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Bioshock did something that few games can ever aspire to. It changed people's lives. Everyone who played this game was shaken upon its completion. It left a lasting mark in so many gamer's subconscious minds, a mark that will probably stay with them for the rest of their lives. It was one of those games that people binge played for 24 hours straight upon realizing that this was no ordinary game they were playing. The game did so many things right. The concept was flawless. The developers had a clear idea of what kind of world they wanted to create, and presented us with a unique world that the world had never seen before: Rapture.

From the moment the curtains are drawn back and Rapture is revealed in all its glory, you know you're in for one hell of a ride. Even the most uneducated gamers who played through this game were presented with strange philosophical ideas and imagery that challenged the very way they saw the world. The strange vision of the failed utopia of an underwater city sent real, poignant and chilling messages about the society we live in today. And it will never, ever be forgotten. But the real question is this: After 10 years, how well do you know Bioshock?

Question 1

What Is The Name Of The Underwater City In Bioshock?

What makes Bioshock such an amazing game is its setting. As soon as you set on eyes on the underwater city in which the game takes place, you are completely blown away. It fills you with awe, and I'm sure a lot of people got butterflies in their stomach as they made their way to its murky depths. The city is a architectural, technological and engineering masterpiece, achieving the seemingly impossible. But do you remember the name of this iconic city?

Question 2

You Have A Choice, Either Save The Little Sisters, Or...?

Part of what makes Bioshock so incredible is the fact that the player is given a choice in the game. In fact, the player is given a choice every time they come in contact with a Big Daddy and Little Sister. First of all, you kill the Big Daddy. Then it is possible to approach the Little Sister and interact with her. You can make the choice to save her from her fate - or make a much more sinister decision. What is the other option?

Question 3

What Are The Genetic Enhancements Called In Bioshock?

Rapture has a society that is completely unrestrained by the moral limitations of science we experience on our "surface nations." This means that the possibilities are limitless for the residents of Rapture. The greatest minds went to Rapture in order to freely pursue their wildest projects, and were given free reign by the city's government. This led to all kinds of inventions, including a line of genetic enhancements available to the public. What was the name of these genetic enhancements?

Question 4

What Does The EVE Meter Represent?

We've already explored ADAM, the all important substance that everyone becomes addicted to. This substance ends up completely destroying the moral fabric and order of society within Rapture. But what about EVE? ADAM and EVE are predictably linked together, but what function does EVE have within the Bioshock game? This substance can be purchased in vending machines and is massively important to Jack's success as he is fighting his way across Rapture. But what exactly does the EVE meter represent?

Question 5

What Is The Only Melee Weapon In Bioshock?

Melee combat is a very important part of Bioshock, especially in the first part of the game. The only weapon you have to start with is a blunt hitting instrument, and that becomes your trusty weapon in the future as well, at least whenever you run out of ammo. It's also very effective at destroying enemies that have been frozen or electrocuted. You can also increase your strength through gene tonics to make your attacks even more deadly. But what is this weapon?

Question 6

The Society Of Rapture Was Inspired Strongly By The Works Of Which Author?

Bioshock is filled with all kinds of references to the work of a particular author. This author released a book many years ago called "The Fountainhead," and later "Atlas Shrugged." In these books, the author explained their own personal philosophy, which is called "Objectivism." This philosophy is popular today with Libertarians and Conservatives. The philosophy maintains that individuals should be able to follow their pursuits, whatever they may be, without interference from the government or any other force. But what author is this?

Question 7

The City's Residents Have Turned Into Mentally Unstable, Violent People Known As...?

Of course, the ideals of Rapture went completely wrong. People who were left to their own devices did things that eventually led to the eventual breakdown of the entire society of Rapture. In fact, almost every single one of its residences has become degenerated, violent, and mentally unstable vagrants who roam across the city, fighting each other and anything that moves. Some are more coherent than others, but all have gone completely insane. What is the name for these people?

Question 8

What Is The Plasmid That Allows You To Freeze Targets?

There are a variety of different plasmids at your disposal throughout the game. These plasmids are purchased with ADAM harvested from Little Sisters or given to you by Bridgit Tenenbaum. These are essential to your survival throughout the game, and some are more popular than others. One very effective plasmid involves freezing a target, which then makes them vulnerable to melee strikes, shattering them completely. But do you remember the exact name of this plasmid that proved to be so deadly?

Question 9

What Is The Name Of The Main Character In Bioshock?

The main character is the playable character in Bioshock. In the beginning of the game, we don't know too much about this character, other than the fact that he was in a plane crash and found his way to the city of Rapture. As the game goes on, however, we begin to learn more about the character we are controlling, and some major revelations about his past hit home. More on that later. But do you know this character's name?

