How Well Do You Know Chris Pratt? Only Real Fans Can Get 25/25


Do you find yourself singing Mouse Rat's songs and secretly wish you could be as smooth as FBI special agent Burt Macklin? Do you wish you had the double-decker couch in your living room to sit on with all your friends and watch Chris Pratt movies? Do you wish you had Star-Lord's dance moves and could rock the famous red leather jacket? If you've answered yes to any of these it is safe to say you're classified as a Chris Pratt fan, but are you his biggest fan?

To earn this title, you need to know the goofy and lovable man behind his memorable characters. Only true fans would know things like how Pratt was discovered or what very odd and weird hobby made him and his wife fall for each other. Even if you don't know everything about him, you'll get to learn some new things that will for sure make you love him even more.

Whether he won your heart back in 2009 when he was introduced to us as Andy Dwyer or you just recently discovered him due to his huge blockbuster year back in 2013, it's time to take this quiz and put your Chris Pratt knowledge to the test!

Question 1

Where was Chris Pratt discovered?

Chris Pratt has a long list of odd jobs to get by that he had before making it big in Hollywood. Lucky for him and us Tommy Chong's daughter, Rae Dawn Chong, met Pratt and cast him in her short film Cursed Part 3. He went to Los Angeles to film and after that he got a role on a television show and guest starred in a few more movies. Where did Rae Dawn Chong discover this future A-list actor?

Question 2

How did he meet his wife?

Funny girl Anna Faris is well known for her comedic roles in House Bunny, Just Friends, and four installments of the Scary Movie series. Her and Chris married in 2009, the same year we were introduced to Andy Dwyer. These two have been the ultimate definition of relationship goals since they became a couple a decade ago back in 2007. Ironically, they grew up only twenty minutes apart from each other but never crossed paths with each other. How did these love birds meet?

Question 3

What do both Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have collections of?

This couple met and started developing feelings even though Anna was married at the time. The two didn't act on their feelings until Anna filed for divorce and the rest is history. Anna now admits that at the start of their relationship she almost cried when she saw a certain thing on the wall of Pratt's apartment. She said that she knew then that he was right for her because she also collected this certain thing. What do they both collect?

Question 4

What did Chris Pratt do before he was famous?

Besides being a waiter at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant in Maui, Chris Pratt has had some other interesting jobs. Before he moved to Hawaii, he had an odd job in his hometown that could be considered as the reason for his sick dance moves as Star-Lord. Pratt himself said he wasn't good at this job and only made about $40 each night and he was very awkward at it. What was the job he had before his fame?

Question 5

What caused Pratt to have a warrant out for his arrest?

Another odd job that Chris Pratt had before he was an actor was selling coupons. He was a door to door coupons salesman for discounted oil changes. Yeah, that actually is a job that exists. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Pratt said he worked his way up in the company and was able to open his own office in his van. While he did this job, he had a warrant out for his arrest. What was the reason behind the warrant?

Question 6

What was Pratt's first reoccurring television series role?

After appearing in his first short, Pratt moved on to a few guest spots until he landed his first reoccurring role in 2002. This show had a few familiar faces that would eventually move onto staring on their own television shows including Sarah Drew and Paul Wesley who we now know as Dr. April Kepner and Stefan Salvatore. During the show, Pratt used to date Emily VanCamp who played his sister on the show. Don't worry though, he said it never grossed him out because he knew how to separate love and the show. What show was this?

Question 7

What unconventional place did he live in before acting?

Chris Pratt dropped out of community college during his first few months which is what led him to having his odd jobs around his hometown and Maui. In interviews he has discussed how he was homeless while living in Maui and would work as little as possible, only to afford food and gas for his mini van. He has also confirmed that Maui is an amazing place to be homeless. During this time of his life, what unconventional place did he live?

Question 8

True or False: Andy Dwyer was supposed to be a temporary character

All Parks and Rec fans can agree that the show would not be the same without this dimwitted but lovable man being a main character. He literally is the reason for everything coming together since he is the one who fell in the hole which caused Leslie to meet Ann. Parks and Rec would be totally different without Burt Macklin, Mouse Rat, and the strange yet perfect relationship between him and April. Do you think it's true or not that Andy was sadly only supposed to be a temporary character?

Question 9

Why did Pratt get reprimanded by NBC?

While working on his show Parks and Rec, Pratt decided he wanted to improv during a scene to get a real reaction from Amy Poehler. He describes his thought process of this choice in a few interviews, saying he asked the boom mic guy if his plan was a good idea. Well, what he did definitely caused Poehler to have a genuine reaction and the that take was the one used in the show. NBC didn't appreciate this and wrote him a letter warning him to never do what he did again. What did he do to cause NBC to reprimand him?

Question 10

How many of his movies have been nominated for best motion picture of the year?

Being in a movie that is nominated for an the Oscar for the best motion picture of the year is a pretty big deal for an actor. Pratt started his major movie streak in 2011 and took on big roles such as Moneyball that weren't his typical funny guy characters. We got to see his serious side which is a huge contrast from his characters in Parks and Rec, Delivery Man, and The Five Year Engagement. How many of these movies were nominated for best motion picture of the year?

Question 11

What teen drama television show did he appear in?

One of our guilty pleasure teen drama shows from the 2000's featured this funny man in a few episodes. His character Che was an activist that convinced a main character of the show to help him release bunnies from the science lab. Even though he was only on a few episodes, his character left a big impression on viewers. He had some weird encounters with the main cast like playing guitar naked for one of the guys and also helping the same guy find his spirit animal while in the woods. What teen drama show did Pratt appear on in the 2000's?

Question 12

How many of his characters have their own Lego mini figure besides Emmet?

