How Well Do You Know Boy Meets World?


Boy Meets World was (and still is) one of the most popular TV shows of the 90s. The combination of humor, teachable moments, and genuine emotion made it the perfect show for teenagers who grew up with Cory, Shawn, Eric, Topanga and Angela as role models and as characters they could relate to. If you were to name the most famous couples in 90s TV shows, Cory and Topanga would come second only to Ross and Rachel. (And maybe Buffy and Angel, but that's a whole other story.)

Many important issues were addressed in the show's seven seasons including loss and grief, alcoholism, the importance of family, the ups and downs of friendships and the difficulties of adolescence. In addition, the show would become famous for featuring one of the first interracial couples - Angela and Shawn - on a TV show for teenagers. And, while the teenagers are the focus of the show, Mr. Feeny is Boy Meets World's heart - many of the most important life lessons come from him. For those of us who grew up with the show, it was a sad day when in 2000, the show aired its last episode. Luckily, a new generation gets to enjoy their shenanigans now: The sequel/revival Girl Meets World follows Cory and Topanga as adults raising their daughter Riley.

Question 1

What grade was Cory when the show first aired?

When it first appeared on our TV screens in 1993, Cory Matthews, Shawn and Topanga were in the same class at school. The show follows the characters and their relationships as they move from school to college and eventually into adulthood and the working world. It would air for 7 seasons from 1993 to 2000. After being off the air for 14 years, it would return for a revival series in 2014 called Girl Meets World - a sequel series following Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley.

Question 2

What is Mr Feeny's first name?

Mr Feeny is both Cory's 6th Grade teacher and his neighbor. He was originally Cory's elementary school teacher who moves to the 6th Grade. While gardening, his neighbors - The Matthews Family - often interrupt him to ask for advice and as the series progresses, he becomes a valuable mentor to the characters in the show. When Cory, Shawn and Topanga go to college, he temporarily resigns as a teacher until he is offered a position as a professor at their university.

Question 3

Where do the Matthews family live?

The Matthews family, Shawn and Topanga go to school and live in the same city while they're in middle school, high school and university. They only leave the city after graduating from college in Season 7 and they move to New York City. The show makes reference to many things, places, and information related to the city the show is set in. The characters often talk about the city's four major sports teams and they are often seen wearing clothes supporting them.

Question 4

What is the name of the high school featured in the show?

Shawn, Cory and Topanga attended this high school from seasons 2 to 6 in the show. Cory's elder brother Eric also attended but graduated in Season 3. It is named after the character played by William Daniels (Mr. Feeny) in the long-running award-winning Broadway play 1776, which would later be turned into a film. The faculty at the school is quite limited and one teacher will have many students. There was only one hallway set used in the show - even when the characters start using the senior hall.

Question 5

Who is "Mr. Feeny with an earring?"

When Mr. Feeny becomes high school principal, Cory, Shawn and Topanga get a new teacher who - with his unorthodox teaching methods - becomes a second mentor to the three of them and he develops a particularly strong relationship with Shawn. He is from Connecticut and the show hints at him having a wealthy upbringing which he runs away from in order to follow his dream of becoming a school teacher. He also rides a motorcycle and appears in Girl Meets World.

Question 6

What is the name of the high school newspaper?

Cory starts writing for the school paper in season 4. He writes the humor column but there's a general consensus that he's not very good at it. Cory is generally depicted as a sport-loving slacker. While he's often sarcastic and makes many mistakes, he's shown to be kind-hearted and his friends and family are the most important things in his life. Despite being a bit of an underachiever, he follows in Mr. Feeny's footsteps by becoming a history teacher after college.

Question 7

Where did Topanga's parents move to?

In Season 4 Topanga moves away from Philadelphia when her mother is transferred to a job in a new city. Cory is devastated about losing her but, after realizing that she doesn't want to be separated from him, Topanga runs away and returns to Philadelphia. Alan and Amy Matthews convince her parents to let her stay in Philly by telling them that it would be irresponsible to take her out of school and move her to a new school before her senior year.

