How Well Do You Know Minecraft?


The wonderful world of Minecraft is a gigantic sandbox made primarily out of same-sized cubes. The world's design refers to the video game tradition of using textured polygons in order to build a virtual world. While simple in design, Minecraft has captured the hearts of older gamers while drawing new crowd of younger gamers into the PC community.

Each Minecraft experience is a little different. Built from a seed, the game creates a randomly generated world full of treasures, secrets, and dangerous mobs. In order to survive, the player must construct and defend a home. From there, the player decides what kind of game they wish to play, from adventure to survival to world-building. Players can also design games for others to play by building their own mods.

Aside from building and fighting mobs, players can farm, tame animals, and go fishing. They can craft items such as armor and pickaxes in order to expand what they can do. They can also collect redstone and other materials in order to build large-scale machines. The sky is the limit, which is exactly 255 blocks tall.

Once the player has gathered all of the most powerful materials and built enchanted weapons and armor, they are ready to tackle The End, a strange land outside of time and space. If they survive, they can pass through the final portal and see the ending credits, but the game is hardly over.

Question 1

What is this green monster?

Minecraft creeper standing in an archway.

This mob may be textured like a cactus but acts more like a bomb with legs. Just before exploding, the enemy will emit a terrifying hiss. If the mob happens to sneak up on the character, the player then has only moments to run quickly in the opposite direction. The mob will continue to try to explode until defeated or set off with flint and steel. The most frustrating thing that this notorious mob will do is explode right next to one of the player's buildings, destroying hours of work.

Question 2

How do you tame a wolf?

9 tamed wolves in minecraft.

Wolves are sweet little creatures once they get to know the character and no longer view humans as delicious snacks. Wild wolves do not attack first, but will call over all the other wolves in the local area to fight if attacked. Tamed wolves are adorable pets with cute red collars, and there is no limit to how many pet wolves a player can have. The question is how can a player tame a wild wolf in order to gain a trusty wolf companion?

Question 3

What are torches made of?

Torch in Minecraft

A miner without a torch is like a climber without rope. It is possible to travel underground without lighting, but the risks only become more mountainous without it. Mobs are quick to spawn in the dark, and only the light from a trusty torch or another similar device can keep them at bay. If setting out underground empty-handed, a Minecraft player must first find certain items near the surface to craft an invaluable tool: a torch. Which two ingredients are put together to create four torches?

Question 4

What is this spider called?

Minecraft cave spider

Just like bulls charge at the sight of red, these spiders will only attack in the dark. Once exposed to the darkness, however, these sneaky beasts no longer care how bright the lighting becomes. They will chase the character out of the mineshaft and into the open overworld, biting and unleashing their venom until one of the two is slain. These spiders can climb on walls and are also apt at leaping large distances, making them terrifying foes in the dark.

Question 5

Which solid blocks cannot be destroyed with TNT?


TNT is a busy miner's best friend. Though the blast radius is large and the damage it deals is extensive, setting off TNT is often safer than digging underground. For one, certain blocks may fall and crush the player, leading to a wild goose chase to recover the lost items. Secondly, the player may be attacked by underground mobs at any time. TNT is much safer in the end, but it won't blow up everything. Which two solid blocks are immune to TNT?

Question 6

What are these flying blocks?

Ghasts in the nether.

These floating blocks are often the door greeters at the entrance of the nether, often gifting the player with several fireballs as they pass through the portal. The fireballs explode, damaging both the character and the flying ghost creature if it gets too close. The player can earn an achievement by bouncing a fireball back toward this ghostly creature. Though they outnumber the player, these flying blocks can be bested by hiding behind one of the nether's many pillars of lava and waiting for them to float into attack range. While fearsome, these are hardly the most infamous foes to be found in the nether.

Question 7

How many iron ingots are needed to build a minecart rail?

Rails are not strictly necessary in order to complete the game, but they do make a lot of things easier. The player can construct railways connecting all of the important points on the map. Rails can even be powered with redstone in order to make the trip faster. It can be an investment to get started but well worth the time, especially when the player wants to keep the mining areas separate from the architectural scene. How any iron ingots are needed to craft rails?

Question 8

What is this strange-looking fish?

