How Old Were These Celebs When They Had Their First Kid?


Celebrities have kids at different times than us regular people. This is partly because the entertainment industry is a cosmetic industry. It’s all about how you look – the glitz and the glamor and all that jazz – and parenthood generally wears you down and wears on your looks. But that’s no reason not to have kids; it’s incredibly difficult and it takes a huge toll, but it’s the single greatest thing you’ll ever do in your life.

So, celebrities still do it, just at weird times in their lives. They have very hectic, inconsistent schedules. Not only do they have to work, they have to then tour the world promoting that work. And the work isn’t at the same office cubicle every week – one week it’s on location in Paris, the next it’s in a TV studio in LA, the next it’s on a stage in Montreal. It's hard to raise a child when you’ll be in Mexico for three months shooting your next movie, or touring the country for a year doing your next music tour. Therefore, celebrities have to be really, really ready and committed before they decide to make sacrifices in their career in order to give starting a family and raising a child the time and dedication it deserves. This can happen at all kinds of ages for celebrities. So, how old do you think these celebrities were when they had their first babies?

Question 1

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool and Van Wilder, now has two beautiful daughters with his wife, Blake Lively (who are widely regarded as #couplegoals). He’s become famous for sending out funny yet touching tweets about the troubles of parenthood. He once tweeted, “Nothing better than spending an entire morning staring into my baby daughter’s eyes, whispering, ‘I can’t do this’.” Also, he tweeted, “My daughter’s only 6 months old and already drawing. I’d hang it on the fridge but honestly, it’s absolute garbage.” That’s quite mean, but most parents can relate, right? So, how old was he when he had his first little girl?

Question 2


Madonna is the undisputed queen of pop, though contenders have popped up here and there in the form of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. She’s sold more than 300 million records worldwide. She can’t help but top the charts with each new song: “Like a Virgin,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Vogue,” “Hung Up.” So many hits. And she has six children. How old was she when the first one came along? Even though she sang about keeping her baby, Madonna's first chid wouldn't actually make a debut for years.

Question 3

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has found immense success both as a pop star (“If You Had My Love” and “On the Floor”) and as an actress in both TV (Shades of Blue on NBC) and film (The Wedding Planner). Some would say it’s just because she’s hot, but hey, it’s America. That’s simply the American way. During her time as a superstar, she has entered and ended three marriages and birthed two children. The kids are twins, a boy and a girl named Maximilian David and Emme Maribel. How old was J-Lo when they were born?

Question 4

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes has been dating her Place Beyond the Pines co-star Ryan Gosling since 2011. He’s a few years younger than her, but nevertheless, they’re deeply in love, and they have two kids together. Mendes famously kept both of her pregnancies completely secret from the paparazzi, which can be very difficult when you’re a movie star and constantly surrounded by those vultures, so props to her for that. She and Gosling named their first daughter Esmeralda because they love The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but how old was Mendes when Esmeralda was born?

Question 5

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, the A-list star of the Lethal Weapon and Mad Max sagas, may be an anti-Semite and a misogynist and whatever else he’s been accused of recently, but he’s also a father. And he can’t be a misogynist necessarily, because he thinks this about parenting: “Children depend more on the mother. Dad has to be there, but being a mother is tougher.” So there. Having been one of eleven siblings growing up, he now has a total of nine children himself and counting. But how old was he when the first one was born?

Question 6


The goddess-like Destiny’s Child singer Beyonce has turned the world into putty in her hands recently by giving birth to an angelic pair of twins, but they’re not her first kids. She’s been together with rapper Jay-Z for 15 years and they’re the quintessential power couple, having sold hundreds of millions of records between them. They had a daughter named Blue Ivy years before they had the twins a couple of weeks ago. How old was Beyonce when Blue Ivy was born?

Question 7

Sandra Bullock

A-lister Sandra Bullock, who gave audiences lumps in their throat when she played a grieving parent in Gravity explaining to George Clooney how her kid died while they floated through space, has not technically ‘had’ a baby. But she is a mother – a great one – as she’s adopted two kids. She made headlines and shocked the nation when she announced her first adoption and revealed her New Orleans-born son, who was black. Bullock has said, “My family is blended and diverse, nutty, and loving and understanding. That’s a family.” How old was she when she adopted her first child?

Question 8

Bruce Springsteen

He’s created some of the most awesome and inspiring music known to man, from “Born to Run” to “Land of Hope and Dreams,” President Obama’s exit music, but perhaps Bruce Springsteen’s greatest achievement is raising three children. He had all three of these kids with his second wife Patti Scialfa (after his unhappiness being with his first gave him the emotional material to create a whole album). Scialfa gave birth to their first child, Evan James Springsteen, a year before they got married. How old was Springsteen?

