Penny has never had a problem receiving a little help from her friends or her boyfriend over the years but there was one instance where she felt obligated to pay Leonard back. During a difficult time in her career as an actress, she chose to quit her waitressing job to focus on going on auditions. When her car broke down, she had no way to get to auditions and it was Leonard that wound up buying her a car. Once she got a job in pharmaceuticals, she sold the car. What present did Penny give Leonard from the car proceeds?

Question 6

Penny’s job

Although Penny moved from Nebraska in order to pursue an acting career, she must work a regular job in order to pay her bills. Much of the earlier seasons of the series has shown Penny at work, where the whole gang would frequent. She ultimately made the decision to quit her job in order to focus solely on her acting career but Leonard didn't exactly agree with this decision. While it's good that she's no longer there, she sure looked great in the uniform. What was Penny's job early in the series?

Question 7

Which Disney princess did Penny ultimately choose?

When the girls bring up the fun experiences they've had at Disneyland, the idea comes up that they should all skip going to work and take a day trip together. Penny seems a little disappointed that the plan isn't just for them to get drunk and go on rides but she is a good sport about going along. Bernadette mentioned an attraction where the girls can get makeovers into Disney princesses but becomes a little snappy when the other girls want to get made over to look like Cinderella. Which Disney princess did Penny ultimately choose?

Question 8

What did Penny give Sheldon for Christmas?

During the early seasons of the series, Penny was known for constantly being strapped for cash. As a struggling actress and a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory, she didn't have a huge amount of discretionary funds to buy her friends gifts. Yet, she managed to give Sheldon a Christmas gift that seemed absolutely priceless in his eyes. He had purchased a bunch of scented candle baskets in various sizes to try and match the worth of whatever gift she had given him but even giving her all of the baskets didn't seem like enough. What did Penny give him?

Question 9

Sheldon’s class

The relationship between Penny and Sheldon has always been a bit peculiar since Sheldon is known as the boy genius that grew up to have a beautiful mind. The fact that Penny is able to relate to him is actually quite endearing. The two have often tried to help one another in the areas that they may be lacking and, at times, they've even had a classroom setup to facilitate this. At one point, Penny enlisted Sheldon's help in teaching her something. What was the subject?

Question 10

What was the name of this game?

In Season 2, Penny seemed to be having a mental breakdown after an incredibly grueling day. The last straw was when she accidentally put her car key into her apartment door and that's when Sheldon introduced her to an online video game. She became utterly hooked in this fantasy game and the group began to worry about her. They felt that she was immersing herself into a fantasy world in order to feel accomplishment that she isn't feeling in her regular life. What was the name of this game?

Question 11

Small favors

When Penny first moved across from Sheldon and Leonard, she was going through a particularly rough break up. In fact, she didn't even have all of her things when she was unpacking all of her boxes. After meeting Leonard and seeing how nice he was, she thought it would be alright to ask him for a small favor. There is a particular item she would like picked up at her ex-boyfriend's apartment, clear across town. What did she ask Leonard to pick up?

Question 12

What made Penny's ring so unique?

Although Leonard proposed to Penny a few times, there was only one proposal that truly counted. The same can be said for the times when Penny proposed, whether she was inebriated at the time or she was just trying to match Leonard. Yet, the time when he got on one knee and offered her a ring was the one that really stuck. Although she seemed fine with the ring, it was later revealed that Leonard got the ring from an unconventional place. What made Penny's ring so unique?

Question 13

What is the name of the book Penny is reading by Leonard's mother?

When Penny decides to take a psychology course, one of the books on the recommended reading list was written by Leonard's mother. The series has featured Leonard's mom on occasion and the stories from his childhood definitely gave some insight into the issues he has with his mother. Upon hearing that Penny was going to read his mother's book, he begged her not to because of the embarrassing stories it contained. What is the name of the book Penny is reading by Leonard's mother?

Question 14

Penny’s on-again/off-again boyfriend

While the main relationship for Penny has always been Leonard, there was another of her boyfriends that was consistently featured in the show. Their on-again/off-again relationship didn't seem to be going anywhere but his character was a comical addition to the show. They met through his menu printing company and he would pop up occasionally over the years. His persona was pretty dim-witted but he redeemed himself for being tall and good looking. Penny had to get an annulment from him after realizing they had mistakenly been married in Vegas. What is his name?

Question 15

What was the name of her first film?

