How Well Do You Know Netflix Shows?


There's not much that can compare to coming home on a Friday night after a long week of work and curling up on the couch to watch some Netflix. Whether you're watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black or catching up on an old show like Friends that you still love, you can't think of a more perfect and more relaxing activity. While you could definitely binge watch before Netflix (you could tape a bunch of shows on your PVR or buy some DVDs), it's safe to say that Netflix made binge watching a popular, beloved and mainstream thing.

While you maybe 100 percent confident that you're pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the original programming that Netflix has produced, is that really the truth? Do you know everything that there is to know about the sitcoms, dramas and non-fiction content that the streaming service has been steadily putting out for the past few years? It's time to find out! And then you can brag to your best friends that you're an expert in Netflix, which is all that you have ever wanted to be, of course.

Go ahead and take this quiz to find out how well you know Netflix shows!

Question 1

Orange is the New Black was the first original TV show that Netflix produced.

In the past few years, Netflix has been getting into the original programming game, instead of simply putting television shows and movies onto the service that are available for streaming. Do you know the show that was the very first one that Netflix originally produced? It's a pretty important question, right? Would you say that it's Orange is the New Black, the prison drama that you absolutely love, and that everyone that you know from your friends to relatives to coworkers loves too?

Question 2

The fifth season of House of Cards is premiering on May 30th, 2017.

A new season of House of Cards has been available on Netflix annually for the past few years, and it's always an exciting day when the new season is here. The political drama is all about how far a group of people will go to achieve the power that they have always wanted. It's equal parts fascinating and fun to watch. So when does the new season premiere? Do you agree that the fifth season will start streaming on May 30th, 2017?

Question 3

Kevin Costner stars as Frank Underwood on House of Cards.

House of Cards focuses on the lives of two political players, married couple Frank and Claire Underwood. While they definitely have an unconventional relationship that sometimes veers on the disturbing, you still enjoy watching them. You never know what they're going to do or say next and that's a pretty fascinating thing. This couple makes this show the very definition of binge watching and you can't imagine the show without them. Do you know who plays Frank Underwood? Do you think that it is Kevin Costner?

Question 4

House of Cards is based on a U.K. show of the same name.

There have been several shows over the years that have originated in the U.K. and have then had American versions. Some of those include the sitcom The Office, the mysterious drama Broadchurch, and reality shows such as Who Do You Think You Are? and What Not To Wear and The X Factor. Do you think that House of Cards is based on a U.K. show of the same name, or do you think that it's only an American, Netflix produced show?

Question 5

Season one of House of Cards started streaming in 2010.

There have been several seasons of the Netflix drama... and you have enjoyed each and every one of them, of course. You're not the only one and that's an understatement. If you go onto your social media accounts when the new season starts streaming, everyone that you know will say that they're super excited to start watching the new episodes. So what year did the show start streaming on the popular service? Did it start streaming back in 2010 or in another year?

Question 6

Orange is the New Black is based on a memoir of the same name.

Sometimes TV shows and movies are based on memoirs, and that really just goes to show that the saying "truth is stranger than fiction" can be true. It's always interesting to think about what was changed and what has stayed the same when a book is adapted into a television series. Do you think that Orange is the New Black is based on a memoir of the same name, or do you think that it's only a television show on Netflix?

Question 7

The fifth season of House of Cards was leaked online recently.

When a TV show is super popular, sometimes the cast and crew have to work really hard to keep things under wraps. They tell the actors to not say a single word about the storylines in an upcoming season and they don't give the actors the scripts until the very last second. Sometimes, spoilers get released online, but other times, the very show gets leaked. Do you think that the fifth season of House of Cards was leaked online recently?

Question 8

In February 2016, Netflix renewed Orange is the New Black for three entire seasons... at once.

Every year in the winter and spring, you eagerly await the news that your favorite shows will be renewed. You can't even think about a TV show that you love being cancelled. It's a pretty sad day when that happens. Sometimes, you get lucky and your fave show is recognized so much that several seasons are renewed at once. Do you think that has ever happened at Netflix? Did Netflix renew Orange is the New Black for three entire seasons at once?

Question 9

Aziz Ansari has a Netflix show called Love.

Aziz Ansari is one of several comedians who have created, written, and starred in a television show loosely based on their life. And his show happens to be on Netflix. His show follows in the tradition of favorites such as Seinfeld and Louie. And Aziz's show is both absolutely hilarious and also very smart. Have you watched it yet? Do you know its name? Do you think that Aziz Ansari has a Netflix show called Love, or is it called something else?

