How Well Do You Know Disney's Princes?


We are all hoping that someday our Prince will come, but even miracles like that take a little time. So while we are waiting to be part of that royal world, we'll watch some of our favorite Disney movies that won the hearts of moviegoers of all ages. It's a whole new world whenever we watch a Disney film, especially when Princes are involved. There are ten "Princes" in the Disney Royal Franchise and while they are all drawn to perfection, how much do you know about these dashing love interests?

From the 1930's to today, there is a lot of history in these magical films. So are you a true Disney buff, a long lost princess, or simply a person who can feel the love of a Disney character tonight (okay I'll stop with the song puns!). Take this quiz to prove your knowledge, or learn something new about your favorite fictional crushes and maybe you'll find something there that wasn't there before (okay now I'll really stop with the song puns).

Question 1

What is the name of The Prince in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?

The Origin Prince, the one that started it all and the first in the Disney Prince line-up. Without "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1938 we would have never gotten such a great legacy of films that have shaped so many of our childhoods. Sure The Prince isn't that memorable, his name wasn't even released until years later. But he did save our heroine from an eternal slumber and that has to count for something, certainly a name at least.

Question 2

Which Official Disney Prince is the only one who does not sing in their film?

What kind of Disney movie would it be without music? Isn't the most magical part of any animated movie the big, beautiful ballads. The catchy tunes that make you dance and the sad songs that break your heart. We know and love them, and probably have more than a few songs on our phones, but not every character sings in these Disney musicals. We have side character and objects singing their hearts or do the hula. Some of our favorite Princes don't have the best singing voices.

Question 3

Which Disney Princess film does NOT have an official Disney Prince?

So not every Princess gets the guy, that's totally okay! Not every person is ready for a relationship or a commitment, wanting to be free and work on themselves first. And some people just are not that interest in having a boyfriend. And that's okay! Disney is teaching every young girl to live the life that is best for them, not the life they have to live for others. They have to make their own choices in this world, and don't need any man to make it for them.

Question 4

Who is the only Prince to have facial hair in human form?

Each Disney Prince has his own look. John Smith is blond, Prince Charming has dark hair, Aladdin has got a great tan. They each have such different personality that their looks should represent that, after all, there is more than one way to look handsome. So while each of the men look different as a whole, they also have a lot of similarities when it comes to grooming style and facial hair. I bet you didn't realize that only one Prince has facial hair.

Question 5

Who is the first Disney Prince to be saved by their love interest

Okay we all know the only troupe: the handsome man saves the beautiful women from (insert horrible thing here). But it's so old fashion. The modern woman knows that she can save herself from anything and is in no way the weaker sex. Modern Disney movies have really shown that women are powerful in their own right. Disney couples have become increasingly equal to each other that now the princess can save the prince, not the other way around. But who started this first?

Question 6

Who is the only Prince to have a non-American accent?

Disney films are set in countries all over the globe: Germany, France, Asia, England, the Middle East, and even the good old USA. However, because Disney is an American based country, almost all the voice actors for the films have American accents for the English version of their film. This may be because they hoped that American audiences will relate to the movie better if the character sounded like them, but it does take you out of the story a bit. This changed with one character.

Question 7

Who is the voice actor for the character Aladdin?

Voice actors are so important in animated films. They literally make the characters come alive. Over the years the voices of Disney Princes have ranged from total unknowns to A-list celebrities. Aladdin is the story of a street rat with the heart of gold, trying to win the love of a beautiful princess. Aladdin is very charming and very handsome (for a fictional character anyway). Who voiced the character that showed Princess Jasmine a "Whole New World"? (see what I did there?)

Question 8

Which of these Disney Princes is named after a REAL prince?

Many Disney movies are based off popular fairy tales: Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast. Each are considered classics and are loved but people of all ages, but don't let that make you think that the Disney scriptwriters are living in a fantasy world. They often take inspiration from the real world, including naming their characters after real people. Out of the ten Disney Princes, only one of them is named after a real-life Prince. Who is it?

Question 9

Which famous actor was the inpiration for Aladdin's character animation?

It takes a lot of time, energy and talent to become a Disney animator. It takes many years to complete a hand-drawn Disney movie and often times groups of animators work together to just draw one character. These animators often take their inspiration from the real world and real people. For example, a young Alyssa Milano was the model for Ariel (The Little Mermaid). So which famous actor was the inspiration for Aladdin/ Prince Ali, one of our favorite diamonds in the rough?

Question 10

Who out of the four Princes listed have seen snow in their movies?

Do you wanna build a snowman! It doesn't have to be a snowman! It can be a Disney Prince! Okay, okay! You don't have to shout! I know the Frozen jokes are getting old, but I can't seem to Let it gooooo. Okay, now I'm done. Anyway, most Disney movies take place in warm, sunny climates, because what other season is better to fall in love when the weather is lovely. But some of our Princes have fallen in love during the snowy season.

Question 11

Which Disney Prince had their voice acting and singing voice done by the same person?

So we can't all be multi-talented, some of us can only be really really good at one thing(or if you're like me, you're good at no things). Sometimes you get the perfect voice actor who really makes the character come to life, but their singing voice is only so-so. Thanks to Hollywood magic, that's not an issue, you just have another person sing the Princes song. Though sometimes we get an actor who can do both! Out of these four Princes, who's voice actor can do it all?

Question 12

Who is the Prince that doesn't share a kiss with their love interest?

"Go on and kiss the girl." Sebastian really understood the classic trope of many Disney movies: true love's kiss. It can break any curse, right any wrong and make for one heck of a catchy song. However, not every movie ends with a kiss, or even has a kiss anywhere in the movie, at least not their first movie. There are many kinds of love in the world that do not need to be proven with just a simple kiss.