Question 10

Which Of The Following Is NOT a Vending Machine Found In Rapture?

Vending machines are another crucial part of the game for players who want to survive. These sometimes annoyingly loud and obnoxious vending machines will allow you to buy valuable items that can help you on your journey, and they accept money salvaged from corpses and containers. Ammunition, First Aid Kits, and many other goodies can all be purchased from here. More specialized vending machines will even let you purchase new plasmids. But which one of these is NOT a vending machine found in Rapture?

Question 11

Where Is The Entrance To Rapture Located?

We've already established that Rapture is underwater, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and you need to employ the use of a Bathysphere to get there. But the actual entrance is hidden in yet another way. When Jack's place goes down, he swims over to a large structure in the middle of the ocean. This structure is the physical entrance to Rapture, at least on the surface. Huge ominous doors let the player know that they are about to experience something amazing. But were is this entrance located?

Question 12

Which Plasmid Makes Security Attack A Target?

Another very useful plasmid involves using Rapture's security systems to your advantage. This is a favorite for people who like to hang back and watch other people (well, robots) do all the work. Why fight when you can summon flying turrets to do handle your enemies for you? This plasmid is another favorite and is unique in that it doesn't really involve any "super-powers" per say, just a massive target painted on your enemies that the security systems will respond to. But what's the name of this plasmid?

Question 13

When You Die In Bioshock, Where Does Your Body Appear?

When you die, it's not the end in Bioshock. Just like other games such as Borderlands, Bioshock uses checkpoints that respawn your character without forcing you to start from where you last left off. In other words, you don't go back in time once you die, you just transport back to a safe zone. This is a pretty good system, and it's explained of course by the advanced technology of Rapture. But can you remember what these places are called?

Question 14

What Is The Name Of The Irishman Who Directs The Player Via Service Radio?

Throughout most of the game, the player is guided by an Irishman who contacts the player via an old service radio. He is constantly giving directions to the player, and wants the player to help him save his wife and kids. Once he does this, he promises to help the player find Andrew Ryan. He comes across as an innocent, helpful person, but as players of this game know, there is something he is not telling us. But what's his name?

Question 15

Who Founded Rapture?

The man who founded Rapture plays a huge role in the game. He actually wants to kill the player, and he makes a concerted effort to do so throughout the game. Eventually, the player reaches his office, and he is waiting for you. Atlas wants him dead because he killed his family. The founder of Rapture grew up in Russia, moved to America, and became disillusioned with how both societies were ran. He wanted to create something new - Rapture. But what was his name?

Question 16

Finish Andrew Ryan's Famous Quote: "A Man Chooses,"

Andrew Ryan is finally met by Jack after he makes his way to his office. Jack passes by many dead bodies on the way to the city founder's office. These were left there by Ryan as a warning to future assassins. Ryan has survived many assassination attempts in the past, but as Jack approaches, he knows that he will soon be "sleeping with the fishes." So he decides to die on his own terms, but before doing so he utters a famous quote. Can you finish it?

Question 17

What Blunt Instrument Kills Andrew Ryan?

Ryan's death is one one of the most iconic death scenes in any video game ever made. Even though Bioshock was released ten years ago, in 2007, this moment is probably still fresh in the memories of a lot of gamers out there today. It made a huge impact. Part of this was due to the phrase he said before he died, the other was due to how brutal and gory his death was. After all, he was beaten to death with a blunt instrument. But what kind of instrument was this?

Question 18

What Does Removing Sea Slugs From The Little Sisters Do?

Little Sisters are another memorable, although disturbing addition to the game. These genetically altered, mutated little girls are employed by the city of Rapture to harvest ADAM from corpses. These little girls were initially meant so merely serve as hosts in the production of ADAM, but ADAM became so scarce that eventually harvested it from corpses became necessary. Despite their alteration, Little Sisters still laugh, smile, skip, and play. This makes them all the more creepy. Removing sea slugs from them does what?

Question 19

What Are Splicers Addicted To?

Splicers are the remnants of what was Andrew Ryan's great society. They had been manipulated into an addiction to one of the great inventions of Rapture, and became hopelessly insane, mutated and violent. It was said during the game that the great flaw of Rapture was that even though Ryan had assembled all of humanity's greatest minds to live in the city, there were still those who would have to "scrub the toilets." But what are the Splicers so hopelessly addicted to?

Question 20

Where Is Rapture Located?