Minecraft Guardian

These bizarre creatures are found near the monuments which sometimes appear on the ocean floor. They are an excellent source of pristine shards, which can be used to make beautiful sea lanterns. A player can manage to defeat one by dodging its means and attacking it whenever possible. The player may need enchanted armor in order to pull through. It is important to be careful when fighting one of these creatures because their more powerful brethren may be around the corner.

Question 9

Can a skeleton horse be tamed?

Minecraft skeleton horse

There are seven species of mobs in Minecraft which can be tamed, from horses to llamas to wolves. The way that each is tamed is a little different. Finding out just how to tame each type of animal requires a lot of experimentation, or a quick trip to Google. Ordinary horses can be tamed regardless of the color of their coats, but what about the horses with no coats at all? Is it possible to fit one of these skeleton creatures with armor and dash into the night?

Question 10

What is this humanoid thing?

Zombie pigman from Minecraft

From the depths of the Nether, these creatures roam the cubic planet, some riding on chickens. No need to fear, however. These monsters will not attack unless attacked first. They are gentle creatures, trying to live peacefully on this cubic planet covered in strange mobs. They are hardly the strangest out there but should still be approached with caution. Once a single one of these monsters is harmed, it is important to watch out for more of its kind. Any in earshot will come running.

Question 11

What is this powerful sea monster?

Elder guardian from Minecraft

Only one of these terrifying creatures will spawn when an ocean monument is generated, often somewhere concealed by cover. Though it may hide from the player, the player cannot hide from it. Even if a character is using an invisibility potion, the monstrous fish will attack as if nothing is different. It will even stalk behind players in spectator mode, though it cannot attack them. It has a built-in long-range laser as well as something that appears to be thorns. Worst of all, the mob can infect the player with mining fatigue, making the fight even more one-sided.

Question 12

What are beds made of?

render of king-size bed

Nothing beats sleep. In Minecraft, sleep means skipping over the dangerous night time in order to start up building again in the morning. Minecraft characters do not need sleep in the same way we do, and can go an infinite amount of time without visiting a bed. The last bed that the character visited is their new spawn point, or the place they will appear after being crushed under rocks or hit with too many fireballs. What materials are needed to build one?

Question 13

What in the world is this thing?

Blaze from Minecraft

These balls of fire and smoke spawn only in the nether. They and their haunting eyes lurk on the ground until something appears for them to attack, then rise up into the air in order to fight. These fire monsters shoot fireballs, setting the character and their surroundings on fire. Since the nether is a hot, fiery world, it makes sense that they prefer living there to the water-covered world next door. The best way to take them down is with a splash water bottle.

Question 14

What is this mysterious mob?

silverfish from Minecraft on white background

Though they may seem to be hatchlings that erupt from broken monster eggs, these little critters are actually something much sneakier. When no players are around, this floppy land creature will hop into a stone block and disguise itself as a monster egg. If the player makes the mistake of breaking the block, this strange creature will hop out and attack. If the player fights back, soon more of these mobs will be flopping toward the player from inside the walls.

Question 15

How do you tame a horse?

Minecraft horse, chicken, and pig on grass.

In the world of minecraft, horses are marvelous companions. Not only are the beautiful and loyal pets, they can be equipped with armor and ridden into dangerous places. They can also be bred to create even stronger, faster horses, making them safer to bring on adventures without any unfortunate accidents. However, none of this fun can begin until the horse is tamed. What does a horse need in order to become accustomed to the character and gain the character's trust?

Question 16

What is this poor creature?

Mooshroom from Minecraft

Like fungus sometimes grows on ants, there is a Minecraft mushroom that grows on cows. A sympathetic player can shear the cow to free it from the parasite, collecting mushrooms in the process. If not, the cow may very well wander into a body of water without noticing, possibly the mushroom's next step in its natural reproductive process. This poor infected cow can also be milked using a bowl to collect mushroom stew. What is this poor, infected creature called?

Question 17

Which food can be crafted into a large block?

Minecraft grassy field with a house in the background.

In a world dominated by only one kind of polygon, there is no question why certain foods would start to take on cubic appearances. Even in the real world, produce is sometimes pressed into cubes in order to maximize production and minimize waste. One type of Minecraft in particular can be grown as a block, taken apart, and then crafted back into a block. It may not mesh perfectly with real-world physics, but this is not the real world at all.

