How Many Of These TV Shows Can You Name In 90 Seconds Or Less?

Alright television fans, time to see who has been keeping up with all the shows and who has some serious catching up to do! We may all have our own personal favorites when it comes to TV shows, but the true binge-watchers out there always do their best to watch a bit of everything. With so much television available to us, it's really only fair for us to give each series a fighting chance, right? There are countless gems out there just waiting to be discovered!

In this quiz, we will be looking at some of the very best television series to ever hit our screens. One by one, we will give out a photo and a brief description, then everyone here will be asked to name the series in question. Since all of the shows are from different genres, it is going to take a real expert to pass this one. It is not impossible, but it will prove once and for all who the most committed binge-watchers truly are. Is everyone here ready for this one? Time to turn off Netflix and put all of that valuable knowledge to the ultimate test. Get ready, this one is going to be epic!

Question 1

Name this show

Dealing with a breakup is always tough. However, when the breakup means finding a new place to live, things become even more troublesome than usual. When Jess found herself in this exact situation, she had no choice but to take the first apartment she could find. Even though this meant moving in with three strange men, Jess did what she had to do. There is no way that living with a few messy dudes could be worse than living with her ex, right? Does anyone here know what show we are talking about in this question? Try taking a guess!

Question 2

What is the name of this show?

The idea of a show focused around a cop is not exactly an original idea. However, this one does offer a little something that the others do not have. In this series, we meet a determined Los Angeles homicide detective. While we watch him pursue the criminal behind a wicked case involving a 10-year-old boy, we also watch as he goes to trail himself. Doing his best to win justice for the young boy, this detective has to watch his back or else he will find himself locked away before he gets his suspect behind bars. Can you name this show?

Question 3

Pick out the right name

Selina Meyer is an optimistic woman. She believes that regardless of how limited her power may be at work, she and her staff can still make a difference. While most of her days are spent putting out fires and trying to keep a balance between her work and personal life, she still thinks that with enough courage, planning and guts, she can make the world a better place for everyone who lives in her country. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible names, but only one of them matches to this series. Can anyone guess which one?

Question 4

Which name is right?

We do not know if we would call the times depicted in this series "simpler", but the issues taking place then were quite a bit different from those we face today. Ragnar was a farmer and a man devoted to his family. He lived in an era where the only chance at finding new lands, was to build a fleet of ships. Not being a huge fan of the men in charge of his kingdom, Ragnar decided to devise a plan to sail to the Western world. Can anyone here correctly name this popular series? Only one of these options is right!

Question 5

Select the correct answer

Before the religious fanatics took over the government, June was just like anyone else. She had a job, a husband and she was a mother. That being said, once the world fell into chaos, June lost it all. While her husband managed to escape, June was taken by the men in charge. Since she was a fertile woman, she was valuable. Her name would no longer be June, and her only job would now be having babies for all those ranked higher than she. Can anyone here pick out the right name of this show? Try taking a guess at it!

Question 6

Match this series to the right name

Liza always knew she looked pretty young, but she never imagined that would be enough to land her the job of her dreams. After becoming a single mom at the age of 40, Liza thought all hope was lost. How was she ever going to re-enter the workforce at her age? While she began to spiral out about this, a friendly tattoo artist reminded her just how young looking her face actually was. Sure, finding a new job at 40 wasn't the easiest thing to do, but finding a new job at 26 was not all that difficult at all! Name this show!

Question 7

Does anyone know this show?

Neither Owen nor Annie were particularly well adjusted. Owen had struggled with his mental health for years and even though the doctors would always come up with a new diagnosis, none of them ever felt right to him. Annie, on the other hand, never saw any doctors about what she was going through. While she had once been a normal young woman, after losing her sister, she began to lose her way as well. Their stories were different, but they wound up leading them both to the exact same spot. Can anyone here pick out the right name of this show?

Question 8

Which of these names is right?

Walter White had not always been such a bad guy. When this show first started, Walter was a high school science teacher and a part-time car wash employee. Sure his life wasn't glamorous, but he did whatever he had to do to make sure his family was well cared for. That is how his whole story began. Once Walter found out that he had a serious illness threatening his life, he knew he had to figure out a way to make a ton of cash. He wanted to leave his family with something, but greed works in a funny way.

Question 9

Pick out the right answer

Back in 1919, Britain was in shambles after the ending of the Great War. While the returning soldiers were happily being reunited with their families, there was no money to be found anywhere and people began doing whatever necessary to survive. This, of course, led to the starting of many street gangs. The leader of one of these gangs was well on his way to running the entire black market, but once he got clued into the fact that an actual business may pay more than an illegal one, he had a change of heart. Can anyone name this series?

