How Well Do You Know Negan From The Walking Dead?


Throughout AMC's The Walking Dead, Rick and his group have come into contact with a number of crazed leaders that weren't exactly working for world peace. From "The Claimers" that planned on sodomizing Carl to The Governor decapitating Hershel, there weren't many group leaders that were worthy of joining forces with Rick. Yet, none of these antagonists compare to the horror that has been inflicted by Negan and the Saviors. While other characters have murdered and manipulated, they still seemed somewhat in touch with the same type of norms from before the zombie apocalypse. Yet, Negan's actions have shown that he no longer wishes to conform to what life was like before the walkers roamed the planet. From his harem of wives to the maniacal jokes he's made over the callous murders he's carried out, Negan is a truly unique character in the series.

While there are some that thoroughly enjoyed when Negan finally made an appearance into the series, there were others that blamed his character for a drop in ratings. Not only has Negan killed off some of the most beloved characters of the show, but he also seemed to break the strongest members of the cast. Audiences found it difficult to see their favorite characters whittled down to weeping and submissive people that were practically unrecognizable. Whether you are a huge fan of the Negan character or you're just appreciative of this complex new persona on the show, test your knowledge on this controversial character and see if you can recall the details through all of the jaw-dropping moments.

Question 1

What did the Saviors put on one of the walkers to show that they had Michonne?

When Rick and a small group were on their way to the Hilltop Colony in order to take Maggie to see their doctor, they were caught in an elaborate scheme set up by Negan. The first roadblock resulted in an ultra heated confrontation but it seemed like Rick was still confident in their ability to get Maggie to the Hilltop. Yet, there was one roadblock that made it apparent that the Saviors already had some members of their group. What did the Saviors put on one of the walkers to show that they had Michonne?

Question 2

Who was the first character Negan killed in the Season 7 premiere?

The Season 6 cliffhanger of The Walking Dead left people wondering which of the main characters were killed off during Negan's ambush in the woods. The "eeny-meeny-miny-mo" scenario created a mass amount of speculation, with everyone having their own theories on who would be the one to die. The Season 7 premiere didn't disappoint and fans were in for a jaw-dropping episode. While Negan had everyone restrained and began deciding on who he would kill first, the previous episode only showed a bloody screen. Who was the first character Negan killed in the Season 7 premiere?

Question 3

Abraham’s last words

When Abraham was the first person that Negan killed in the woods, the last moments of his life said a lot about him. The initial swing of Negan's bat didn't even fully knock Abraham out and Negan seemed completely impressed by him. Negan even called out, "takin' it like a champ." Yet, the response from Abraham was priceless and it really showed his strong and defiant nature. Not only did he straighten up after being hit but he gave last words to remember. What did Abraham say to Negan?

Question 4

Who punched Negan in the face?

When Negan gathered Rick's group into the woods, he set out a strict guideline on how they were required to behave. He already let them know that he was going to kill one of the members of their group and there was nothing that could be done about it. Yet, he threatened to harm more people if any of the other members didn't follow exactly what he said. While Negan was antagonizing Rosita, someone jumped up and punched Negan in the face. This is what led to Negan ultimately killing Glenn. Who punched Negan in the face?

Question 5

Negan’s bat

One of the most unique characteristics about Negan is the fact that he calls his weapon of choice by a particular name. This seems to be his favorite weapon and he carries it with him in a way that really shows off his authority. He almost makes it seem like the bat is its own entity and a living, breathing item. He says things like, "she's thirsty" and encourages other people to treat the bat like it really does have feelings and needs. What is the name of Negan's bat?

Question 6

Ax test

After Negan killed two of the members of Rick's group, he took Rick on a ride in the RV. Negan said that he took Rick on that venture because of the way Rick was continuing to be defiant. He then led Rick back but he still didn't seem convinced that Rick was sufficiently submissive. So, in order to prove his dominance over him, Negan ordered Rick to do something and threatened to kill everyone in their group if he didn't. What was Rick supposed to do?

Question 7

The whole entire area was filled with walkers and Rick had no weapon. What did he need to retrieve for Negan?