The location of Rapture is a closely guarded secret. The residents and the founder of this city do not want it to be discovered, for this would put their residents and the continuation of the society at risk. So they hid Rapture, not just underwater but in the middle of a large body of water in which no one would think to look. There are many parts of the ocean that are not really explored, and that's where this city was hidden. But do you know where?

Question 21

Who Is Jack's Father?

Jack is not who you think he is. This was alluded to earlier in the quiz, but let's explore it in more detail now. Jack was actually genetically altered from birth, and was basically molded into an assassin. This was the work of Frank Fontaine, who wanted to create a sleeper agent that he could control, which would eventually kill Andrew Ryan. But perhaps the most shocking detail of his is who Jack's father is? Can you guess who it is?

Question 22

True Or False, A Big Daddy Can Exit His Suit If He Wishes

The Big Daddies are another major part of Bioshock. Their iconic forms appear on the front cover of the game itself, and in much of the game's promotional stuff. And to be honest, it's a pretty awesome way to sell the game. Just the picture of the Big Daddy is enough to give the vibe that Bioshock is a really amazing game. As it turns out, the Big Daddies have a pretty big backstory. Is it true that they can they take off their suits?

Question 23

What Was The Big Daddy's Original Purpose?

The Big Daddies were not actually designed to escort the Little Sisters as they wander around Rapture in the beginning. Their role in harvesting ADAM from corpses was only developed much later in Rapture's history, at the height of the civil war. These beings were actually integrated permanently into their suits so they could survive the intense cold and deep sea pressure that was common in the murky depths of the Atlantic. But what were the Big Daddy's originally designed for?

Question 24

What Are The Two Types Of Big Daddy Found In Bioshock?

There are only two types of Big Daddy in the first installment of Bioshock. There are more variants introduced in the sequel, Bioshock 2, and a very different type of protector makes an appearance in Bioshock: Infinite. In the first game, these two types of Big Daddies perform very different roles. One is more suited to melee combat, while the other is more comfortable with ranged combat. Both Big Daddies pose a massive challenge within the game. But can you remember what these two types were called?

Question 25

How Did The Plane Carrying Jack Really Crash?

As you know by now, Fontaine was in complete control of Jack from the very start. Of course, if you played the game you already know this, and don't need the quiz to tell you that. Frank Fontaine sent Jack to live on the surface while a civil war was raging between Fontaine and Ryan, and he knew that would be his "ace in the hole" when the time came. But do you know how the plane carrying Jack really crashed?

Question 26

Why Does Andrew Ryan Want To Kill Jack?

Right from the get go, Ryan wants to kill Jack. He essentially puts the entire city of Rapture on alert, and everyone and everything wants to kill the player character. This is because Ryan can control the Splicers with pheromones, and he can also control the city's automated defense systems, with are flying turrets. There are also video cameras and other more sophisticated security systems. But why is Ryan so intent on killing Jack? What did Jack ever do to Ryan?

Question 27

What Is The Trigger Phrase That Jack Has Been Conditioned To Follow?

Throughout the opening portion of the game, Atlas is your guide, telling you where to go, what to do, and how to do it. We now know that Atlas was actually somebody else the whole time, and was controlling Jack as his loyal slave. But how did Fontaine manage to control Jack in the first place. As you find out during the course of the game, this is achieved through a simple trigger phrase. But do you know what this phrase was?

Question 28

What Is The True Identity Of Atlas?

Atlas is not who he seems. This much is obvious to anyone who has ever played Bioshock, as Atlas' true identity is part of a twist that no player ever saw coming. It's one of the most shocking parts of any video game story, and a testament to the storytelling ability of those working on this amazing game. Atlas shows his true colors after Jack kills Ryan, and his identity is someone who we knew all along. Who is it?

Question 29

Which Law Created By Ryan Inadvertently Created The Creation Of A Black Market?

Ryan had a dream when it came to Rapture. His ideal city would be one that was entirely governed by individualism, where people would be truly free to pursue whatever venture they wanted. This would not be bound by the morals of humanity, religion, or government. In theory, each person would live a wonderful life and many businesses would flourish. For a time, that's exactly what happened. Until Ryan actually went against his philosophy and created just one rule. This rule accelerated the formation of a black market. What was this rule?

Question 30

Who Was The Exotic Dancer Impregnated By Andrew Ryan?

Jack's mother was actually Ryan's mistress. They met on the surface, where she was performing as a back up dancer for a Broadway production. She had dreams of landing one of the lead roles, but nobody was interested in her. Ryan lured her to Rapture, promising her opportunities and a beautiful, resort-like setting. She willingly came to Rapture, and was eventually impregnated by Ryan. This eventually led to Jack's birth, and the start of the Bioshock story. But what was her name?

