How Many Of These Spider-Man Villains Can You Name?

Over their decades long history, Marvel have created some pretty wonderful and imaginative characters. From Thor and their take on Norse Mythology to their team of vastly unique mutants to their science experiments gone wrong, Marvel have proven their imagination knows no bounds. And one of the most popular and universally loved characters on their roster is the web slinging, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

When Peter Parker was first introduced in 1962, he became one of the most relatable super heroes Marvel had created, or would ever create. He was a dorky teen who was given incredible gifts that changed his life forever, something that many of Marvel's reader base longed for. Not only that, but Peter's identity as a student and nephew were just as vital as his role as a super hero. He needed to keep them separate, which made for many tough situations that heroes like Iron Man or Captain America never had to face.

Peter's story also made for some fantastic villains. While the MCU has been criticized for it's weak villains, the same can't be said about the rogues gallery of Spider-Man. He's faced off against other super-powered people, terrifying monsters, and even some of his friends. Some of these villains are almost as popular as him.

So how many of Spider-Man's classic villains can you name? Take this quiz to see how many of the web head's baddies you remember.

Question 1

Who is Spider-Man's arch nemesis?

When it came time for Spidey to finally make his live-action debut in 2002, there was really only one choice for the villain. This character has caused Peter more grief in the comics than any other. While there have been several characters to take up the mantle of this villain, the most well-known is Norman Osborn. He was the father of Peter's best friend who went insane after experimenting on himself. He's done some pretty terrible things to Peter, like murdering his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. What is this villain's name?

Question 2

Who is this alien symbiote?

Spider-Man has a lot of popular villains, but none are quite as famous as this one. This black alien symbiote first joined Peter Parker as a new suit, but Peter was forced to get rid of it when he found out how evil it could be. It then joined with Eddie Brock, and the duo form this terrifying monster. It operates as an evil version of Spider-Man, as the symbiote can retain the abilities of any of its hosts. This villain, who can sometimes be an anti-hero, is getting a stand-alone film later this year. What is its name?

Question 3

Who was the MCU's first Spider-Man villain?

Though Spider-Man was only able to join the MCU a couple of years ago, Marvel wasted no time getting out his first movie. "Spider-Man: Homecoming" was released in 2017 and starred Michael Keaton as this classic villain. He turned in a menacing performance as a man who turns to a life of crime in order to provide for his family. His motivation made him more relatable than villains just looking for power. What was the name of the MCU's first Spider-Man villain?

Question 4

Who is this mad scientist?

This brilliant scientist wasn't always mad. During a science experiment gone wrong, Otto Octavius has four mechanical arms fused to his spine. This same accident damaged his brain, causing him to go insane and subsequently turn to a life of crime. He can control the four mechanical arms with just a thought, making him a tough enemy for Peter to keep up with. He was the villain in 2004's "Spider-Man 2," which is considered to be one of the best live-action portrayals of a super villain. What is his name?

Question 5

Who is the villain that can turn to sand?

Turning into sand may sound like a pretty lame ability for a super villain, until you realize that sand is just a bunch of tiny rocks. And if you're hit by a bunch of tiny rocks with enough force, it's going to hurt quite a bit. This villain appeared in 2007's "Spider-Man 3" as a troubled criminal, and his ability gave Peter a lot of trouble. He has to be quick on his feet, as this villain can reshape himself, change his density, and even expand his molecules to grow in size. What is his name?

Question 6

What is the name of this "Amazing Spider-Man 2" villain?

There were many things that fans were disappointed by in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," one being the characterization of this villain. Even still, his electric abilities pack a seriously strong punch. His origins in the movie are quite a bit different than his comic book counterpart. In the movie, he works for Harry Osborn's company and falls into a tank full of electric eels after being electrocuted by a power line in the lab. What is the name of this electric villain?

Question 7

What is the villain Dr. Curt Connors turns into?

This villain made their live-action debut in 2012's "The Amazing Spider-Man," but his popularity had grown in the eyes of fans through the animated series and video games. Dr. Curt Connors was a renowned army surgeon before he lost his arm in a blast. He became a research technologist afterwards, and began experimenting on himself to regrow his arm using a serum developed from reptilian DNA. Fortunately, it worked. Unfortunately, it also turned him into a monster. What is the name of this villain?

Question 8

What is the name of this powerful villain?

Aleksei Sytsevich was already a bad guy before scientists experimented on him. This experiment was successful, and the thug was given an artificial impenetrable skin that covered almost his an entire body which made his extremely strong. His stature and power can be pretty intimidating for Spider-Man, but he can usually come out on top thanks to his superior intellect. A version of this character was seen in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," but was given a robotic suit to operate rather than skin that was grafted to him. What is this villain's name?

Question 9

Who is the villain who wants to hunt Spider-Man down?

