How Long Do You Have Left To Live? Take The 60 Second Quiz To Find Out

Let's face it, there's no way to escape your own mortality. That's just the fact of that matter. We're all only put on Earth for a limited amount of time, and we started dying from the first day we were born. No matter how hard we might try to stave off the inevitable, the Grim Reaper will get us at some point or another.

That said, the way we live has a major impact on how much longer we have left to live. If we treat our bodies badly, eat fast food every day, don't exercise enough, takes lots of unnecessary risks, or allow dangerous circumstances to surround us, our much beloved lifelines might look a great deal shorter than we would like them to. Any one of us could die today, or tomorrow, while others might live on for decades to come. It's a mystery. Or is it?

What about you? Have you ever stared out into the abyss, and wondered how much more time you might have remaining? Now is your chance to find out. Don't be afraid of the truth, no matter how threatening it may seem. Take the quiz, and find out, How Long Do You Have Left to Live?

1Are you a tobacco smoker?

C'mon, folks. You knew it was coming. If there's one easy way to pick out the people who are going to live longer from the ones who aren't, smoking is it. Would you consider yourself to be a cigarette smoker? Cigars, maybe? Do you light one up now and again? Tobacco smokers only.

2How often do you exercise?

Are you good at getting some fitness in? Do you go running, go swimming, play sports... you know, maybe just some stretching, yoga, ten minutes on the elliptical? Or are you a dedicated couch potato?

3Your driving style?

The chances are that you probably spend a good portion of your life behind the wheel, whether it's for long commutes, short commutes, driving your kids to school, or what have you. When you crank the ignition, what sort of driver are you?


4Your general mood?

Are you a happy camper, most of the time? Or do you tend to freak out and get angry about every little thing that goes wrong? Either way, tell us what your general mood and disposition is like most of the time, on an average day.

5Drinking habits

You probably drink alcohol -- or maybe you don't -- but either way, tell us about it. How often do you drink? Are you a binge drinker, or are you more relaxed about it? Pick the example that sounds the most like you.


6What kind of drunk are you?

See, the reason we ask this is because your mental health has a lot to do with your physical health. and the type of personality traits that emerge when drinking can be indicative of that. Give us a read on what type of drunk you are.

7Do you have friends?

Tell us about your friend group. For starters, do you have one? Do you have many, many friends that you're close with, or just a few that matter to you? Or if you're managed to burn all of your bridges, we're sorry hear it, but tell us about that, too.


8What is your general health?

Give us your best assessment of what your general health is like on a day to day basis. Are you getting sick all the time? Or are you normally doing pretty good, on most days? Choose the option that best describes your usual state.

9Family medical history?

If you track your family's medical history, going back through the years and particularly looking at your parents, there is definitely a strong chances that you might see some worrying trends. Does cancer run in the family? What about Alzheimer's? Let us know.


10Recreational drug use?

Are you a user of recreational drugs, other than alcohol? If so, let us know your frequency of usage, what types you use, and so on, to the best of your ability. Choose the option that most closely matches your general usage.

11Sex life?

How active is your sex life, whatever form it may take? Are you happy and satisfied with the current state of it? Or are you constantly in a state of wanting more, wanting something else, feeling frustrated? Sexuality is an important factor in physical, emotional, and mental health.


12How healthy is your diet?

Everything you put in your body, from that doughnut to that sugary soda, is going to impact your health. While cheating every once in a while is one thing, regularly dumping fat, sugar, and other foods like that into your system is a sure way to shorten your lifespan. What's your regular diet look like?

13When you work out, for how long do you work out?

Are you an exercise freak, or a sloth? If you do workout, based on your previous answer, now is the time to tell us how LONG you generally work out for. Be honest with your answer, as closely as you can approximate it.


14Do you stretch?

Stretching is an important way to get your limbs loosened up, to make your blood pump, to keep good circulation going, and to keep you from getting all stiff. Are you good at regularly stretching yourself out, in whatever method you find most appealing? Or have you avoided stretching since junior high P.E. class?

15Have you suffered a lot of injuries?

Are you a magnet for physical injuries? If not broken bones, what about twisted ankles, bruises, cuts, burns, scars, that sort of thing? Or are you always escaping these dangerous wounds just in time? Let us know how badly (or rather, how often) you tend to get injured.


16What happens in the bathroom...

Let's assume that, since you're a human being, there are times when you have to use the bathroom. Okay, without going into too much detail, what happens when you go to the bathroom? Does everything go smoothly, or are there... issues?

17Do you have a good support system?