One of the best features about The Big Bang Theory is that each episode often references older episodes. With Penny being a struggling actress, she once revealed that she took a part in a movie where she had to shower and pose topless. The response was priceless because Sheldon replied that the guys already knew that and they found the topless scene online the first day they met her. This film ultimately led to her being cast in the sequel and the storyline was equally absurd. What was the name of her first film?

Question 16

What game were they playing?

When an unexpected houseguest shows up at Penny's apartment, she is forced to spend some extra time at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Her friend, Christy, seemed to hit it off with Howard and she didn't want to be around them while they hooked up. Howard began spending quite a lot of time with Christy and even offered for her to stay with him at his house, with his mother. Penny had proven her video game skills while spending time with the guys and later, she was asked to join their weekly video game night. What game were they playing?

Question 17

Where did the chair come from?

Penny has been known to have some questionable habits when it comes to being thrifty, even though things have changed a lot since she got a new job that pays well. Yet, many of the earlier seasons revolved around the fact that she wouldn't pay for the food she ate at Leonard and Sheldon's and used their Wifi code for all of her electronics. Yet, there was a chair that everyone took issue with when she brought it into her apartment. Where did the chair come from?

Question 18

Why didn't Emily like Penny?

When Raj started dating the beautiful and successful dermatologist, Emily Sweeney, he was excited to finally introduce her to all of his friends. She had already met Amy because Raj used her as an online wingman through a dating website but it took awhile for Emily to meet the rest of the gang. When Raj first introduced Emily to Penny, it became blatantly clear that Emily didn't like her. She was openly cold towards her and then she revealed why she didn't like her, later in the episode. Why didn't Emily like Penny?

Question 19

Valentine’s Day

Penny was always considered the ultra sexy character on the series that seemed like she was far more attractive than anyone else on the show. People were constantly surprised by the fact that Leonard somehow managed to procure her love and even the surprise continued even after they were married. Yet, the series has gone on for 10 seasons and she's much older now. During a Valentine's Day outing with Leonard, Penny became extremely insulted by something someone called her. What did someone call her that caused them to act crazy like their younger years?

Question 20

Autograph signing

In Season 10 of the series, Penny had already made quite a name for herself as a top selling agent at a pharmaceutical company. It had seemed like she put her acting dreams behind her but an opportunity came up that caused her to consider partaking. There was actually a small cult following for her killer monkey films that she performed in and a convention called to see if she would come perform an autograph signing. What was the name of the convention?

Question 21

What drug is Penny's brother known for abusing?

Fans were so excited to hear that Penny's brother was finally going to be featured in the series. She has teased stories about her family members over the years and has mentioned her brother on more than one occasion. While her father had been featured in various episodes throughout the series, it wasn't until Penny and Leonard's second wedding that fans got to see her mother and brother. It was hard to know what to expect since the mention of her brother was always in connection with a particular drug. What drug is Penny's brother known for?

Question 22

Penny’s new job

As a struggling actress that never could seem to find paying jobs and a waitress that couldn't even really afford to pay her own way in life, it was a life changing moment when Penny finally got a real job. While her interview didn't exactly go as well as she might have hoped, she was later praised at what she did and earned the title of being the third highest in sales. This life changing career move was all due to one of her friends getting her the interview. Which friend was it that got her the job?

Question 23

First wedding

When Leonard and Penny finally decided to get married, it seemed like a spur of the moment decision after their long engagement was scrutinized. It was Penny's idea to go to Las Vegas to finally tie the knot. The entire service was streamed online for their friends to watch since the last minute voyage was thrown together in such a rush. Yet, Leonard still prepared vows that he read at the service. Penny had to think of something in a hurry and the words she came up with came from one of Leonard's favorite films. What film did she quote?

Question 24


Penny didn't really like Amy when she first met her but they quickly became fast friends. Amy likes to refer to her as her "bestie" and she doesn't hide the fact that she is enamored with her. She commemorated their friendship with a giant painting of the two of them together and Penny was forced to hang it in her apartment. Yet, residences changed once Amy's apartment became damaged and Leonard and Penny began living together as man and wife. Where did the painting ultimately end up?

Question 25


Although Penny was formerly just a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory while struggling as an actress, she was able to add a new title to her resume as a bartender. She was practicing making drinks and asked the gang to help her by asking her to make them drinks. Sheldon gave her a hard time by asking for a rum and coke, without the rum, but Raj was a great sport about it. The drink Penny made him was one of her specialties and it allowed him to talk for the first time. What was the drink?

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