How Well Do You Know Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy?


Created by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy is comprised of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. Though each of these three films can stand on their own, they are all genre pictures that explore similar themes, namely, the idea of prolonged adolescence. Each film was written by Wright and Penn, with Wright serving as the director and many of the same actors making appearances in all the three films. Though these films are often considered comedic satires, they are very much original stories in their own rights, bordering closer to homages than outright parodies.

But before they worked on the big screen, the creation of the Cornetto trilogy has its roots in the British comedy series Spaced, which was also created by Pegg and directed by Wright. If you’re a fan of this film trilogy, then Spaced is definitely worth your while, as it contains much of the same genre overlaps and signature visual comedy as these feature films. Collectively, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End have grossed over $150 million at the box office and garnered a strong cult following in the last 13 years since it began.

So now it's time to find out if you’re as big of a fan of the Cornetto trilogy as you think you are!

Question 1

Shaun of the Dead: What is the name of the pub that the group hunkers down in during the zombie apocalypse?

A solid chunk of Shaun of the Dead takes place in the same pub — a favorite of Shaun and his flatmate Ed, who spend most nights downing a few pints of ale and having a good laugh. This lack of direction is the very thing that makes Shaun’s girlfriend, Liz, dump him. But after the zombie apocalypse breaks out, Shaun, Ed, Liz, and a few others end up back in this pub regardless, seeing it as the most secure place to fend off against the zombies, while enjoying a pint of ale in the meantime.

Question 2

Hot Fuzz: What two action movies do Nicholas and Danny stay awake to watch?

Unlike Shaun and Ed in Shaun of the Dead, Nicholas and Danny aren’t close friends at the start of Hot Fuzz. Instead, their kinship slowly blossoms throughout the course of the film, beginning with a few beers at the local pub which turns into with a movie night at Danny’s house. Danny is a true action movie junkie, and he’s perplexed that the big city cop hasn’t seen any of the iconic movies in his collection. Therefore, the two cops continue their drinking while watching these two action movies together.

Question 3

The World’s End: What color “blood” do the androids have?

You would think that a race of androids developed by a super intelligent alien race would be near indestructible. But fortunately for Gary King and his old friend, that is not the case. When Gary first comes to blows with an android in the pub bathroom he’s able to yank the “teenagers” had off quite easily, revealing that the town has been mostly overtaken by an army of "blanks." By the end of the film, and a few dozen dissembled androids later, the gang is splattered with what color robotic fluid?

Question 4

Shaun of the Dead: What song are Shaun and Ed singing during their first zombie encounter?

Though it may be a comedy and a parody, Shaun of the Dead poses a serious question: If you were totally plastered would you even notice that the zombie apocalypse was happening? After a long night of drinking away his sorrows, Shaun emerges from the Winchester with Ed singing a duet when the stumble upon their first zombie. However, the two fail to realize that the man is undead, and instead, they think that he’s trying to get in on their rendition of this song…

Question 5

Hot Fuzz: What is the only word that Michael ever utters?

Before he was playing the Hound on Game of Thrones, actor Rory McCann starred as this not-so-gentle giant in 2007’s Hot Fuzz. Here, McCann plays Michael Armstrong, a simple minded stock boy at the local supermarket who acts as the muscle for the NWA. Much like the Hound, it seems near impossible to kill Micheal once and for all. And though the character engages in a few fist fights with Sergeant Angel, he’s only given one word to utter throughout the entire film.

Question 6

The World’s End: What’s the name of the town the group goes back to visit?

Aside from Shaun of the Dead, which is set in the very real city of London, both towns featured in Hot Fuzz and The World’s End are very much fictional. Though this may be a bit of a bummer to fans of the trilogy, it makes sense that the writers wouldn’t want to offend any real villagers in the United Kingdom by implying that their towns are full of murders or androids. While you can probably remember the name of the town in Hot Fuzz because it’s so often said, can you remember the village featured in The World's End?

Question 7

Shaun of the Dead: What is the name of the “drunk” zombie in Shaun’s backyard?

While Shaun and Ed are nursing a hangover, they discover a strange woman standing in their backyard, who they suspect of being totally wasted rather than an undead flesh-eater. Only after the women falls on top of Shaun and he gets a closer look at her lifeless eyes does he suspect that something is very wrong, and their suspicions are finally confirmed when the woman survives being impaled. Can you remember the name of the woman that Shaun reads off her name tag before shoving her to the ground?

Question 8

Hot Fuzz: What does NWA stand for?