Question 13

Out of these Disney Princes, which one does NOT have an animal sidekick?

You got a friend in me. You got a friend in me. Every Disney Prince needs a sidekick to help him win the love of his Princess or just to keep them company on hard quests. And what's cuter that an animal sidekick? Where they are loyal and kind, or wise-cracking and give great advice, sometimes these beloved sidekicks steal the show. However, not every Prince has a trusty four-legged friend to keep them company. Can you guess who?

Question 14

Which of these Disney Princes was NOT imprisoned at one point in their movies?

Yikes! Sometimes to become a Prince you have to become a bit of a jailbird. Sometimes our main men have been on the wrong side of the law(for perfectly good reasons I swear). Or they were really just misunderstood and wrongly imprisoned. Whatever the case may be, a lot of Princes have been in handcuffs a time or two. Except for one of these four have managed to escape Johnny Law and live a spotless life of goodness (or just haven't gotten caught).

Question 15

Who is the only Prince who does NOT end up with the Princess at the end of the movie?

Disney is basically built on the idea of a "Happily Ever After". The girl finds her one true love, the villain is gone for good, and the scene fades to black with a true love's kiss. However, just like life, things don't always have a happy ending. Which one of these Disney Princes does not get the girl at the end of the movie, but did learn a valuable life lesson. And isn't that the most important thing? Okay it's not, but lets pretend.

Question 16

Who is the Disney Prince who is not royal by blood OR marriage?

As you may have guessed from the answers and questions on this quiz, Disney has a very loose definition of what "royalty" is. Basically, it comes down to whatever film was top grossing at the box office. Which is why Hercules is not considered a Disney Prince even though he's a demi-God and why Meg is not considered a princess as well. It is alSI why we can have a "Prince" that is not royal by blood or marriage. Because: popularity.

Question 17

Which Disney Prince is considered to be a "minor character" in their debut film?

Okay, let's be real here, Disney Princesses are the stars of the films, no questions about it. They are marketed towards little girls and even most of the films have the name of the Princess as the title. Because they are the big star, their love interest is pushed to the side, often used as a last minute plot point. Or some pretty drawn-on arm candy for our leading lady to be seen with. Hang in there guys, we still love you!

Question 18

Who is considered to be a co-protagonist in their movie?

With the new age of Disney, we start to see a shift in the dynamic between the Prince and Princess. Instead of the Prince only coming in to save the pretty Princess and the Princess getting all the character development, both characters grow and develop as the plot goes on, each acting as protagonists in their stories with their own personalities. Out of these four Princes, which one could be called a co-protagonist in their movie along with their Princess.

Question 19

Who are the only two Disney Princes that become royalty by marriage?

In most of the earlier Disney animated films scriptwriters followed a very simple formula for storytelling: poor girl(or princess in disguise is unhappy with her life, meets a Prince, falls in love after knowing them for all of four seconds, the Prince defeats the villain, they live happily ever after. The Princess usually marries an already wealthy Prince to get them out of poverty and hardship. However, Disney has now flipped the script and having the guys be poor and the Princess marrying them for love, not money.

Question 20

Out of these four Disney Princes listed here, who doesn't have an alias/fake name?

"Swordfights, far off places, a Prince in disguise". Belle was not kidding about that last part, so many of these Princes are in disguises, having a couple different names or lying about who they are. Why? What are they trying to hide? Don't want to be overwhelmed by fans at the marketplace? Maybe they are keeping some deep dark secret that will scare their Princess. In any case, pick the Prince who's kept it real and true during the whole movie.

Question 21

Who is the only Disney Prince that gets married twice?

Ah yes, no better ending than a fairy tale ending. The beautiful dress, the happy couple, the free cake (aka the most important part). But above all, the knowledge that our hero and heroine have finally found each other and all is right with the world. However, one of our dashing Princes has tied the knot not once but twice! Holy Simba, how unheard of! One happy ending only please! Do you know who that certain Prince who needed the second time around?

Question 22

Who is the only official Disney Prince to have both parents seen alive?

Okay, so Disney may have a thing about orphans. Seriously, so many Disney characters have either one parent, orphaned, or raised from someone completely different, not related to them by blood. However, this is often seen as a good thing, as it shows that there's more than one way to be a part of a family. And there are many different types of family that are not determined by blood. Remember, family is the people that love you, no matter what happens.

Question 23

Who has the largest known age gap of any Disney royal couple?

Okay, so we know that many of the Disney Princess are teenage girls, ranging from ages 14 to almost 20(though a lot of them are 16). But how old are the guys? We never really get the ages of any of our Disney Princes, but we can assume that they are usually not the same age as our heroine. In fact, they are usually quite a few years older. While we can guess the ages of most of the pairings, who has the largest age gap?

Question 24

Which Prince had the smallest amount of screen time?

The Disney Princesses are the main characters of their movies, that part is understood, so it's natural that they would get most of the screen time, but sometimes the Disney Princes get very little, sometimes always completely pushed out of the movie. This is sometimes because of how the plot line goes or how complicated the Prince is to draw and animate. This is no longer much of an issue in more modern Disney films but was more common in early Disney classics.

Question 25

Who is the only Disney Prince with a sibling?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of Disney characters are only children without siblings? A great majority of them are. This could be for a variety of reasons such as not as many characters the animators have to draw and animate, not very useful in the plot and, in the case of royalty, no one to steal the throne (or the attention) away from them. Out of all ten Disney Princes, there is only Prince who has a sibling, who is it?

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