How Long Would You Last In The Big Brother House?


There are many requirements to becoming a contestant on Big Brother, and even after you win a coveted spot in the house, who knows how long you will even last? Poor Cameron of Big Brother 19 was sent home on his very first night, thanks to this year's temptation twist. You can never be too sure how things will go in the Big Brother house, but for us viewers, that is the fun of it!

It takes a great deal to win Big Brother. One must possess mental strength, do well in competitions, play a good social game, and walk the fine line of alliances. Some utilize the floater strategy, some stay under the radar until the very end, riding the coattails of others, and some come in guns blazing, and stay that way until the end. But it is a delicate balance of many things that leads one to be the winner at the end. Would you have what it takes?

Contestants are required to have at least some knowledge of the game before being selected to participate, and they must have watched at least one full season prior to entering the house. Since knowledge is power, the more you know, the better off you will be. That applies to this quiz, as well; the better you know the game of Big Brother, the better you will fare in this quiz, and, most likely, the farther you would go in the game.

Question 1

What board game is commonly associated with Big Brother?

Big Brother is a game that is commonly associated with one board game in particular (and no, not the Big Brother board game that is pictured). In fact, this game is usually present in the Big Brother house somewhere, like upstairs in the sitting area outside the H.O.H. room, for the houseguests to play and pass the time with. Like the game of Big Brother, this game too is one that requires a certain skillset, one that is similar to the skillset needed to successfully play Big Brother.

Question 2

In the American version of Big Brother, how many contestants typically compete at the beginning of the game?

It would be pretty boring (and take a lot less than three months) if there were not enough players to begin with at the start of each season. Likewise, if there were too many contestants, the balance would be thrown off in the other direction. Between double evictions, twists, players re-entering the game, and all sorts of other Big Brother craziness, it is very important to have a precise number of players. And although this number has fluctuated a bit over the years, it has been pretty consistent for the most part,

Question 3

What does P.O.V. stand for?

The letters P.O.V. could stand for so many things, and in our regular, everyday lives, these three letters are most commonly known as the acronym for the phrase "point of view". However, in the world of Big Brother, they mean something else entirely. The P.O.V. is an integral part of the game, and without it, the whole game would have to be changed around. Players go into the game knowing the P.O.V. will be a part of it, and that it could make or break their game.

Question 4

Big Brother airs on how many days per week?

Big Brother airs during the summer each year (with the exception of one weird year, in which it also aired during the winter). That is almost three months that fans get to watch the show. It airs on CBS a certain number of days per week, and is unique in that it airs more than one day each week. Most shows, including reality television shows, only have one episode in any given week, so Big Brother fans are extra lucky that they get more than just that one to watch the wacky contestants (like Jesse Godderz in his tutu) be their wacky selves.

Question 5

Who is the host of Big Brother?

There has only ever been one host of Big Brother, and she is a staple of the show. Anyone else doing it at this point would just feel wrong. She is also a hostess on a daytime talk show, a news anchor, and a producer for CBS, as well as the wife of CBS Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves. With her exotic beauty, witty sarcasm, and personality that is perfect for the Big Brother stage, we cannot imagine anyone else doing the job. She has been at it now for 19 seasons- almost 20 years!

Question 6

What is the name of the robot that insults the houseguests toward the end of each season?

Having this snarky robot appear on an episode of Big Brother is something people look forward to each summer, contestants and viewers alike. One reason each contestant is selected in the first place is likely because of their certain quirks, other silly personality attributes or their situations in life, so when the robot comes a-knockin', they all know it is time to be put in their place. And it is all in good fun, even though all of the burns are true!

Question 7

What is OTEV?

Besides winning the game of Big Brother, one goal many superfans-turned-contestants have is to make it to the famous OTEV competition, which occurs roughly in the seventh or eighth week of the show (but not always). It is a musical-chairs style competition where one contestant is left out each round, until only one is left standing. That person is the winner of the OTEV competition, which means htey've won one of the following things: H.O.H., P.O.V., Battle of the Block, or Have/Have-Not game.

Question 8

What extra special personal item does a player receive when they win H.O.H.?