Question 10

The second season of Master of None features the main character, Dev, in Rome.

The second season of Master of None has recently begun streaming on Netflix, and critics and fans alike have agreed that the new episodes are definitely worth watching. The first season focused on Dev's professional and dating life in New York City, but the first episodes of season two are set in another location, and that would be Italy. People are loving the change of scenery. So what city does Dev live in when he's in Italy? Is it Rome?

Question 11

There is an episode of Master of None that takes a humorous look at Tinder.

It's no secret that most people are meeting on dating apps these days, and it's no longer a weird or rare thing. You have probably gone at least a few online dates and you definitely have some friends who have met their partners this way. It's always awesome when a sitcom will feature something that is super relevant to the culture, and these days, not much is more relevant than the fact that more and more people are dating via apps these days. Is there an episode on Master of None that takes a humorous look at Tinder?

Question 12

Aziz Ansari's very own parents play his parents on Master of None.

One of the most beloved and famous episodes of Master of None is called "Parents." This first season episode features Dev learning about his parents' background and how tough it was for them when they first moved to the U.S. He realizes that his parents have sacrificed a lot in order for him to live the American dream, and he realizes that he should appreciate them a lot more. So who plays his parents? Is it true that Aziz Ansari's very own mom and dad play the parts?

Question 13

Aziz Ansari and his brother co-wrote an episode of Master of None called "Religion."

Aziz Ansari has been praised for his Netflix show Master of None since he not only has created a funny show, but every single one of the episodes has something intelligent to say. He talks about everything from dating to following your dreams to figuring out who you are... and he also talks about coming to terms with your family background and how you grew up. Is it true that he and his brother co-wrote an episode of the show called "Religion"?

Question 14

Tina Fey has never had a TV show on Netflix.

Tina Fey is, of course, a comedy legend. She's well known for her sitcom 30 Rock, which she not only created but also starred in as Liz Lemon, as well as roles in movies like Sisters, Mean Girls, and This Is Where I Leave You. Tina also wrote an amazing memoir called Bossypants about her childhood, her early years in the comedy industry, and her life so far. She's also well known for her friendship with the equally hilarious and lovely Amy Poehler. Do you agree that Tina Fey has never had a TV show on Netflix?

Question 15

The second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is now streaming.

It's safe to say that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a seriously popular Netflix show. The sitcom revolves around Kimmy, who is both innocent and unique. She has been living with a cult forever and has had no knowledge of the actual world around her... until the pilot, when she is recused. Now she's living in none other than New York City and trying to learn about everything that she has missed. What season of this show is now streaming on Netflix? Is it the second season?

Question 16

There was a short-lived horror show on Netflix called Hemlock Haven.

Not every show on Netflix ends up lasting for several seasons. Sometimes that's okay with you because you can't love everything and other times, you're pretty bummed that you can't watch your favorite new show forever. While horror is not the most popular genre when it comes to Netflix shows -- there are definitely more dramas and comedies on the streaming service in terms of original programming -- That said, Netflix streamed a short-lived show called Hemlock Haven, true or false?

Question 17

The Crown is based on both a movie and a play.

The Crown is a historical drama that started streaming on Netflix on November 4th, 2016. The show is about Queen Elizabeth II and her relationship with her husband Philip, who was the Duke of Edinburgh. The first season is about a specific period of time in the Queen's life and the second season is going to focus on the next few decades. So what do you think? Is The Crown based on not only a movie but also a play?

Question 18

The Crown is NOT a popular Netflix show.

You know that Downton Abbey was an incredibly popular historical drama, so do you think that The Crown is as well? It's safe to say that people really love becoming invested in a series that is set in a different time and place. It's like you really can escape your usual reality and think about things from a different perspective. Do you agree that The Crown is a popular show, or do you think that it hasn't gotten the audience that the streaming service hoped for?

Question 19

The OA is a comedy.

One of the most interesting and original shows that has been produced by Netflix is definitely The OA. Created by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling, this show took the pop culture world by storm when it started streaming on the platform, and no one could believe how cool and unique it is. If you're one of those fans, then you agree that it's a show that is the definition of unforgettable. So what genre is this show? Is The OA a comedy?

Question 20

There have been two seasons of The OA so far.