Question 10

Name this TV show

Red has been on the run from the government ever since he decided to stop working for them. It has been decades, but Red knows as well as the guys looking for him, that he will not be found until he wants to be. Luckily for the detectives on his case, Red has just decided he wants to be found. While he has no intentions of being locked up, he is willing to make an offer with those so intent on finding him. He will let them use his criminally genius brain, but they have to help him catch the criminals that got away while he was on the force.

Question 11

What is the name of this series?

Being in your late 20s is a lot tougher now than it used to be. Abbi thought that by this age she would be working as an artist and maybe even married, but she can't even seem to move up from the position of clerk to trainer at the gym she works for. Ilana, on the other hand, is less stressed about the whole aging thing. Sure she is broke as a joke, but there is very little in this world that can actually bring Ilana down. Is anyone here able to correctly name this series? Try taking a guess!

Question 12

Match this show to the right name

Talk about a gang of misfits. In this series, we meet a group of characters who are all attending the same community college. While they are all there for different reasons, they have each agreed to take at least one class all together. This way, they can keep their study group alive. Even though the actual studying they do is quite limited, just having a few friendly faces around each day can really make a huge difference. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible names, but only one of them is the correct match for this series!

Question 13

Pick out the right name

Marty had a good mind for business. He was a financial planner and he was pretty darn good at his job. That being said, as good as Marty's mind was for legal money operations, his mind for the illegal type was not as sharp. After attempting a truly risky money-laundering scheme, Marty found himself indebted to some seriously intimidating dudes. Not knowing what else to do, Marty has gathered up his family members and is trekking them across the country. Hopefully, his hiding skills are top notch! Can anyone here figure out what series we are talking about in this question?

Question 14

Select the correct answer

James Gordon had so many fond memories of his old hometown. He remembered being a boy there and how safe he felt knowing that his father had been part of the police force. James is all grown up now and even though his father is no longer around, he has decided to head back to the city he once loved and to take over the job his father had once worked. Little did James realize, the city was not at all how it used to be. The criminals were in charge now, and these guys were an all-new kind of wicked.

Question 15

Does anyone recognize this show?

The night Will Byers went missing, the entire world changed forever. Sure he wasn't the first boy to ever go missing, but his disappearance did lead to the unraveling of some truly monstrous secrets. It seems that Will was taken by some strange monster that somehow escaped a universe that the government has been keeping a secret from everyone. Seems crazy, right? Well, the grownups still don't really believe it, but Will's friends know the truth and they are ready to face it. Can anyone here correctly name this series? We have listed four names, try picking the right one!

Question 16

What series are we talking about?

Uhtred was not a lucky man by any means. When he was just a boy, his clan and the entirety of his people were defeated by invading troops. While he was fortunate enough to get adopted into a Danish household, this fortune did not last all that long. Almost as soon as he had grown into a fierce warrior himself, he lost his adoptive family. This time around, he is looking for revenge. However, he must first decide if he wishes to wreak havoc on those who stole his original home, or on those who stole his second one. Choices!

Question 17

Name this show

For almost 20 years, nobody saw or heard anything from Rick. While he was presumed to be gone for good, he somehow managed to turn up on his daughter's doorstep, acting as if no time had passed at all. Now living in his daughter's house, Rick is going back to working on his outrageous inventions. That is not all he is doing either. Now that Rick has been reunited with his family, he is determined to get in some quality time with his grandchildren! Who here knows what show this is? We have listed four names, but only one is right!

Question 18

Pick out the right name

Christy has a lot on her plate. She is a recently single mother of two, and she is also newly sober. While she is happy with her new life away from her irresponsible ex-husband, juggling all of this on her own is not an easy thing to do. Luckily (or not so luckily), her estranged mother has just arrived to help! Of course, her idea of helping pretty much just consists of criticizing every decision Christy makes. Difficult mother aside, Christy is doing whatever it takes to achieve the happy life she and her children deserve! Name this popular comedy series!

Question 19

What series is this?

Thanks to these two guys and the rest of the detectives working at their precinct, there are way fewer criminals walking around than there once was. Sure these guys aren't the most professionals cops to ever work the streets, but who cares about professionalism as long as the bad guys are getting locked up, right? Well, this is how their previous boss viewed things, but now that there's a new man in charge, they may need to learn how to actually go about their jobs in the correct way. Sound familiar? Try picking out the right name from the four listed!

Question 20

Does anyone know which name is right?

