How Much Do You Know About Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?


He's one of the most easily recognizable figures in the entire entertainment business, not only for his incredible physique but also for his iconic smile that stretches from ear to ear. Since coming onto the entertainment scene over two decades ago, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has made quite the splash. It seems there is nothing that he can't do. On top of having played professional sports and risen to being one of the best in wrestling, he has also starred in many movies, TV shows, written his own book, and has even broken a couple of Guinness World Records!

There's of course also the fact that he's one of the best in the fitness world. Literally, anything that he undertakes turns to gold. Well, except for that Baywatch movie maybe. But although that might be a tough pill for him to swallow, there is still a lot to be said about his glowing persona. Despite his incredible size, he's quite the butterfly on the inside -- a social one that is, and that has certainly paid off in turning him into quite a legend in the showbiz.

Even if you haven't seen all his wrestling matches, movies and TV shows, there's a lot more to The Rock than just the roles he has undertaken. Take this quiz to see just how much you know about him and to maybe learn some new things.

Question 1

What's his middle name?

Unlike most people, the former WWE champ gets called by a couple of different names. If you saw him walking on the street and you wanted to call out to him for an autograph, you could either call him “Dwayne Johnson”, “Dwayne 'The Rock’ Johnson”, just “The Rock” or you could even try “The Rock Johnson”. Whichever combination of names you try, he’s sure to turn around, but did you know that other than “The Rock”, which he secured later in life as his name, he also has a middle name?

Question 2

Which sport helped Dwayne turn his life around as a teenager?

Long before Dwayne Johnson’s name became interchangeable with his alter ego “The Rock”, he was actually headed down a really bad path. Back when he was just a teenager, Dwayne became involved with a gang and was arrested eight or nine times. More specifically, he has said: “It was fighting and theft. You know, and that's just what I got caught for.” When he was 16 years old, he met someone who completely changed his life, and whom he continues to call his mentor to this day. Which sport did he take on after meeting his person?

Question 3

How many meals does The Rock eat per day?

Other than his iconic bald look, The Rock is also most famous for his incredible body shape – can you imagine getting put in choke hold by him? But a body like that doesn’t come easy and aside from working out all the time, he also undergoes a vigorous meal plan. Do you know how many meals he has in a day? Let’s just say that he pretty much alternates between eating, hitting the gym, then eating some more, going to the gym again, etc. So how many meals can he fit in a day? If this helps, he takes in more than 5,000 calories per day.

Question 4

Which protein does he have for breakfast?

So we just covered that he eats seven meals in just one day and makes sure to consume more than 5,000 calories in between pumping iron. That makes sense, but back in 2015 when The Rock’s diet plan was revealed, people also went crazy over the fact that he makes sure to have a certain protein first thing in the morning. Do you know which protein he eats as soon as he wakes up, along with two whole eggs and two cups of oatmeal? He eats it for meals 1, 2, 4, and 6… yep, a total of four times!

Question 5

Complete the sentence: "Can you ___ what The Rock is ___?"

Since we’re on the topic of meals, do you know The Rock’s most infamous saying? First of all, picking just one of his catchphrases was incredibly hard as he has so many! How can anyone be good at so many things? “Nobody… and The Rock means NOBODY” is as good as him at everything! But this one here is hands down his most popular one. He’s also famous for: “who in the blue hell are you? [Pause] It doesn’t matter what your name is Jabroni!”

Question 6

Which facial expression is The Rock most known for?

Seriously, no true The Rock fan can think of him without also picturing his iconic facial expression because it’s just that intense! Not only is he absolutely famous for doing the stare down, but do you know which facial expression he uses on a regular basis? Now that he’s focusing more on his acting, he’s been doing this facial expression a little less than before, but you can still catch him doing it during interviews or picture opportunities from time to time.

Question 7

Dwayne Jonson comes from a long line of professional ___?

Many of Dwayne Johnson’s family members actually share one particular hobby, but can you guess what it is? Not only did his father make this sport his career, but so did his grandfather. Other professional sportsmen from his family include his uncles, as well as his cousins. Arguably, The Rock really is the only one to have become as tremendously famous as he did. In fact, he actually tried to distance himself from his family heritage at first but as we’re going to see in the next question, that plan didn’t quite work out.