If you've seen The OA, then you know that this supernatural/science fiction/mysterious show is definitely worth checking out. Every episode will confuse you, sure, but you won't even mind because you will be so invested and so completely fascinated. You have probably told your friends and family that they absolutely have to start watching this show... because at the very least, you need people to discuss it with. Do you know how many seasons Netflix has produced of this show yet? Do you think that there have been two seasons of The OA?

Question 21

Bloodline is ending this year.

If you're a serious TV fan, then Netflix is your coach potato dream because there are always new sitcoms and dramas for your streaming pleasure. You can check out Master of None, a whole bunch of revivals, and there are always classic favorites like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Have you checked out Bloodline yet? The Netflix show has been around for a few years now, but do you know how long it will continue? Is Bloodline ending this year?

Question 22

Bloodline is a drama about a family who own a hotel in the Florida Keys.

The first season of the Netflix produced drama Bloodline started streaming in 2015. The second season premiered last year and the third and final season will stream in the spring of 2017. This show is super dramatic (and that's an understatement). You might be pretty sad that it's ending if you're a fan. So what is this Netflix show actually about? Does this drama follow a family who own a hotel in the Florida Keys? Or is this show about something entirely different?

Question 23

There are no pop culture references on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

When you're a pop culture fan, there's really nothing better than when you sit down to watch a show and there are tons of pop culture references. This is one reason why shows like Riverdale and Gilmore Girls have been so popular. It's really fun to see what references you understand and which ones you have to look up. Sometimes you even discover new musicians or movies that you never would have known about. Is it true or false that there are no pop culture references on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

Question 24

Judd Apatow is co-creator of Master Of None.

Judd Apatow is a super popular writer, director and producer. He's known for his hilarious movies starring actors such as Seth Rogen and Jason Segel. Just a handful of his most beloved and popular films are Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bridesmaids, and This Is 40. Judd Apatow also works in television and he produced and wrote the HBO hit Girls. Is it true that Judd Apatow is co-creator of Aziz Ansari's hilarious, sweet and smart show Master of None?

Question 25

Love is about a couple in a long-term relationship.

Love is about, well, love, as the title definitely suggests. It proves how tough dating can be and how everyone has secrets and parts of themselves that it can be hard to show someone else. This Netflix show is not only funny but also smart and introspective and it will make you think a lot about who you are and what kind of partner you want to be. Is the Netflix show Love about a couple in a long-term relationship?

Question 26

Love has already been renewed for a third season by Netflix.

When you love a television show and have finished watching whatever episodes are available, you immediately start freaking out. Because no matter how happy you are that you have discovered a great new show, you automatically start getting nervous that the show won't be coming back for another season. There is nothing worse or more soul-crushing than learning that your fave new show has been cancelled. You want to cry and you don't care how dramatic that might seem. Is it true or false that Love has been renewed for a season three by Netflix?

Question 27

The main characters in Love are named Mickey and Gus.

When Love premiered on Netflix in February 2016, it was obvious that this was no ordinary show. It's an absolutely hilarious and intelligent series about what it's like to date in this modern world. The two main characters are in their thirties but even though they seem like they're old enough to know what they want and where they're going, they're still figuring their lives out. It's basically a coming-of-age story. Is it true or false that the main characters on this show are called Mickey and Gus?

Question 28

There are NO revivals on Netflix.

In the past few years, revivals of popular television shows from the past have become incredibly trendy. Fans are always ready to say hello to their favorite characters and settings again, and it's always good news when your all-time fave show from childhood or your high school years comes back to life. There's honestly nothing better and you would love as many new episodes as the creators, writers and producers want to give you. Has Netflix gotten into the revival game? Is it true or false that there are absolutely no revivals on the streaming service?

Question 29

Netflix has renewed Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life for a second season.

When Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life started streaming on November 25th, 2016, you were definitely excited about it. You probably watched the whole thing in one sitting and couldn't wait to talk to your best friends about it. Of course, as soon as the episodes dropped, everyone started talking about the possibility of getting more episodes. Fans are super greedy when it comes to their favorite television shows and it's often not enough to just get a single season of a revival. Is it true that Netflix has renewed this show for a second season?

Question 30

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is four 90-minute episodes.

When it was announced that Netflix would be producing a revival of the beloved mom/daughter show Gilmore Girls, fans were super thrilled and excited. You're definitely one of those fans and so you were jumping around for joy as well. You could barely handle the news. What's the format of these new episodes? Is it true that Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life contains four 90-minute episodes (aka movie-length episodes) instead of the regular, more traditional format for a television show?