When bad things go down in your life, do you have a strong, close, loving support system to fall back on? This support system could be comprised of high school friends, roommates, or maybe family, or maybe even coworkers, but let us know if you have it.


18Are you happy with your life?

Hey, life is wonderful, aren't you loving every minute of it? Or maybe you're not, and maybe you think your life is pretty much the worst thing that exists in the universe. Either way, tell us what you think of your life. Be honest!

19Do you take vacations?

Everyone needs a little vacation every once in a while, whether that vacation is in Jamaica, the Swiss Alps, Canada, or just New York City Comic Con. Tell us, do you give yourself the time to take vacations every now and again?


20Do you practice good hygiene?

Hygiene is extremely important in order to maintain health... or is it? Do you just not care about that sort of thing? Or do you find it very important? Or maybe, just maybe, are you somewhere in the middle of the hygiene spectrum?

21How often do you get sick?

Colds and flus happen to everybody. It's just one of the more dismal realities of life. However, do you ever feel like this little sicknesses happen to you a little... more often? Do you feel like you get sick a lot more than other people tend to?


22When you get sick, how do you treat it?

When it comes to the common cold, or the average flu, generally the best course of action is to wait it out, and it should resolve itself within a few days. However, some people opt to take medication, though this could prolong the illness even if it helps symptoms. What do you do?

23Do you have back issues?

Okay, so let's talk about your spine. The spine is connected to a lot of other parts of your body, and good spine health is one of the most important things you can hope for. Ask anyone who has spine issues: it's not fun. Then again, are you one of these people who has spine issues?


24Do you eat fruits and vegetables?

Carrots, broccoli, kale, apples, spinach, oranges, bananas, berries... are any of these food items part of your regular diet? Or if not them, maybe some other fruits or veggies? Surely, you must have fruits and vegetables somewhere in your diet plan, right?

25How well do you sleep at night?

By now, you're probably sick of people telling you just how important sleep is. But let's face it, if you've ever had to wake up at 5am for work, you KNOW how important it is. Do you get a good night's rest, or is your sleep fidgety and restless?


26How flexible are you?

Flexibility is a good sign when you're trying to stay healthy. Getting tough, rigid and immobile might not seem so terrible when you're young, but as you get older, it can make a huge difference to your quality of life. How flexible are you?

27Are you addicted to sugar?

Cookies and pastries, candy and soda! Sugar is inside so many of the things that taste so good, but the problem is, too much sugar consumption will cause serious health consequences, in addition to a horrible bellyache. How much do you love sugar?


28Daily hydration level?

Everybody knows that they're supposed to drink a lot of glasses of water every day, but not everyone does it. When we say water, we mean WATER -- not apple juice, Pepsi, or anything like that. Seltzer is totally okay, since that's just fizzy water, but tell us how much you drink.

29Have you been in any bad car accidents?

Car accidents happen all the time, even if we wish that they wouldn't. Have you been in any really bad ones? If you did experience one, did you go to the doctor afterward? Because they could've had major effects that you didn't even realize. Let us know your history.


30Yoga, meditation, tantra, prayer, dance, mindfulness?

We're using yoga as a major example, since yoga has a physical as well as a spiritual component that's easy for people to understand. However, look at the list above, and let us know if you have a spiritual aspect to your life wherein you delve in deep, block out the background noise, and embrace whatever is inside you.

31How you handle daily stress?

Everybody's got stress in their lives. There's no shame in it all. What matters isn't getting to some fabled place where no stress exists -- it's just part of life on Earth -- but rather, getting to a place where you can deal with the stress, handle it, and let it go. How do you handle stress?



Let's talk about your breathing. Yeah, sure, it sounds like a small, basic thing, considering we do it everyday, but you'd be surprised by what a hard time some people have with it -- or just how poorly MOST people do it. Are you a good, strong, deep breathing? Or do you spend most of the day forgetting about breathing?

33How often do you argue with people?

Hey, listen. The truth is, everybody gets into arguments sometimes, and it's not a big deal... except when it is. However, totally avoiding all forms of confrontation is just as deadly to a person's emotional and physical health as someone getting in fights all the time. What is your life like?


34Daily vitamins and minerals?

The Western diet has some areas that are rather lacking, particularly when it comes to getting a good regular dose of vitamins and minerals. In order to make up for this, many people opt to take supplements that will kick their system back into gear. What about you?

35How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Yes, we did ask you about your sleeping habits a bit earlier, but this time, the question is slightly different: we're not asking HOW you sleep, but rather, how MUCH. How many hours of sleep do you manage to get on a regular night?

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