How Well Do You Know Gotham?


Superheroes are big these days. Bigger than they've ever been, in fact. Marvel set a standard with its dominance at the box office, on TV, and on Netflix. With Marvel's super-powered folks being all the rage, DC needed to respond in kind with its own brand of heroes appearing on viewers' screens around the world. Though multiple DC adaptations of late have faltered where Marvel's stood tall, there's often been one DC character who leads the pack in popularity: Batman.

Batman's popularity comes from the fact that, at the end of the day, he's just a guy. He has no superpowers to speak of, but rather uses his wits to come up with clever gear he can use to fight baddies and clean up the city. That, and his billion-dollar fortune. In that regard, Batman bears a lot of resemblance to Iron Man: he's just a man in a fancy suit. But Batman has always been more secretive, reclusive even, and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy was keen to point out that he was a tortured, brooding man, too. Indeed, Nolan's version of Batman cast a long shadow.

So how does one move out from under Nolan's towering version of Batman? A clever guy named Bruno Heller thought, "Why not showcase pre-Batman Gotham?" And that was the original and intriguing premise behind Gotham, which debuted in 2014. This largely unexplored pre-Batman world was a place where the writers could go wild: all-new characters are introduced, villains and heroes alike are given alternative and complex backgrounds, and comic book inspiration abounds. It's a mad struggle for power in a city with no one to control it (yet) and characters are coming into their own all the while. It's entertaining, and it makes for some damn good, if campy, TV.

This quiz will test your knowledge of Gotham trivia from all three seasons thus far. There's a lot to remember, but with some good old-fashioned Gotham police work you'll ace it in no time.

Question 1

Who's the main protagonist of the show?

Gotham's premise means there's no Batman to follow, at least not in the sense we think of Batman, so the show follows a multitude of characters and their intersecting stories as they fight to propagate or eliminate crime. Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Edward Nygma, and Oswald Cobblepot are some of the big names who appear in the show and are given ample screen time. Officially, however, the show is centered on one particular character, who acts as a protagonist in Batman's stead.

Question 2

What is Strange's alias?

Strange is a clever devil who believes in the advancement of humanity and will do pretty much anything he can to get that process going, so it's no surprise that he was given a cerebral nickname while still in school with the likes of Thomas Wayne. Strange doesn't abandon this nickname afterwards, though. Instead, he embraces it wholeheartedly and turns it into an alias that he uses in his covert communications, particularly with the members of the Court of Owls.

Question 3

Mario is the son of which Gotham crime lord?

During Lee's time away from Gotham she moves away to another part of the country and starts a new life there. She ends up courting a handsome young man by the name of Mario, and the pair eventually get engaged. Though Lee is keen to leave Gotham behind, it seems she can never completely escape, as her new fiancé has ties to the city in the form of his father, who used to be one of the city's top crime lords.

Question 4

Who killed Bruce's parents?

In season two we finally found out who's responsible for the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The combined efforts of Bruce, Alfred, and the GCPD lead to a known assassin with a peculiar name. Bruce, not willing to wait any longer, asks Selina to get him a gun and makes his way directly to the guy's apartment. Gun in hand, Bruce confronts him. After a philosophical chat about life and death, Bruce finds himself unable to kill his parents' murderer. Instead, the guy shoots himself. We later discover that the assassin was hired through a chain of people, ultimately leading back to the Court of Owls.

Question 5

Why does Penguin cut off Butch's hand?

Though he's loyal to Fish to a fault and nearly gives his life defending her, Butch is captured by Zsasz and is brainwashed into working for Penguin, who'll be taking over Fish's vacant empire. Though Butch is programmed to be loyal to Penguin, their partnership is a tumultuous one, often leading to Penguin being disappointed by Butch's performance. At one point, Penguin even cuts off Butch's hand to make a point. Butch isn't too fussed about it at the time, seeing as he's brainwashed and all.

Question 6

What secret facility did Strange run?

Gotham can be a pretty dark place, and Hugo Strange can be a pretty messed up individual. When you put those together, it's not surprising that human experimentation is taking place far below the macabre halls of Arkham Asylum, where Strange works as head of psychiatry. In this secret facility, Strange preserved the bodies of individuals who were either dead or on the brink of death and used them to test all kinds of strange procedures. Methods of resurrection were a favorite.

Question 7

Tabitha and Theo are descended from what ancient family?

The Galavans' motives in Gotham remain unclear for most of their time working together. It seems that they want to spread chaos with their criminal undertakings and then put themselves, especially Theo, in positions of power to control the chaos and thereby win over the people. However, we later learn that the Galavans want revenge for their ancestors, who were eradicated and exiled from Gotham in the distant past. Theo, having been indoctrinated by an ancient order of monks, is keen to avenge his lost brethren and retake Gotham in their name.