Question 31

Judd Apatow's daughter Maude has a role on Love.

Judd Apatow has an absolutely adorable family. His wife is successful actress Leslie Mann, who has starred in some of his movies, like This Is 40. The couple have two daughters named Maude and Iris. Actually, Leslie, Maude and Iris were all in This Is 40, which made the whole thing an amazing family affair. It makes sense that Judd would want to work with the people closest to him in the world. Is it true that Judd Apatow's daughter Maude has a role on Love?

Question 32

The Netflix revival of Full House is called A Very Full House.

The first season of the Netflix revival of Full House started streaming in February 2016, and the second season started streaming in December 2016. Yes, you were very happy to be able to watch all of these new episodes in the same calendar year, since of course you grew up watching Full House and you have very fond memories. Do you know what the new show is called? Is the Netflix revival of Full House called A Very Full House?

Question 33

The original cast members all returned for Fuller House.

When it was announced that there would be a revival of Full House -- and when you learned that it would be on your beloved streaming service, Netflix -- you were definitely thrilled. And maybe a tiny bit nervous. After all, not every revival is super good, and sometimes you wonder if these TV shows should have been left in the past. Of course, Fuller House has been a roaring success. Did all of the original cast members return for the new episodes?

Question 34

The Olsen twins are in Fuller House.

Chances are, you grew up loving Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and you never missed one of their movies or specials. You knew every word to the popular song "Brother For Sale" and you and your best friend probably pretended to be them (and fought over who was going to be who). Of course, you also loved watching the twins on Full House. So was the whole gang back together again for the Netflix revival? Is it true that the Olsen twins are in Fuller House?

Question 35

Fuller House has been renewed for a third season.

Fuller House is, of course, the incredibly popular Netflix revival of Full House, the 1990s sitcom that you associate with your childhood. The first two seasons were as popular as you would expect and you probably really enjoyed watching them and getting in touch with your nostalgic side. It's hard not to smile even thinking about this charming and adorable sitcom. Is it true that the show is coming back and that Fuller House has been renewed for a third season?

Question 36

The Netflix series One Day at a Time is based on the 70s/80s Norman Lear show of the same name.

On January 6, 2017, the hilarious and sweet show One Day at a Time started streaming on Netflix. The show follows the Alvarez family and how they are coping with life. Penelope is living in an apartment with her two adorable kids, Elena and Alex, and her mom/their grandma, Lydia. But is this an original series? Is it true that One Day at a Time is based on the Normal Lear show of the same name that was on in the 1970s and 1980s?

Question 37

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life features those infamous "final four words."

When Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls, was not able to return for the final and seventh season, she told everyone that she wouldn't be able to write the "final four words" into the finale as she had been planning to. These four words became the stuff of legend and for years, fans tried to guess what those words would be. There were tons of theories and ideas floating around. Is it true that these final four words are in the Netflix revival?

Question 38

There is only one Marvel show on Netflix.

Jessica Jones

It's safe to say that superhero are a thing and this trend isn't going away anytime soon. From Hollywood blockbusters to television shows, these stories are capturing and enthralling people of all ages. It makes sense that Netflix would get into the superhero game and that they would start producing Marvel television shows. Do you know how many Marvel shows the platform has taken on? Do you think that it's true or false that there is only one Marvel show on Netflix?

Question 39

Making A Murderer premiered in the winter of 2016.

Sometimes there is a lot of press and fanfare about a new Netflix original show. You read about it absolutely everywhere and you and your friends eagerly await the moment when it is available for streaming. Other times, a show is released on the platform and you haven't even heard about it. You decide to take a chance and then find that you absolutely love it. This happened to a lot of people with The OA and it also happened with Making A Murderer. Is it true that the show premiered in the winter of 2016?

Question 40

Making A Murderer is a documentary series about a man falsely accused of a crime who is freed... and then winds up back in jail.

When Making A Murderer came out in December 2015, you heard about it everywhere and read about it on every social media platform and in every publication, so it was difficult not to know what it was about. You were most likely enthralled by the very first episode and couldn't stop watching, and it's safe to say that this show was binge-worthy. Is it true that this show is a documentary series about a man falsely accused of a crime who is freed... and then winds up back in jail?

Question 41

Making A Murderer has been cancelled by Netflix.

