How Did This Walking Dead Character Die?


At the end of the world, death isn't so much a possibility as it is a certainty - and that's especially true in a zombie apocalypse where, if the brain isn't taken out, people are going to reanimate as the living dead.

Through seven seasons of The Walking Dead, even if it doesn't always feel like it, we have seen a lot of major characters die. Remember, only four characters from the initial camp in a quarry outside of Atlanta - Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Carol Peletier - are still alive (Morgan Jones is the only other character from season one who's still around, but he's in a league of his own).

We've lost everyone from Lori to Hershel, Shane to Jacqui, even Otis. Poor Otis! But, how many of those deaths can you remember? Yeah, everyone is going to remember Negan smashing Glenn and Abraham's heads in with Lucille, but how did Andrea die? What about Shane? Even Patrick? Oh wait, no one misses Patrick.

As you can imagine, there are some spoilers regarding season 7 in this quiz, so if you’re not all caught up and have yet to watch the season finale, ‘The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life’, stop reading and go watch that episode. Now. If you are all caught up or you’re willing to take risks, then ready up with your weapons, keep an eye out for walkers and humans, and prepare to scavenge for supplies because it’s time for a quiz!

Question 1

Sasha Williams

The most recent big-name death on The Walking Dead, Sasha has to be one of the most under-appreciated characters in modern television history. Seriously, she was around for five seasons, four of which were as a main character, and people still called her a 'survivor' at the end. Why not call her a main character? My rant aside, Sasha passed away in the season 7 finale after being captured by Negan, with her death jumpstarting the true war between the Saviors and everyone else. What happened?

Question 2

Tyreese Williams

Sasha's older brother and a main moral compass for the group, Tyreese- played by actor Chad L. Coleman, one of four former Wire actors to play main roles (Larry Gillard Jr. was Bob, Seth Gilliam is Gabriel, and Merrit Wever - who made a brief appearance as Ziggy's ex girlfriend - played Denise) won fans over with his hammer and his care for Judith. Unfortunately, he died a couple of weeks after Beth's passing in season 5. Remember what caused it?

Question 3


One of the show's first 'WOW' deaths back in season one, Jacqui was an original character for the show that was created for...something. Maybe to give the group another vocal female presence? Formerly of Atlanta's zoning department, Jacqui works as a supply runner with the likes of Glenn, T-Dog, and Andrea in the early days of the quarry camp, meeting Rick Grimes when he comes to the big city. By the end of season one, though, Jacqui ends up committing suicide. How did she do it?

Question 4

Shane Walsh

Really the show's first true antagonist, Shane was recently voted the greatest antagonist in the series' seven seasons by fans. Yep, he was even higher than The Governor AND Negan. The initial leader of the quarry camp outside Atlanta, Shane served as Rick's second-in-command for season one and the first half of season two before disagreements over methods - as well as Shane and Lori's relationship - caused friction between the two. Shane wouldn't leave the farm, meeting his fate after being...

Question 5

Milton Mamet

Another original character created only for the show, Milton's purpose - both from a storytelling point of view and his actual role - was to provide a human element to Woodbury, someone helping The Governor search for a cure to the walker virus. As Milton slowly becomes disillusioned with The Governor's leadership and brutality, the 'scientist' mans up and goes against his former commander at the end of season 3. How did The Governor, who supposedly valued loyalty, deal with Milton's betrayal?

Question 6


Part of adapting The Walking Dead from a graphic novel into a television show meant that certain roles would change. For the most part, Otis' role of accidentally shooting Carl in season 2 and hanging on Hershel's farm wasn't changed, though he was aged up for The Walking Dead show adaption. Feeling some remorse, Otis travels with Shane to a nearby high school to scavenge for some supplies, but meets his end on the way back from the trip. What happened?

Question 7

The Governor

While Shane Walsh was the show's first real antagonist, The Governor was the first real villain: someone with no redeemable qualities and who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Also known as Phillip Blake and Brian Heriot, The Governor feuds with Team Family for the duration of season 3 and the final three episodes of season 4's first half, taking numerous lives in the process on both sides. In the midseason finale of season 4, The Governor meets his

Question 8


It seems to be a general consensus among fans that the first half of season four leading up to The Governor is awful, especially with the prison subplots that wind up going nowhere. As part of the filler prior to The Governor's return, numerous redshirts and original characters were introduced, with Patrick being one of them. A useless, meek survivor who plays with Legos while Carl does more adult things, Patrick is supposed to be used as a parallel to Rick's son as they're within a few years of one another. How does Patrick die?

Question 9


Another character created solely for the show (though, to be fair, so was his girlfriend), Jimmy was Beth's high school boyfriend prior to the outbreak and is staying with the Greene family when Rick and friends arrive on the farm. Because Beth really doesn't get much airtime until '18 Miles Out', Jimmy's only main scenes are during gun training, especially when he's shooting...well, like that, and is yelled at by T-Dog. We miss T-Dog. Do you miss Jimmy enough to remember his death?