Question 8

Who is Ed's first murder?

Edward Nygma is one of Gotham's main characters, and his transformation into the Riddler begins early into the events of the show. Ed was originally a forensic scientist working as the GCPD's medical examiner. However, a series of frustrating and traumatic events led to his gradual psychotic breakdown as his dark side consumed him and eventually took over completely. Ed has now emerged as the Riddler, complete with the trademark green suit, but he started from humble beginnings. Name his first murder victim.

Question 9

Where do Bruce and Alfred go to lay low?

When you're someone as significant in Gotham as Bruce Wayne, it's important to have somewhere to lie low in times of crisis, which is to say when the hordes of enemies you have are after you. Though Bruce is determined to stand his ground no matter how dangerous things get, Alfred is thankfully around to be the voice of reason and get Bruce out of town as soon as possible. They retreat to this favored destination a few times throughout the show, though it used to be a popular choice for Wayne family vacations, too.

Question 10

Of the following people, who has not been exposed to the Tetch virus?

The arrival of Jervis Tetch, the deadly hypnotist known as the Mad Hatter, caused all kinds of chaos in Gotham. However, Jervis came to Gotham in search of his sister, Alice, in particular her blood, which contains a virus that brings out the darker, deadlier side of oneself and grants superhuman strength to boot. Both the Mad Hatter and the Court of Owls made efforts to weaponize and spread the virus. Though they didn't fully succeed, it found its way into a few major characters.

Question 11

Where does Lee go during her time away from Gotham?

Lee Thompkins has a high tolerance for the insanity of Gotham, but when she and Jim are done she decides she needs a break from the city and moves away for a while. When Jim finally goes to visit her, he discovers that she's happily living in a lovely little house and is dating someone new. Dismayed, Jim returns to Gotham. Lee does the same some time later along with her new fiancé, but why she left her beautiful home behind to come back to the bleakness of Gotham is unclear.

Question 12

Court of Owls assassins are given what title?

The Court is a subtle, secretive group that is content to run things in a behind-the-scenes sort of way, so it's paramount that their operatives be silent, ruthless, and effective. Though one particular agent, pictured here, is seen throughout most of our exposure to the Court and its inner workings, there are others as well. Sensei, the mysterious man who abducts and brainwashes Bruce on behalf of the Court, is determined to turn him into one of these operatives, but ultimately fails.

Question 13

Who killed Penguin's mother?

There are few innocent characters in Gotham, but Gertrud Kapelput was about as close as you could get. She was a kind old woman who was proud of her son's achievements and always considered him a good boy, even after she finds out about his dastardly ways. Her close bond with Oswald made her a target, though, so of course she was abducted by his enemies. Though efforts are made to help her escape, she dies during the attempt. Penguin holds eternal hatred for the guilty party.

Question 14

Selina is friends with what Indian Hill test subject?

Selina Kyle, the seasoned street thief that she is, has met a lot of unfortunate people over the years. When she first came to Gotham she was a scared little kid always searching for her mom. However, she made a friend in the form of someone who suffered constant abuse at the hands of their brothers but was always willing to lend Selina a helping hand. Years later, this good friend of Selina's snapped and eventually ended up in Indian Hill, which only enhanced their psychotic tendencies.

Question 15

What's the name of this daring reporter?

This reporter comes to Gotham in the wake of the Indian Hill aftermath. With human experimentation being public knowledge and monsters roaming freely on the streets of Gotham, there were plenty of newsworthy stories to be had. After some preliminary investigating, she realizes that Jim Gordon always seems to be close to the action and thus would be a good source of intel. The pair collaborate on multiple occasions and end up having a romantic fling. Until Jim demonstrates that he still loves Lee, that is.

Question 16

Of the following people, who has done time in Arkham Asylum?

Arkham is a pretty messed up place, and Strange, as head of psychiatry, is free to do just about whatever he wants with the inmates. Though the real fun experiments take place far below in Indian Hill, Strange still makes a point of encouraging crazy rather than working to manage or cure it. The likes of Jerome, Ed, Oswald, Barnes, Barbara, and many others have been under Strange's care, with most of them leaving in far worse condition than when they entered. As far as their sanity is concerned, that is.

Question 17

Bruce discovers his father's secret in a book about what historical figure?

