How Many Halo Weapons Can You Name?


Of all the shooters that defined our childhoods, the Halo series has to be near the top of the list. Remember the days of joining lobbies on the original Xbox just to get in a few matches of Halo 2 before you had to eat dinner? What about inviting friends over just so you guys could blast each other to smithereens in the local multiplayer? Those were the days.

Since those times, Halo has grown into one of Microsoft's biggest franchises. Now that 343 Industries has picked up where Bungie left off, there seem to be no limits to what the series can do and where it can go, and that includes the various weapons.

Bungie created some memorable guns over the years, and 343 has certainly continued that trend, further expanding the Halo armory than ever before. There are now dozens of different ways you can shoot your friend in the head.

Having access to such an expansive roster of weapons makes it difficult to remember them all, so we're calling on the Halo fans for a daunting task: can you name these Halo weapons?

Question 1

Ratta tat tat

This gun was big when Halo was on its earlier legs. If you wanted to take down the Covenant (or other people online), simply find one of these weapons lying around and press the trigger. The bullets come out of this gun quickly and painfully. There were times when the Halo series allowed for dual wielding, and these guns were compatible with the function. This meant that many players would grab two of them, then watch the bloody carnage unfold.

Question 2

That's a scary bayonet!

This gun was introduced in Halo 3. The Covenant had divided at the time, leaving only the Brutes carrying the torch of the Prophets. Because the Elites had largely left, the Brutes had to use their own set of weapons to combat the UNSC. Among them was this small gun. It was light enough that it could be dual wielded, but it was damaging enough that people knew when to stay back. It also hurt enemies a lot when you decided to melee them.

Question 3

Get out of the way.

Odds are that if you see the end of this gun, you won't be alive for much longer. Introduced in Halo 4, this gun belonged to the dangerous Prometheans. When these monsters began firing this weapon, Chief knew that it was going to be rough. The gun shoots a massive set of lasers that instantly vaporize anything they touch. Furthermore, when the lasers impact something, the burst and spread out to deal the most amount of damage possible. It's not fun in online multiplayer.

Question 4

Rack em up.

Another weapon used primarily by the Covenant, this gun had both firepower and good melee capabilities. Unlike most Covenant weapons, this gun actually fired grenades to hit fast and hit hard. The giant blade on the back allows the user to fight anyone who decides to get up close. It first appeared in Halo 2 and was beloved for how it could not only hit hard but push back incoming enemies. If you see this weapon on the ground, it's best if you take it.

Question 5

From a distance

Many of the Covenant weapons were counterparts to existing weapons used by the UNSC. That's a lot of the thinking behind this weapon. However, instead of firing bullets in a methodical way, this gun allowed the user to fire long-distance lasers as quickly as they wanted. Many people flocked to this weapon once they figured out how to get headshots for maximum damage. The gun is also heavily used by the Jackals, which make for some tough opponents on Heroic difficulty and above.

Question 6

Hiding won't save you

Another weapon introduced in Halo 4, this gun has seen significant advancements since then. While it started out as a subpar SMG that nobody wanted to use, it evolved into a gun that shot homing lasers in Halo 5. Now, people have no problems picking up one of these and bringing the pain. It's not completely broken, though. You have to shoot for a few seconds before its rate of fire increases. 9 times out of 10, that can make all the difference in battle.

Question 7

Keep your distance

Melee weapons, in the Halo series, are nothing to scoff at. Odds are if you get hit by one, that's the end of you. Need more proof? Then look no further than this weapon. Another tool created for the Brutes, this weapon shoots out a forceful wave when swung. Often times, it will push enemies back but get close enough, and they're dead in an instant. This weapon also proved to be useful against vehicles, being capable of launching Warthogs and Mongooses quite far.

Question 8

More than one option

If you want a gun designed for head hunting, then I suggest you go with this weapon. Introduced in Halo 4, it combined the best aspects of semi-auto rifles that came before it. When zoomed out, it would be a 3-shot burst. When zoomed in, it became a single shot. However, this function was changed to only single shot for Halo 5. Yet, this gun is still extremely useful in combat and has enough range to take out foes at a distance.

Question 9

Lock and load

Having the best weapon is more than just getting one with the most power. It's about having the equipment for each situation. If you're turning corners or are in a closed space, then I would strongly suggest this Forerunner weapon. Much like the Incineration Cannon, this weapon can vaporize anybody it touches, but they have to be close enough. Needless to say, when people here this gun going off, they always check their corners while moving from one area to the next.

Question 10

Take cover.

If you thought most rifles were annoying, you haven't seen anything yet. This particular gun was introduced in Halo 4 and everybody is immediately afraid of it. It prides itself in being one of the highest-damaging weapons. Where most guns of this caliber will only kill if they strike you in the head, this one will vaporize you if you get hit at all. This means that even people who are bad at getting headshots can still dominate the arena.

Question 11

Mash that trigger

This gun is like a mini rocket launcher. Instead of it firing one slow-moving blast that will take out anyone it touches, it fires small bursts that can displace opponents and still deal damage. Because of its reduced strength, it will take you several shots before you can take out their shields and kill them, but that doesn't mean the gun isn't useful. It has proven to one of the most dangerous Covenant weapons (and is particularly frightening on Legendary Mode).

