How Many Americans Are Able To Pass This Geography Quiz?

It is the time to test all that knowledge of United States Geography. Whether it's the knowledge from a class in high school last year, 15 years ago, or if the memories they are long forgotten now, it's time to study up! This geography quiz will test all that saved up knowledge of the locations of different iconic American landmarks, state capitals, and other things that any proud American should have down pat.

America has had a long, storied, and studied history, that tells the story of a country that began under the rulings of another, and has developed into the country that we know and love today. Our country has long been a symbol of freedom and pride, but there is so much more than that! The geographical components of this country is really what makes it great, there is an immense amount of history buried deep that many Americans may not know much about!

So dust off those old history books and get ready to take the ultimate United States of America geography test. The goal is to do 100%.  If not, its probably time to refresh that knowledge of our physically beautiful country. Good Luck!

Question 1

How many states are there?

The United States of America first came to be with the original 13 colonies, that were under British Rule. These colonies included most of New England, and included states Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. Since these states gained their independence from Britain in 1776, many more states have joined the country. Many of which came from Jefferson's Louisiana purchase, that added a huge piece of land to the country.

Question 2

Which country is not a part of North America?

North America is a continent that is completely within the Northern Hemisphere, and is almost entirely located in the Western Hemisphere. It is bordered on either end by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. To the north it is bordered by the Arctic Ocean, and the south by the Caribbean Sea, and South America. It covers about 16% of the Earth's land area, and is the third largest continent by area, behind Asia and Africa.

Question 3

Which of these is not a US territory?

Any piece of land that is considered to be a United States territory is under the jurisdiction of the federal government, of the United States. This includes all of the water located around the islands, and any U.S. naval vessels. This also means that the United States is able to assert its rights of exploring, exploiting, managing, and conserving, its territory. The federal government is able to determine the extent of rule for this territory, including all administrative and other purposes.

Question 4

What is the capital of New York?

This city is the capital of New York, located roughly 150 miles north of New York City. It was developed on the western bank of the Hudson River. The population is nearing 100,000 people. This city makes up the economic, and cultural core, of the Capital District in New York, including several towns nearby. This city was officially the first European settlement that took place in New York State, by the Dutch in 1614. It officially was declared the capital of New York in 1797, after the US gained independence.

Question 5

What is the capital of California?

This capital city of California is located between two rivers, the first by the same name, and the American River. It has a population of half of a million, which makes it the sixth largest city in the state. It is the 35th largest city in the entire country. Harvard University conducted a study in 2002, as a part of the Civil Rights Project, that named this city as "America's Most Diverse City." This city was a major distribution center during the Gold Rush.

Question 6

What is the capital of Florida?

This capital city of Florida is located in Leon County. It became the capital of the Florida Territory in 1824, and now as almost 200,000 citizens, which makes it the 7th largest city in Florida. This city is the home of Florida State University, which is on the list for the best public universities, according to U.S. News & World Report. It also homes Florida A&M University. This city is largest considered to be a significant college town, with over 70,000 students.

Question 7

What is the capital of Texas?

This capital of Texas is located in Travis County. It is the 11th most populated city in the United States, and the 4th most populated city in Texas, with a population of nearly 1 million. It is located in central Texas, and it houses many lakes, rivers, and waterways. This city is the cultural and economic center of the Round Rock metropolitan statistical area, with a huge population. It was chosen to be the capital in 1839, replacing the original capital of the state.

Question 8

What is the capital of Washington?

This capital of Washington is located in Thurston County. It was included as the capital in 1859. The population is about 50,000, lower than that of other capitals. This city is located 60 miles southwest of Seattle, which is the largest city in Washington State, housing just over 600,000 people. It is the cultural center of Southern Puget Sound region, that was formed by attaching many micro-continents to the North American Plate, anywhere between 50 and 10 million years ago.

Question 9

What is the capital of Alaska?

The capital city of Alaska is a unified municipality, meaning it has self-governing powers and jurisdiction. It is located in the Gastineau Channel. It is the second largest city in the United States, by area. This city has been the capital of Alaska since 1906, after Congress instructed the move of the District Alaska, from Sitka, to this new city. The city, and its larger borough, have a population of just over 30,000 people. Evevn still, it is the second most populated city in Alaska.