Question 9

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot makes a strong case for the most awesome woman on the planet – nay, the most awesome person. She conquered her home country of Israel by dominating the modelling world to become Miss Israel and also kicking ass in the Israeli army, like a real-life Miss Congeniality turned up to 11. When she was done with Israel, she went Stateside to get on top of the world there, which she’s done admirably by becoming Wonder Woman and revitalizing both superhero movies and female empowerment. Oh, and she’s a mother! How old was she when she had her first baby?

Question 10

Elton John

“Candle in the Wind” and “Rocket Man” singer Elton John came out as gay in the 1980s. It was incredibly brave. He didn’t get to marry the love of his life, David Furnish, until 2014, when it was legalized in the UK, but they did get to have a child before then. John caused controversy when it was revealed that he is registered as his son’s “father,” while Furnish is registered as his “mother.” This came much to the chagrin of conservatives, who are opposed to same-sex couples altogether, but of course John and Furnish don’t care, and they don’t have to. How old was Sir Elton when he had his first child?

Question 11

Kim Kardashian

Reality television star Kim Kardashian is not really the kind of person that seems fit to raise two children. But she's certainly a better parent than her husband, rapper Kanye West, who is mentally unstable, egotistical, and massively in debt. Oh, and he also might be running for President of the United States in 2020 against Donald Trump (who, ironically, is a reality television star who isn't fit to lead a country). So, anyway, that's Kim's husband, with whom she's raising two children. How old was she when the first one (North West, great pun) was born?

Question 12

David Beckham

A retired football player, a sporting legend, an ambassador for UNICEF, and an icon of British culture, David Beckham, along with his wife Victoria Beckham (or “Posh and Becks,” as they are often referred to), has four children. The oldest, Brooklyn, has since become a celebrity in his own right, dating the star of Kick-Ass and, well, not very much else. Being the son of Posh and Becks is enough to make you famous, anyway. But how old was Becks when Brooklyn was born?

Question 13

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods used to be the greatest golf player in the world. Now that’s Rory McIlroy. But Tiger’s been keeping his profile up with DUI charges. While his marital life has been plagued a lot with affairs and domestic violence, he’s managed to get two kids out of the debacle. He named his first child, a girl, Sam Alexis Woods because Tiger’s dad used to call him Sam. Isn’t that sweet? Sam’s mother is Elin Nordegren, who divorced Tiger in 2010 after his infidelities came to light. Apparently he thought he “deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me.” But how old was Tiger before all that when Sam was born?

Question 14

Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver is a multi-hyphenate and a hard worker, She's a journalist, an activist, and the author of six best-selling books. She also used to be the First Lady of California before she was separated from her husband the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie, of course, is the star of countless classic action movies, like Terminator, Commando, Predator – the list goes on. The reason they're separated is because Arnie has five kids and Maria only has four. See, the Austrian Oak's fifth kid was born and raised with the family's longtime maid. But he did have four kids with Shriver, some of whom have gone on to become famous and successful on their own terms, like Patrick Schwarzenegger. But how old was she when her first child was born?

Question 15

Channing Tatum

Everyone’s go-to Hollywood hunk, Channing Tatum is probably best known for the Jump Street movies and Magic Mike, but he’s been quietly popping up in more arty movies like The Hateful Eight and Foxcatcher, too. He’s also one of the few Hollywood royals not to marry a fellow Hollywood royal, instead finding true love in Jenna Dewan, an actress who he started out with when they made Step Up together. It’s a love story for the ages, and together they have an adorable little girl. How old was Channing when she was born?

Question 16

Woody Allen

The infamously neurotic actor, director, and comedian Woody Allen has had personal relationships fraught with troubles since the dawn of time. He’s been married three times, most recently to one of his kids. Okay, Soon-Yi isn’t technically his kid; she’s Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter who Woody Allen cheated on her with and then left her for. He’s also been accused of sexual assault by one of his other daughters, so there’s that sticky situation to contend with. But how old was he when his first child was born?

