How Much Of A Nerd Are You?


Remember the days when it was uncool to be a nerd? When playing Pokémon past the age of ten would get you and your Game Boy thrown in the toilet? When putting up posters or wearing t-shirts of superheros would see either being ripped to shreds?

Welcome to the days of nerd culture, where all of that is in the past and one is free to be as nerdy as they want. Don't you just love the progress society has made?

Today, we're going to see how big a nerd you are not by testing your math skills or asking you to recite the Sith Code from Star Wars, but by asking you nerd culture questions. Would you have imagined a quiz like this ten years ago?

Because this is such a generic quiz, you don't have to worry about me spoiling movies, video games, books, etc. All we're testing here is to see what level of nerd you are, which leads me into said levels. At completion, you will be one of four possible levels of nerd and what you do with that is on you.

So while we've ditched the days of pocket protectors and taped glasses for cosplaying and classic video games, you can embrace your inner nerd and take this quiz with us.

Question 1

Who is your favorite Marvel superhero?

Any nerd has a fascination with superheros, right? Of the following Marvel superheroes, who do you like the most?

Question 2

Who played the best Joker?

If you've read any of my other quizzes, you'd know I believe Mark Hamill to easily be the best Joker (Heath Ledger is number two with Jack Nicholson at three), but what do you think? No, Cesar Romero is not an option.

Question 3

What is your favorite color?

The standard color question applies even to nerds. Pick one of the following colors!

Question 4

What is your favorite Dragon Ball Z arc?

If you're familiar with Dragon Ball Z, this should be self-explanatory. If not, pick which one sounds most interesting: Saiyans are about aliens but also fairly subdued; Namek is about space and a larger world; Androids are sci-fi (Terminator-esque); and Buu is more of a magic and fantasy world.

Question 5

Who actually shot first: Han or Greedo?

One of the Star Wars' series most infamous moments came when the 1997 re-release of the Original Trilogy edited Han Solo shooting Greedo to the latter shooting first and missing. Who ACTUALLY shot first?

Question 6

Who would you cosplay as?

This woman has the right idea cosplaying as Harley Quinn. Of the four below characters, HAAAAAAAAAHLEY included, who are you cosplaying as?

Question 7

Who is your favorite DC superhero?

If we're talking superheros in a nerd quiz, we can't include Marvel and not DC. Pick from the following heroes!

Question 8

Who was Batman's best ally?


More nerd culture questions? But of course! Which of the following Bat-Family members did you enjoy most? Jason Todd was going to be on here, but got beaten badly in the voting. He got crushed, you could say.

Question 9

Which 2010s TV show is your favorite?

Say my name. Well, actually, say any of the names below to answer the above question. I like that idea. Yes, we're counting Breaking Bad despite it starting in 2008 because it really became prominent in the 2000s and ended in 2013.

Question 10

My current console of choice is...

Do I even need to put anything here? You know what your favorite current console is, so pick!

Question 11

Which of these TV shows had the best intro?

If I said we didn't randomly pick four TV shows with iconic intros, I'd be lying. Get to picking! Stop humming the Spider-Man theme before (Spider-Man, Spider-Man) I start (Does whatever a spider can) following.

Question 12

What nerd activity do you partake in?

I could really go for playing Knights of the Old Republic while reading fan fiction and staring at beautiful art like this piece of a female Revan from ZolaPaulse on Deviantart. Which nerd activity are you doing?

Question 13

Which 90s cartoon still holds up best?

You can't be a nerd if you don't enjoy 90s cartoons. Seriously, you can't be. So of the four shows below, which one still holds up best today?

Question 14

Which 'adult' cartoon, in its prime, was your favorite?

South Park season 21 premiered recently. It's somehow been 21 years and they're still going strong. Of the following shows, which did you enjoy most in its 'prime' years?

Question 15

What cell phone do you have?

Well, the iPhone 8 has officially been revealed. As of right now, what cell phone do you have that you'll likely replace for the newest iPhone?

Question 16

To ease stress, I...

Stress isn't exactly restricted to nerd culture, but there are ways nerds cope the same way jocks, hipsters, and bikers cope. How do you handle your stress?

Question 17

Who was the U.S. President when you were born?

Ready to feel either really old or really young? Which of the following four presidents was in office when you were born?

Question 18

Who was the better space pilot?

How can you be a nerd and not know the best space pilots? You already know my pick is Han Solo, but what about you?

Question 19

Which of these "nerd culture" YouTube channels do you like most?

YouTube has seemingly become the safe haven for nerd and nerd culture over the past decade. Of the following channels, which do you enjoy the most?

Question 20

Which of these 'forgotten' superhero movies did you enjoy most?

Don't look at me like that. I actually enjoyed The Mask. I mean, the comic is much, much better, but the movie wasn't terrible. If you're not into The Mask, you at least can pick from one of the other three options.

Question 21

What makes Boba Fett so awesome?

Nerds love Boba Fett. Why do you like Boba Fett? If you don't love Boba Fett, are you really a real nerd? (Spoiler: yes, you're still a nerd.)

Question 22

Who is your favorite Defender?

I think I've talked enough about The Defenders in recent weeks, so I'll keep this short. Of the four main Defenders, who do you like most?

Question 23

Which Pulp Fiction story is the best?

True, Pulp Fiction may not quite be nerd culture the way Star Wars or comics are, but who am I to forgo discussing what I consider to be one of the top five greatest movies ever made?

Question 24

What is your favorite type of music?

I feel like deep down, Taylor Swift probably really is into nerd culture? Are you a fan of her pop music, or are you into another genre?

Question 25

Which of these dog breeds would you want most?

We have to get a dog question in here. What kind of nerds would we be if we didn't? Pick one of the following breeds to be your dog.

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