Question 31

In What Year Does Bioshock Take Place?

Bioshock is a stunning vision of a possible future, but the crazy thing is that it actually happens in the past. We see all kinds of futuristic inventions and technology in this game, but the game actually takes place in our past (A fictional past). We've seen this same kind of formula used to great success with games like Fallout, which mixed 1950's vibes with futuristic technology. Bioshock is a vision of what could have happened if we weren't constrained by the moral implications of scientific development. But what year does this take place?

Question 32

Who Suggested That Commercial Plasmids Be Altered In Order To Control Rapture's Residents?

Fontaine and Ryan eventually became mortal enemies. The civil war for Rapture was the beginning of the end for this idealistic society, and eventually Ryan lost complete control of the populace. But a certain scientist had an idea of how to regain control of these rioting people - by force. This method would go completely against Ryan's ideal of respecting people's free will, but he felt like he no longer had a choice. But which scientist suggested that the plasmids by altered to control the population?

Question 33

Which Company Did Frank Fontaine Start?

Frank Fontaine is perhaps one of the most interesting characters in the Bioshock story. He comes from a criminal background on the surface, and manipulated his way into Rapture's society by stealing people's identities, bribes, and trickery. He eventually starts a black market smuggling ring, as well as a company that specializes in the production of ADAM. This comes into conflict with Ryan, who at first allows the company to flourish according to his philosophy. But which company is this?

Question 34

Which Scientist Discovered ADAM?

ADAM was the one discovery that changed Rapture forever. A scientist was walking along the docks one day when they noticed a dockworker's injured hand being healed by a sea slug's venom. They knew there was something strange about these sea slugs, and they investigated further. What they found was that the sea slugs unique to the area around Rapture produced a substance called ADAM. This substance had incredible powers. But do you remember who this scientist who discovered ADAM was?

Question 35

Who Is The Overseer Of The Medical Pavilion In Rapture?

The overseer of the Medical Pavilion in Rapture is another interesting character. Players get their first glimpse of just how insane some of the city's residents have become when they see what this man has degenerated into. Once a famed scientist, he is now known for butchering his victims, and the player must defeat him to move on to the next stage of the game. This character is a prime example of how insane the city has become. But what's his name?

Question 36

What Type Of Vehicle Does The Player Take To Get Down To The City Of Rapture?

When you find the entrance of Rapture, a vehicle awaits to take you down to the city. This begins one of the most stunning and breathtaking intros in any video game. The moment when the curtains are pulled aside, revealing Rapture in all its glory is a moment that really sticks with gamer who have played this game. The vehicle takes you through the city, and you get a real sense of the immense scale of the city. But what is this vehicle called?

Question 37

What Area Of Medical Science Was Steinman Known For?

Steinman was known as an expert in his field of study. That's one of the reasons Ryan was so adamant about him coming to live in Rapture. He wanted the best and the brightest minds of all areas, remember. He also offered something unique to Steinberg - a society that was not limited by morals. Steinberg could push his work to its fullest potential, and achieve his wildest dreams in Rapture. But do you remember what area of medical science Steinman was known for?

Question 38

Who Is Responsible For Governing Arcadia, The Garden That Supplies Oxygen To Rapture?

Another person who was put in a leadership position by Ryan was the overseer of Arcadia. This was an extremely important part of Rapture, and so it needed an equally competent leader. Luckily, Ryan found one - an expert in plants and their related chemicals. Arcadia was the oxygen production center for all of Rapture. The plants grown here supplied the entire city with vital air for all of its inhabitants to breathe. But do you remember the name of the scientist in charge here?

Question 39

Who Rules Over Fort Frolic?

Fort Frolic is another important area of Rapture, and another major character was found there. This area is the entertainment center of Rapture, an essential thing for any developed city. Although not as important as oxygen, entertainment can be vital. The lack of entertainment can be just as suffocating as the lack of air to breathe, especially in a cramped, dark and isolated environment like Rapture. So Ryan put a man of great talents in charge here. What was his name?

Question 40

Where Can The Ghost Of Jasmine Jolene Be Found?

We've already mentioned Jasmine Jolene, Ryan's mistress and the mother of Jack. Ryan had a very close relationship with Jasmine Jolene. That is, until she decided to betray him. When Ryan learned of this, his anger was intense. He went to her room and killed her. The player can actually visit her room, and in it is a grisly scene. The body is still there, and the player even sees the ghost of her beauty. But where can this ghost be found?

Question 41

Why Was It So Important For Frank Fontaine's Sleeper Agent To Be Related To Andrew Ryan?