Chris Pratt has stared in a wide variety of movies and television shows, allowing him to reach many different audiences. One of his most popular movies is The Lego Movie, which he voices the main character Emett Brickowski. This character was a Lego figure before the movie, but has had sets created specifically for the movie including the double-decker couch. Pratt has had the honor of having some of his characters getting their own Lego mini figure besides Emmet. How many other of his characters have their own Lego mini figure?

Question 13

What is Pratt's secret talent?

Besides acting, singing, playing guitar, and dancing Pratt has a secret talent. Unlike his other talents, this hasn't been showcased in any of his movies or television shows. If you scour the internet though, you can see videos of him showing off this talent and impressing everyone. This basically makes him great at everything he does and makes him even more than a triple threat. Seriously, what is he not good at? What is the secret talent that he has?

Question 14

What second language does Pratt know?

Pratt learned to speak this language in school and has practiced it ever since. During an interview for his movie Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence, he admits his knowledge of this language. The interviewer begins asking questions in this language and Pratt is able to answer her back. He tells the interviewer that he likes to visit places that speak the language so he can practice his skills. He isn't exactly fluent, but he for sure knows a thing or two including some dirty jokes. What other language does Pratt know?

Question 15

How did he publicly prank Jennifer Lawrence?

During their press tour for their movies Passengers, Pratt decided he wanted to have a little fun and prank Jennifer Lawrence. He used the power of the internet to perform his task and posted pictures of the two. The first picture's caption states that he finally got the selfie the fans wanted with the two of them together. There was a problem with the picture though and all the ones to follow. How did Pratt publicly prank Lawrence on Instagram?

Question 16

What movie did he predict he would be in?

On the set of Parks and Recreation, Pratt was asked to film some behind the scene clips for the season 2 DVD set. In one of the clips, Pratt films himself in the mirror texting back a very famous director to turn down a role he would actually have in the future. Just looking at that camera tells you this was quite a few years ago. He must be psychic or really determined. What movie did he predict he would be in?

Question 17

What was he voted in high school?

Chris Pratt was apparently very popular in high school and was nominated for a certain superlative for his high school yearbook. Not only was he voted this certain thing, he also was elected to give a speech at graduation. This isn't very surprising to us since he is so lovable. He admits he wasn't super athletic in high school besides wrestling, but gained his popularity through a different way, which validated his nomination. What superlative was he nominated as in high school?

Question 18

True or False: He learned to bat with his non dominant hand for Moneyball

Pratt had to lose weight to be able to get the role that portrayed Scott Hatteberg. He was told he was too big to have the role, especially since he recently gained almost forty pounds. Pratt blamed this weight gain on his wife's home cooking, but was able to take the extra pounds off for the role. Not only did Pratt lose fifty pounds for the role, he also learned how to play baseball. True or False: Pratt also learned to bat with his non dominant hand for the movie.

Question 19

How many of his movies were in the top five highest-grossing films of 2014?

2014 was the beginning of Chris Pratt's biggest year in film and paved the way for other large roles. Pratt already made a name for himself by being a main character in Parks and Recreation and acting in Oscar nominated movies, but this year launched him into super stardom. Pratt's success with these movies made him a house hold name that everyone knew. How many movies that were in the top five highest-grossing films of 2014 did Chris Pratt star in?

Question 20

Why did he steal the Star-Lord costume?

It is common for celebrities to take things from sets for a keepsake, so it isn't a shocker that Pratt has the Star Lord costume including the red leather jacket. The problem is that he didn't necessarily get permission to take it but he actually stole it. He had a good reason to take it though and had an idea of what he would do with it. He figured if the movie did well, he would be able to put it to good use. Little did he know how well the movie would do and that it would get a sequel. Why did he steal the costume?

Question 21

What song can Chris rap by heart?

In a radio interview, Pratt admitted that he knows every word to Dr. Dre's album Chronic 2001 since he would listen to it every day when he was homeless. He referred to it as his "Peter Quill mix" which references how Star-Lord has his mix tape that he listens to on repeat. To prove his knowledge of the songs, he rapped the song while live on the air. What is the name of the song that Chris can rap by heart?

Question 22

What year did Chris receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

It is a high honor for a celebrity to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Chris Pratt deserved his star especially with his huge success in the past four years. He invited his family to join him for the unveiling and his wife Anna made a speech. Pratt has said that he is humbled to receive the star but was looking forward to hearing his friends and family say nice things about him in front of a lot of people at the event. What year did he receive his star?

Question 23

Why does Chris Pratt not take photos with fans?

Chris Pratt is recognizable now that he is a household name and he gets stopped on the street whenever he is out. In a few interviews, Pratt says that he usually is compliant and easy going, but he doesn't like taking selfies with his fans. One reason he doesn't like to take photos is because he wants to be able to do normal things and being stopped to take photos is not an every day occurrence for most of us. Why else does he not take photos with fans?

Question 24

Which famous scene was not improvised by Pratt?

Pratt is known for being the king of improv on his movies and television shows, especially with stunts. He wanted to be a stunt man when he was younger and loves physical comedy. Whenever Chris can he will do something so different than the script or think of a joke just to catch the other actors off guard. Some of his best improvs made it into the final cuts and have become some of the most well known scenes. Which one of these is not improvised by Pratt?

Question 25

What did Pratt post a picture of to make fun of the haters of his body?

It seems like Pratt is really good at losing weight quickly or gaining it back on whenever he needs to for certain roles. He has had to lose weight for many of his serious movies, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Moneyball, but also gains the weight back on for others. When fans started commenting on how much weight he has lost in March this year, he took to Instagram to poke fun at the accusations that he isn't a healthy weight. What did he post a picture of?

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