How Well Do You Know Friends' Monica Gellar?


Monica Gellar is quite arguably the best character on "Friends". We love her for her epic obsession with cleanliness and her absolutely maniacal need to win every argument with logic. We love her for her cute one liners and never ending enthusiasm. We love her for the way she loves her brother Ross, even tho he does not always deserve it and is more than happy to keep letting their parents belittle her existence. We love her for the way she was more than willing to let Rachel move in with her when Rachel ran away from marrying Barry and was going to be homeless. We love her for the way she always knows how to cheer up Chandler when he's sad. We love her for the way she always encourages Joey to keep striving for his dreams to be an actor. We love her for the way she really is the mother hen of the group and the way she is always the perfect host.

You say you really know Monica Gellar, but do you really? Only 5% of "Friends" fans will ever get 90% or better on this quiz. Test our your skills and see if you have what it takes to be on Monica's team. Fail and prepare to be ridiculed because you know Monica's team always wins!

Question 1

Which “Friend” was Monica originally supposed to be in love with?

When the show was first pitched, the writers had given Monica a love interest that was one of the other lead characters of Friends but that idea did not play well at all with the audience and the focus groups who were lucky enough to be the first people ever to lay eyes on our now famous “Friends”. The audience hated that idea so much that the writers changed it and we think its a damn good thing they did.

Question 2

How did Monica get to live in her apartment?

When the show first began, the writers had given Monica a beautiful HUGE New York City apartment that would have cost several thousands of dollars a month were it not completely fictional. It was a massive loft-style 2 bedroom apartment that was the epicenter of all things "Friends" for 10 seasons. The actual location of the apartment is the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village. Every single one of the "Friends" has lived in this apartment at some point in the show.

Question 3

What apartment number did Monica have at the start of the show?

When you are a true "Friends" fanatic nothing, and we mean nothing, goes unnoticed. So when there was even the smallest change to anything in our "Friends" homes, we took note. At the start of the show, Monica's apartment was one number and then a few seasons later it was changed because the writers felt that the original number was not accurate. They felt like in order to have the view Monica had from her huge window, her apartment number would have been different so they corrected their error thinking we wouldn’t notice but we did.

Question 4

What was the poster in Monica's living room an advertisement for?

There is a vintage poster that hangs behind Monica's TV in the living room. It is called "Aux Buttes Chaumont - Jouets", made by artist Jules Cheret in 1885. It is one of approximately 42 advertising posters that Cheret designed for a department store in Paris that was known as "Aux Buttes Chaumont," starting around 1878 and continuing to 1891.The poster behind was actually put there to cover a hole. The hole was essentially used for cameras to film scenes on the other side of the wall.

Question 5

What is the real reason why Monica suddenly began to wear so many scarves in the last season of the show?

In the very last season of Friends, Season 10, fans began to notice that Monica had begun to wear a lot of scarves which she never did before. Many fans speculated that it was an effort to conceal something the actress who played Monica, Courteney Cox, wanted to hide. It was something that was not a part of Monica's storyline. We think it was rather silly of the costume designers to choose scarves but who are we to judge? We are the fans! That's who.

Question 6

What was Monica’s nickname in High School?

High school can be a difficult time for anyone. Many people are even traumatized for life by the four years that they spend there. It was especially difficult for Monica Gellar. Monica gained a substantial amount of weight. Her highest weight was 255 pounds. She was a social outcast who had no friends until she met Rachel Green. Rachel became her one and only friend even though Rachel was extremely popular. They even went to prom together. Rachel never made Monica feel bad about her weight like the other kids did. They even gave her a horrible nickname.

Question 7

Why did Phoebe move out of Monica's apartment?

"The One With The Flashback" is the sixth episode of the third season of “Friends” and in it, we find our friends: Ross, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, and Chandler sitting and reminiscing about a time three years ago when Monica and Phoebe used to live together. Phoebe was secretly moving out of Monica's apartment by moving her belongings out at night, piece by piece. When Monica questioned where she was taking her a lamp, Phoebe lied to her and told her she needed to get it repaired.

Question 8

How many years apart are Monica and Ross?