Bruce Wayne's story arc in season one focuses on him investigating his parents' murder and discovering the legacy they've left behind. That legacy ends up being considerably more secretive and noble than Bruce anticipated, but he doesn't find that out until he discovers his father's secret room behind the fireplace. After searching desperately for clues, Bruce realizes that his father admired a certain historical figure and, sure enough, discovers a way to open the secret passage in a book about that same individual.

Question 18

What criminal group was led by Jerome?

If you're Theo and Tabitha and get your kicks by subjecting Gotham to as much chaos as possible, then it makes a lot of sense to break a select group of inmates out of Arkham to wreak as much havoc as they can. The group notably includes Jerome and Barbara, but it's Jerome who's named the leader after a ballsy display disregarding the dangers of Russian roulette. However, their flair, maniacal minds, and Theo's promise that Gotham would tremble before them are all for naught as the group collapses pretty quickly.

Question 19

Fish has her DNA fused with what species?

Fish is already a certified badass at the outset of the show. She runs her own club, is a mid-level crime boss, and is as fierce as they come. Unfortunately, she underestimates one of her new employees, a scrawny little umbrella boy named Oswald Cobblepot, and Fish soon finds herself out of luck. Eventually she's brought to Indian Hill, where Strange fuses her DNA with that of another animal to resurrect her. She also gets mind control powers, which isn't too bad as far as side effects go.

Question 20

Where do Jerome and Bruce face off?

Jerome, being as maniacal and diabolical as he is, is one scary dude. When you add his return from the dead and a face lift gone awfully wrong to that mix, he's downright terrifying. Bruce, however, isn't too phased when Jerome shows up at Wayne Manor promising to kill him, or when Jerome brings him to a twisted circus and tortures him. Bruce stands his ground all the while and eventually faces off with Jerome around a certain attraction of the warped carnival. Bruce is victorious, and we get our first glimpse of the future Batman.

Question 21

How is Barbara killed?

If there's one character who gets well and truly messed up by being too close to Jim, it's Barbara. At the start of the show, her issues were only as big as substance abuse. At the time of her death, she's a full-fledged criminal psychopath and reigning queen of Gotham's underworld. Barbara greatly underestimates one thing, though: how much Tabitha cares for Butch, whom she murdered. Tabitha is unfazed by Barbara's attempts to dissuade her, and promptly ends her former partner's life with ruthless conviction.

Question 22

When does Ivy run into the mutant who ages her?

When we first meet Ivy Pepper, she's a strange, miserable girl living on the street who hangs out with Selina and is really into plants. After a run-in with an Indian Hill escapee with powers of aging, though, Ivy is transformed into an adult overnight. She's initially quite freaked out by this dramatic change, but it grows on her when she realizes she can use both her knowledge of plants and her newfound beauty to manipulate people to her whims. Skipping a decade of growth has its perks.

Question 23

Of the following people, who was not resurrected at Indian Hill?

Strange had a lot of fun experimenting at Indian Hill, with his main interest being finding ways to resurrect the dead. Though it's confirmed that Strange harnessed the DNA of other species to revive some of his test subjects, the means by which he brought others back to life remain unspecified. Strange isn't all bad, though; he gave most of his subjects substantial powers to go with their new leases on life. One person at Indian Hill, however, was brought there to collaborate with Strange, never having actually died despite what Strange told the GCPD.

Question 24

What occupation does Bullock take up after his demotion?

Following the conclusion of the gang war, Bullock and Gordon are demoted to traffic duty as punishment by commissioner Loeb. Bullock, thoroughly fed up, simply quits the force and sets out in search of something new. Bullock's a laid back kind of fellow who appreciates the little things in life, so his time away from the GCPD does him a lot of good. He's happy in his new line of work and even gets engaged, though his fiancée breaks it off when he rejoins the force.

Question 25

Theo is reborn as what persona?

Strange tries out something new with his resurrection of Theo: giving test subjects new identities to replace their lost memories. Theo, with his unbridled rage and incredible strength, needs to be controlled, and telling him who he is helps with that. Influenced by Theo's heritage, Strange convinces him that he's the reincarnation of the so-called angel of death, an immortal warrior associated with the Order of St. Dumas. With the ancient warrior's story ingrained in Theo's head, Strange gives him an awesome outfit and a very shiny sword and sends him on a quest to kill Jim Gordon.

Question 26

What was the name of Fries' wife?

Fries' mutated appearance makes people forget that, at the beginning of it all, he was just a loving husband who wanted to find a way to make his wife well again. Fries' wife was sick with a terminal illness, and when we first meet the couple she doesn't have much time left. Victor uses his experimental compound to freeze her, thereby preserving her until a cure can be found. However, she purposely ensures she's injected with the wrong version of the compound so that she'll die and, theoretically, set her husband free. He doesn't react the way she hoped.