Question 10

What is the capital of Tennessee?

This capital city is also the most populated city in Tennessee, located in Davidson County. It is the iconic center for the music, healthcare, publishing, prison, banking, and transportation industries, for the state. It also houses several colleges and universities. It has had its own consolidated city government since 1963, which includes six smaller municipalities in a tiered system. The population rests just under 700,000 people. The city itself is considered to be the homeland for country music, commonly referred to in hit songs.

Question 11

Which of these is not a great lake?

The Great Lakes of North America, are a series of fresh water lakes that are connected together. They are primarily located in the mid-eastern region of North America, along the Canada-United States border. These lakes are the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth, by area, and second largest by volume. They contain 21% if the world's fresh water, by volume. They are often referred to as inland seas, due to their common characteristics of the ocean, including currents, waves, depth, and distant horizons.

Question 12

Where can you find Yellowstone National Park?

This National Park is technically in three states, but its primary one takes up 96% of its area. It was established by the United States Congress, and Ulysses S. Grant signed it into law in 1872. It was the first national park in the United States, and is considered to be the first in the world. It is known for its wildlife, and for its geothermal features, that include Old Faithful. This geyser is one of the parks most popular features.

Question 13

Where is Las Vegas located?

This city, also known as Vegas, is the 28th most populated city in the United States, and is the most populated city in the state for which it is in. The city anchors the metropolitan area, with the Mojave Desert. It is known as a resort city, for its iconic gambling, entertainment, shopping, dining, and night life. The entire valley is the leading financial, cultural, and commercial center in this state. The Strip, located in the boulevard, is known for its concentration of resits and casinos.

Question 14

Which state houses Disney World?

Walt Disney World is an entertainment complex that was opened in 1971. It is owned by Walt Disney Parks, and was originally operated by the Walt Disney Company. It covers nearly 25,000 acres. It features four major theme parks, two water parks, twenty themed hotels, nine non-Disney hotels, among other features. After Walt Disney died, the company changed his original plans for this theme park, creating a resort similar to Disneyland. Magic Kingdom was the first park opened, followed by Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and then Animal Kingdom.

Question 15

Where is the White House located?

The White House which is aptly named, is a great and memorable monument. It is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and has been the home of every U.S. leader since John Adams in the year 1800. It was originally designed by James Hoban, with a neoclassical style. Thomas Jefferson added low colonnades on each wing. The house was set on fire during the War of 1812, by the British Army, which destroyed most of the interior, and the exterior.

Question 16

Where is the Golden Gate Bridge?

This is a suspension bridge, that spans the Golden Gate. It is over a one mile straight that connects the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. It holds not only Route 101, but also State Route 1 across the strait. It is the most internationally recognized symbols of this city and state. It has also been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World, by the American Society of Civil Engineers. along with the Empire State Building, and the CN Tower.

Question 17

Where is the Statue of Liberty?

This neoclassical sculpture is located on Liberty Island in the Harbor, in this state. It was originally a gift from the people of France to the United States. Designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, and built by Gustave Eiffel. It was dedicated in 1886. The statue is copper, but has since oxidized and now has a green tint to it. The figure is a woman who represents liberty, through the personification of Libertas, the Roman Liberty Goddess. She is an icon for freedom in the United States, and a welcoming sight for immigrants.

Question 18

Where can you find the Hoover Dam?

The Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam, in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936, during the Great Depression. It was dedicated in 1935 by Roosevelt, and then renamed for Herbert Hoover in 1947. The dam impounds Lake Mead, which is the largest reservoir in the United States. The dam has generators, that provide power for the public utilities of three different states. It is also a major tourist attraction, with a million visitors every year.

Question 19

Where is the Constitution held?

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the country. It originally was comprised of seven articles, the first three explaining the separation of powers. The next three embody federalism, and the final establishes procedure used to ratify the document. It is the oldest written and codified constitution in force, in the world. Since its enforcement in 1789, it has been amended 27 times, in order to meet the needs of a nation that has been ever changing.

Question 20

Where can you find Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture carved into the granite on Mount Rushmore. Gultzon Borglum created the sculpture's design and oversaw the execution from 1927 to 1941. It features a 60 foot sculpture of the heads of four US Leaders. The memorial park covers 1,278 acres. After funding came through in the form of sponsorship, the memorial began construction. It was supposed to feature each leader from head to waist, but lack of funding forced the end of construction in 1941.