Question 8

What was his second alter ego's name?

When Dwayne Johnson first started wrestling, he actually wanted to distance himself from his famous relatives who were all wrestlers. In particular, his father had wrestled under the name Rocky Johnson (he initially went by Sweet Ebony Diamond but that’s a topic for another conversation), and his grandfather went by Peter Maivia. As such, he initially tried going by just his name “Dwayne Johnson” and even defeated The Brooklyn Brawler, but which name did he make his WWF debut under? After that one, he went by "Rocky Maivia" and then officially turned it into just "The Rock".

Question 9

Which 2 countries is he a dual citizen of?

Dwayne Johnson is a very confusing man who dabbles and succeeds in a lot of different ways. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise then that his upbringing is just as diverse as his career paths. Born in California, Dwayne Johnson was actually raised in New Zealand, as well as in Hawaii and Pennsylvania. While playing football for the University of Miami, he even won the national championship! Later he played for another professional football league but since naming it would give away the answer to this question, I’m going to let you figure this one out yourself…

Question 10

His mother is of what heritage?

We just covered his citizenship, but do you know what his heritage is? We already covered that he holds a Canadian dual citizenship, alongside his American citizenship, and that’s because his father was from Nova Scotia, but what about his mother? Any true The Rock fan will know this because despite trying to distance himself from his father and grandfather, he has wholeheartedly embraced his mother’s roots. He has even gotten tattooed in honor of that heritage on both his arm and chest, with his tattoos depicting his life so far.

Question 11

What's The Rock's best travel tip?

This one has turned into a bit of a running joke, but while promoting the movie “Central Intelligence” in which he stars with Kevin Hart, The Rock posted this picture of himself about to presumably travel. In the picture, he is seen hauling an incredibly large suitcase that is probably as big as he is, if not bigger, with the caption: “Here’s a travel tip from the hardest and smartest working man in Hollywood…” What’s the tip that he gave about traveling?

Question 12

Which of The Rock's words did Merriam-Webster add to its dictionary?

As if he wasn’t incredible enough, back in 2007, the Merriam-Webster dictionary actually added one of his famous words into its database of words. I swear, one day that man will go down into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the man to have diversified and excelled in so many different pathways! This word is now one that’s used all the time without people even realizing that it’s The Rock who originally popularized it! Which word is it?

Question 13

Along with physiology, which other degree did The Rock get?

Although this part about Dwayne Johnson’s past isn’t talked about too much, he did indeed get a Bachelor's degree! It’s not that surprising considering that prior to joining the Calgary Stampedes from the Canadian Football League, he was a promising football prospect and even had a full scholarship at the University of Miami. Along with physiology, can you venture to guess which other degree he acquired while also playing football? Let’s just say that the degree he worked hard for probably helped him create his future WWF villain personas.

Question 14

What jumpstarted his career in Hollywood?

The Rock has stated that there is a very specific moment in his career that he believes launched his career in Hollywood. What is it? Prior to that, he had already managed to land himself to the very top of his wrestling career. Although fans initially rejected him at the beginning of his career for being too cheesy, he quickly rose to the top and began referring to himself as “The Rock”, a name that as we know all too well, stuck formidably. But his wrestling career aside, which major Hollywood move did he make that made it so that he began receiving calls for roles?

Question 15

What does The Rock do before any gig?

There is something in The Rock’s contract that is both amazing and incredible. Before any acting role, interview, or anything else, The Rock’s contract states that he needs the morning to do this, but what is it? It kind of makes you think that all of us common folk should have this clause written out in our contracts as well, especially since he spends so much time doing it. At the same time though, it would explain his always smiley and cheery persona!

Question 16

For which hit HBO TV show did The Rock land his first executive producer title?

Back in 2012, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is the movie that allowed Dwayne Johnson to gain some experience as a producer as he was actually the co-producer. Since then, he was also the producer for Snitch, Central Intelligence, and Baywatch. But can you name the HBO TV show in which he stars as the main character and is also the executive producer, alongside Mark Wahlberg? In case you need a hint, he plays the role of Spencer Strasmore, a retired NFL player who now works as a financial manager.