Question 17

Tina Fey

Tina Fey has enjoyed a long, successful, lucrative career in comedy envied by every comedy writer from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. In television, she was the head writer of Saturday Night Live, the creator, star, and showrunner of 30 Rock, and the creator and writer of Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. And in movies, she wrote the delectable Mean Girls and starred in Sisters, quite possibly the only movie that could open against Star Wars: The Force Awakens and still become a big success. She also wrote a bestselling memoir called Bossypants. As a writer, she owes all the hilariously childish lines spoken by Liz Lemon and Kimmy Schmidt to her adorable little daughters Alice and Penelope. But how old was she when her first daughter was born?

Question 18

Will Smith

Will Smith went from being that clean rapper who was in the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, starring in a huge variety of movies like Men in Black, Bad Boys, Hitch, Hancock, and I Am Legend, and he married a moderately successful movie supporting player named Jada Pinkett. Their love is true, which is why they’ve been married for twenty years. During that time, they’ve had two kids, Jaden and Willow, who have become famous by piggy-backing on their parents’ fame. But before Pinkett, in Smith’s first marriage, he had a son named Trey. How old was the Fresh Prince when Trey was born?

Question 19

Larry David

His curmudgeonly TV counterpart might not have kids, but the real Larry David is a father of two. His first child was a daughter named Cazzie David. Larry David is a legend in the comedy world, having first revolutionized the world of TV comedy when he co-created Seinfeld with the eponymous comedian Jerry Seinfeld and their honey and vinegar combination of styles turned it into the greatest show to ever hit television screens. And then he revolutionized it AGAIN with Curb Your Enthusiasm, which essentially rendered multi-cam sitcoms obsolete, and made way for the meta, self-aware, single-camera comedies that take up the entire TV comedy world today. But how old was he when his first daughter was born?

Question 20

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn has been a movie star since the 1960s. She recently returned to the silver screen for the first time in 15 years alongside Amy Schumer in Snatched, a kidnapping comedy that didn't do well critically but was well-loved by audiences (well, the ones who bothered to go and see it). Hawn is famous for having been Kurt Russell's partner for over 30 years, but she actually had two husbands before him. The second, Bill Hudson, fathered the first two of her three children, including fellow movie star Kate Hudson from You, Me, and Dupree. But she wasn't the first. How old was Goldie Hawn when she birthed her first kid?

Question 21

Angelina Jolie

Despite what the haters might say, Angelina Jolie is a truly amazing woman. In addition to being a gargantuan movie star, she’s an accomplished humanitarian, an ambassador for the United Nations, and she’s out fighting the fight that most people are choosing to turn a blind eye to. She’s also a mother of six – three biological and three adopted internationally – and not only that, she’s now a single mother since her separation from Brad Pitt last year. But how old was she when she adopted her first child?

Question 22

Michelle Obama

Remember when Donald Trump wasn’t President? Remember when it was Barack Obama instead? Oh, what a wonderful time it was. The first black President! And with him came the first black First Lady. She was also the most politically involved FLOTUS since Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt, focusing on social issues. While her husband was out saving the US economy, killing Osama Bin Laden, and legalizing gay marriage, Michelle was busy becoming a style icon, a role model for women, and raising awareness of poverty, nutrition, and the importance of healthy eating. And all the while, they still managed to raise two great daughters. But how old was Michelle when she and Barack had their first daughter Malia?

Question 23

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was really the man. He’s the guy everyone looks up to as pretty much the coolest guy who ever lived, and a great singer. During the course of his 82 years on Earth, he had four wives and countless affairs, including one with Marilyn Monroe. Surprisingly, the fruits of these endeavors left behind only three children: Frank Sinatra, Jr., Tina Sinatra, and Nancy “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” Sinatra, who was the oldest. But how old was the Chairman of the Board when Nancy was born?

Question 24

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is by all accounts a heck of a guy. He’s got charisma and talent, and he soaks up the screen in his best movies like Rain Man and Jerry Maguire and Top Gun. But he’s also a Scientologist. It’s not a religion; it’s a big money-making scam. And it’s all riding on Cruise – the Church lives and dies with him. The second the Church of Scientology comes up, Cruise stops being so easy to love. And that’s exactly what his ex-wife Katie Holmes thought when he wanted to convert their daughter, Suri. While he had adopted two children in a previous marriage, Suri was Cruise’s first biological child. How old was he?

Question 25

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has been getting nostalgic with his choices of movies lately. In 2015, he finally reprised his role as Han Solo for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to give the character he always hated the send-off he always deserved. Later this year, he’ll be back as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner 2049, and a couple of years from now, an Indiana Jones in his mid-70s will swing onto our screens on his bullwhip and break a hip when he lands. During his long and seasoned career, Ford has been married three times and fathered five children. But how old was he when his first kid was born?

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