It is true that no teen is immune to high school issues and stresses, but when it comes to the rich kids living on the Upper East Side, well, the issues they have to face every day are not exactly the same as everyone else's. These kids have it all. The money, the status and most importantly, the power. They may each have the ability to buy out any one of their teachers, but with pockets as big as theirs, there is always someone waiting to report a scandal. Does anyone here know which of these names matches to this series?

Question 21

Match this show to the right name

Elliot was never much of a people person, but when it came to computers, nobody in the world knew them better than he did. He is employed by a large corporation, where he handles all of their cybersecurity. While he does an excellent job for them during the day, at night, he takes on a completely different role. Knowing that it is the large companies who are slowing ruining the world, Elliot does whatever he can to hack into their systems, hoping to bring them down from the inside. The riskiest part of this arrangement? The fact that his employer is one of his biggest targets.

Question 22

Pick out the correct answer

After spending billions of years as the ruler of the underworld, this guy has decided he needs a break from all the fire and brimstone. Looking for a change of scenery, he has decided to leave hell behind to move to beautiful California. He has opened his very own nightclub and plans on having some real fun with all of his new human companions. That being said, he is truly surprised when he meets a woman without a single bad bone in her body. After spending so many years with the wicked, it seems like he has forgotten there is another kind of person too.

Question 23

Which of these names is right?

In this series, we have two kinds of characters. There are those who dream of power, and there are those who want nothing to do with it. The figures who so desperately want to hold power, go to great lengths to get it. Wars are started and ended, cities are burned, innocent lives are lost, all so that the dreamer can sit upon the throne and call themselves the winner. However, those who do not want to rule, tend to find themselves in positions of power without even trying. The world of Westeros is not a fair place, that is for sure.

Question 24

Pick out the right name

When Joe first met Beck, the two seemed to have a genuine connection. While their initial interaction was filled with harmless flirting, something inside of Joe's mind was working very hard. Beck had no idea, but Joe was already planning how to bump into her again. For a while, it all felt like a sweet ploy to win over a crush, but what seemed like an innocent crush, eventually turned into a pretty serious stalker situation. How far is Joe willing to go to be able to call Beck his own? Does anyone know what series we are talking about?

Question 25

Does anyone recognize this series?

The town of Mystic Falls has a pretty rich history filled with some truly bizarre occurrences. While these strange things date back farther than history books could even tell us, the town has always remained well protected by mysterious forces. The citizens may not be aware, but there is a whole new generation of witches, vampires and werewolves, who are all committed to keeping the town safe. Even though their intentions are good, these kids still have to fight against their villainous instincts. After all, it's not like werewolves have a super non-aggressive history, right? Who here can name this show correctly?

Question 26

Name this series

There is no denying that Maddie is a beautiful woman. Her looks alone would be able to land her any guy in town, but her smarts along with her beauty, make it so easy for her to pick out exactly the right men. Maddie is not exactly looking for love, but instead just a few wealthy men who are ready to give their hearts away. Once she has their hearts, Maddie is able to rob them of everything they own. She has made quite a profitable profession out of doing this, but now that her victims have teamed up against her, she is going to have to be more careful than ever.

Question 27

What series is this?

Sheila and Joel are a total dream couple. Happily married, parents to a beautiful child, and they even work together as realtors. Yes, on the outside, it looks like this family is pretty much as good as it gets. However, from the inside of their home, everything is madness. A little while ago, Sheila fell ill. While she bounced back from the illness surprisingly well, it seems to have changed her. Her impulses have turned quite aggressive, and she has taken a liking to very raw meat. Does this sound familiar? We have listed four potential names, but only one is right!

Question 28

Pick out the right name

When it comes to running a single branch of a low-volume paper company, nobody in the world can do the job better than Michael Scott. He may not be overly concerned with things like sales and payroll, but what he lacks in concern about business growth, he more than makes up for in annoying viral youtube videos and email-chains. The work that gets done at his office may not always be top notch, but as long as everyone has a pretty good day, that's all that matters, right? Which of these names matches to this popular comedy series? Take a guess!

Question 29

Match this show to the right name

Back in the 50s, there were certain roles that a woman was supposed to play. Midge was excellent at these roles. She was a loving mother and wife, and she was great at taking care of their family home. However, once discovering that her husband had betrayed her, Midge found herself in the middle of a role she had no idea how to play. By complete coincidence, Midge discovered a talent she may never have if her husband hadn't done what he had done. There was nothing traditional about it, but Midge was now determined to become a stand-up comedian.

Question 30

What show are we talking about?

