How Well Do You Know These Horror Movie Villains?


Horror villains have become some of the most fascinating characters in all of film. A good villain is every bit as important as the heroes. The two characters are often mirrored in each other, working together like yin and yang. Every single good horror movie has a strong villain. Over the years, horror fans have celebrated these iconic villains. Some cheer whenever a villain claims a new victim as if the bad guy is the true star of the show. Since the horror genre is also in love with the sequel, we get to see villains return over and over again, very often the one true constant in the franchise.

For that reason, we thought we would test you to see how much you've been paying attention. This is not an easy test, even for the initiated. We've tried to cover a range of villains, sticking with the most iconic for familiarity's sake. While we’ve pulled details from the big horror franchises as a whole, we've tried to focus on the originals as much as we can. This is a choice we made because the originals are often the best films, but they're also the ones the average horror fan has seen.

So let's figure out how well you know the genre. How Well Do You Know Horror Movie Villains?

Question 1

What is Chucky's bride's name?

In the 1998 film, Bride of Chucky, Chucky is brought back to life by his former girlfriend, played by Jennifer Tilly, using the same voodoo ritual that created him in the first place. Chucky's girlfriend revived him with the intention of completing their marriage plans from when Chucky was a living man. After Chucky kills his girlfriend, he transfers her spirit into a doll and the two go on a killing spree together. In the film, Tilly's character and the doll voiced by Tilly go by what name?

Question 2

What is Jason Voorhees' Mother's first name?

It's often forgotten, sometimes even by self-anointed horror fans, that it was Jason's mother, not Jason Voorhees himself, who was the villain in the original Friday the 13th. We learn in the film that Jason drowned at Crystal Lake while under the watch of the camp counselors. While we are led to believe that Jason has returned from the dead to exact his revenge, it's revealed that it is his mother murdering all the counselors to avenge her son's death. What is Mrs. Voorhees' first name?

Question 3

What is Michael Myers' Weapon of choice?

Michael Myers is probably the most iconic slasher villain of all time. Antagonist in the Halloween film franchise, Myers returns to his hometown to kill on Halloween night. While Myers took out his wrath on unsuspecting townsfolk in a number of different ways, he, like most slasher villains, had a weapon of choice. This weapon is the one that he is pictured with on most occasions, including in almost all of the promotional artwork. What is it?

Question 4

Where is Leslie Vernon's Home?

Leslie Vernon might not be the most familiar horror villain, but he is certainly deserving of more attention. The 2006 Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is a mockumentary that follows Leslie Vernon as he goes through his slasher rituals. Occupying a world where slasher villains really exist, Vernon explains how and why he and those like him do what they do. Like other famous slashers, Vernon torments the people of his hometown. What is the name of this place?

Question 5

How did Victor Crowley get the nickname "Hatchet Face"?

Victor Crowley is the name of the villain in the Hatchet franchise. Crowley is something of a swamp monster who haunts the Honey Island Swamps in New Orleans. Cursed by his father's wife, Crowley was hideously disfigured by tumors. On the night of his alleged death, Crowley's house burned down due to some kids playing pranks. It's debatable what killed Crowley or if he died at all, but, when he returned to the swamps, he returned with a massive scar across his face. How did he get it?

Question 6

What is the name of the demon that possesses Regan MacNeil?

In The Exorcist, the little girl Regan MacNeil, played by Linda Blair, is possessed by a demon. While the reason how the demon came into contact with the girl is up for debate (it appears to have occurred after she played around with a Ouija board), we do know who the demon is. It is an ancient demon from Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, often dubbed the king of the demons. The demon reveals itself several times in the film, even showing its face between frames in some cases. What is its name?

Question 7

In the original Scream, what is the only real motive Stu gives for killing?

Stu is the lovable goof in Scream. Played by Matthew Lillard, Stu is the only reason that the whodunnit mystery in the film works. Because Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) is such an obvious suspect, the film used Stu as the accomplice and the alibi. After all, if Billy was in jail during one of the murders, how could he be a suspect? During the film's conclusion, we learn that Billy was involved with the murders the whole time, along with Stu. But, while Billy gives his motive, revenge on Sidney for her adulterous mother causing Billy's parents to split up, Stu's motive is not as well known. What does he say he motive is?