Question 8

What did Eric put into the computer to break it?

Throughout the series, Eric is portrayed as lazy and immature. He's actually smart but is an underachiever at school where his SAT score is too low to get him into college. After spending Season 4 at home, he finds the motivation to retake the SATs where he gets 1120 and can apply to college. In early seasons, he often talks about how he wants to be a weatherman. One of his quirks is how he doesn't like to wear pants.

Question 9

What was Alan Matthews' band called?

In the episode titled 'Band on the Run', Shawn and Cory - tired of not being able to get girls to go out with them - pretend to be in a band. Mr. Feeny calls their bluff when the band that was supposed to play the school dance cancels and he asks Cory and his fake band to play instead. When the band Cory hires ditches him because he can't pay them, Cory and Shawn are forced to play and they're terrible. (Obviously)

Question 10

Which Baywatch star makes an appearance in Season 2?

In the episode called Thrilla in Philla, Cory realizes that he hasn't achieved anything in his first year in high school and joins the wrestling team in an attempt to prove himself so that he has something to say in the yearbook. After many shenanigans that involve lobsters, a guy named Griff and another named Leslie, Cory is crowned the winner of a wrestling match organized by Griff Hawkins. This is also the first episode where it is obvious that Topanga and Cory share feelings for each other.

Question 11

In Season 6, what does Rachel choke on?

Throughout Season 6, Eric and Jack are competing for Rachel's affections. After Jack saves her from choking, she promises him anything he wants in return and Eric gets even more worried that she might choose Jack over him. The main plotline of this episode is about Cory believing that he's only average and blaming his father for raising him to be mediocre. After Alan shows him how good 'average' really is, Cory realizes that he's been too hard on his Dad.

Question 12

Who does Cory kiss while on his senior ski trip?

While in the mountains on his ski trip, Cory sprains his ankle and is unable to go skiing. After convincing Topanga to go and enjoy herself, he spends the day putting together a puzzle with another girl staying in the lodge. Later on, she admits to liking Cory and they kiss. He lies about it to Topanga when she asks him about it but she finds a letter that Lauren writes to Cory when it falls out of his pocket.

Question 13

What is Topanga's sister's name?

Topanga Lawrence's sister is only mentioned once in Season 1 and then is never seen on the show again. It is one of the show's continuity errors (and one of many character disappearances). After Season 1, Topanga is referred to as an only child. Since Topanga's parents are both hippies, their names aren't as surprising as they seem at first. Think her sister's first name is odd? It's not as strange as her second name, which is Stop -The-War. Awesome!

Question 14

What university do Cory, Shawn, Eric and Topanga attend?

While Topanga gets high enough grades to get her into any school she wishes, Cory doesn't do as well as she does. She chooses to go to the same school he does (where Shawn is also going) because she doesn't want to be separated from him. When Cory, Shawn, and Topanga start their first year of college, Eric and Jack are already there. The circle is completed when Mr. Feeny is offered a position as a lecturer and everyone is reunited.

Question 15

How did Shawn's father die?

Of all the characters on the show, Shawn has had the most to deal with. He is abonadoned by two mother - one who isn't actually his birth mother and one who left him when he was a baby. He is desperate to be closer to his father who is frequently absent during his childhood. His Dad eventually decides to show up and be there for Shawn but dies before he gets the chance. He reappears a few times as Shawn's spirit guide.

Question 16

After they break up in Season 3, where does Cory go to get Topanga back?

Cory and Topanga break up after Cory kisses another girl while on a ski trip and then lies to Topanga about it. Without getting permission from his parents, he goes to find her and tries to win her back via a number of cheesy stunts. After she tells him that the more he pursues her, the less she likes him, he decides to back off. It's only after she sees him taking care of a sick dolphin that she decides to take him back.

