Play Never Have I Ever And We'll Reveal How Many Kids Are In Your Future

How many kids are there in your future? Let's find out!

Never Have I Ever is a fun social game that doesn't require any special equipment or even a smartphone. It can be adapted to all ages and if you want to make things a little more interesting you can always add a few drinks. Here's how it works: a group of people sit together, and the first person to start the game will do so by saying "Never have I Ever..." followed by a simple statement. If anyone in the group has done the action at some stage in their lives they will take a drink (or eat a sweet if you're playing the non-alcoholic/kids version). And if no-one in the group has performed that action before the person who said it needs to drink instead. The game is primarily an ice-breaker but it can also be interesting to learn things about your friends that they have never revealed to you before. But be warned! You might just end up revealing a few of your own secrets too!

Today you can play Never Have I Ever right here and at the end, we'll reveal how many children there could be in your future!

Question 1

Never Have I Ever... Traveled somewhere on my own?

Traveling to new places with your parents, friends, or significant other is awesome but there's something about a solo journey that's very special. Would you ever go on a one-person trip or have you already done it?

Question 2

Never Have I Ever... Been on a cruise?

Going on a cruise is like being abroad a floating hotel and there's always something to do! And these days, this type of holiday is safer than ever. Have you ever been on a cruise, even just a short one?

Question 3

Never Have I Ever...Been fired?

There are few things more humiliating than getting fired from your job, even if you know you deserve it. But if you didn't like your job, to begin with, getting fired might be the start of something better in your life.

Question 4

Never Have I Ever... Lost my temper in a public place?

Can you keep a lid on your anger or are you likely to lose your temper in a hurry? Have you ever been so angry that you lost your temper or shouted in a public place? Or has this never happened to you?

Question 5

Never Have I Ever... Had an embarrassing clothing "malfunction"?

There's nothing like a hot outfit to boost your confidence but as we all know, clothing malfunctions can happen at any time. Whether it's a rip, a tear, or an accidental exposure, the only thing you can really do is just laugh it off.

Question 6

Never Have I Ever... Been the first person to say "I love you"?

Those three little words carry a lot of power and once you admit these feelings for someone, there's no taking them back. Have you ever been brave enough to be the first person to say "I love you"? Well, have you?

Question 7

Never Have I Ever... Sent a text to the wrong person?

The worst variation of this social faux-pas is when you are gossiping and end up accidentally sending the text to the person you are talking about. Cringe! Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person?

Question 8

Never Have I Ever... Called in sick just to have the day off?

There are just days when you can't face the thought of going to work. We get it. Being an adult is hard. Have you ever called your boss and told him you were sick just to have the day off from work? Don't worry! We won't tell.

Question 9

Never Have I Ever... Been to the emergency room?

It's not a place that anyone wants to find themselves unless of course, they are in the midst of a medical emergency. Have you ever been admitted to the emergency room to treat an injury or when you were very ill?

Question 10

Never Have I Ever... Been to a funeral?

There's nothing fun about a funeral. They are usually grim, morbid occasions full of black-clothed mourners and floods of tears. Emotionally speaking - there's nothing tougher than saying goodbye to a loved one. Have you ever attended a funeral?

Question 11

Never Have I Ever... Been to a wedding?

Weddings are fun events to go attend, especially if there are lots of people and food, but planning them is usually a nightmare. It's not called the "big day" for nothing! Everything has to be just right. Have you ever been to a wedding?

Question 12

Never Have I Ever... Pulled a prank I later regretted?

Have you ever gotten a brilliant idea for a prank that seemed genius at the time but later, not so much? Have you ever pulled a prank or stunt that went wrong and that you later regretted? It can be embarrassing to get something like that wrong.

Question 13

Never Have I Ever... Broken up with someone?

Some relationships are just not meant to be. Breaking up is tough, especially when you are the person breaking the news. Have you ever had to end a relationship or are you the person who usually ends up getting dumped?

Question 14

Never Have I Ever... Donated blood?

The thought of donating blood can be scary but this act of charity might just save someone's life one day. And if you ever needed blood, you'd surely be grateful to the person who provided it, right? Have you ever donated blood?

Question 15

Never Have I Ever... Had surgery?

Today having surgery is no longer considered as dangerous as it used to be but there is always the chance that something can go wrong. Have you ever gone under the knife and lived to tell the tale? These days, it's actually not a huge deal.

Question 16

Never Have I Ever... Had a tattoo?

These days there's no harm in having a tattoo, provided you get it done at a clean, respectable parlor. And provided, of course, that you never, ever get a tattoo on a whim. They are forever after all! Do you have any ink?

Question 17

Never Have I Ever... Ridden a motorcycle?

There's nothing quite like the freedom that comes from being on a motorbike, whether you're the one driving or riding as a passenger. Have you ever been brave enough to ride a motorbike or would this be too dangerous for you?

Question 18

Never Have I Ever... Drifted in a car?

Have you been watching way too many Fast and Furious movies? Have you ever tried out some of those moves? What about drifting? Have you ever been drifting in your own car? Or would you rather leave that stuff to other people?

Question 19

Never Have I Ever... Gone to the movies on my own?