Question 8

How did Freddy Krueger originally escape justice for killing children?

In the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, we learn that Freddy Krueger has returned from the dead to continue his murderous ways. When the main character, Nancy (Heather Langenkamp), prods her mother for information on who Freddy was in life, we are told his backstory. It turns out, Freddy was a child killer. He was caught and charged, but he never spent a day in prison. When the parents from the town discovered he was free, they took matters in their own hands, chasing him down, cornering him, and burning him to death. What was the reason he was free?

Question 9

What was Charles Lee Ray's serial killer nickname?

In the original Child's Play, the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray was transferred into a doll, Chucky, before he died. Chucky then spends the entirety of the film trying to transfer his soul to the body of the boy, Andy, the first person he revealed his sentience to. If Chucky is unable to do this, he will be forced to spend eternity in the Chucky doll. While we learn more about the Charles Lee Ray throughout the movie, the general public knew him by his nickname. What was it?

Question 10

Why was the Candyman killed when he was a man?

Long before the Candyman ever became the ghostly demon who appears after his name is said five times in a mirror, he was a man. While he was a man, he was said to be a talented painter, the son of a slave who made it big from his art. One day, the townsfolk came after Candyman. They cut off his hand and stuck a hook on the stump. They then smeared his body with stolen beehive honey and watched and chanted as he was stung to death. What was the reasoning behind this murder?

Question 11

How does Cujo get rabies?

Cujo is the friendly Trenton family dog that gets rabies and goes on a killing rampage. Rabies is a viral disease that usually takes a couple of weeks for symptoms to display. Symptoms can include excitement, confusion and violence in an animal. The big St. Bernard ends up trapping the protagonists in their car while the sweltering heat and humidity threaten to kill them. Eventually, Cujo is killed with a broken baseball bat, but before that, way back in the beginning of the film, what is it that gives Cujo rabies?

Question 12

How many springs does the Creeper sleep for between wakenings?

The Creeper from the Jeepers Creepers films is a strange creature that wakes up every so often to hunt, eat and evolve. The Creeper chooses its victims based on the parts of the body he wants. In the first film, the protagonists stumble upon the Creepers lair and discover a slew of human bodies with certain parts missing. We learn from Jezelle that there is a very particular rhythm to the Creeper's wakenings, a set amount of time that it sleeps for before awaking from its slumber and terrorizing the world above. How many springs does the Creeper sleep for?

Question 13

Who is nicknamed "the Springwood Slasher"?

In most cases, we know slashers by their real names. We all know Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Before these villains became the supernatural killers we know and love, however, they were given a name by the police. At least some of them were. As we already saw, before Charles Lee Ray became Chucky, the police called him the Lakeshore Strangler. One of the slashers was nicknamed, "The Springwood Slasher." Who were the police referring to with this name?

Question 14

What is the name of the witch in The Conjuring?

In The Conjuring, the demonologist protagonists, the Warrens, travel to Rhode Island to investigate strange happenings in a family home. The home, it is learned, was once owned by a witch who sacrificed her baby to the devil and committed suicide. This witch haunts both the family and the Warrens during the investigation. This witch claims to be related to Mary Towne Eastey, an accused witch killed in the Salem Witch Trials. This witch is the main antagonist in the film. What is her name?

Question 15

What is not one of the masks of Leatherface?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gave the world Leatherface, and Leatherface gave the world nightmares. Even though Leatherface is the villain we all remember most vividly, the entire Sawyer family is a bunch of murderous psychopaths. Leatherface is often described as a big baby who is under the control of the family. In the original film, Leatherface wore three masks and each one determined his personality while donning it. Of the masks below, which one is not one of the three?

Question 16

What is the Leprechaun's name?

There's a lot of confusion about the true name of the Leprechaun villain. The fact that his name isn't used in the original films has a lot to do with that. Still, over the years, his name has become widespread and the Leprechaun has become associated with some of the best-known villains in horror. Sure, he may be the silliest of all the villains as well, but he's hilarious. It was in 2008, in the Leprechaun book series that we first learned his true name. Do you know it?

