How Many Kids Should You Have?

Aside from our basic needs of food, water, shelter and affection, humans have a biological need to procreate. But just because we are all born with this drive doesn't mean we'll all have the same amount of kids, or any kids at all for that matter. You probably have some ideas about whether you want to have kids and, if you do, whether you want just one or want to have a huge family, but do you know how many kids you actually should have based on your personality?

This quiz doesn't look at what kind of a parent you would be based on how you handle certain situations, but instead takes a general look at your basic personality type and then evaluates how many children you should probably have based on that information. After all, who you are as a person is the biggest indicator of how you will be as a parent.

Are you the perfect parent for an only child? Are three kids not a crowd, but the perfect family size? Should you invest in a lot of birth control or should you get busy making an army of mini-yous? You'll have to take the quiz to find out.

Question 1

What is your favorite color?

Where would the world be without good old ROYGBIV? Of course, since we only have five answers on this quiz, our apologies to those who prefer orange, indigo or brown -as for white and black, those aren't colors anyway but simply shades.

Question 2

In what range does your lucky number fall?

Naturally, we couldn't possibly put everyone's specific lucky number on here, but with these numerical ranges, we can cover every number out there. If you don't have a lucky number, just choose one that brings up good memories for you.

Question 3

What's your dream job?

Sure, you might be an accountant or a sales clerk now, but we all have dream jobs even if they're entirely unrealistic. So if you could have any career in the world, what would you want to do with your life?

Question 4

What was your favorite class in school?

Even people who completely hated school altogether still had a favorite class, which was probably the one subject they excelled at. So when it comes to education, which of the following classes was the one you didn't want to miss?

Question 5

Select your favorite historical period:

You don't have to choose the time you'd most want to live in (after all, it would be pretty hard to live with dinosaurs running around), but instead choose the one you find the most fascinating. Essentially, pick the one you would visit if you had a time machine.

Question 6

What's the best thing to do on a beach?

The surf, the sand, the sun, there's something truly spectacular about a day at the beach with someone you care about. So when you think of a visit to the sea, what's your ideal beach day activity? Pick one below!

Question 7

Name your dream vacation destination:

It could be a family vacation, a couple's trip or even a solo mission, we won't judge. We just want to know where you would want to visit more than any other destination. Which of these cities just ignites your sense of adventure?

Question 8

What state would you most like to visit?

If you noticed that our top vacation destination question didn't include any US destinations, that's because we were saving them up for this question. So which state would you most like to visit (though not necessarily choose to live in)?

Question 9

What's your favorite holiday?

We all enjoy a good holiday, but everyone likes to celebrate a little different and which occasion you enjoy the most is largely based on your values and your family traditions. So which of the following holidays makes you feel warm and fuzzy?

Question 10

What do you like to do in at home in your free time?

In this case, we're specifically asking about your time spent indoors since we'll ask about your favorite outdoor activities in the next question. So when the weather outside is terrible, what would you like to spend your time doing inside?

Question 11

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

The great outdoors are a great place to relax, refresh and renew yourself. Of course, if you're the kind of person who thinks "ewww" when someone talks about time spent outside, then just choose the activity that would make you the least miserable.

Question 12

What is your favorite sport?

The thrill of competition and the agony of defeat? It's one of those things humans were born to love, but everyone likes a different sport. We know, not everyone likes these sports, so if you're not into them, just choose the sport you'd enjoy watching with friends the most.

Question 13

Choose the coolest animal:

There are tons and tons of cool animals out there, but these five are some of the most popular choices when it comes to "favorite" animals. If your favorite animal isn't listed here, just choose the one you like the best of the bunch.

Question 14

Select the best pet:

Do you like to play with your pets, cuddle at them or look at them? The choice says a lot about what you might do with your babies. Of course, if you don't particularly like pets, you should just choose the one you dislike the least.

Question 15

What's the best app?

How did we ever survive without having our smart phones around to entertain us with a massive selection of fantastically entertaining games wherever we go? So which game do you like to start up when you're sitting around doing nothing?

Question 16

Choose the best Disney movie?