In this hit series, we meet three mothers who all happen to live in the most beautiful town in California. While their hometown is reserved for the most rich and beautiful, that does not always mean that their neighbours are kind-hearted people. While these moms each try to manage their own lives, children and husbands, they also band together to support each other. Nobody understands the harsh realities of keeping secrets quite like these girls do, so their only hope truly is sticking together. Can anyone here pick out the correct name of this series? Just try taking a guess!

Question 31

Select the correct answer

Carrie, a CIA agent, is one of the only people who refuse to believe the story that Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody is telling. Nicholas has just returned to the country after spending 8 years as a captive overseas. While he is being offered a heroes welcome, Carrie just doesn't buy it. She is convinced that he has turned and that he now poses a great threat to the safety of all those living in the country. Carrie may have a very black and white view of the world, but her line of work does require a bit of grey area at times.

Question 32

Which name is right?

The main girl of this series is no average teenager. She was raised in the woods and has some very specific abilities. One of these abilities, happens to be her knack for remaining hidden. She knows there is a CIA agent after her, but she also know there is simply no way he will ever catch her. She is on a mission to find out the truth behind who she is, and she is not going to stop until she gets some answers. Does anyone here know what series we are talking about in this question? Pick out the right name!

Question 33

Name this show

These three moms have had enough. Of what, you may ask? Of everything! They play by the rules, they care for their children, and still, they do not seem to get anywhere in life. One of them has watched her husband lose all of their savings, one of them can't find a job paying more than minimum wage, and the other works double shifts every day and still can't pay for her child's medication. All of that being said, they are thinking it is high time they take matters into their own hands. With no other options left, these girls are going to steal what is rightfully theirs!

Question 34

Does anyone know which name is right?

When it comes to the world of hip-hop, Lucious Lyon is the king. Not only is he an award-winning artist himself, but he is also the head of his very own entertainment business. His business is the only one to sign with if an artist wishes to go all the way. While he has dominated the industry for decades, he has just been told by doctors that he has a short three years left to go. With the time ticking down, he is going to need to pick one of his three sons to take over the family business. Yikes!

Question 35

Select the correct answer

The Thompson family was as average as a family could get. They were decent people and lived a pretty standard suburban life. However, years ago, the Thompson family somehow unknowingly ruined the life of a man. We do not know how, but this man has now sent his daughter to the Thompsons with the hope of her breaking them from the inside. While the family thinks they are taking in an orphaned relative, they are actually letting a young con-artist into their home. Has anyone here seen this show yet? We have listed four possible titles, but only one is right!

Question 36

Match this show to the right name

Here we have a series that was based off real-life events. The whole world knew Gypsy and her mother Dee Dee to be a couple of the sweetest people on Earth. Gypsy had been plagued with many illnesses since she was just a baby, and Dee Dee had always been a very supportive and caring mother towards her. Or at least, this is what the world saw. While Dee Dee cashed the checks and accepted all the charity handouts, Gypsy was just a healthy girl trapped in a wheelchair by her mother. Dee Dee should have realized a breaking point would one day come.

Question 37

Pick out the right name

Even though our leading lady was an expert on rom-coms, finding her own happy ending was something she had a really hard time with. Sure she was an established doctor and had a wicked wardrobe and apartment, but what good were any of these things if she didn't have a handsome man waiting for her at home? She knows she hasn't always made the best dating decisions, but she is now finally ready to give finding true love a real shot! Does anyone know what show we are talking about in this question? Try picking out the only right name!

Question 38

What show are we talking about?

A woman being torn between two men is hardly an original plot, but what about a woman torn between two men from two completely different eras? While Claire was vacationing with her beloved husband through Scotland, she touched upon a magical stone that brought her back in time. Before being able to find a way back to her own time, Claire found herself in the middle of the Highlander war. No only did Claire have inside knowledge on how this was going to play out, but she was also slowly starting to fall for one of these men. What's a girl to do?

Question 39

Name this series

Even before Barry Allen came into his superpowers, the kid was pretty bright. He didn't exactly have the happiest childhood, but he never lost hope that he would someday get revenge on the man that was to blame for the loss of his mother and the unfair imprisonment of his father. Now that Barry is a grown man, he is working as a crime scene investigator, while secretly working on his family's case during his off hours. The case may have been cold for many years, but now that Barry has a few newly discovered abilities, he is thinking he may be able to bust it wide open.

Question 40

What show is this?