Let's say you really want to go and see a movie but you can't find anyone to go with you. What would you do? Wait for the movie to come out on DVD or take yourself on a solo date to the cinema? It can be fun to treat yourself.

Question 20

Never Have I Ever... Dated someone I worked with?

You can't help who you are attracted to, right? Sometimes love will find you when you least expect it. But what happens when the person you like also just so happens to be your co-worker? Would you go for it? Have you done it before?

Question 21

Never Have I Ever... Changed my clothes in a car?

We get it - life can get hectic sometimes. We're all trying to juggle a million things in one go and sometimes this leaves us with very little time to perform a wardrobe change. Have you ever gotten dressed in the car?

Question 22

Never Have I Ever... Kissed someone in the rain?

This always looks so romantic but is the real deal as steamy as it looks in the movies? Have you ever been lucky enough to kiss someone in the rain or do you prefer to do this type of thing indoors where it's dry? The rain can be so romantic.

Question 23

Never Have I Ever... Traveled first class?

Traveling in first class or business class ensures that your trip will be luxurious but is it really worth the extra money? Have you ever taken a trip in first class or would you rather save the money and spend it on something else?

Question 24

Never Have I Ever... Cut my own hair?

Maybe you just couldn't be bothered to spend money on a hairdresser or maybe it was a really tight month but either way: have you ever decided to cut your own hair? Or do you not trust your skills enough to do this?

Question 25

Never Have I Ever... Dated a friend's ex?

This one can be a little bit awkward but it all depends on how your friend ended things with their ex. If your friend and his/her ex can't stand to be in the same room as each other, that's bound to strain both relationships.

Question 26

Never Have I Ever... Eaten cake for breakfast?

Yes, we know, you're meant to have healthy food like oats to start the day right but sometimes you've got to have a little fun too! Have you ever started your day with a big, fat slice of creamy cake? Who doesn't dream of that?

Question 27

Never Have I Ever... Lived by myself?

Living on your own has its plus sides. You might not have anyone to help with the chores but you can also do whatever you want whenever you want. No sharing your snacks and no-one to moan when you binge watch yet another series.

Question 28

Never Have I Ever... Stayed awake all night?

Have you ever stayed awake all through the night? Maybe you were preparing for a big exam or maybe you were just having too much fun to go to bed. Have you ever gone through the night without sleeping?

Question 29

Never Have I Ever... Snuck out of the house?

We hope you haven't been doing this as an adult but when you were a teenager we're sure you at least thought about it! Have you ever snuck out of the house without getting permission to leave? Most of us have rebellious streaks when we're young.

Question 30

Never Have I Ever... Locked my keys in the house or car?

When you are distracted (which most of us are) it's easy to do silly things like locking your keys in the car or locking yourself out of your own place. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever locked your keys in the car or house?

Question 31

Never Have I Ever... Slept with the light on after watching a scary movie?

Watching a scary movie late at night is exciting but what's not so much fun is going to bed afterward, especially if you sleep on your own. Have you ever slept with the light on after watching a horror movie?

Question 32

Never Have I Ever... Gone camping?

When you go on vacation does it have to be to a hotel or resort or do you like a little more adventure? Are you brave enough to rough it out on a camping trip or is sleeping in a tent not your idea of fun?

Question 33

Never Have I Ever... Written a poem or short story?

Writing is a great way to vent your emotions and if you like telling stories, an excellent way to share them with other people. Some people are shy to get started though. Have you ever written a heartfelt poem or created a short story?

Question 34

Never Have I Ever... Been to a fortune teller?

Do you think that fortune tellers can really see into the future or is it just a way to make a quick buck? Have you ever had your tarot cards read or visited a fortune teller for a quick glimpse into your future?

Question 35

Never Have I Ever... Created a work of art?

Creating art is one way to ensure that you will live forever, well, as long as your artwork is around that is! Have you ever created a work of art such as a sculpture or a painting? Or do you prefer to leave this kind of thing to other, more creative folks?

Question 36

Never Have I Ever... Walked out halfway through a movie?

Going to the cinema isn't cheap so a movie has to be really terrible before most of us will just get up and leave. Have you ever walked out halfway through a movie because it was really bad or offensive?

Question 37

Never Have I Ever... Ridden in a limo?

There's nothing that says "I've arrived" quite like making an entrance by stepping out of a gleaming stretch limo, is there? Have you ever been lucky enough to take a ride in one of these? Even better if you didn't have to pay for it!

Question 38

Never Have I Ever... Gone hunting and/or fishing?

Today if you want to buy fresh meat or fish, you can simply go to the store and get it. But what about hunting it for yourself? Would you be able to do that? Many people wouldn't. Have you ever done it before?

Question 39

Never Have I Ever... Been on TV?

Being on TV is exciting - no matter how you land up there! Have you ever been interviewed for a TV show or maybe appeared as an extra? Perhaps you've even been in a commercial or two? Have you had your 15 minutes of fame?

Question 40

Never Have I Ever... Ridden a roller coaster?

Your chances of being involved in a roller coaster accident are minuscule but that doesn't help you feel any less afraid when you strap yourself into one does it? Have you ever been brave enough to ride a roller coaster?

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