There’s something awry in the seemingly quaint town of Sandford, Gloucestershire, but when he first arrives, Sergeant Angel can’t seem to put his finger on it. He’s quickly introduced to the NWA, a group of village elders who keep up to date on the local events and, more importantly, seek to protect their small town from any wrong doing. Of course, if you’ve seen enough movies you know that those who make a show of their “good intentions” are usually the ones that are secretly carrying out all the bad deeds.

Question 9

The World’s End: How many pubs are in The Glorious Golden Mile bar crawl?

The year was 1990. Five high school friends set out to complete the Golden Mile bar crawl, only to fall short before reaching the final bar: The World’s End. Now almost two decades later the group's ringleader, Gary King, decides to track down his friends and finish what they never could. Unfortunately, Gary finds that unlike himself, his friends have grown up into a set of responsible adults, meaning it's going to take a boatload of effort to get them to down a beer at each of these pubs and make it to the end.

Question 10

Shaun of the Dead: What is the name of Shaun and Ed’s third flatmate?

Though Shaun and Ed spend most of their nights drunk and most of their mornings hung over, their third flatmate has actually decided to grow up, meaning that he’s also had enough of living with the two slackers. After a night of heavy drinking, their flatmate is woken up to the sound of Shaun and Ed blasting electro music, at which point it’s revealed that their angry flatmate was bitten by a zombie who he thought was just a crazy crackhead.

Question 11

Shaun of the Dead: What is NOT one of the records that Shaun and Ed throw at the backyard zombies?

Easily one of the most notable scenes in the entire film is when Shaun and Ed decided to fight off the zombies in their backyard using Shaun’s record collection. The catch: they can only throw records that Shaun deems worthy of destruction. But despite his opposition, Ed still chucks a number of records at the zombies that Shaun would’ve liked to keep, at the very least for posterity’s sake. They throw a few records before deeming it futile, but which album does the duo NOT end up being thrown?

Question 12

Hot Fuzz: What action star is Danny channeling in this particular moment?

Danny is a huge fan of action and buddy cop films, which makes him more than happy to accompany Angel during a good old fashioned shoot-em-up of the town. But things hit a little too close to home when Danny’s own father turns the gun on his son. Though he is able to escape the clutches of his father, Danny isn’t able to shoot his dad in the back, and instead, he unloads his clip into the air — a nod to another action film starring this superstar.

Question 13

The World’s End: What year was the film released?

Just like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz before it, The World’s End also premiered in the United Kingdom before making it’s way to the United States about a month later. The film was once again a critical and commercial success, though it failed to top the box office performance of Hot Fuzz — the highest grossing film in the trilogy. The World’s End was released almost a decade after the series began with Shaun of the Dead, meaning it was released in this year...

Question 14

Shaun of the Dead: What weapon does Shawn use to bludgeon his first zombie to death with?

After throwing records proves to be a futile means of defense, Shaun breaks into the backyard shed to find a real weapon. Where most zombie films make it seem like it would be amazingly easy to just bash someone’s head open and incapacitate them, Shaun of the Dead demonstrates that this would be a rather difficult (and super disturbing) act. The two men have to bludgeon the backyard zombies over a dozen times before they’re actually out of commission, despite the fact that Shaun is using this rather sturdy makeshift weapon.

Question 15

Hot Fuzz: What famous director makes a brief appearance as Santa Clause?

After the massive success of Shaun of the Dead, director Edgar Wright, along with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, received a wave of praise from other already established filmmakers. Their zombie parody even earned Frost and Pegg a cameo appearance in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead, where the duo shows up as a couple of zombies. This praise even led to a number of cameo appearances in Hot Fuzz and The World’s End, including this brief shot, where a massively famous director is dressed up as a ruthless Santa Clause.

Question 16

Shaun of the Dead: What is the first member of Shaun’s group to turn into a zombie?

By the end of the movie, pretty much every character we’re introduced to aside from Shaun and Liz end up either eaten or zombified. Even Ed succumbs to his wounds and turns before they can escape the Winchester, though Shaun happily keeps him in the shed out back as his video game partner. While most characters meet their demise at the pub, which one of them never survives the journey across town and comes back to life while sitting in the backseat of the car.

Question 17

Hot Fuzz: Why do Danny’s superiors transfer him from London to Sandford?