Question 17

What is Angela's middle name?

Angela Moore and Shawn Hunter date on and off from Season 5 until Season 7 when Angela leaves Shawn to spend time with her father (a military sergeant) in Europe. Shawn spends the first four seasons acting like a high school Casanova and a player, but - despite warnings from many of his previous girlfriends - Angela decides to trust him anyway. Cory and Topanga frequently intervene to help the couple stay together, give them advice, and act as relationship role models.

Question 18

What award did Alan Matthews win?

Alan started this job after he graduated high school until he started his own shop where he hires Eric to work for him. He's often strict with his boys - especially when they're fighting with each other - but he's always a fair Dad with an important lesson to share. He was young when he married Amy and they had Eric soon after they were married, but their relationship stays strong and is the model for Cory's relationship with Topanga.

Question 19

At what age did Amy marry Alan Matthews?

Even though her parents told her not to, Amy marries Alan when she's young but (luckily) her instincts were right and they stay together - happily - throughout the series. She is often openly critical of her sons' decisions and doesn't support Topanga's decision to follow Cory to Pennbrook University instead of going to Yale. In the show, she works in real estate or as an art dealer and later seems to be a homemaker. This is one of the show's continuity errors

Question 20

How many episodes did Boy Meets World air?

Boy Meets World aired seven seasons from 1993 to 2000. Interesting fact: Rider Strong almost quit the show after season five because he wanted to go to college and couldn't fit studies into his Boy Meets World filming schedule. The show's producers found a way to organize his time so that he could do both. Also: Topanga was never supposed to be a main character but she was so popular that she became one of the four main characters in the show.

Question 21

What was the first line of the series?

The same person opens and closes the entire series. In the first episode, the audience is introduced to Cory Matthews, Mr. Feeny, Eric Matthews and the rest of the Matthews clan. Here's an excerpt from the pilot's script that gives us a clue about the kind of kid Cory is: Alan: Why did you get detention? Amy: Apparently, he'd rather listen to the baseball game on the radio than try to understand the emotional content of Romeo and Juliet. Cory: Mom, I'm a kid. I don't understand the emotional content of Full House.

Question 22

What was the line that closed out the series?

The last episode was an emotional one - Danielle Fishel wasn't even supposed to cry but got so emotional about the end of the show that she couldn't help it. In the last scene, Eric, Cory, Topanga, and Shawn ask Mr. Feeny if they have anything left to teach them. He tells them that his work with them is done (and reveals that Cory's full name is Cornelius) and that he thinks they're ready to go out into the real world.

Question 23

Where do Cory and Topanga move to at the end of the series?

In the series finale, Topanga is offered a dream internship at a law firm and Cory, Shawn and Eric follow her to the city where they'll live from then on. When the revival show Girl Meets World started airing, we're told that they've stayed in New York and have a daughter named Riley while Alan and Amy Matthews have remained in Philadelphia. In the last scene, each of the characters has an emotional moment with Mr. Feeny where they tell him how much he's meant to them.

Question 24

What do Shawn and Cory get arrested for?

In the episode called "If you Can't Be With The One You Love..." Cory - still depressed after his breakup with Topanga - gets tired of being the downer kid and goes to Kimberly Sussman's party to cheer himself up. After they're arrested, Alan blames Shawn for their behavior and Amy has to take him aside to calm him down. Cory tells his parents the truth - that it is his fault they got arrested and Alan apologizes to Shawn.

Question 25

In the episode 'And Then There Was Shawn,' what is written on the board in blood?

'And Then There Was Shawn' is the cast's favorite episode. It's a riff on the classic slasher shtick. A guest appearance by Jennifer Love Hewitt completes the whole idea. The whole thing starts when Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Angela and Kenny get into an argument and are sent to detention. The first person to die is Kenny when he is stabbed in the head by a giant pencil. Mr. Feeny is the next to die - stabbed in the back with a pair of scissors.

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