How Evil Are You? The Quiz You (Hopefully) Want To Fail!


Most people like to think of themselves as decent human beings. They hold doors open, pour someone else a glass of water first, and may even be able to comfort a crying baby. Doing good makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and who is opposed to warmth and fuzziness?

On the flip side, and sometimes the more fun side, lots of people have a very evil side to them. We're talking about those seemingly nice people with an evil streak that you miss if you blink. The ones who are able to flaunt a kind exterior but are secretly evil inside have the most fun in life.

Evil has a negative connotation to it that it does not deserve. Everyone has a little bit of evil inside of them. Some people use it openly, even enjoy it, while other people squash it down and feel haunted by it. If you accept the evil, you may come to love it.

This quiz will present you with scenarios and we will see how evil you are depending on how you respond. Maybe you are only slightly evil or maybe you are the devil himself! Let's see if you are the type of person who aces or fails the evil quiz!

Question 1

You are sitting on the bus when an elderly man walks on. What do you do?

We have all been in this position. You are tired, cold, or simply lazy. You feel so lucky to have gotten a seat on this busy bus to work or school. Your eyes close. You are content. Suddenly, an old man walks on. You know that the right thing to do is to give up your seat. How do you act?

Question 2

You walk by a few pigeons on the sidewalk. How do you act?

It is no secret that pigeons are not the brightest birds on the block. They like to make their way down the street without a care in the world and tend to get on everyone's nerves. They always seem to be underfoot but are quite difficult to actually catch. They do not even add to the beauty of your surroundings. Instead, they are simply ugly creatures with no care in the world. How do you treat them?

Question 3

Your younger siblings head off to sleep away camp. How much do you miss them?

You come from a close knit family. You have gone to camp but now it's your little siblings' turn. They leave for the first time and won't be back for a month. For the first time, you're the only kid left at home. There is no one to bicker with, your parents tend to your needs for once, and you have lots of freedom. How do you react?

Question 4

Your friend is going through a rough time. What do you do?

Everyone has gone through periods of their life when it is more difficult to get up in the morning. Sometimes life is harder than other times and you need to work through it. Friends make these times easier. If you have good friends, they will help you through whatever problem is eating away at you. How do you act in this situation?

Question 5

Your boss refuses to give you a raise after you ask. How do you respond?

Dealing with bosses is always a very careful and precise business. If you want something, they suddenly have all the power. So what happens if you feel like you deserve a raise, ask for one, and they say no? There are different ways to react in such a scenario ranging in evilness. What do you do?

Question 6

A little kid kicks your seat in the movie theatre. How do you react?

Going out to see a movie in the theatre is so exciting. You buy your popcorn, maybe some Diet Coke, and then make your way to your seats. You and your friends find the perfect spot and settle in. After the lights dim, a kid behind you starts kicking the back of your chair. How do you react to this annoyance?

Question 7

Somebody plays a song you don't like in the car. What do you say?

Riding in the car with your friends is a fun, independent, freeing thing to do. Someone is always in charge of the music and carefully picks every song they play. You are jamming along until a song you really hate comes on. You know you can sit it out or make a comment. What do you do?

Question 8

You are babysitting and the baby won't stop crying. How do you handle the situation?

Maybe you are doing a favor for your friend or maybe you are looking to make a little extra cash. Either way, looking after a baby is no easy task. The baby you are tending to starts crying and won't stop no matter what you try. You try food, burping it, changing its diaper, and do not stop walking with it in your arms. What do you do next?

Question 9

Your younger sister borrows your shirt and stains it. What do you do?

Anyone who has siblings knows that they like to steal from your wardrobe at times. Some people don't mind it while others get furious. The worst thing that could happen is your sibling borrows the shirt, maybe without even asking, and returns it ruined. What do you do in this situation?

Question 10

Your dog eats your food while you're not looking. How do you react?

Most people who own dogs slip them a piece of bread or a slice of cheese every so often. The dog loves it and it is adorable. The problem arises when the dog takes your food without it being given to him. Imagine turning around for a moment and coming back to no meal because your dog ate it. How do you react to this?

Question 11

Somebody trips in front of you. What do you do?

Falling down is not fun and we have all done it in our lives. Sometimes it is because we were not looking where we were going, but sometimes our ankle gave out or our shoelace came undone. The people who are there for us are basically our saviours. They lend us a helping hand, a bandaid, or just moral support. What do you do when you see someone fall?

Question 12

How do you treat your sick friend?

Being sick is not fun. You are bed ridden until you feel better. You can't even get up if you wanted to. You sometimes are forced to be on a liquid diet and your new best friend becomes hot soup. You rely on family, friends, or a significant other to help you feel better since your independence is gone. How do you act when your friend is sick?