This super villain has become one of Spider-Man's most formidable foes over the years just through sheer perseverance. And it doesn't hurt that his perseverance is paired with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes. While many of Spider-Man's villains have their own personal and nuanced goals, this baddie just wants to prove that he's the best hunter around. And he see's Spider-Man as the ultimate kill. He's incredibly intelligent, often laying out traps for his prey. What is his name?

Question 10

Who is the villain born from Venom?

Venom may be one terrifying looking villain, but he's nothing compared to this next one. This villain was born after Venom returned to break Eddie Brock out of prison and unknowingly left a piece of itself behind. This piece bonded with Eddie's cellmate, the maniac that is Cletus Kasady. As a felon, Kasady uses the symbiote to reach his own twisted goals and cause as much mayhem as possible. Venom was already an evil version of Spider-Man, but an evil version of Venom is horrific. What is this villain's name?

Question 11

What is the name of this enigmatic villain?

We may get to see this Spider-Man villain on the big screen sooner rather than later, as it was recently announced Jake Gyllenhaal was in talks to play him. Quentin Beck worked on special effects and stunts for Hollywood movies before he realized that his talents could make for a successful career in the world of crime. He doesn't have any special abilities, but his suit more than makes up for it. It comes equipped with various hallucinogens and gases that can cause different effects, such as short-term paralysis. What is his villain name?

Question 12

Who is this crime lord?

While Wilson Fisk is primarily known as the arch-nemesis to Daredevil, the crime boss first began as a villain for Spider-Man. He's one of the most feared people in all of New York City thanks to his vice-like grip on all aspects of crime. He doesn't have any super powers, but his natural size and fighting abilities make him a threat, as well as his seemingly endless amount of resources and goons. What is the name of this fearless crime boss?

Question 13

Who is this nearly unstoppable villain?

Cain Marko holds the mantle of this gigantic bad guy, and while he is better known as an X-Men villain, he's butted heads with the web slinger on more than one occasion. There have been several instances where Marko's crime sprees led him through the streets of New York City, and therefore in Spider-Man's neck of the woods. While Peter's spider abilities do give him super strength, his power is nothing compared to Marko's. So, he must rely on his intelligence to stop him. What is the name of this big guy?

Question 14

Who is this minor villain from "Spider-Man: Homecoming?"

This character appeared briefly as part of Vulture's gang before stepping out of line and being defeated. The mantle was then taken up by a different member. In the movie, both characters use alien tech to shoot shockwaves at Spider-Man. But in the comics, he gets an entire suit. This suit comes with gauntlets instead of a gun. These shockwaves can be pretty powerful and cause extensive damage to those on the receiving end. What is the name of this minor Spider-Man villain?

Question 15

Who is this other minor villain from "Spider-Man: Homecoming?"

Another member of Vulture's crew is crucial to the operation, as he's the guy who experiments with alien tech to create the Vulture's weapons. While he's never called his super villain name in the movie, comic fans will know that Phineas Mason is the real name of an actual Spider-Man villain. He doesn't have any abilities and isn't much of a fighter, but his genius intellect has led to the creation of many scientific and technological devices that have been used effectively against Spider-Man. What is his super villain name?

Question 16

What is the name of this deadly enemy?

Here's another Spider-Man villain we may get to see soon, as he was teased in "Spider-Man: Homecoming." Mac Gargan, the man who became this villain, was also the second character to become Venom. But he's better known as this antagonist. He was experimented on to gain enhanced abilities similar to Spider-Man, and can even scale walls too. His most notable attribute is the seven-foot long cybernetically-controlled tail equipped to his suit. This tail has been upgraded several times, once to be able to shoot an acidic spray. What is this villain's name?

Question 17

What is the name of this classic Spider-Man villain?

This villain first appeared in 1963 in the very first issue of "The Amazing Spider-Man," and is therefore the oldest super villain in Spider-Man's rogues gallery. He can take the form of almost any person thanks to a special belt he wears that can hold the facial features of hundreds of people. This belt also uses holographic technology to change his appearance. Later, he went through surgical and mutagenical alteration to give himself this ability without the use of technology. What is the name of this dangerous villain?

Question 18

What is Felicia Hardy's alter ego?

The relationship that Spider-Man has with this character has evolved many times over the years. She's been a villain, an ally, and even a love interest. She's also a thief, so she's sort of like what Catwoman is to Batman. She does have an ability given to her through Kingpin's experiments on her. She can subconsciously affect probability fields, essentially giving her enemies bad luck. Also, being a master thief, she has incredible reflexes. What is Felicia Hardy's villain name?

Question 19

Who is the villain that can turn his body into water?

During a fight between Spider-Man and Namor aboard a cargo ship, crewmember Morris Bench was accidentally knocked overboard by Peter. This would have been okay had there not been an experimental generator being tested in the ocean. The radiation from this generator along with the ocean transformed Morris' body, and he sought his revenge on the wall crawler soon after. In his liquid state, Morris can disperse his body in multiple directions, meaning he can get into any secure facility. What is the name of this villain?

Question 20

Who is this Chinatown crime boss?