There is a very specific reason why Frank Fontaine chooses to use Andrew Ryan's child as his sleeper cell assassin. The fact that he is genetically related to Ryan makes him the perfect person to use as Ryan's eventual killer. This is a testament to Fontaine's ingenuity and cunning, and his plan actually ended up working perfectly. Ryan knew this, and that's why he was so angry that Fontaine got possession of his child. But why did he choose Ryan's child?

Question 42

How Old Is Jack When The Events Of Bioshock Take Place?

The craziest thing about Jack and the fact that he was genetically altered by Fontaine and the scientists in his employ was his age. Jack is actually not as old as he seems. As part of the revelations about his true purpose, Fontaine reveals that Jack has actually only been away from Rapture for a few years. Even more stunning is the revelation that Jack is only a few years old - the same age as a child. But do you know his exact age?

Question 43

How Does Frank Fontaine Disguise Himself As Atlas?

Frank Fontaine actually fakes his own death at the end of Bioshock. This is to make everyone forget about him, get Ryan off his back, and allow him to take on a whole new identity. Fontaine is no stranger to taking on new personas, as he's been doing it for most of his life. But this latest transformation requires something a little more extreme. So how does Frank Fontaine completely transform his physical appearance to make himself look like his new persona, Atlas?

Question 44

How Did Yi Suchong Die?

Yu Suchong dies one of the most memorable deaths in the Bioshock game, and it's also one of the earliest. You come across him when you're learning about the Big Daddies and the Little Sisters. How these characters work is explained to you by Atlas - after you watch Suchong die in the most gruesome way possible. But do you remember how this doomed scientist died? In the end, it's pretty obvious that he got what he deserved for his crimes against humanity.

Question 45

What Did The Little Sisters Refer To Yi Suchong As?

One of the most disturbing things about Suchong's past is his role in the Little Sister and Big Daddy program. It was his twisted mind that first came up with the idea of using the two together as a team to harvest ADAM from dead bodies. Through the many audio recordings the player finds scattered around Rapture, you can hear many of these experiments that Suchong was doing on the girls. But do you remember what the little girls used to call Yi Suchong?

Question 46

True Or False, A Bioshock Movie Is In The Works

Wouldn't it be amazing if they made a Bioshock movie? Honestly, it wouldn't be that hard, considering all the groundwork has already been laid by the genius storytelling of the game's developers. All that's remaining is to get some green screen effects, and voila! You have a movie that tons of people would want to go see. This movie has been suggested in the past. It was even about to happen at one point, but failed. However, new rumors suggest that it might happen after all. Is this true?

Question 47

True Or False, Some Of The Splicers' Faces Were Based On WWI Veterans Who Had Undergone Facial Reconstructive Surgery

When you look at the concept art for this game, you really get a sense of how much time and effort went into its creation. Every little detail was meticulously thought out, and the final product of Bioshock went through many different changes. The Little Sisters were originally supposed to be slugs, after all! One of the most important parts of the game was the Splicers. As the most common enemy, they had to be visually striking. But is it true that they were based on WWI veterans who had undergone facial reconstructive surgery?

Question 48

True Or False, It Is Possible To Find The Lighthouse That Leads To Rapture Using Google Earth

After playing this game, many of us felt like we wished Rapture was a real place. Even though it was a horrific and disturbing city to visit and experience, there was a kind of wonder and amazement that went along with it, a unique charm that made us wish it was all true. Sort of like the feeling you get when you wish you could go to Hogwarts, only more blood and gore. But a rumor has been going around which suggests that you can actually find the lighthouse using Google Earth. Is this true?

Question 49

True Or False, The Annoying Voice That Comes Out Of The "Circus Of Value" Is Actually The Game's Director

Of all the amazing voices in Bioshock, one of the most memorable is the voice that emanates from the vending machine known as the "Circus of Values." As soon as you walk by it, a creepy clown voice booms out "WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS OF VALUES!" Accompanied by a hauntingly out of place circus jingle that adds to the overall creepiness of Rapture. There is a rumor that the voice of the vending machine is actually the director of the game. Is it true?

Question 50

Why Was Bridgit Tenenbaum's Face Never Fully Revealed?

Tenenbaum is the only other good character in the entire game besides Jack. And even Jack's innocence and benevolence is dependent entirely on the actions of the player, meaning she is the only inherently good character in the entire story. But even she has a dark past, as she willingly experimented on the Little Sisters before turning her back on the project and embracing her benevolent side. The player never actually fully sees her face throughout the entire game, at least in person. Why is that?

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