Question 13

Your coworker spills coffee on himself. How helpful are you?

A morning coffee is essential when it comes to getting things done all day. Most people need their morning dose of caffeine in order to start their day and be the least bit productive. People with jobs understand this and bring their coffee to work in the mornings. The occasional spill is inevitable. When you see it happen to a coworker, how helpful are you?

Question 14

Your least favorite teacher does not show up to class. What goes through your mind?

Ever since elementary school, the joy of having your teacher not show up is immense. However, it is not a pure happiness. Usually, the teacher does not show up because of some personal trouble they have gotten into. It could be anything from an illness to a death. We tend to ignore the thoughts in the back of our heads reminding us of that. What goes through your mind?

Question 15

How would you treat your pet if it could talk?

If your pet had the same intelligence as a human, this would open up a whole new realm of ways to interact with it. There would be so many things to consider. Should you even have a pet if it knows that it is a pet? Should you set it free? Or maybe you take advantage of its speech and have long conversations with it. What would you say?

Question 16

You and your best friend have a fight. Do you try to resolve it?

Maybe you're a drama free person and have only heard about this from others. Maybe you always find yourself caught up in the drama despite trying to stay out of it. Or maybe you love drama and enjoy stirring the pot. Either way, you have witnessed or experienced a fight. How do you act after engaging in drama with your best friend? Is the friendship worth salvaging?

Question 17

You're driving in a rush and there is a slow pedestrian crossing the street. How do you react?

Pedestrians always have the right of way. Yes, that is the rule. If you have a green light but there are people still crossing in front of you, you are obligated to wait for them to move out of the way. In no circumstance ever are you permitted to drive forward. But when you are in a rush, you come to resent those slow walking pedestrians. How do you react?

Question 18

You're buying groceries and you find out that it's an extra five cents for a bag. What is your reaction?

Most of us are used to the fact that plastic shopping bags are rarely free anymore. We come to the store prepared now with reusable shopping bags. On the rare occasion that we forget, or we go to the store quickly for a few things, and are told that bags are not free, it is an internal debate. Do we cough up five cents or juggle the groceries all the way home? What do you do?

Question 19

You walk out of someone's room and they ask you to shut their door. Do you do it?

Picture this: you are sitting in bed and your mom opens your door and comes into your room. She speaks with you for a few minutes and then leaves without shutting the door. It is possible one of the most frustrating things to ever happen. Now, imagine being the person who walks out of the room. The person in bed asks you to shut the door and you know your have an opportunity to be annoying. What do you do?

Question 20

You are on a plane and a baby is crying. How do you deal with it?

When you are on a long flight, the last thing you want is to listen to the screams of an infant for hours on end. You wish the parents would just get the baby to sleep, or maybe move somewhere else. Anywhere else. You try your best to drown out the noise but it is to no avail and you spend your flight disturbed. After awhile, you want to do something about it. What do you do?

Question 21

You're at your graduation ceremony and they pronounce your name wrong. What do you do?

Graduating is a really exciting part of our lives. It commemorates the end of an era that we have successfully completed and the beginning of something new and unknown. There are often tears as we celebrate with our friends and family. It does not feel good when your name is called in the ceremony incorrectly. What do you do in this scenario?

Question 22

Your noisy neighbors next door are too loud and you can't sleep. What is your reaction?

We've all been both the noisy neighbours and also the neighbours that are being inconvenienced by noisy neighbours. You don't seem to care at all when it's you having the party. But when you're about to have a big day and need to get your beauty rest, noisy neighbours are the worst. How do you deal with this?

Question 23

Somebody cancels plans on you! Do you get revenge?

You make plans with a friend in the beginning of the week for the weekend. We both get excited, hammer out the details, and count down the days. Then, the night comes. You get all dressed up, prepare yourself... and then comes the text. Your friend apologizes but the plans are off. What a disappointment! What do you do after that?

Question 24

Somebody is taking up two parking spaces! How do you react?

It's a busy Sunday afternoon and you decide to go shopping. You head to the mall. You are excited for some retail therapy. You know that parking will be rough, but you have confidence that you'll find a spot. After a few minutes of circling the parking lot, you see a car taking up two spots! How do you react to this rudeness?

Question 25

Somebody is walking slowly in front of you. How do you remove yourself from the situation?

This is quite a large and common pet peeve. Walking behind other people is annoying enough, but then you get stuck behind someone walking really slowly. You are in a rush, or simply do not have the patience for walking slowly. All you want to do is get around the slow walker. How do you go about it?

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