This villain is actually one of the newest to be added to Spider-Man's rogues gallery. First debuting in 2008, Martin Li worked as a crewmember aboard a Chinese ship that was caught in a storm and crashed off the coast of New York. The only survivor, Martin took the identity of a deceased passenger and made a better life for himself in the city. He was eventually experimented on by a crime boss with a synthetic drug that gave him a super villain alternate personality who will star in Sony's upcoming "Spider-Man" video game. What is his name?

Question 21

Who is the heir to Green Goblin's legacy?

First appearing in 1983, this character was created because the writers thought it would be better to create a new character rather than have Spider-Man fight the Green Goblin yet again. Instead, they introduced someone who would become the heir to the legacy of the Green Goblin. And unlike many other Spider-Man villains, the identity of this character was not revealed until much later. He has many of the Green Goblin's same powers as he used a modified version of the same serum used by Norman Osborn. What is this villain's name?

Question 22

What is the name of this mercernary?

While a mercenary isn't necessarily a villain, there have been times where the actions of this character have brought her into conflict with certain superheroes such as Spider-Man. She doesn't have any special abilities, but she's competent in the use of just about any weapon as well as multiple martial arts. She also uses her excellent leadership abilities to lead a team of mercenaries called the Wild Pack and even owns her own mercenary corporation. What is this mercenary's name?

Question 23

Who is the Living Vampire?

This biologist started out as a horror-based villain for Spider-Man before becoming an anti-hero in his own series. He was born with a rare and terrible blood condition, but he was harmless. It wasn't until he experimented on himself using DNA from vampire bats and electroshock therapy that he became a villain. Instead of curing him, it gave him "pseudo-vampirisim," changing his appearance and causing him to need blood to survive. He's appeared in cartoons and video games, but no movies yet. What is the name of the Living Vampire?

Question 24

Who is this albino hitman?

Growing up in Harlem, this villain was bullied as a child for being the only African American albino. But once he started working out and defending himself, the other kids became terrified of him. As an adult, he used his appearance to his advantage. Filing his teeth and nails to sharp points, he'd catch his victims off-guard. He generally works as hired muscle for various super villains like the Kingpin. And since he's over 6 1/2 feet tall and has been fighting on the streets his whole life, he's very good at his job. What is his name?

Question 25

What is the name of this villain?

Miles Warren is an expert in biochemistry, genetics, and cloning but is also trained in gymnastics and various martial arts. Take all of that genius and talent and put it in the body of a super villain, and you've got one seriously dangerous foe. As a genius scientist, he spliced his genes with that of the animal his super villain persona is named after, which gave him superhuman strength, speed, and agility. This makes him a good match for Spider-Man. What is the name of this villain?

Question 26

What is the name of the evil version of Spider-Man?

Created by the cosmic supervillain Magus, this villain is a clone of Spider-Man and therefore has all of the same abilities. But there are some extra things that make him even more dangerous. He also has six arms, claws, fangs, and he can produce his own razor-edged webbing. Luckily for Peter, this being is almost mindless and only attacks out of rage, so he's easily outsmarted. That doesn't mean he should be underestimated, as he is still a quick and deadly killer. He is often used by other villains in their plans. What is his name?

Question 27

Who is this Fantastic Four villain?

Yes, he started out as a Fantastic Four villain. But this dangerous megalomaniac has also been a villain to Iron Man, Black Panther, and of course, Spider-Man. There have been times where Spider-Man has had to team up with other heroes to put a stop to this super villain's plans due to just how powerful he is. His special suit increases his strength so that he can go head-to-head with superheroes. He can also perform some magic, such as projecting energy blasts, protective shields, and summoning demonic hordes. What is this super villain's name?

Question 28

Who is this organized crime member?

While this villain doesn't have any powers, he stands out thanks to two things. One his is 1920's-gangster inspired wardrobe. The other is his giant head. He didn't always look like this. He was badly beaten and left for dead, but a disgraced surgeon found him and saved his life. The only way to do that was to replace part of his skull with a plate of strong steel alloy. It has since been reinforced with vibranium (aka the stuff Captain America's shield is made out of), which he uses to his advantage in a fight. What is his name?

Question 29

Who runs the Daily Bugle?

He may not be a villain in the sense that every other one is, but he's definitely no ally to Spider-Man. As a publisher and as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle, this character runs a smear campaign on Spider-Man. He believes that Spider-Man is a menace, often causing more problems than solving them. This hurts Spider-Man's credibility and often leads to problems with police officers who believe what the Daily Bugle posts. This character was memorably featured in the original Spider-Man trilogy of films. What is his name?

Question 30

What is the name of this group of super villains?

Sometimes, teaming up is the best way to approach a difficult situation. That's what these villains decided to do when it came to tackling their Spider-Man problem. The line-up of this super villain team has changed several times over the years. But the original members were some of Spider-Man's greatest foes: Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, and Sandman. We were supposed to get a movie based on this team and it was teased at the end of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," but that film has since been scrapped. What is the name of this team of villains?

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