Question 18

What is this creepy place?

The End from Minecraft

Within certain strongholds are green portals with a dark space within. Entering one of these portals will take the player to a bizarre and barren land. It is a dangerous place with few resources, only powerful enemies to fight. If the player defeats an ender dragon, they can acquire a valuable dragon egg. Once the player reaches the central island and passes through the exit portal, they can enjoy the credits for the first and only time in the game.

Question 19

What is this horse's armor made of?

A Minecraft horse in diamond armor at night.

Copper and iron will not do when riding a horse at night. Weak, common metals do not provide the necessary protection against zombies, spiders, and everything else that goes bump in the night. To keep it safe, the player must make an investment, even if that means sacrificing a few valuable items. The blue tint of this horse's armor also helps when searching for the horse in the dark, as reflectors are not currently available in the game. What is the crucial ingredient that went into this horse's stellar outfit?

Question 20

What is this dark creature?

Minecraft Enderman holding a dirt block with grass on top.

These peaceful creatures just want to be left alone. They may look fearsome, but they are just shy. Their favorite hobby is "borrowing" blocks from the player's house in order to create their own architectural masterpieces. That being said, it is a very bad idea to look one of these creatures in the eye. This makes them very, very angry. To avoid them, the player can choose to only go outside when it is raining. The mobs are vulnerable to water, including rainfall. Fighting them can be frustrating. Their tendency to teleport makes them difficult prey.

Question 21

How is mining fatigue cured?

A dimly lit mine in Minecraft.

Mining fatigue is an irritating and sometimes dangerous condition that slows down the character's ability to swing a sword and use mining equipment. It is caused by an Elder Guardian, a fierce underwater enemy. Mining fatigue will go away on its own, but mining in the meantime can be an arduous task. The higher the level, the more drawn-out each swing of the sword becomes. Instead of waiting out the problem, it is much less annoying to cure it and move on. Which of the following will resolve the problem?

Question 22

What is a lever made of?

metal lever

Levers are one of many gadgets in Minecraft that can be used to activate things. By connecting redstone wire, a player can build large machines that move blocks or operate built-in game equipment. Players have created truly amazing things with this technology, including calculators, elevators, and grief-o-matics. It all starts with a switch, whether that means a pressure plate or something more traditional. The added plus of a lever is that it cannot be activated by wandering sheep. What are Minecraft levers made of?

Question 23

What is this little thing?

Minecraft endermite over a white background

These dark-colored creatures are the smallest mobs in the game. They only spawn from ender pearls, so don't be surprised if you have never seen one. One curious fact about these little baby monsters is that endermen will rush over and squish them on sight. These little critters will attack the player on sight. They also spawn portal particles. Their lifespan is two minutes. They may be creepy but they are also cute, so players must remember to enjoy them while they last.

Question 24

What is the weakest pickaxe needed to mine diamonds?

Diamond and redstone ore in Minecraft.

Diamonds are a material that rests somewhere between the rarest and the most common of items in Minecraft. They are significantly rarer than copper and wood but not nearly as hard to find as ender pearls or golden apples. Attaining the first diamond marks a turning point in the beginning of the game after which many new doors are opened. First, another material must be gathered in significant quantity in order to construct a pickaxe. What type of pickaxe must be constructed?

Question 25

Where is a hostile mob least likely to spawn?

A dimly lit mine in Minecraft.

Mobs come from everywhere, from the Nether to the strangest stronghold. The player must remember to always stay on their toes, except when playing in peaceful mode. A mob may be hiding behind any corner, waiting to attack. More accurately, a mob may be pacing around obliviously behind any corner until the player reaches a certain distance or comes within the line of sight. Basically, mobs are everywhere except for where they are not. Which of these places is the least likely spot for a mob to spawn?

Question 26

What is this fiery place?

Ghasts in the nether.

A portal to this place can be constructed out of at least ten blocks of obsidian constructed to create a rectangular space in the center. The portal can be a maximum of 23 blocks wide and 23 blocks tall for the ultimate portal-crossing experience, but it will always lead to the same general place. Valuable items can be found inside fortresses within this realm, but so can ghasts, magma cubes, and other potent enemies. This realm has no concept of day or night, and thanks to all of the lava, always has plenty of visibility.