When Making A Murderer was released by Netflix on December 18th, 2015, it was a huge success. People couldn't believe how unfair the criminal justice system seemed and everyone was obsessed with this show. It was impossible to hang out with anyone or go to the office without hearing someone mention the show, so you knew that you had to check it out. Do you think that it's true or false that this true crime series has been cancelled by Netflix?

Question 42

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix drama based on a young adult novel.

When 13 Reasons Why premiered on Netflix on March 31st, 2017, it was a seriously big deal. Fans and critics watched it super quickly and still couldn't stop talking about it. They still can't. You probably binged this series as soon as you could and told everyone that you know that they needed to check it out too. It's definitely a powerful and moving series. Is it true or false that the show is based on a young adult novel?

Question 43

Selena Gomez is a producer on 13 Reasons Why.

It's becoming more and more of a trend for celebrities to become involved with projects outside of their chosen field. That means that singers are becoming actors and actors are becoming singers. There are even famous figures who are doing things that are totally new for them, such as Jessica Alba and her company the Honest Company, or Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle brand Goop. Is it true or false that the singer Selena Gomez is a producer on 13 Reasons Why?

Question 44

Netflix hasn't decided on a season 2 of 13 Reasons Why yet.

As soon as 13 Reasons Why started streaming, people started speculating about the possibility of more episodes. After all, while there were 13 episodes, they were under the umbrella of "season one" and so that seemed like it might suggest a second season. Then there was the fact that this show has become super popular and there are so many fans that want to see what the characters are up to next. A lot of people don't believe that the story is over. Is it true that Netflix hasn't decided on a season 2 yet?

Question 45

After some controversy, Netflix put additional warnings on a few 13 Reasons Why episodes.

It's impossible to talk about 13 Reasons Why without discussing the controversial parts of the show that have been taking the social media and pop culture worlds by storm. Some people are unsure if the show should have been so brave and bold in its portrayal and discussion of teenage suicide and there has been a lot of criticism directed at the series. Whether that criticism is fair or not really depends on your perspective. But is it true that Netflix has added some new warnings to a few episodes after the controversy?

Question 46

13 Reasons Why is the most tweeted show of 2017.

When 13 Reasons Why premiered, people started tweeting... and tweeting... and tweeting. You probably couldn't log onto your own account without seeing someone that you know (and someone that you didn't know) talking about the show. There are a ton of television shows that people love to tweet about, whether it's the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy or a beloved drama that is full of mystery like Pretty Little Liars. Is it true that 13 Reasons Why is the most tweeted show of the year?

Question 47

Grace and Frankie stars Jane Fonda and Blythe Danner.

Grace and Frankie is a sweet and funny Netflix show that first started streaming in 2015. There have been three seasons so far and it has also been renewed for a forth season. The show is about the main characters, Grace and Frankie, who become friends after learning that their husbands are in love... with each other. Talk about a life-changing revelation. The show is also beloved since it's about older people who are in a different stage of their life. Are the stars Jane Fonda and Blythe Danner?

Question 48

Drew Barrymore has a Netflix show called Santa Barbara Diet.

When Drew Barrymore's Netflix show premiered earlier this year, reviews were pretty mixed. Some fans of the actress thought it was pretty fun and even kind of adorable in its own way... but some critics didn't love the show at all. You might have checked it out and been a bit grossed out because let's face it, this show is part of the horror genre and it's not for the faint of heart. Or hey, maybe you loved it. That works too. So what is this show called? Is it called Santa Barbara Diet?

Question 49

There is a prequel on Netflix to Wet Hot American Summer.

Wet Hot American Summer came out in 2001 and since then, the film has been incredibly popular. The movie is about a group of camp counsellors in 1981 and it's equal parts hilarious and raunchy. The movie stars favorites like Paul Rudd, Janeane Garofalo, Molly Shannon and Amy Poehler. If you haven't seen the movie, you've been told by your friends that you definitely need to get on that and soon. Is it true or false that Netflix has a prequel series based on this movie?

Question 50

Season two of Stranger Things has already dropped.

When Stranger Things came out on Netflix in the summer of 2016, it was a massive hit... and that's an understatement. People couldn't believe how enjoyable this show was and how well-crafted it was. The show follows a group of pre-teens who discover that their best friend has disappeared... and their seemingly perfect small town might have something more sinister going on. Oh yeah, and the show is set in the 1980s, so there's that. Is it true that season two of the show has already dropped on Netflix?

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