Question 12

Just point and shoot

Fans loved the idea of a deadly gun that fired quickly. However, 343 wasn't about to include such a weapon without balancing it. This gun hurts a lot, but has to charge before it can fire. This is done by holding the trigger. Once the charge is full, the gun will automatically fire. Most people will die the moment they get hit with this weapon, but that isn't always the case. It requires a bit more accuracy than its big brother.

Question 13


Has there ever been a gun design more recognizable than this one? When the Covenant began attacking the UNSC, the Elites were equipped with these small weapons. They were like an alien version of a machine gun, firing small lasers at a fast rate. Much like other guns, they were small enough that players could hold two at a time for that whole "spray and pray" feel. Instead of ammo, these guns instead relied on an energy system that even allowed them to overheat at times.

Question 14

Lock on and fire

This is one of the most sought-after weapons in the Halo series. Since it was brought into the games, it has brought much destruction to anybody who got on the wrong side of it. It fires large missiles that are so effective, they don't have to hit the opponent in order to kill them. The blast radius of the ammo is large enough that you can take out multiple people in one hit. It also has a lock-on function for vehicles, which means they can bring down Banshees with ease.

Question 15

Always be charging

This gun doesn't seem like much at first glance. It fires little energy bolts that can damage opponents, but it's not quite as effective as using other guns. The usefulness of this weapons comes when you charge it. By holding the trigger, you will accumulate a large chunk of energy. If another player is hit with it, their shields will instantly be taken away. If you strike a vehicle with it, the machine is temporarily disabled and ready to be sabotaged.

Question 16

With or without the scope

If you've played SWAT or are particular with your loadouts, it's quite possible that you've picked up this weapon. It is specifically designed for long-range fights as well as firing at an opponent's head. It shoots single bullets each time you pull the trigger but is fast enough to guarantee a kill (granted if you can actually aim and keep the gun there). Either way you look at it, this gun is heavily praised because of its capabilities when securing fast kills.

Question 17

Oh here we go.

If you have memories of playing Halo with your friends or your siblings, odds are your blood starts boiling at the sight of this gun. Being the quintessential long-range weapon, players would often find their favorite spot, whip this gun out, and have a heyday until they either ran out of ammo or won the game. Having the longest scope out of any weapon, players could strike opponents down in two shots, or take them out in one if they manage to get a headshot.People on the other end of this gun don't have a good time.

Question 18

Packs a punch

Believe it or not, this little gun is one of the best weapons to use in the current structure of Halo. Most, if not all, professional Halo players have this gun in their arsenal. What makes it so good, you ask? Easy. It fires decent shots at a fairly quick rate. If you manage to nail someone in the head consistently, their guaranteed to fall in just a few bullets. Most battles in Halo 5 are little more than people shooting these guns at each other, trying for those headshots.

Question 19

Haven't we seen this before?

While this might look like a standard Covenant weapon, it's much more advanced. First of all, its rate of fire is vastly improved over its predecessor, meaning that it will kill enemies quicker. Second of all, it does higher amounts of damage, guaranteeing that you'll be downing shields and killing opponents in no time at all. The gun gives its victims severe burns the moment it strikes them and is primarily used by the Brutes rather than the Elites and Grunts.

Question 20

Don't fire up close

Like I said before, the Covenant often had an answer to the UNSC's vast array of weapons. Because the Spartans were utilizing missile launchers, the Covenant brought out these bad boys. They shoot high-damage bolts of interstellar energy that damage on impact. However, if fired up close, the bolts will bounce, making it difficult to take someone down at close range. This gun often won't kill people in one shot, so most just resort to wildly pulling the trigger until they confirm the kill.

Question 21

Spray and pray

When more powerful aliens began surfacing, it was time for the humans to bring out bigger weapons to deal with it. One of the more dangerous weapons is this powerful machine gun. It has an insane rate of fire that is paired with an impressive damage ratio. People using this gun will down their enemies in a matter of seconds, whether they're striking the head or the body. The gun also has a large amount of ammo, meaning that you'll be firing for quite some time.

Question 22

Your standard loadout

This gun is about as standard as you can get. It is often the default weapon when playing any game in the series, and you'll see tons of them lying on the ground during each match. It has a fairly standard rate of fire and functions like a machine gun. However, it's improved damage and size make it a bit bigger (and you can't dual wield it). Thankfully, there are some upgrades in Halo 5 that give it special sights or alterations to how it shoots.

Question 23

Don't follow the light

This gun, introduced in Halo 3, provided a surefire way to take down troublesome vehicles while still keeping things balanced. Like the Railgun that came after it, this weapon requires a long charge time before it fires. However, once it lets go, a giant laser rockets out of it, destroying anything it touches. Just about any vehicle will instantly fall when hit by it, meaning that Banshees and Hornets will have to keep watch for the red laser. People on the ground might have an easier time dodging it, but it's still a scary weapon.

Question 24

This looks familiar

This another UNSC weapon that functions well for head hunting and killing people at a distance. It is a 3-burst shot, which means that you have a bit more time to get a hit on someone. This gun is molded well for downing shields and taking people out with a simple headshot. It was a hot weapon during Halo 2 and has become a bit less popular in the wake of other weapons now, but is still a solid choice if you can nab one.

Question 25

Ruin friendships

The moment you hear this weapon come out, you know you're in for it. This weapon is a melee weapon, but it means instant death if you get hit by it. One of the great things about it is that it can allow players to dash for kills. Once your reticle turns red, pull the trigger, and you'll slide right up to your opponent for the kill. This weapon also allows for some impressive sword duels that either end in stalemates or a third party coming in to clean up shop.

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