The Gellar parents treated their two children very differently. Both Judy and Jack Gellar were unapologetic in the way they were always placing Ross on a pedestal and, more than once, literally forgetting that Monica even existed. It's understandable that the two siblings would have some tension between them growing up and even in their later years. Even though the way they acted with each other sometimes was beyond acceptable they remained close and no matter what, they had each other’s back.

Question 9

What other fictional character was Monica named after?

All the "Friends" characters were named after fictional characters on a popular daytime soap opera series called All My Children, that aired for over 40 years on ABC from 1970–2011 and then The Online Network in 2013. The writers and creators of "Friends" were long time fans of this series and used their fandom to spur their creativity and it worked so well. Monica is such a strong character that you can bet she got her name from someone fabulous.

Question 10

What dish gets burnt at Monica's Thanksgiving Dinner in Season 1?

"The One Where Underdog Gets Away" was the ninth episode of the first season of "Friends" which aired on NBC on November 17, 1994. With their parents away for the holidays this year, Monica decides that they should have Thanksgiving dinner at Monica's apartment. Ross begins to whine about missing his usual Thanksgiving with his family and the special way his mother prepared Thanksgiving dinner. Monica promises Ross that she will make Thanksgiving great again but overextends herself trying to please everyone.

Question 11

Who tells Monica if they're both still single when they're 40, they could have a child together?

"The One With The Birth" is the twenty-third episode of the first season of "Friends", which aired on NBC on May 11, 1995. In this episode, Ross Gellar is nervously and anxiously anticipating the birth of his son Ben, from his former wife named Carol who is now a lesbian. All the friends come to the hospital to support Ross and while there Monica gets baby fever and is worried that she will never find a husband and have a baby.

Question 12

Who helps Monica out of pain at the beach?

"The One With The Jellyfish" is the season four premiere of "Friends", which aired on NBC on September 25, 1997. In this episode, the friends take a trip to the beach so Phoebe can secretly get to know her birth mother. While at the beach enjoying the day, Monica suffers an Injury For which she needs help from someone. She is in severe pain and she needs help getting out of pain as fast as possible. Luckily someone has the solution.

Question 13

What did Monica offer Joey when they first met?

"The One With The Flashback" is the sixth episode of the third season of Friends, which aired on NBC on October 31, 1996. The friends reminisce about a time three years ago where Monica, Ross, and Phoebe, meet Joey for the first time as Chandler's new roommate. Monica is attracted to Joey and invites him into her apartment to get to know him better, offering him to come up for __________. Joey misinterprets her invitation as an invitation for sex and strips naked in the middle of her living room.

Question 14

What actress was originally offered the role of Monica Gellar but turned it down?

It is hard to imagine anyone else playing our beloved Monica besides Courteney Cox but back in 1993, many actresses auditioned for the role. There was even one actress who was offered the part but decided to turn it down. Honestly, we think it was for the best but can you imagine how much that actress probably regretted not taking the role. Who would have known back then that the show would be a mega hit for the 10 seasons and would garner its actors million dollar pay checks.

Question 15

What does Monica say to Rachel after the group gets her to cut up all her credit cards ?

"The Pilot" (also known as "The One Where It All Began", "The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate" and "The First One") is the first episode of "Friends". It premiered on September 22, 1994. Why one episode has three names we will never know but this episode set the stage for what would become an iconic show that lasted 10 seasons and even to this day there is hope for a reunion show! Monica offers Rachel some encouraging words after the group encourages her to become financially independent.

Question 16

What does Monica do to cheer up her friend who hates Thanksgiving?

"The One with All the Thanksgivings" also known as "The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks", is the eighth episode of the fifth season of "Friends". It first aired on the NBC network in The United States on November 19, 1998. In the episode, the main characters spend Thanksgiving at Monica's (Courteney Cox) apartment and begin telling stories about their worst Thanksgivings. Chandler seems to have had the worst of all of them and Monica realizes his depression is getting the best of him.

Question 17

In what episode does Chandler tell Monica he loves her for the first time ?

Chandler begins to dive deep into his wounded childhood depression after a story-telling session with his friends at Monica's apartment. Of course, Monica notices and goes to his apartment to try to cheer him up with something so out of character for her that it's utterly ridiculous and it works! Chandler begins to laugh at the fool Monica is making of herself just for him and he blurts out the words "I love you" before he can even realize what he said.