After all of the chaos in the woods, Negan had Rick get into an RV so that the two of them could go for a drive. This was just another way for Negan to put Rick into a submissive state, which he continued to do throughout their time together with the RV. Yet, the worst was when he threw something out of the RV and forced Rick to retrieve it for him. The whole entire area was filled with walkers and Rick had no weapon. What did he need to retrieve for Negan?

Question 8

What is the name of the person that Negan took as a hostage?

After Negan puts on the big show of trying to force Rick to cut off the arm of his own son, he made another statement of power when he took one of the members of the group. He told Dwight to load him into a vehicle and then whispered to Rick about how he thought he "had guts." He also claimed that he liked him and that he now belongs to Negan. What is the name of the person that Negan took as a hostage?

Question 9

Negan issued one final threat to make sure Rick complies. What was the threat?

Just when fans thought that Negan had sufficiently brought Rick into an utter state of submission, he continued to add a new layer of humiliation and danger unto him. From throwing him out into a walkers without a weapon to getting him to agree to chopping off Carl's arm, Negan seemed to have a major psychological hold on Rick. The fact that Negan killed two of Rick's closest allies didn't seem enough to keep Rick in check. Negan issued one final threat to make sure Rick complies. What was the threat?

Question 10

The deal

When Rick and his group were first brought to the Hilltop Colony, they arrived during a time when Negan and the Saviors were sending a message to Gregory. Rick was forced to intercede and Jesus later divulged that they had been supplying the Saviors with supplies, crops and livestock after making a deal with them. This has become the basic model of Negan and his group and that's when Daryl had the idea of solving Hilltop's Negan problem if they could get the same deal. What is the standard tribute Negan and the Saviors require?

Question 11

First encounter

Prior to Rick's group hearing about Negan and the Saviors through the people at the Hilltop Colony, there were some main characters that had already come into contact with members of that group. In one particular instance, three of Negan's people ambushed one of the main characters in an effort to escape the Saviors. There was even a moment when Negan's people were asked to join Rick's group because it seemed like they had good in them. Who was the character that interacted with people escaping Negan's group?

Question 12

What happened to these biker Saviors?

Prior to hearing the story of how Negan overpowered the people of the Hilltop Colony and put them into submission, some of the main characters from the series had a small idea of what the Saviors were all about. Daryl encountered some in the woods (that ultimately robbed him and were dragged back to Negan) and a group of Saviors ambushed some other characters on the road. They were all riding motorcycles and had their guns drawn. What happened to these biker Saviors?

Question 13

Negan’s trophy

Negan and the Saviors pretty much have the same sort of deal with every group that they encounter. They typically start off by killing one or two of the other group and then use that to get half of everything that's theirs. Yet, that's not all of their intimidation actions. When Negan claimed that the Hilltop provided a light load, they didn't hesitate to make a statement. Besides taking a hostage, Negan demanded that they return with someone's severed head. Whose head did Negan ask for?

Question 14

Negan’s punishment of choice

Much of the inner working within Negan's group was revealed when Carl went on a suicide mission to kill him. Carl did manage to kill some of Negan's men but he was ultimately captured before he could kill Negan. While taking Carl on a tour with how things work with the Saviors, Carl was privy to a ceremony that revealed Negan's punishment of choice. When someone wrongs Negan and it's not an offense that warrants death, Negan does something specific to them. What is Negan's punishment of choice?

Question 15

What did Amber do that made Negan burn a man's face?

Carl was introduced to Negan's harem of women and it definitely showed a different side to him. Audiences weren't expecting him to have a wife at all and they definitely weren't expecting him to have a polygamist attitude towards marriage. He called all of the women his wives and seemed to treat them well. While they weren't exactly truly in love with him, he didn't beat them or keep them in a dungeon at least. Yet, that doesn't mean there aren't times when he has to dole out punishment. What did Amber do that made him burn a man's face?

Question 16

Pool table death

When Negan visited Alexandria, it wasn't exactly a care-free visit. His first visit entailed the Saviors completely hoarding over their supplies and even robbed the homes in Alexandria of their mattresses. There were a number of ultra-tense encounters between Negan and some of the occupants at Alexandria, including a time when Carl pulled a gun on some of Negan's men. Yet, there was one incident that made people wonder about Negan's logic in determining the leadership at Alexandria. Who was the character that Negan killed after he suggested that Rick no longer lead the group?