Question 27

What was the name of Ed's librarian girlfriend?

Ed goes through some hard times after he accidentally kills the woman he loves, what with diving head first off the deep end and all. After more murdering and a stint in Arkham, Ed finds himself helping Oswald with his campaign. However, Ed suddenly meets his new dream girl, a quiet librarian who, conveniently, looks almost identical to his first love. Naturally, he's smitten, and the pair seem perfect for each other. Ed is finally happy, but unfortunately this leads to Oswald getting jealous and having her killed so he can have Ed all to himself.

Question 28

Alfred served in what British military group?

Alfred is a guy who doesn't mess around, and he'll do anything to protect Bruce. That, combined with honed fighting skills and a blatant disregard for bad guys makes Alfred one hell of a force to be reckoned with. Alfred doesn't talk about his past much, but when an old friend comes to town Alfred's military past is revealed. So, Alfred is a highly trained guy who can defend Bruce from anything and can make a killer omelette to boot. No wonder the Waynes hired him.

Question 29

How many times has Jim been married?

Jim may be an extremely dedicated cop who's instrumental in putting bad guys behind bars, but his obsession with the job (and justice in general) makes his personal life suffer. At the onset of the show he has a good thing going with Barbara, which promptly crumbles because of, you guessed it, his job. This happens again with Lee, though in even more spectacular fashion, as she pleads with him to leave his life of combating darkness behind. You'd think Jim would be more suited to casual affairs, then, but his fling with Vale doesn't pan out either.

Question 30

What is Butch's birth name?

Butch has been a key player in Gotham's underworld, working for the likes of Fish, Penguin, and Barbara. He knows the city like the back of his metal hand and, though he sometimes gets outsmarted, he always bounces back. Though Butch is allegedly killed by Barbara, we discover he's still alive, comatose in a hospital bed, in the season three finale. More importantly, though, his real name is revealed. It's a name that, if comic book source material is any indication, is associated with a supervillain. It looks like bigger things are in store for Butch.

Question 31

How does Zsasz keep track of the people he's killed?

Sharply dressed and without a hair to be seen, Victor Zsasz cuts a striking profile as one of Gotham's most memorable and effective assassins. Though he looks a bit creepy, Zsasz is actually a pretty down-to-earth guy with a sense of humor who just wants to get paid at the end of the day. Of course, Zsasz racks up a lot of kills in his line of work, and he makes a point of remembering them all with a unique method. His name is fun to type, too.

Question 32

What is Kathryn's last name?

The believed leader of the Court of Owls and one of the most smug people in Gotham, Kathryn was immensely powerful and orchestrated numerous significant events throughout the show, including the murder of Bruce's parents. However, thanks to Jim's undercover work, the GCPD eventually finds out her real name and is able to bring her in. Normally the cops would do the subsequent interrogating, but this time it's Alfred. Angry beyond description and desperate to find Bruce, Alfred holds nothing back, and promptly stabs a knife right into Kathryn's hand to wipe that smug grin off her face.

Question 33

What's the full name of Bruce's doppelganger?

After a bunch of monsters break out of Indian Hill, one subject stands out due to his appearance, but not because it's freakish. Instead, we see a kid who, by all resemblances, is Bruce Wayne. Except he's not. Created by Strange at the behest of the Court, "Five" is an exact clone of Bruce, with the exceptions of an inability to feel pain, superhuman strength, and an unstable biochemistry that means his days are numbered. Despite impersonating Bruce on many occasions, Five isn't too bad of a kid in the end.

Question 34

Which of the following is not an official Gotham tagline?

Whereas the first season was all about showcasing characters' origins, seasons two and three made it clear what their topics of focus were by using taglines, which changed halfway through every season. At times Gotham was about villains rising up in powerful surges of evil, at other times heroes tried to fight back, and at others the city just lost its mind completely, falling into utter pandemonium. It takes a massive Gotham fan to remember these taglines, especially since season four's first tagline, which was announced in July, is included here!

Question 35

How many people have served as head of the GCPD?

Holding the top job of the police department in a city as tumultuous as Gotham is a dangerous position to be in. Criminals want you dead or gone, the mob wants you bought out, and everybody wants a piece of you for the wrong reasons. Staying alive is hard enough, and remaining incorruptible is an impossibility, at least until Nathaniel Barnes shows up to take the job. Even his incorruptibility doesn't endure, though, as the Tetch virus eventually turns him into the leather-clad Executioner.

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