Even if you can't stand Disney, you'll have to get used to watching these eventually if you plan to have kids and when that happens, you'll probably end up getting the songs from one of these flicks stuck in your head for at least a year.

Question 17

What is the best Dr. Seuss book?

Here's another thing you'd better get used to if you plan on having kids some day. But there's a lot to love about Dr. Seuss and even adults can enjoy his whimsical books, so which of these classic kid's books do you prefer?

Question 18

What's your favorite book series?

Books can take you into a whole different world. So when you travel to a fantastical new reality, do you like to do it with a little kink or a little magic? Do you like religious conspiracies or dark dystopian futures?

Question 19

Choose your favorite TV family:

In this case, don't choose the family that you enjoy watching the most (a bad sitcom family can be endlessly entertaining -often more so than one with a healthy family relationship), but the family you most relate with and would like your family to most closely resemble.

Question 20

Who is the best actress?

When you think "queen of the silver screen," do you think classic beauties, incredible talent or total babes? Which of these five actresses from a variety of film eras is a namesake that will guarantee you'll go see their newest films?

Question 21

Who is the best actor?

Of course, we'd never ask about your favorite actress without also asking about your favorite male actor as well. So which of these five leading men is the biggest draw when it comes to which film you'd like to see?

Question 22

Who is your favorite comedian?

When you think about people that make you laugh, do you like redneck humor, African American comics, raunchy jokes, clean-cut laughs or something in between? In other words, which of these comics makes you laugh the most? (Try to consider only their stand up if you can).

Question 23

Select the best male singer:

These singers range from the 70s to modern times, but when it comes to this quiz, it's not about how old their songs are, but the style and content of the tunes. So which of these male singers is your favorite?

Question 24

Who is the best female singer?

Like the male singers, the music from these ladies spans back across the decades, but during their time, these singers were all pop icons -even if their individual sounds are drastically different. So which one would you rather listen to?

Question 25

Choose the best band of the bunch:

These bands all rock, but not in the same way and just like the male and female singers, their music spans through the years. Ultimately, this one comes down to whether you like punk, classic rock, metal or Christian rock.

Question 26

Select the best recent president:

Time to get political here -though not overly so. Just choose your favorite of America's last five presidents. You might be surprised how much this says about who you are and how many children you should raise based on what kind of values you think are the most important.

Question 27

What is the best boy's name?

It doesn't have to be a name you would actually give your baby, but at least the name you would be most likely to give your son out of these five. They're all pretty classic names, although some are obviously more popular now than others.

Question 28

Choose a girl's name:

Like the boy's names, these girl's names don't need to be ones you'd actually name your baby, but just choose the one of the five names you'd choose if you had to pick one. Unlike the boy's names, some of these are certainly more modern than others.

Question 29

What is your favorite clothing store?

It's fair enough that you might not actually wear any of these brands, but at least you can choose the brand you like the best out of the choices where you might be most likely to shop if you had no other option.

Question 30

Where do you like to buy groceries?

We've all gotta eat, but where you shop for groceries says a lot about you and what kind of a parent you should be as well. Do you like bulk buys or quick convenience items? Do you care more about cost, style or speed?

Question 31

Choose the best president in history:

That's right, first we had you choose the best of our last few presidents, now it's time to evaluate your favorite president from history. We were limited to five here, so apologies to those who like FDR or Andrew Jackson.

Question 32

What is the best chain restaurant?

When you want to go out for dinner, do you tend to choose Southern food, classic American fare, Italian treats or French cuisine? Do you want cocktails, mozzarella sticks or a souvenir tee shirt? These are the important decisions in life.

Question 33

What is the best date night food?

Imagine your fantasy guy/gal invited you out for a meal and gave you the following five options for diner. Which date night meal will you pick (even if you secretly would much rather have duck a l'orange or even a simple pork chop).

Question 34

What is the best fast food option?

We're willing to bet you never thought what you eat would have such a big impact on how many kids you should have, but let's be honest, how you eat is also a big reflection of who you are and what your values are.

Question 35

Which language would you most like to learn?

There's something spectacularly romantic about speaking a second language, but learning another one takes a lot of skill. So which of these would you want to learn (if you already speak one or more of these, just choose the language you like the sound of the best)?

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