Question 21

Who is NOT featured on Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore is an iconic symbol of the United Sates, attracting over two million visitors each year. Doane Robinson came up with the idea of carving likenesses of famous people into this region of the state, to promote tourism into a state that doesn't necessarily attract tourists. The location was chosen because of its southeast face, which would maximize sun exposure. Robinson originally wanted it to feature American West Heroes, like Lewis and Clark, but Borglum decided on these four leaders instead.

Question 22

Where is the Mall of America located?

The Mall of America was opened in 1992, and is the fifth largest mall in North America in leaseable space. It is the largest mall in the United States, in terms of floor area. Over 530 stores make up three levels of walk ways on each sides of the rectangle, and there is a fourth floor on one side. There are four department stores that anchor the corners. Inside the mall there is a Nickelodeon Universe theme park, that features roller coasters and other rides.

Question 23

Which state seceded during the civil war?

This state was the first to secede from the union in December of 1860. It was one of the founding states of the Confederacy, in 1861. It is considered to be the first military engagement of the civil war, at Fort Sumter in 1861. This state was the source of troops for the Confederate Army, and for the union as the war continued on. Ex-slaves flocked to join the union as soldiers, and the state provided uniforms, food, war material, and soldiers from military schools.

Question 24

Where is Yosemite located?

Yosemite is currently managed by the United States National Park Service, and covers an area of 3/4 a million acres. It is internationally recognized for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, streams, mountains, meadows, and immense biological diversity. 95% of the park is wilderness by designation. Four million people come to visit Yosemite every single year, spending most of their time in the valley. Yosemite is one of the largest and least fragmented habitat blocks in the Sierra Nevada, and this supports its diverse plant and animal population.

Question 25

Where would you find Mount Rainier?

This mountain is the highest of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest. It is the highest mountain in this state. It is a large active stratovolcano, in the Mount Rainier National Park. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the United States, with an elevation of 14,411 feet. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and it on the decade volcano list. It would threaten 3.7 million residents that live in the Seattle Metropolitan Area.

Question 26

Which of these states is made up of islands?

This state was the 50th and most recent state to join into the United States, in 1959. It is the only state located in Oceania, and also the only one to be composed entirely of islands. It is the only state that is located outside of North America. It encompasses the entire volcanic archipelago in the area, which features hundreds of islands in a 1500 mile region. The state features a diverse scenery, with a warm climate, public beaches, and active volcanoes.

Question 27

Which of these states is not a part of the continental U.S.?

The continental or contiguous United States is consisted of the 48 states that are connected together, on the continent of North America. There are two states that are not a part of this piece of land directly, but still a part of the United States. There area of Brazil is larger than the continental country, but smaller than the entire country. Russia, Canada, and China, are all larger than both the entire United States, and the entire continental United States.

Question 28

Where can you find the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is a steep sided Canyon that has been carved out by the Colorado River in the United States. It is 277 miles long, and up to 18 miles wide. It reaches a depth of over one mile. The canyon and rim are within the Grand Canyon National Park. Teddy Roosevelt was a major player in the conservation and preservation of the area. He visited it quite often to hunt and take in the beautiful vast scenery.

Question 29

Which of these buildings is not in Washington D.C.?

Washington D.C., formerly known as the District of Columbia, is the capital of the United States. It was founded after the American Revolution, as the seat of the government in the newly independent country. It was named after George Washington, the first leader of the United States. The metropolitan area has a population of over 6 million people. Washington is described as the political capital of the world, due to the location of the U.S. government, and several other international institutions.

Question 30

In what state would you find Seattle?

Seattle is a seaport city on the West Coast of the United States. It is located in King County, in this state. It has an estimated 700,000 residents, and is considered to be the largest city in the state. The first major industry in this city was logging, but by the 19th century it had turned into a commercial shipbuilding center. It served as a gateway to Alaska, during the Gold Rush. It grew greatly after World War II, due to Boeing Company establishing here.