Becoming H.O.H. (Head of Household) comes with many perks, such as the privacy of your own bedroom and bathroom decorated especially for you, a basket of your favorite goodies like treats and alcohol, the power to decide who will go up on the block for nomination, and a letter from a loved one. When the contestants are away from home for so long in such a high-stress environment with only strangers to turn to, it can be very comforting to get this letter. Then again, the whole idea behind the game is two win, and to do so you need power. Also, depending on the player, if they are in a showmance, they very well may appreciate the privacy the most. But in general, which perk do the players love more than all the others?

Question 9

What is the grand prize for winning Big Brother?

Winning Big Brother is no easy feat, so it makes sense that whoever does win at the end gets a hell of a cash prize. The second-place prize is $50,000, but the grand prize is a lot more than that, which is why most players have their game face on from day one, strategically plotting and planning and always looking three steps ahead. They all want that money, but for some, having the title of Big Brother winner is just as important because it means so much to them.

Question 10

True or False: It is wise to enter into a showmance.

Now this could completely depend on the person and the season; for example, last season on Big Brother 18, it was three couples that made it to the final six, which is essentially unheard of. But James, Natalie, Corey, Nicole, and the bromance of Paul and Victor all made it to final six, which is pretty impressive. Showmances and bromances can be a helpful type of alliance- if you play your cards right. But many are hesitant to enter into that type of relationship. As a general rule, are showmances a good idea in Big Brother?

Question 11

Which of these has NOT been an actual Big Brother alliance?

There have been TONS of alliances throughout the 19 seasons of Big Brother, most with crazy names like The Sitting Ducks, Spy Girls, The Goblins, Zankie, Team PP, Late Night Jamboree, The Coven, The Mom Squad, The Weirdos, Tea Time, The Goof Troupe, Monte and His Pythons, Queer Nuts, The Sloppy Seconds, and many more. The first-ever alliance was Chilltown, and was made up of Mike "Boogie" Malin, Shannon Dragoo, and Will Kirby in season two. Now alliances are a regular thing in the Big Brother house.

Question 12

What is something contestants frequently lie about in the house?

There are many reasons to lie about oneself in the Big Brother house, while playing a game when deceit and underhanded moves are all but expected. A lot of the lies start on the very first night, when the contestants have just entered the house and are introducing themselves to the group. Each player has already spent time considering their own strategy to win Big Brother, and while there are many ways to go about winning the game. For some people, that means not being 100% honest about who they really are.

Question 13

Big Brother was a concept that first aired in which country?

CBS paid $20 million for the rights to Big Brother in 2000. It was the intellectual property of Endemol Entertainment, and originated across the ocean from America. Now Big Brother clones have popped up across the globe, and all are different from each other. They all have the same basic concept of strangers living together in a house, a social experiment you just can't help but be intrigued by. But Big Brother was definitely not started in the United States.

Question 14

What is the Big Brother motto?

Anyone who has ever seen Big Brother should know the answer to this question, because the phrase is said in pretty much every episode, whether by Julie Chen, or a housemate muttering it to themselves, as if to say, "I should have known." But what is a fan-favorite reality show without its trademark catchphrase? And in the case of Big Brother, with its vastly different contestants, competitions, unpredictable situations, and crazy twists, there is no better saying than the one it has made its own.

Question 15

What is one of the first things houseguests do upon entering the house?

The first night is the most nerve-wracking and exciting night for the houseguests. For many, they have been watching the show since they were a kid, and dreaming of one day being on it. It is a long selection process with tons of competition for a spot, so to finally make it to that night, then worry about how you look, who your housemates will be, etc., would be anxiety-inducing but fun at the same time. Once they do finally enter the house (four at a time), what is the first thing they usually do (besides shriek in excitement)?

Question 16

How is the winner of Big Brother decided?

Determining the grand prize winner of Big Brother is not something to be taken lightly, either by the viewers of America or the former housemates, themselves. Many things must be considered, such as who among the final two made big moves, were loyal to an alliance, if they floated/played both sides of the house, their performance in competitions, if they had any strategy at all, and so on and so forth. It can be argued that if they did, in fact, do something like "float", which is usually considered negative, they still got to the final two, so it worked for them.

