How Long Do You Have Left To Live? Take The 60 Second Quiz To Find Out

Let's face it, there's no way to escape your own mortality. That's just the fact of that matter. We're all only put on Earth for a limited amount of time, and we started dying from the first day we were born. No matter how hard we might try to stave off the inevitable, the Grim Reaper will get us at some point or another.

That said, the way we live has a major impact on how much longer we have left to live. If we treat our bodies badly, eat fast food every day, don't exercise enough, takes lots of unnecessary risks, or allow dangerous circumstances to surround us, our much beloved lifelines might look a great deal shorter than we would like them to. Any one of us could die today, or tomorrow, while others might live on for decades to come. It's a mystery. Or is it?

What about you? Have you ever stared out into the abyss, and wondered how much more time you might have remaining? Now is your chance to find out. Don't be afraid of the truth, no matter how threatening it may seem. Take the quiz, and find out, How Long Do You Have Left to Live?

1Are you a tobacco smoker?

C'mon, folks. You knew it was coming. If there's one easy way to pick out the people who are going to live longer from the ones who aren't, smoking is it. Would you consider yourself to be a cigarette smoker? Cigars, maybe? Do you light one up now and again? Tobacco smokers only.

2How often do you exercise?

Are you good at getting some fitness in? Do you go running, go swimming, play sports... you know, maybe just some stretching, yoga, ten minutes on the elliptical? Or are you a dedicated couch potato?

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