Question 17

What was The Rock's first movie?

With The Rock, it’s pretty much “go big or go home”. Most wrestlers turned actors just dabble in the field, but The Rock has made one of the most successful switchovers from the wrestling field to the acting world, but do you know which movie helped to jettison his acting career? What’s absolutely amazing about his first ever movie gig is that it wasn’t just a gig at all. He played one of the main characters, albeit on the villain side.

Question 18

Which role would The Rock want to play in a James Bond movie?

Speaking of movies, do you know what kind of character he would love to play in a James Bond movie? It’s no wonder that he would have his sights set on such a major franchise as he dabbles in everything, but there’s also a bit of familial history. His own grandfather, the wrestler Peter Maivia had a role in the James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”. It wasn’t a major role, but he did have a minute-long fighting scene with Sean Connery.

Question 19

Who is Dwayne Johnson's manager?

Although it looks like Dwayne Johnson is a one-man team, who heroically achieves greatness on his own, there’s actually a 15-member team behind him. But can you guess who leads the charge? According to reports, it’s thanks to this manager that he managed to turn his career around in 2010 after famously wearing a pink tutu in The Tooth Fairy. Since that little acting hiccup, he has gone on to star in a number of major blockbusters like San Andreas, Central Intelligence and Fast & Furious 6.

Question 20

Dwayne Johnson is a huge fan of which singer?

Many are HUGE The Rock fans, but The Rock, himself, is a huge fan of a certain highly famous singer-songwriter. In fact, when he snagged the role of Joe Kingman, the famous footballer in The Game Plan, he also convinced the director to let his character be a fan of that same singer. Many of The Rock’s own memorabilia was used in the movie. Can you guess which singer-songwriter The Rock is a huge fan of? Hopefully, one day he’ll show off his collection!

Question 21

How many kids does Dwayne Johnson have?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a major family man, but does he have any kids of his own? Let’s see if you can answer this question correctly! Kids have always held a soft spot in his heart though, as he has even founded the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation for at-risk and terminally ill children. On top of always making time to meet and greet with kids wherever he goes, he also gives back to the community quite frequently. Back in 2007, his ex-wife even donated $1 million to the University of Miami in his name.

Question 22

Which app has The Rock released?

In case you haven’t realized yet, there is seriously nothing that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson can’t do. Football, wrestling, acting, fitness, singing, giving back to the community… anything he touches turns to gold. Well almost anything – just maybe not Baywatch! As such, it’s no surprise that he would also dabble in app-making. He probably didn’t make it himself, but it’s certainly much inspired on his own lifestyle habits, choices and his persona in general. Do you know which app it is?

Question 23

How did he come about getting a role on the Fast & Furious movies?

Originally, the role of Luke Hobbs in the Fast and Furious franchise was supposed to go to Tommy Lee Jones as it was actually written for the veteran actor. And yet, The Rock ended up snagging the role but do you know how that happened? His jail fighting scene with Jason Statham in The Fate of the Furious is perhaps his most famous Fast and Furious scene as of yet, but his handshake in the Fast and Furious 6 was pretty good too. Sure enough, his acting convinced many to keep watching the franchise. With this being said, how did he get the role?

Question 24

Which crazy Guinness World Record does The Rock hold?

It can’t be said enough, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a phenomenal guy with a knack for being good in nearly anything that he undertakes. If it wasn’t enough, he’s even absolutely famous for his charitable work. While shooting a movie, TV show or even an interview, he’s known for taking time to meet with his fans and sometimes even go visit sick children at a hospital nearby. He also goes all out when it comes to promoting his movies, so can you guess which world record he achieved while promoting San Andreas?

Question 25

Whose role did he take on in Baywatch?

When The Rock wants a role, he gets it. You have undoubtedly seen the non-stop commercials for Baywatch, but do you know which iconic role he holds? He plays one of the main characters, but which one is it? Although he might never live down the fact that Baywatch may not be the movie that he had hoped it would be, there’s still something to be said as to how his and Zac Efron’s physical rivalry in the trailer won’t be soon forgotten (i.e. that famous fridge carrying scene).

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