Question 18

Who is Monica's on call eye doctor?

When Monica gets ice in her eye she needs to go to the eye doctor. She has apprehension about seeing her eye doctor because her eye doctor is her ex-boyfriend, Richard who she was once madly in love with. She is relieved and so happy when she finds out the on call doctor is there instead. She and the on call doctor find each other attractive, and she invites him to Thanksgiving dinner. They even share a kiss which is completely weird.

Question 19

What did Ross tell their parents Monica did?

Monica and Ross have always had their differences. It mainly stems from the fact that Ross has always been treated like the golden boy of the family by their parents while Monica was often just an afterthought. Ross always wanted to keep his position and preserve the way his parents thought of him. Once his parents smelled marijuana in his room and he told them Chandler had been smoking it there. After Monica revealed to Jack and Judy Gellar that Ross lied to them, Ross fired back with a smear campaign of his own.

Question 20

What fake name does Monica give her identity thief when she asks her name?

In this episode, Monica discovers that her identity has been stolen but as she looks over all the credit card charges, she realizes that the thief lives the carefree life Monica wishes she lived. She eats at fancy restaurants Monica wishes she would eat at and takes classes Monica wishes she took. She's better at being "Monica" than the real Monica. So our Monica decides to hunt down this woman at one of the classes and learn more about her.

Question 21

What does Monica say when the dance teacher tells her she's doing the dance steps wrong?

After Monica's identity thief is caught by the authorities, Monica feels really bad for her and goes to visit her in prison. Eventually she confesses her real identity and the fake Monica is stunned. The real Monica wants some guidance from this woman who has been living fearlessly the life the real Monica so badly desires to live. The fake Monica offers her a reality check as she's sporting an orange jumpsuit. The real Monica takes a hint and decides to go back to the dance class where she met fake Monica.

Question 22

What restaurant does Monica work at when the show begins?

Monica has had a series of jobs in her 20 year career as a chef on "Friends". She's been everything from a line cook to a waitress in a theme diner to an executive head chef. When the show first begins, we find her working hard for low pay in a restaurant where her talents aren't exactly appreciated. It is here that she meets Paul the wine guy who is her date in the Pilot episode. Only really true Monica Gellar fans will remember the name of the restaurant she worked at in the Pilot.

Question 23

Why is the audience really cheering and applauding when Monica sings?

Phoebe convinces Monica to come to Mike's karaoke night at a local bar, but tells her she doesn't have to sing on stage. But eventually after a little probing from Phoebe, Monica changes her mind and gets up to do a number. All of a sudden when she begins to sing, she gets cheers and applauses, unlike anything she has ever experienced. Monica begins to think it's because she sounds great as a singer but the real reason can be clearly seen by anyone in the audience.

Question 24

Who was Cheryl?

"The One With The Dirty Girl" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Friends, which aired on November 6, 1997. At the end of this episode, Monica can't sleep when she hears of the level of epic dirtiness of Cheryl's place. Monica gets up out of bed in the middle of the night, goes over to Cheryl's apartment and offers to clean it up, only to have Cheryl slam the door in her face. Undeterred, Monica starts scrubbing her apartment door frame.

Question 25

Why does Monica get fired from Café des Artistes?

After accepting a new promotion at a New York City based restaurant called Café des Artistes, Monica decides that she wants to celebrate her new found success with her friends by making them an amazing dinner. She is even going to make a vegetarian dish for Phoebe. The celebration is short lived when Monica gets a call from her boss and finds out that he has no choice but to fire her as a result of something she accidentally did the last time she was on duty at work.

Question 26

Why did Monica become a chef?

One Thanksgiving Ross brought Chandler with him home for the second year in a row. This Thanksgiving was the first time Chandler had seen Monica since she lost all the extra weight and became super thin. Wanting to impress Chandler because she had a little crush on him, she offered to make him some mac and cheese because as we all know, Chandler refuses to eat any Thanksgiving food after the age of nine. Monica impressed everyone with her culinary skills that day.