Question 31

In what state can you see Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is a city in Niagara County in this state. It has a population of about 50,000 people. It lies adjacent to the Niagara River, and across from Niagara Falls, Ontario. The city is within the Niagara Falls - Buffalo metropolitan area. Scientists began to harness power of the Niagara River in the 18th and 19th centuries, for electricity. This attracted several manufacturers and other businesses, that were after hydroelectric power. The area features as a tourist attraction still.

Question 32

What state is known for its Lobster?

Lobsters are a member of large marine crustaceans. They have long segmented bodies, with muscular tails. They live in burrows on the seafloor. They are highly prized as seafood, and are economically important. They are usually one of the most profitable commodities in coastal areas that they reside in. Lobsters were not popular in the United States until New York and Massachusetts developed a taste for it. Lobsters found in this state, are always delicious at any point during the year.

Question 33

What state houses Roswell?

Roswell is a city in this state, located in Chaves County. It is known for its UFO incident in 1947, the location of a crash site by aliens. The Roswell Army Air Field handled the investigation. This city is now a popular tourist attraction for people around the country, because of its many alien themed stories. Since the 1970's. the area has been subjected to scrutiny, many believe the crash site is part of a conspiracy theory centered around a cover-up of the alien landing.

Question 34

Where can you find The Bean statue?

The Bean statue, or Cloud Gate, is a public sculpture by Sir Anish Kapoor. It is the center of AT&T plaza, at Millennium Park in the Loop Community Area of this city. It was constructed between 2004 and 3006, it is made up of 168 stainless steel plates that have been welded together. Its exterior is extensively polished, and has no visible seams. It is 33 x 66 x 42 feet, and weights 100 tons. Kapoor was inspired by liquid mercury, and wanted something to reflect and distort the skyline.

Question 35

Which state does Route 66 not travel through?

United States Route 66 is also known as the Will Rogers Highway. It was established in 1926. It has become one of the most famous roads in the United States. It runs from Chicago, Illinois, all the way to Santa Monica, California. It spans 2,448 miles. It has been a popular path for people who are migrating west, this is especially true during the Dust Bowl of the 1930's. It was officially removed from the U.S. Highway System in 1985, after it had been primarily replaced.

Question 36

In which state would you find Colonial Williamsburg?

Colonial Williamsburg is a living-history museum. The historic area is an interpretation of a colonial American city, that exhibits a bunch of restored or recreated buildings. It all relates to the American Revolutionary War History. The motto of the city is "That the future may learn from the past." This is one of the largest history projects in the country, and is a major tourist attraction. The site of it was once used for conferences by world leaders and heads of state.

Question 37

Where is Atlantic City?

Atlantic City is a resort city in this state. It is primarily known for its boardwalk, beaches, and casinos. It has a population of about 40,000 people. The city actually inspired the U.S. version of the game Monopoly, including the street names. This city has been the home of the Miss America Pageant as well. Gambling has been legal here since 1976, and two years later the first casino opened up in Atlantic City which began a culture of night life.

Question 38

Where is Talladega Superspeedway?

Talladega Superspeedway is a motorsports complex that is located in the United States. It is set on the former Anniston Air Force Base, in the small city, Lincoln. The track is a tri-oval, that was constructed in 1969. It is the longest NASCAR oval, with the length of 2.66 miles. Its current capacity is 80,000 people, but it once held 175,000 people. There is a belief that the track is actually cursed, after several years of people being hurt or killed while on or near the track.

Question 39

What is the longest river in the US?

This is the longest river in North America, it rises in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, and flows south for 2,341 miles. It eventually enters into another large river. There is a watershed that allows the river to drain, that includes parts of ten different states. For 12,000 years, people have depended on this river as a source of sustenance and transportation. During the 20th century, the basin was developed for irrigation, flood control, and bringing in hydroelectric power to the area.

Question 40

Where is Death Valley located?

Death Valley is a desert located in the Western part of the United States. It is one of the hottest places in the world during the summer months, along with Middle Eastern deserts. It's Badwater Basin is the lowest point of elevation in North America, 282 feet below the sea level. It also houses Mount Whitney, which is the highest point in the continental United States, with 14,505 feet of elevation. It's highest air temperature has been 134 degrees Fahrenheit, and highest ground surface temperature of 201 degrees Fahrenheit.

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