A number of famous British actors/ stand-up comedians make a brief appearance in Hot Fuzz playing Angel’s superior officers, including Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan, and Billy Nighy. They inform the police constable that he will be promoted to sergeant, but that he will also be transferred from the big city to the sleepy town of Sandford. Angel strongly opposes the move, and by the end of the film his superior officers show back up to try and get him to come back to London.

Question 18

The World’s End: What is NOT a name of one of the pubs in The Glorious Golden Mile?

Pubs have been a big staple throughout the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. This is where the characters find refuge in Shaun of the Dead, where the two cops start to become friends in Hot Fuzz, and where a majority of the character spend their time in The World’s End. However, instead of focusing on just one local pub, the five friends travel to a dozen pubs with the plan to drink a pint per visit. But which pub did not make an appearance in the third installment of the trilogy?

Question 19

Shaun of the Dead: Who does Shaun buy a bouquet of flowers for?

Pretty early on in the movie, it’s clear that many of Shaun’s relationships with his friends and his family are being weakened by Shaun’s inability to be proactive. He hardly ever visits his mum, never accepted his step-dad as a father figure, doesn’t do anything special for his girlfriend, and is even annoying his more put-together flatmate, Pete. This leaves Shaun with a good amount of making up to do, which begins with a quick trip to the flower shop.

Question 20

Shaun of the Dead: What is the slogan on Ed’s shirt that he wears throughout most of the film?

Ed may be a good guy to enjoy a few drinks with and play a round of video games alongside, but he’s not necessarily the type of friend that you’d want to live with. He’s messy, loud, sells a bit of weed now and again, and rarely seems to change his shirt. One of the many reasons that Shaun of the Dead is such a memorable movie is because of how memorable the character’s appearances are. Shaun wears his white shirt/ red tie work uniform for most of the movie, just as Ed wears a t-shirt that bears this comedic phrase…

Question 21

Hot Fuzz: Why does the NWA kill so many of the town’s citizens?

Pretty quickly, Sergeant Angel learns that everyone dying in Sandford is not the result of a string of freak accidents, but rather a plot carried out by the NWA. But why would a group of people sworn to protect the community kill off so many of their citizens? Like the thorough cop that he is, Angel digs deep into the village archives and uncovers the complex plot that ties all the murder victims together. But are the NWA’s intentions really that complicated?

Question 22

Shaun of the Dead: What is Barbara’s nickname for her son?

Unless you’re a hardcore zombie fan, you probably didn’t pick up on every single one of the zombie movie references that are sprinkled throughout this film. Though one of the easiest to spot is the “They’re coming to get you, Barbara!” line that Ed yells to Shaun’s mum. This is lifted straight out of the opening scene of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. But before Barbara inevitably succumbs to the zombie apocalypse, she likes to refer to her son with this loving pet name…

Question 23

Hot Fuzz: What Academy Award winning actress briefly appears as Nicholas’s ex-girlfriend?

Since most of Shaun of the Dead revolves around Shaun trying to win his girlfriend back, it's quickly established up front that we would not be watching the same story all over again in Hot Fuzz. Instead, Angel's love interest is only given a single scene at the start of the film, where the two break up citing Angel’s inability to separate himself from the job. Though we never see his girlfriend’s face, and though the actress isn’t listed in the ending credits, there’s no mistaking those eyes or that voice.

Question 24

The World’s End: What location do the five friends first battle the androids?

It doesn’t take long for Gary and his old friends to feel that something is awry in their old town, but they can’t quite put their finger on it. Is it simply that people have changed in the subsequent years? Or just that their perceptions have changed? The real answer is, of course, that the town has become overrun with android clones. Gary is the first one to discover this when he rips a head of an android teenager, inciting a length brawl between his friends and a few more androids in this location.

Question 25

Shaun of the Dead: How much does Shaun say he still owes Nelson, the convenience store cashier?

Shaun of the Dead is chock full self-referential jokes that callbacks to earlier moments in the film, which is ultimately what makes the movie so enjoyable to watch over again and again. One such instance is the two single take shots that show Shaun walking to the nearby convenience store — once before the zombie apocalypse, and once after. The joke is that the second time around Shaun fails to realize that the world is falling apart around him because his own life has gone to waste and he’s dealing with a hangover.

Question 26

Hot Fuzz: Before he gets drunk with Danny, what is Sergeant Angel's drink of choice?

Sergeant Angel is an obnoxiously by-the-book policeman. Ah, we mean police officer, of course, since gender shouldn’t have anything to do with it, as Angel aptly tells us. He doesn’t believe in the credo that “rules are made to be broken” and instead believes that anyone who breaks even the most minor law should be held accountable for their actions. He’s also a running guru who rarely does to the pub, but when he does, he orders this particular drink.

