How Many Ice-Type Pokémon Can You Name?


Pokémon Red Blue introduced the Ice-type Pokémon to the series. These are Pokémon that use cold based attacks on their enemies. Ice-type Pokémon actually had an important role in the early games, as they were the only kind of creature that had a type advantage against the mighty Dragon-type Pokémon.

Ice-type Pokémon used to be the most feared creatures in the series. This is due to the fact that the freeze status effect (inflicted by moves like Blizzard and Ice Beam) did not end. The only way you could remove the freeze status in Pokémon Red Blue is by using items. This was coupled with the fact that Blizzard had a 90% accuracy rate in the first generation of games. Game Freak nerfed the Ice-type attacks hard in Pokémon Gold Silver, by giving Pokémon a 10% chance to break out of the freeze status every turn. Ice-type Pokémon would never reach the lofty heights of Red Blue again...

That does not mean that the Ice-type Pokémon are weak and worthless. They make up some of the most powerful Pokémon in the series. Ice-type Pokémon have long been the most reliable counter to Dragon-types. They can transform the cold weather into a powerful weapon against their foe, while also using it to increase their stats. The freeze status is still the most terrifying status effect in the game, even if it isn't as powerful as it used to be.

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think that you know your Ice-type Pokémon. These cold beasts have been around since the days of Pokémon Red Blue, which gives us a lot of creatures to choose from. So, Can You Name The Ice-Type Pokémon?

Question 1

If you level up an Eevee near an Ice Rock...

Pokémon Red & Blue introduced Eevee to the series. This is a Pokémon that has numerous different evolutionary forms. In Red & Blue, this meant using an evolutionary stone on Eevee. As the series continued on, new methods were introduced to evolve Eevee. If you level up an Eevee near an Ice Rock, then it will evolve into this Pokémon. The Ice Rocks are found in different locations throughout the series, The first Ice Rock was found in the Sinnoh region. You can find it due south of Snowpoint City.

Question 2

This Pokémon is used by Lorelei of the Kanto Elite Four

Those of us who began our journey in Pokémon Red & Blue will be familiar with this creature, as it is the first Pokémon ever used in an Elite Four battle. Once you have conquered the eight Gyms of Kanto, you were finally given access to the Indigo League. It was now your task to defeat the four most powerful trainers in the region, before being able to challenge the Champion. You enter the chamber of Lorelei and face... a silly looking seal with a goofy smile on its face.

Question 3

The Alola region cooled down this fiery fox

Alolan Vulpix

Pokémon Sun & Moon introduced the Alola region to the series. The tropical environment of the Alola region caused some classic Pokémon to evolve in different ways, as they needed to adapt to the higher temperature. This Pokémon was a famous fiery fox in Red & Blue. The Alola region forced it to become an Ice-type Pokémon. This turns its red fur into a silvery white and its eyes into a shade of blue. When it evolves, it becomes an Ice/Fairy-type Pokémon.

Question 4

This is one of the three golems of Hoenn

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire introduced the three titans of Hoenn. These are bizarre Pokémon that are based on the legends of the golem. You cannot find any of these three Pokémon without solving the riddle of the Sealed Chamber. This requires the player to understand Braille, as the answers to the puzzles are written in that language. This is the Ice-type member of the Legendary titans. It is said to have been born during the Ice Age of the Pokémon world.

Question 5

This is one of the most controversial Pokémon of all time

This Ice/Psychic-type Pokémon was first introduced in Red & Blue. The people at Game Freak might have regretted its inclusion, as it went on to be one of the most controversial Pokémon of all time. It didn't take long for accusations of racism to be leveled at this Pokémon. Nintendo was accused of including a blackface character in one of their games. The result of these complaints was that this Pokémon had its skin color changed to purple and all episodes of the anime that feature it were taken out of rotation.

Question 6

This Legendary bird hides in the Seafoam Islands

This is one of the three Legendary birds of the Kanto region. They were all introduced in Pokémon Red & Blue. You really need to go out of your way to find this Pokémon. Moltres can be encountered on the Victory Road, which you need to traverse in order to reach the Pokémon League. Zapdos is hiding in the Power Plant, which isn't far off the beaten path. This Pokémon is hidden in the Seafoam Islands, which requires you to swim far out to sea.

