How Many Of These Christmas Movies Can You Name?

While some people have been putting up decorations and playing Christmas music since as far back as October, we guess it's now finally time to embrace the festive spirit and get yourselves in the mood for Christmas and all that it brings with it - namely food, drink, fun... and presents!

Of course, one of the other staples of Christmas is the beloved Christmas movie. For as long as there's been cinema and film, there's pretty much always been Christmas features being turned out. Some are great, some are so-so, some are heartwarming, some are horror-heavy. Either way, even the most bah-humbug of us have our own personal favorites when it comes to Christmas pictures.

For this particular quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of those films. You see, here we have 25 questions where all you have to do is correctly name the movie being shown in the accompanying image. Pretty simple and straightforward, right? We'd like to think so, but then again, maybe you're not quite the festive ball of fun that you claim to be.

Now it's make or break time for that Christmas spirit of yours - so what are you waiting for?! Let's see if you're a festive expert or merely a rotten pretender!

1Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Don't worry, there will be some trickier questions to come as this quiz gets a-going, but for now we're dishing up some relatively easy teasers just to get your score up - i.e. give you a false sense of confidence. The movie featured in the accompanying image here SHOULD be a nice easy one for you to correctly name, but who knows - it could prove trickier than you think. So with that in mind, which film is shown here?

2Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Starting things off with a nice and simple one for you, it doesn't get much more 'Christmas' than this particular movie. In terms of screaming Christmas, this film does literally that at every single turn. And there, at the centre of the action, is Will Ferrell in one of his most iconic turns to date. Remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. So go on then, get this one out of the way, and match the image to the correct answer.

3Which Christmas Movie Is This?

To some, the idea of two fully grown adults terrorizing a young kid may not quite fly these days, with the story likely reading like a PR nightmare in these modern times. But regardless, back when this movie was first made, not too much was made of the issue - well, bar the slack parenting skills clearly on show in this feature. With Macauley Culkin the focus of this particular film, just which festive movie is on display in this image?

4Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Again - as is kinda expected in this quiz - we have another classic Christmas feature that ranks up there with many fans as being one of the very best efforts out there. Y'know, one of those movies that gets dug out every year to be given a dust off and a watch ahead of Christmas Day arriving all too soon. With that in mind, you'll likely easily get this one correct - so go, get answering which film this is!

5Which Christmas Movie Is This?

While not every Christmas movie necessarily centres around Father Christmas, this particular image instantly conjures up memories of jolly Saint Nicholas for many longtime film fans. When it comes to truly classic Christmas efforts, the movie featured here is often revered as one of the all-time greats. We mean, just look at this guy! If anybody WAS Santa Claus, this right here is that very person. But that's not the subject matter here, for we're wanting you to name this film.

6Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Again, this should be an easy one to name for anyone with even a fleeting interest in movies and Christmas pictures. In fact, even if you're now necessarily a film fan, there's a good chance you can correctly guess which particular film is being featured here. As well as the ragtag bunch of characters on display, here we have the legendary Michael Caine heading up the charge and stealing the show. Now, can you guess which famed Christmas movie this is?

7Which Christmas Movie Is This?

That's a pretty beautiful shot, right? A gorgeously lit moon, a twisted, swirling standing ground, and some spindly, skinny figure taking centre-stage as we gaze at said moon. In terms of summing up the mood and tone of a movie, this image does the absolutely perfect shot in catching everything that this film is all about. And what it's about is one of the most iconic Christmas pictures out there. So, which Christmas movie is on display here in this particular question?

8Which Christmas Movie Is This?

That's far more than just your regular choo-choo train right here. In terms of trains on a epic scale, this one is right up there as something that would get plenty of trainspotters giddy with excitement to the point that they'd likely pass out from all of the goosebumps and tingling feelings this choo-choo conjures up. Of course, this train is at the centre of a certain Christmas movie, but the bigger topic of the day here is just which movie is that?

9Which Christmas Movie Is This?

What says Christmas more than Bill Murray knocking back some alcohol? After all, the festive period is one that sees many of us having just a few alcoholic tipples or two as we reconnect with old faces, new faces or just decide to have a celebratory splurge. And here, Murray is no different. Of course, Bill Murray is one of the very best in the game when it comes to entertaining a crowd, but which of his movies is shown here?

10Which Christmas Movie Is This?

"To me, you are perfect." To some of us, that signs comes across as ridiculously cringeworthy, far too soppy, and just downright cheese-tastic! To others, it makes the heart flutter, makes the birds cheep, and brings a tear to the eye (you know who you are!). Either way, this is a famous scene form a particular movie often cited as a classic Christmas effort. Regardless of whether you enjoy this one or not, are you able to tell us which film this is from?

11Which Christmas Movie Is This?

This image here shows one of the most famous screams in cinema history. You can keep your legendary scream queens of the horror genre, for this particular scream is right up there as one of the well-known in the business. Even better, the scream is kind of directed in the audience of you - the audience - as it makes you feel a further part of the shenanigans at play here. So, which iconic Christmas movie is this image from?

12Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Jolly Saint Nicholas. The old fella, cheery face, red cheeks, stylish and well placed beard, a slightly podgy belly, and an all-round happy, warm demeanour that makes him welcoming to any and everyone. That's the standard definition or image we think of when thinking of what Father Christmas looks like, yet here... well here it's a totally different story. Looking at the Santa here, he doesn't exactly tick most of those boxes. Do you know which movie this is taken from, though?

13Which Christmas Movie Is This?

If these carol singers turned up at your day one Christmas Eve, chances are you'd be completely freaked out. Well, maybe not if you're a fan of this particular movie. These two eerie little fellas turned up to spread the festive cheer in a way that only they could and can. And spread that cheer they did - not to mention a whole bucketload of mischief! So, to get to the matter of the day, can you name this Christmas movie?

14Which Christmas Movie Is This?

You are indeed right, that is totally Das Arnold, The Governator, the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you're of a certain age, there's a very good chance that you instantly remember which movie saw Arnold living it up at Christmas time. For the younger ones of you taking this quiz, it may well be time to go with an educated guess on this one. So go on, let's see if you can guess which Christmas movie this is from.

15Which Christmas Movie Is This?

You may well guess this movie relatively quickly, but the bigger topic to most people is whether or not this film is indeed actually a Christmas movie at all. While it's set on Christmas Eve, many cite the film's action-heavy theme and its February release date as ruling it out of the Christmas movie running. But let's face it, this is a Christmas film. It is. It just is. Now, are you able to name the movie in question here?

16Which Christmas Movie Is This?

If you see this hulking fella coming down your chimney in the wee hours of Christmas morning, it's likely best to run off and hide. Rather than giving out presents and well wishes, the mission objective of this beastly presence is nothing but chaos and destruction - and likely carnage, carnage and, you guessed it, even more carnage. This movie certainly isn't your heartwarming family-friendly festive treat, and it definitely isn't really for younger viewers. What movie is it, though?

17Which Christmas Movie Is This?

He's a friendly face, right? We mean, what says friendly festivities better than a living, breather snowman. Just look at that nose - all carrot-y and stuff! And those eyes! Then there's the slightly creepy smile. Oh, and the odd little eyebrows. Yeah, maybe this snowman isn't quite as friendly as we were thinking... but maybe that's just us being paranoid after staring at this image for too long. Now it's your turn; time to tell us which movie this is from?

18Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Like a few other inclusions in this quiz, here we have another animated adventure. Well, CGI-fest is likely a better description. At the time of its release, it looked all kinds of brilliant to see the action brought to life - and in fairness, it pretty much holds up rather well even to this day. Whether it holds up or not, though, that's pretty much irrelevant for this quiz (in which case, why did we mention it...?), for what we want to know is simply what movie is this?

19Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Ah, what sounds fun, festivities and frolics more than Santa Claus wielding a flamethrower? If that's not the Christmas spirit, we don't know what is. Now while you may think that he's just possibly helping to cook the turkey in a, err, unique way, this Father Christmas is laying waste to people - but are they naughty or nice? This may not be one for all the family, but can you name the Christmas movie featured here in this image?

20Which Christmas Movie Is This?

In our minds, we like to always think of Father Christmas as a jolly, smiling, ever-happy sort. Sadly, that's not always the case where some Santas are concerned. And this face here most definitely isn't overflowing with festive cheer and well wishes for all. No, at an initial glance, this is as gloomy and downbeat as it gets for Saint Nick. He may not be the happiest of campers in this image, but are you able to name this Christmas movie?

21Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Christmas isn't necessarily all about feel good movies for all the family. No, for some of you out there, you see Christmas as the perfect time to give a festive coat of paint to the horror genre. As such, we've had plenty of Christmas movies over the years that have had their roots and origins in the world of horror. And right here? Yep, that's one of 'em. The question of the hour, though, is just which ho-ho-horror is this?

22Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Is... is that...? Nah, it can't be. Surely he didn't make a Christmas movie, right? Well, regardless of how bonkers it may sound, yes he did - Hulk Hogan did indeed headline a festive feature at one point in time. Big boots, leg drops, ripping of t-shirts, cupping of ears, and saying a whole lot of brothers, brother is Hulk's usual M.O., but here he decided to get involved in the festivities. What's the name of this particular festive favorite, though?

23Which Christmas Movie Is This?

There he is - Jolly Saint Nick at his most festively cheery. Or not, as it happens. Yeah, this Santa Claus is one mean lookin' son of a gun, angry at the world and looking as if he's ready to rip somebody's head off. And if you've seen this particular movie, you'll know that that's more or less exactly what he's out to do for the most part. So, take a good look at this image and name the film!

24Which Christmas Movie Is This?

Compared to many of the other films featured in this quiz, this one here is notable for how different its palette is to the rest of the bunch. An animated affair, the colors used and motion utilized make this stand out from the crowd and mark it down as one of the most beloved Christmas features for so many different generations of festive film fans. The most important festive film fan here, of course, is you, faithful reader - but do you know which film this is?

25Which Christmas Movie Is This?

When it comes to true old classics of Christmas, they don't get much older and more classic that the movie featured here. Just from looking at this black and white image, you can tell we're clearly dealing with a more vintage feature film rather than a more modern affair. In fact, when all is said and done, this could well be the Christmas movie that's been viewed by the most people in the history of festive features! What is it, though?

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