Question 27

Shaun of the Dead: Why does Ed keep apologizing to Shaun?

Though Shaun has his fair share of things to apologize for throughout the course of the film, Ed’s track record is far from squeaky clean as well. He’s a terrible roommate, crashes their escape vehicle, and is constantly trying to drag Shaun down to his level of laziness. By the end of the film, after Ed has been bitten by a zombie and his fate is sealed, the two close friends have a heart to heart where they each express their regrets. But can you remember why Ed actually says he’s sorry?

Question 28

The World’s End: What lie does Gary tell to Andy to persuade him to come do the pub crawl?

It becomes clear pretty quickly that Gary and Andy have had the biggest falling out amongst the group of old friends, and much later we found out that the two were involved in a horrible car accident years before that almost cost Andy his life. Thus, Gary knows he’ll need to win over Andy’s sympathy if he has any chance of getting him to come back and partake in the bar crawl. He gives him the $600 back that he owes him, but also tells him this horrific lie.

Question 29

Hot Fuzz: What is Simon Skinner’s line of business.

With those snake eyes and that Cheshire cat smile, British actor Timothy Dalton is the perfect man to encapsulate this slimy businessman who is also a member of the NWA. After Skinner continues to pop up at the crime scenes knowing full-well who’s already been killed, Angel suspects that he is the mass murderer. But upon visiting him at his place of work, Angel is confronted with surveillance footage that acts as Skinner’s alibi for a number of the murders, prompting Angel to suspect that there are others involved.

Question 30

Shaun of the Dead: What object does Ed use to kill his first zombie?

Unlike most of the characters in Shaun of the Dead who really don’t enjoy killing the freshly turned zombies, Ed actually relishes the opportunity to take down a few undead flesh eaters. When there’s a pair of zombies stalking around their backyard, it’s Ed who wants to go out and take them on despite the TV reporter urging everyone to stay inside. Ed uses a number of “weapons” throughout the course of the film, but can you remember the first one he uses to kill a zombie?

Question 31

Hot Fuzz: What animal are Danny and Nicholas tasked with tracking down?

British comedian, writer, and actor Stephen Merchant has a brief cameo in the film as a citizen who calls into the police department to report that one of his animals is missing. At first, Sergeant Angel is convinced that the call is a prank because the man gives his name as Peter Ian Staker (which when initialized on a piece of paperwork looks like “piss taker.”) However, the call is 100% real, and Angel and Danny spend the rest of the film keeping an eye out for this animal.

Question 32

The World’s End: What does Gary say to convince the Network to abandon their invasion of Earth?

The climax of The World’s End involves Gary and Andy getting into a shouting match with the Network, an alien entity that has hatched the android invasion of Earth that is also responsible for the technological breakthroughs in the last few decades. The Network also offers Gary and his friends the chance at eternal youth and displays for them the android versions of their younger selves. However, Gary vehemently denies surrender and instead convinces the Network to abandon Earth with this argument…

Question 33

Shaun of the Dead: What year was the movie released?

The first film in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy was released on April 9th in the United Kingdom and September 24th in the United States — both within the same year. The film went on to be a massive critical and commercial success, grossing $30 million against a modest $6.1 million budget, and currently holding a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Though Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg originally thought of doing a sequel, they decided to make Hot Fuzz instead, which was released three years after Shaun of the Dead.

Question 34

Hot Fuzz: What line is repeatedly echoed by members of the NWA?

The NWA has a terribly demented form of morality, believing that anyone who infringes with their plans of having the perfect town should be put to death. They have a particular phrase that they like to repeat as if trying to brainwash anyone they’re talking with to take up their cause. Angel is particularly disturbed with how such a large group of elderly people could conspire to carry out and cover up so many murders, which prompts the sergeant to go on an all out shooting spree by the end of the film.

Question 35

Shaun of the Dead: Who saves Shaun and Liz when they first escape the Winchester?

Pretty much everyone except Shaun and Liz meet their demise while holding out inside the Winchester, proving that Shaun’s plan was far from foolproof. Though you would think that Liz would actually be increasingly annoyed with Shaun for this, the fact remains that Shaun at least tried to be proactive in his life, even if he still ended up falling short of his goal. The couple emerges from the pub willing to fight to the death together when they are miraculously saved at the last minute by…

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