Question 7

This Pokémon likes to help Santa fill his sack

Santa Claus might not exist in real life, but he does hang around in the Pokémon world. He is a Pokémon trainer, who can battle opponents like the best of them. Santa does this in between delivering presents. Santa's helpers include a team of Jynx and Stantlers. He also uses one of these Pokémon. This is an Ice/Flying-type Pokémon that carries a sack around with it. You might want to skip using it in battle, as it can only naturally learn two moves (Present and Drill Peck).

Question 8

This Pokémon is a rounder version of the guy who sang "Kiss From A Rose"

There are still plenty of animals and myths that haven't been turned into Pokémon yet. Despite this, they still reuse animals for the new Pokémon. Pokémon Red & Blue featured Pokémon based on a seal (which was called Seel). Game Freak felt that the audience needed more seal goodness, which is why they created another one for Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. This Ice/Water-type Pokémon prefers to roll around rather than walking or swimming, as it can move faster that way.

Question 9

Ash Ketchum rode around the Orange Islands on this Pokémon

It is possible (though very difficult) to trap yourself in Pokémon Red & Blue. You can release all of your HM-using Pokémon whilst on an island, which means you cannot leave if you don't have a fishing rod. Pokémon Red & Blue actually gave you a free Pokémon that could use Surf, in order to ensure that the player could continue across the water. This was the Pokémon that was given to you. Ash Ketchum used one of these Pokémon to travel around the Orange Islands.

Question 10

This Pokémon is thought to be the living form of Gastly

This Pokémon has always been a great choice for a team slot in a competitive match. The reason for this is due to its massive Defense stat, which makes it very difficult to harm. It also has a great range of attacking moves, which are supplemented with arena traps. There is a theory that links this Pokémon to Gastly. This is because they look very similar and are placed right next to each on the Pokédex. Does this mean that this Pokémon transforms into a ghost when it dies?

Question 11

You need to revive this Pokémon from a fossil

Pokémon X & Y introduced some new fossil Pokémon to the series. You need to use a Sail Fossil to restore this extinct Pokémon to life. It is a Rock/Ice-type Pokémon, whose appearance is based on that of a real life dinosaur. This Pokémon derives its strength from the crystals growing on its body. These are always at a freezing cold temperature. This Pokémon uses the power of these crystals in order to create the ice attacks that it uses in battle.

Question 12

This Pokémon evolves from Cubchoo

It took a long time, but Game Freak finally decided to add a polar bear Pokémon in to the series. This creature first debuted in Pokémon Black & White, where it can be found loitering around the Dragonspiral Tower. According to the Pokédex, this creature uses its cold breath to create pathways of ice across large bodies of water. It also uses its breath to create ice around its fangs and claws, in order to create powerful new weapons to use in combat.

Question 13

This is the mascot of Pokémon Black 2 & White 2

Pokémon Black & White introduced Zekrom and Reshiram as the mascots of the game. They made up the Tao trio with this Pokémon. This Pokémon's gray color scheme led many fans to believe that there would be a Pokémon Gray. Nintendo and Game Freak surprised everyone by skipping a third title in the fifth generation of games and created some direct sequels. Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 featured this Pokémon as its mascot. This Pokémon can fuse with Zekrom and Reshiram using the DNA Splicer, which is what made it to the cover of Black 2 & White 2.

Question 14

This is one of the most hated Pokémon of all time

Game Freak has been accused of getting lazy with the Pokémon designs since... Red & Blue. Grimer and Voltorb were the first guys on the chopping block and it seems that every generation has its own "they didn't even try" Pokémon. Pokémon Black & White introduced what may be the most hated design of the series. It is essentially just a floating ice cream Pokémon. This is also one of the few creatures in the series to be created by someone from outside of Japan.

Question 15

This Hoenn Pokémon looks like this in the cold weather

The third generation of Pokémon games introduced weather effects to the series for the first time. This meant that lots of new moves and abilities were added into the game which was connected to the weather. Pokémon could now summon vicious rainstorms, harsh sunlight, and a violent hailstorm. This Pokémon has the ability to change its form depending on the weather. You may not want to build a team around this Pokémon, as a weather archetype isn't actually that powerful unless you stick to a single kind.

Question 16

This Pokémon needs to be holding a Razor Claw in order to evolve

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl decided to add some new evolutionary forms to older Pokémon from the series. Creatures like Magmar, Tangela, and Electabuzz all received new trade evolutions. It wasn't just the first generation of Pokémon that received some new evolutionary forms. There were a few Johto Pokémon that received new family members. The Togepi line received a new final form. There was also a Dark/Ice-type Pokémon that gained an evolution. You need to give it a Razor Claw and level it up during the night.