To us, they may just be fictional characters, but in the Enchanted Forest, all of our beloved fairy tale characters are real people. Snow White is in love with Prince Charming, a wicked witch rules over the kingdom, and captain hook is a much more attractive man than our movies lead us to believe. Both of our worlds are about to get turned upside down, because the wicked witch has finally finished her ultimate plan. She will be sending all of her subjects to our world, where there is no magic and of course, no hope for any happy endings. Uh oh!

Question 41

Which of these names is right?

Back when they were growing up, the main girls of this series were all inseparable best friends. The five of them used to rule the school, though one of them was the clear leader of the pack. That being said, when their leader and best friend went missing one day, their entire town fell into panic. It has now been over a year and since the girl was never found, everyone has started to move on with their lives. Just when the girl's friends thought they were moving forward, they each started receiving mysterious text messages supposedly sent by the missing girl herself.

Question 42

Pick out the right answer

Some people are born with the stuff to make it out in Hollywood, and some simply are not. In the case of Vincent Chase, he was very much born with the face and acting ability needed to become the next big superstar. However, this easy-going kid from Queens is definitely going to need some help. He has enlisted his three best buddies from back home, and he has also hired the fiercest agent Hollywood has to offer. With all of that covered, Vince is ready to live the life of luxury! Can anyone here figure out the correct name of the show?

Question 43

Select the correct name

Seattle Grace is a hospital known for its award-winning surgeons. While this hospital is home to some of the most brilliant minds the medical world has ever known, it also happens to be a huge target for accidents, tragedies and general upsets. The surgeons of this hospital work round the clock trying to save as many lives as possible, most of the time neglecting their own personal lives and happiness in the process. Holding the lives of so many in your hands, is definitely not a job for everyone. Does anyone here know what show we are talking about in this question?

Question 44

Match this series to the right name

In this show, we have a classic pairing. When a case is unsolvable due to lack of evidence, there is only one expert to call. This scientist can read crime scenes and human remains better than anyone. While she believes there is no crime out there that science cannot solve, her partner tends to view things a little differently. Even though he is always amazed at what his partner can discover from a few bits of DNA, he tends to believe that science can only tell a part of the story. Who here can pick out the right name from the four listed?

Question 45

Name this popular show

For the six Gallagher siblings, nothing is more important than making a few bucks wherever they can. Since their parents are often nowhere to be found, the job of supplying for the family has fallen to the eldest siblings. While even the youngest ones do their best to scam a few bucks out of the people around them, the eldest take on whatever odd jobs and schemes they can just to make ends meet. As long as they stick together, they should all be able to make it to adulthood. Does anyone here recognize this series? Try naming it correctly!

Question 46

Who recognizes this show?

Deep down, this guy is trying to do what's best for the innocent people living in his city. He is a detective who has committed his life to busting bad guys, but after so many years on the job, he has slowly started to lose hope in humanity. Struggling with all of the dark things he has witnessed over the years, this guys is thinking he is done following the rules. He is still going after criminals, but he isn't messing around anymore. He will catch as many bad guys as possible, until he gets caught himself. Name this show!

Question 47

Does anyone recognize this series?

This series is kind of like two shows in one! The series is set in both the past and the present. In the past, we meet young couple Jack and Rebecca. We see them fall in love, get married and plan for triplets. In the present, we see three grown children and an aging Rebecca, all of whom are dealing with the loss of Jack in their own way. They may all have their own approach to grieving, but eventually, they are all going to need someone to lean on. Does anyone here know what show we are talking about?

Question 48

Name this show

These two girls have known each other longer than either of them would ever admit, but that is not to say that they have been friends the whole time. For years, their husbands forced them to interact based on them being work partners, but now that the men are retiring, these ladies are thinking they may finally be done with each other. However, at a dinner celebrating their husbands retirement, these women got one heck of a wake-up call. Their husbands have decided to leave them to be with each other, leaving them no other option but to move in together.

Question 49

Which name is right?

This guy seems to have it all. A wife, three children and his very own business! Seems like the dream, right? Well, as lucky as he knows he is, he still can't help but to wish for his wife to be less loud, for his children to be less troublesome, and for his business to be more successful. It seems no matter how good our lives get, the pesto will just always seem greener at the other restaurant. Get it? Does anyone here recognize this animated series? We have listed four possible names, but only one of them is right!

Question 50

Pick out the right answer

Working for local government may not be the job every little girl and boy dreams of, but it is definitely the job Leslie Knope has been dreaming of her entire life. Leslie has been committed to making her hometown better since she was just a child. Now that she is working for the parks department, she is thinking she may actually be able to make a difference. Of course to Leslie, the greatest difference a person can make is installing a new local park. Does anyone know what show we are talking about? Try picking out the correct name from the listed options!

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