Question 27

What is the name of the food substitute product Monica has to create recipes for?

After Monica was fired from her job as head chef at a restaurant she was devastated and for a while she begins to flounder. After a while Monica lands a gig working for an unnamed food company that hires her to be a recipe developer. Her job is to come up with recipes and make dishes using substitute food products. Ever the over achiever, Monica does her best to make this food product into recipes that someone would want to eat.

Question 28

What did Monica say after Chandler finally asked her to marry him and he put the ring on it?

After many years of waiting and wishing and hoping, Monica and Chandler were finally both in a place where they were heading toward marriage, or so Monica thought. Chandler, ever the prankster, went to great lengths to convince her that he was not actually ready for marriage and it almost backfired on him in a major way. Monica ran to Richard who told her he wanted to marry her and when Chandler found out he freaked. Lucky for Chandler Joey told Monica the truth and this proposal episode was epic!

Question 29

Why did Monica break up with Richard?

Monica's longtime boyfriend was Richard Burke, who was twenty-one years older than her. Richard was introduced to her when she was a kid, as her eye doctor and a family friend of her father's. When they began dating, they kept their relationship a secret from her parents for fear that they would disapprove of the age difference, not to mention the family history. Eventually, her parents did find out and they were fine with it. Ultimately, one of their differences did cause the breakup.

Question 30

What did Phoebe say to try to convince Rachel to move to Monica's apartment?

In the episode called "The One Where Ross Dates a Student", there's a fire in Rachel's and Phoebe's apartment and one of them is forced to move in with Monica and Chandler and the other with Joey. At first it appears that Rachel will get to live with Monica and Phoebe will live with Joey because it is believed that Phoebe's candles caused the fire. But later they find out that the fire was actually Rachel's fault, and the two switch places. Once there Rachel finds that she prefers Joey's easygoing nature while Phoebe struggles with Monica's desire to keep her apartment spotlessly clean.

Question 31

What does Monica say to try to entice Chandler to have sex with her even though she is sick?

Season 6 Episode 13 called "The One with Rachel's Sister" is one of our favorite "Friends" episodes and many fans would agree. Monica very, very rarely gets sick. In this episode, she spends most her time trying to convince everyone around her that she is not sick. She even tries to entice Chandler to have sex with her so she can prove how not sick she is. Chandler declines her sexual advances. And Monica tries even harder to tempt him.

Question 32

Why did Monica's dad give her a Porsche?

We all know that Monica's parents have always treasured Ross as their miracle child because they believed that Judy was unable to conceive and bear children until Ross arrived. Subsequently in their eyes, Ross could do no wrong. They always went above and beyond to make sure that Ross had everything he needed and then some. They often neglected Monica. When Monica and Ross return home for a visit Monica realizes just one more way she was less important to her parents than her brother. To make it up to her Jack gives her his Porsche.

Question 33

What did Monica say when she found out her surrogate was about to deliver a second baby?

Monica has waited her whole life to be a mother. She always dreamed of getting married and having babies. It was a very sad day when she learned that she and Chandler would never be able to conceive a child on their own, without the help of trained medical professionals and a surrogate. When it was finally time for the surrogate to give birth, she was overjoyed. But just after the first baby was born the doctor told them there was another one on the way.

Question 34

What does Ben say happened to him while Rachel was babysitting him with Monica's help?

"The One With The Giant Poking Device" is the eighth episode of the third season of "Friends", which aired on November 14, 1996. In this episode, Ross leaves Monica and Rachel to babysit his son Ben. While watching Ben, Monica decides to play airplane with him and she accidentally bumps his head leaving a small lump. In a panic, Monica and Rachel attempt to cover the lump with a yellow rain hat that belongs on a teddy bears. Much to their surprise, Ben can talk.

Question 35

Who did Monica beg not to tell Richard she hacked his answer machine?

"The One Where No One's Ready" is the second episode of the third season and 50th episode of the show "Friends", which aired on NBC on September 26, 1996. In this episode, Ross reaches very high anxiety levels as his friends are taking too long getting ready for a formal work event he has that evening. Monica is trying to figure out if the message she heard on her answering machine from Richard, was old or new. She remembers she has his code and breaks in to his machine.

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