Question 17

This Pokémon needs household appliances in order to change type

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl introduced a new creature to the series that many people claimed was the ultimate sign that Game Freak had run out of ideas. It was a Pokémon based on kitchen appliances, that could change its secondary type by equipping different items. This Pokémon became the new Pokédex in Sun & Moon, so most players have now owned this creature. When this Pokémon equips a refrigerator, its secondary type changes to Ice. This turns it into an Electric/Ice-type Pokémon.

Question 18

This Pokémon is a monstrous snowflake

Here is the latest addition in our series of "Ice-type Pokémon that are literally just blocks of ice with a face drawn on them". According to the Pokédex, these Pokémon love to freeze their prey with their breath. Chances are they don't eat them, as they don't appear to have a stomach. You can fight these Pokémon in the Smash Run mode of the 3DS version of the latest Super Smash Bros. game. They fire ice beams in every direction.

Question 19

This Pokémon keeps its frozen victims within its lair

This Ice/Ghost-type Pokémon was first introduced in Diamond & Pearl. According to the Pokédex, this is one of the most disturbing monsters in the entire series. This Pokémon preys on travelers in cold regions and uses its ice powers to freeze them. It then displays their corpses in its lair, like some kind of Dexter villain. This beast has been known to kill both humans and Pokémon, in order to add their corpses to its twisted Museum of death and horror.

Question 20

This is the signature Pokémon of Wulfric

The biggest temptation for Game Freak when creating a new Ice-type Pokémon is to just take a ball of snow and put a pair of eyes on it. This was certainly what happened with this Pokémon, as it is literally just a big chunk of ice. Should you attempt to complete a Pokémon journey in Kalos, then you will eventually encounter a Gym leader named Wulfric. He uses Ice-type Pokémon and this big beast happens to be his signature ally in battle.

Question 21

The Alola region froze this rocky Pokémon's heart

Pokémon Sun & Moon introduced the Alola region to the series. The tropical environment of the Alola region caused some classic Pokémon to evolve in different ways, as they needed to adapt to the higher temperature. This Pokémon originally started out as a Ground-type creature that resembles a hedgehog. The Alola region transformed this Pokémon into an Ice/Steel-type creature. The Alola region gave this Pokémon some new abilities which make it stronger in a hailstorm. If you manage to activate Hail, then this Pokémon will gain a significant boost to its stats.

Question 22

This is the coldest of the Baby Pokémon

Pokémon Gold & Silver introduced the concept of Baby Pokémon to the series. These are pre-evolutionary forms of popular Pokémon which are meant to resemble children. Everyone hates Baby Pokémon, due to their abysmal stats and the fact that they are very difficult to level up. Pichu's woeful appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee didn't help them either. This Pokémon is the Baby form of Jynx. You need to get it to level 30 in order to evolve. If you want to use a Jynx, then just catch one, instead of making it have terrible stats for thirty levels.

Question 23

This Pokémon can only evolve from a creature that knows Ancient Power

There are many different ways to evolve a Pokémon. The most obvious way is to level it up enough. There are some Pokémon that require specific evolutionary stones in order to change. The later games added Pokémon that could only be leveled up in certain places, at certain times of day, in certain kinds of weather, and even some that can only evolve if you hold your 3DS upside-down. This Pokémon can only evolve if its previous form knows the move Ancient Power.

Question 24

This crab wants to ice you with its big fists

Pokémon Sun & Moon introduced a new Fighting-type crab monster to the series. There have been crab Pokémon in the past, such as Kingler, that have been Water-type creatures. Game Freak decided to go in a different direction with this new crab and decided to make it a boxing-focused animal, that uses its claws as gloves. If you take that crab Pokémon to Mount Lanakila and level it up, then it will evolve into this beast and it will become a Fighting/Ice-type Pokémon.

Question 25

Every time this Pokémon enters the field, you would think that Winter is Coming

Pokémon X & Y introduced the concept of Mega Evolution to the series. These are temporary evolutions that can be performed once per battle. Mega Evolution usually grants the Pokémon a huge increase to their stats and a powerful new ability. This Pokémon has the Snow Warning ability, which automatically activates the Hail weather effect for five turns. Hail will damage all Pokémon that aren't Ice-type and it will allow Blizzard to hit with 100% accuracy (and even gives it a chance to bypass Protect and Detect).

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