Question 17

How long was Norma Bates dead for in Psycho?

Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film, Psycho, is often credited as the true birth of the slasher film. While that claim can certainly be disputed, the stranglehold that Psycho has to the horror throne cannot. Not only did Psycho revolutionize the slasher horror genre, it proved that audiences were receptive to this type of voyeurism. Thanks to the recent popular television show Bates Motel, most Psycho trivia would be easy for almost anyone. Still, some facts are different from show to film. In the film, we know that Norma Bates is dead and that Norman has been parading around in her clothes and personality. How long was she dead for when the events of the film took place?

Question 18

What is the last name of the zombies in Cabin in the Woods?

It might be a while before Cabin in the Woods is truly accepted as one of the greats in the genre, but this film is more than just fan service; it's also an incredibly effective horror comedy. In the film, we have the protagonists in the basement, unwittingly about to choose their own fate, the instrument of their destruction. After some suspenseful moments, they choose the zombie family. These slow-moving but horrible zombies are known by their family name. What is it?

Question 19

What are the demons called in Evil Dead?

In the Evil Dead franchise, the words of the Necronomicon wake up the Kandarian demon and the demon attempts to possess whatever human is nearest to it. Once possessed, the humans turn into demons themselves and pass along the possession like an infection. Now, for all intents and purposes, these possessed and the possessors are demons, but they have a special name. This name refers to the demons in the natural form and those humans who are possessed. What is the name?

Question 20

What is the nanny's name in The Omen?

Strange things happen around the child, Damien, in The Omen, but one of the furthest-reaching things to happen is the new nanny showing up unannounced and uncalled for. Not long after Damien's nanny kills herself in gruesome fashion "for Damien" on his birthday, a new nanny shows up as his replacement. This scary old bird is played by Billie Whitelaw. What is her name in the film? Here's a special hint: the character played by Alexis Arquette in The Bride of Chucky shares the same last name as the nanny. In fact, his first name is Damien as well, in honor of Damien from The Omen.

Question 21

Where is Jigsaw during the events of the first Saw film?

In the original Saw, we didn't know much of anything about the Jigsaw killer. We hear his voice through the instructions and we see Billy the Puppet, but we don't know where any of this is coming from. By the end of the film, Jigsaw reveals himself. Even though he doesn't really show his face, we know it's him by the voice. Now, in this discovery, we find out exactly where Jigsaw has been for the events of the film. Do you remember? Where was he?

Question 22

What is Kevin nicknamed by the media in Split?

The newest M. Night Shyamalan film, Split, is one of the director's most exciting films and one of his best to date. With a return to tense drama and mystery, Shyamalan proved that he's not as washed up as many critics would like to pretend he is. Without spoiling the film, Kevin, played by James McAvoy, has multiple personalities. By the end of the film, we learn that Kevin has earned himself a nickname from the media. What do they call him?

Question 23

What is the nickname of the "It" in It Follows?

The strange creature that takes multiple forms and follows the protagonists in It Follows doesn't really have a single name in the film. The individual, zombielike forms it takes are often referred to separately, such as the tall man or the old lady. Some people just refer to it as "it," as in the title of the film. But it does have a name. At least, it has been given a name for people to refer to when discussing the movie. Do you know it?

Question 24

What is the Bride in Black's real name?

In the original Insidious film, we catch glimpses of a demon that haunts Josh, Patrick Wilson's character. She isn't given a name, but she wears a black dress. By the end of the film, it is revealed that this old woman has possessed Josh's body. In Insidious 2, the old woman is given the name, the Bride in Black. She has a much more prominent role in the sequel. It's also in this film that the Bride's backstory is explored. We learn what her real name is, or at least the name she was given when she was a living human. What is it?

Question 25

What was most shocking about Angela in Sleepaway Camp?

In the 1983 cult film, Sleepaway Camp, the ending was a surprise for many filmgoers. The film starts with a boating accident in which we learn the film's main star, Angela, lost her father and her brother, Peter. Years later, Angela is sent to camp with her cousin. After a series of mysterious killings take place at the camp, the whodunit begins. We learn, by the end, that Angela is the killer. However, that may not be the most shocking twist. What was?

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