Question 27

Which of these blocks is most likely to fall on the character's head?

Diamond and redstone ore in Minecraft.

One of the things that makes Minecraft such a wonderful sandbox to build in is its own definition of physics. There is nothing to stop a player from building a land bridge into the clouds and creating a city in the sky. Minecraft does not care how much something weighs; either it falls or it doesn't. It doesn't matter where the block is placed, just what it is made of and if there is anything supporting it underneath. Which of these items can be accidentally set loose while the others comfortably hover overhead?

Question 28

How many books are needed to make a bookshelf?

wall covered with neatly organized bookshelves

They may not serve a very practical purpose, but a bookshelf is essential for making a Minecraft house feel like a home. Every game from Chrono trigger Skyrim has bookshelves for the player to click on and for the character to look through, and since Minecraft finds its inspiration in video game tradition, it just would not feel right to have a bedroom without at least one bookshelf. How many books are needed in order to craft this decorating necessity?

Question 29

What is this magical-looking humanoid?

Minecraft evoker over white background

No one knows what this creature is or what is wants, but it has an almost human appearance aside from the long nose and gray skin. If left to its own devices, it will terrorize the villagers, attacking them with its smoke-like spells. If it comes across a blue sheep, it will focus it attention on turning that sheep red, chanting "wololo." As this enemy is most fit for long-range combat, it will try to keep its distance when it isn't casting spells.

Question 30

What can be build with only four wooden planks?

When first starting out, the character only has four crafting spaces to use. That means that large and complicated items are just out of reach no matter what is in the character's inventory. Without the proper equipment, the character can only build torches and a few other things that can be built using only four crafting spaces. The character also has ample access to wood and dirt but mining takes more time and effort than it is generally worth. What can the player build using only four wooden planks?

Question 31

Which mob can the carrot on a stick be used on?

A horse, chicken, and pig in Minecraft standing on grass.

A carrot on a stick is a classic cartoon image. More than one Looney Tunes character has been led over the side of a cliff with a promise of a juicy carrot. Unfortunately, Minecraft has not reached very far with this gimmick. There is no bone on a stick, no cheese on a stick, not even a villager on a stick. In fact, only one mob can be controlled using this tempting device. Which mob cannot help but follow the carrot affixed to a fishing rod?

Question 32

What is this green man called?


Staying above ground will not save the player from these common enemies. Only coming out during the day, though, is a good way to avoid them. The creatures spawn in the dark and then attack in groups, sometimes riding on chickens or being accompanied by their faster baby compatriots. If in a large village at midnight, the character may be confronted by an onslaught of these bipedal green creatures. They also appear out of monster spawners which are found in dungeons.

Question 33

How many pieces of string are needed to craft a fishing rod?

fishing rod

Fishing is a long-held gaming tradition. When the main plot becomes too cumbersome or the player simply becomes lost and does not know what to do next, there is only one solution: turning around to master the fishing mini game. In Minecraft, the player can waste away catching fish, treasure, and junk until a creeper walks up and then it's back to the main game. The rod can be enchanted in order to decrease the amount of time between bites. How much string is needed to get started?

Question 34

What is crafted out of three pieces of wheat?

A grassy plain in Minecraft

Farming is one of the many avenues with which a Minecraft player can improve their character's quality of life. The character never complains about being hungry and will never die of starvation but the hunger meter remains, constantly reminding the player about the character's apparent need to eat. An easy way to alleviate this fictional hunger is to have a large wheat farm and occasionally harvest, crafting the wheat into a portable snack. Exactly which snack is created in this manner?

Question 35

Which technique creates obsidian?

Obsidian nether portal in Minecraft.

Obsidian creation is only of the trickier processes in Minecraft. If done wrong, the only result is stone or cobblestone where the lava used to be. Lava must be cooled correctly or the resource is wasted and the player must seek out more. Once created, obsidian can only be mined using a diamond pickaxe. Weaker pickaxes won't even make a dent in the obsidian's invisible health bar. Which is the only surefire method of the four below which will result in obsidian being formed?

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