Question 17

Eugene’s reward

Eugene is often pegged as a coward and a liar but there's no denying that he has an amazing ability towards self-preservation. He made up the story about knowing how to reverse the zombie apocalypse in order to get Abraham to protect him and he tried to do the same thing with Negan. Yet, he truly earned his worth when he solved a problem concerning the walkers they used for outside of the compound. What was the reward Negan gave Eugene?

Question 18

What did Negan ask Carl to do that made him cry?

When Carl gunned down some of Negan's men and tried to assassinate Negan, his attack wasn't exactly received the way people thought. Rather than stringing him up or throwing him into a cell, he seemed to take Carl under his wing and take him on a tour of their stronghold base. At one point, Negan sat with Carl and talked with him. During this conversation, there was one thing Negan asked him to do that ultimately ended with Carl crying. What did Negan ask him to do that made him cry?

Question 19

Who was it that led the charge in breaking Daryl's spirit?

Negan has a tendency to want to collect people that exhibit bravery, even when it is in direct conflict with him. Daryl exuded this when he punched Negan in the face after he killed Abraham. He wanted to turn Daryl into his own personal dog by breaking down his spirit and turning him into "Negan." While he spent some time with him while Daryl was in captivity and serving the Saviors, the majority of Daryl's torture was spent with one of Negan's men. Who was it that led the charge in breaking Daryl's spirit?

Question 20

Daryl’s escape

When Daryl was taken by Negan and the Saviors, his captivity didn't seem like it was specific to him. Negan had a strategy of breaking down newcomers to the group and it seemed to work with all of the other captives before him. Yet, Daryl wouldn't give in to what Negan was asking of him because of the loyalty he felt to Rick and the other members of his group. He ultimately escaped after he was handed a note, letting him know that this was the time to flee. Who wrote the note?

Question 21

Who killed Fat Joey?

The interesting thing about Negan's group is the fact that the majority of the Saviors seem to be held there against their will. People exist in Negan's group through threat of force against them or the people they love and Negan has a tendency to continue the psychological torture in an endless reel. This makes the audience view some of Negan's people with sympathy, especially the ones that are just doing what they can to survive. Fat Joey was one of those characters that just seemed to be following orders in order to get by. Who killed Fat Joey?

Question 22

Sasha’s death

When Negan captured Sasha after she attacked the Saviors, he didn't kill her right away after she was subdued. In fact, he rescued her from a would-be rapist that came into her cell. It's part of Negan's personality to reward people for their bravery, especially when they show the gumption to burst in all alone with their guns blazing. Negan decided not to kill Sasha because he wanted to use her as a bargaining chip with Rick's group. Yet, when he opened her coffin, she was dead inside. How did she die?

Question 23

asha chose to end her own life so she wouldn't be used as a pawn for Negan. How did she get the poison?

When Sasha was taken prisoner by Negan, she managed to take out a number of the Saviors during her suicide mission. She undoubtedly knew that she wouldn't be able to take down every single one of the Saviors but she didn't seem to care much about her own life after the death of Abraham. When she was held in captivity, Negan laid out what was in store for her future and it involved hurting her friends. Sasha chose to end her own life so she wouldn't be used as a pawn for Negan. How did she get the poison?

Question 24

Final betrayal

During the final episode of Season 7, it seemed like everyone was converging at the same time in order to bring all of their forces together to defeat Negan and the Saviors. Yet, it was a delicate situation since the other communities were hesitant in joining the fight against Negan. The Saviors were a huge group that not even Rick knew exactly how many of them would be fighting against them. When things finally came to a head, it turned out that someone betrayed Rick and took Negan's side. Who was it that switched to Negan's side in the end?

Question 25

What is the name of this henchman of Negan?

Negan isn't exactly the type of leader that has entire trust in a right-hand man since even the people surrounding him seem like they're only there through intimidation. Evidence of this can be seen in the way Negan provides a photo of loved ones that he's killed or how he's burned people's faces after they've committed an offense. Yet, these are often the people that he puts on difficult missions or uses to torture newcomers. What is the name of this henchman of Negan?

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