How Well Do You Know American Horror Story: Hotel?


The fifth season of American Horror Story takes place at the spooky Hotel Cortez - a hotel packed with ghosts, bodies, vampires, and secrets. It was constructed by James Patrick March, an eccentric serial killer, who wanted a private space where he could conduct his grisly murders and hide the bodies. He has since died and left the hotel to his wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth AKA The Countess is enterally youthful thanks to bloodborne vampire virus and uses the hotel to live in luxury with her lovers, feasting on the unlucky guests who make the mistake of checking in. She is powerful and those around her fear her wrath. But she also has a soft side and as the show unfolds we learn about her own tragic history, and how she became a vampire.

This season featured many of the show's regular players as well as a few fresh faces, all playing interesting and complex characters - all connected by the Hotel Cortez. Did you love AHS: Hotel as much as we did? Was this season one of your favorites? If so, you've probably watched it quite a few times. Now it's time to see if you know all the secrets of the Hotel Cortez with this quiz!

1What room did John check into?

In AHS: Hotel Wes Bentley (who also acted in Freak Show and Roanoke) played the part of Detective John Lowe - a policeman charged with finding a vicious serial killer. But John has more on his mind than finding the killer - he's struggling to keep his marriage afloat after the loss of his son, who was kidnapped and never found. At the beginning of the season we see him checking into the Hotel Cortez, but do you remember which room he found himself in?

2Why did Iris stay at the Hotel Cortez?

Iris was easily one of the most underrated characters of American Horror Story Hotel. Iris, played by AHS regular Kathy Bates is the manager of the Cortez and she was one tough cookie. She could spot a junkie or a cop at ten paces and had very little time for either one. She wasn't squeamish about preparing "meals" for The Countess but she also seemed unhappy with her life at the same time. Why did Iris stay at the Cortez when she could have left?

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