Question 17

The Big Brother house is known for being ____.

The Big Brother house is known for being one of the following adjectives, a fact that has been broadcast in recent years because it is a bit surprising. Or perhaps it is not, when you think about it. With 16 or so strangers living in the confines of one house and a closed-in backyard, it would be surprising if it were small, clean, sparse, and it would even be surprising if it were dirty, because none of the contestants ever look dirty.

Question 18

How many "Big Brother Babies" are there?

Big Brother babies are babies that were born from parents who met and fell in love in the Big Brother house. The most famous of these couples are, of course, Brendan Villegas and Rachel Reilly-Villegas, and Jeff and Jordan Schroeder. But let's not forget Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones, who are also married. So how many Big Brother babies do these three couples have between them? One need only to look at their social media of the adorable cuties to know for sure.

Question 19

Who famously said, "Floaters grab a life vest!"?

The contestant that said this famous Big Brother quote appeared on two seasons of the show, and won one of them. Her sister appeared on one season, as well, but did not do as well. This person had very strong views on floaters, or people who did not stick to being loyal to one side of the house but rather sucked up to anyone who was in power that week. This person was also a competition beast hated by many, and when she won the Head of Household competition one time, she yelled, "Floaters, grab a life vest!"

Question 20

Houseguests are not allowed to ______.

This is kind of a strange one. Houseguests have many rules, like clothing they can and cannot wear, swearing on live television, absolutely no physical violence (which will result in their forcible removal from the house), and so on. And they are even told to "look hot"! This makes sense in order for viewers to enjoy what they are watching just that much more, but some of Big Brother's rules are not very clear as to why they are rules to begin with.

Question 21

Which details may be important to keep track of for future competitions?

The producers of Big Brother and others behind the scenes go to great lengths to create all kinds of different competitions to determine the Head of Household, Power of Veto winner, and various other winners like for luxury competitions. In order to keep viewers entertained, the comps must always be different, aesthetically pleasing, and they must challenge the contestants in different ways, such as mentally, physically, and even emotionally. So what would they need to pay attention to for a certain comp involving memory?

Question 22

Which season of Big Brother was vastly different from all the others?

For the most part, all of the 19 seasons of Big Brother follow the same format: one person wins Head of Household, nominates two people for eviction, then six people play in the Power of Veto competition, the nominations are changed or kept the same, and then the eviction happens. Of course, there have been variations of this process over the years, but this is how it has generally always been- except for one season that was vastly different. Which season was it?

Question 23

From which book does Big Brother take its name?

The name "Big Brother" actually comes from a work of literature, in which the character called Big Brother was all-knowing and all-seeing, and frankly, pretty creepy. The dystopian novel was published in 1949 by George Orwell, and it also encompasses the genres of political fiction and social science fiction. Even though Big Brother did not begin with the network CBS as the series began in another country, CBS was sued by the person claiming to have the movie and TV rights to the book, who said the title "Big Brother" was deliberately leading viewers to believe the show was connected to the literary classic. Obviously, CBS won the case.

Question 24

Which other country's Big Brother game is most similar to America's?

Big Brother airs in over 40 countries, including Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, China, India, Spain, Mexico, and many more (pictured is the Big Brother house in The Philippines). Obviously there is just something very fascinating about this concept of watching strangers' social interactions with one another while stuck in a house and vying for a large cash prize. But when this game is played in so many countries, there are obviously going to be variations in rules, competitions, prizes, twists, etc. So which of the following countries' Big Brother is most similar to America's?

Question 25

How many sets of twins have participated in the Twin Twist?

Although plenty of family members (for example, father and daughter Dick and Daniele Donato, and long-lost siblings Cowboy and Nakomis) have played Big Brother, the Twin Twist takes it to a whole new level. The Twin Twist is where a set of identical twins, like Liz and Julia Nolan who are pictured, play the game as one individual, secretly switching in and out of the game. They must inform each other of everything happening in the house and then switch places, with one twin going into sequester and the other into the house. If they last a certain amount of time without being discovered or evicted, they can both enter the game as individual players.

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