Question 10

Caesar Martinez

Finally, we're back to characters who made an appearance in the comic book, with Caesar Martinez having more or less the same impact that he did in the show as The Governor's best soldier (along with Merle Dixon). While this version of Martinez doesn't leave Woodbury the way he did in the comics, Caesar is more of a parallel to Daryl and actually leads his own camp at one point. Can you remember what happened after that attempt at leadership?

Question 11

Ed Peletier

At some point, we were going to have to talk about Ed, who many view to be the true antagonist of season one. Sure, Shane aims his gun at Rick and Merle does some pretty bad things in Atlanta, but Ed is an awful human being. Between beating his wife, going against Shane's orders, and leering at Sophia in a manner that Carol would later suggest was tied to sexual abuse...yeah, we don't like Ed and we weren't sad when he died. How'd that happen?

Question 12

Spencer Monroe

Another character that fans didn't and aren't going to miss (I mean, maybe someone who found him attractive might), Spencer is the son of Deanna and Reg Monroe, the leaders of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and a hater of Rick Grimes' leadership. The new world needs Rick Grimes, but Spencer never seems to get the message, constantly blaming the man and going against his orders. This past season, Spencer ended up dead on the Alexandria ground...but how did that happen in such a safe area?

Question 13

Aiden Monroe

The other of Deanna and Reg's two children, there's not much to be said about Aiden other than he was a Marine ROTC prior to the outbreak and works as a supply runner after the outbreak. Of course, he's not exactly the best at his job, tying up walkers and shooting objects that could explode (why would you ever shoot randomly when a walker has a grenade??). We don't spend much time with Aiden before he dies on a supply run with Glenn, Eugene, Tara, Nicholas, and Noah as a result of...

Question 14

Ron Anderson

Another member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and one who was criminally underutilized at that, it's easy for fans to hate Ron because of his attitude and his own hatred of Rick and Carl. But, we like Ron because he's one of the few Alexandria members to show any real character development - his desire to kill Rick has purpose and it's one that the show should have explored more than they did. Unfortunately, Ron met his end in season 6's 'No Way Out' as a result of...

Question 15

Andrea Harrison

Finally, we can leave Alexandria and its walls to talk about a character who, in the comics, spent plenty of time as one of the community's main protectors. Unfortunately, Laurie Holden's Andrea never got that luxury, dying nearly a full year in the show before the group even reaches Alexandria. A key group member early on, Andrea is separated from the Atlanta group at the end of season 2 and joins Woodbury in season 3. How did she die at the end of that season?

Question 16

Amy Harrison

And while we all like to talk about Andrea, why not show Amy some love? Andrea's younger sister by 12 years, Amy was promoted as a main character of season one after appearing in various promos and pictures...but died four episodes in - and on the eve of her birthday, no less! Such a sad way and time to go out, especially when her and Andrea were finally bonding. Can you think all the way back to season one and tell us how she died?

Question 17

Bob Stookey

Ah Bob, we miss you and your optimism. A former military vet that actually was a member of Woodbury in the comics, Bob begins season 4 as a recent arrival at the prison and hangs around with the group, quickly forming a romantic relationship with Sasha. Unfortunately, Terminus comes in the way of that, taking him and other male members of the group - Rick, Daryl, and Glenn - into a room where they'll cut their throats open. How is it that Bob goes out?

Question 18


For a convict who missed the first year of the apocalypse after being cooped up in the West Georgia Correctional Facility's cafeteria, Axel turned out to be a good guy. While he may have gone a bit over the line by flirting with Beth, Axel's time with the group in season 3 showed him to generally be a good guy, especially when it came to defending his turf. Unfortunately, Axel was thrown into the war against Woodbury, prematurely meeting his end from...

Question 19

Mitch Dolgen

And on the other side of the Prison vs. The Governor war is Mitch Dolgen, a former tank operator cream truck driver...prior to the apocalypse and a general jackass. Who doesn't care that a random stranger killed your brother and is now offering you a second-in-command spot? Mitch accompanied The Governor and his makeshift milita to the prison in season 4, using his tank to attack the prison (which The Governor wanted?) before dying in this fashion. Too bad no one missed him.

Question 20

Hershel Greene

Season 7 made us miss Hershel even more, man. If only the group had him around in all of those dark times, as Hershel was the group's main moral compass and an excellent advisor in all of the previous moments when someone needed a moment to sit and think. Unfortunately, Hershel was well dead by the time Negan and the Saviors arrived, having sadly met his end in season 4's mid-season finale. What was the cause of the ex-farmer's sudden death?

Question 21

Duane Jones

Not much else can really be said about Duane other than he's Morgan's son and the first survivor Rick meets...after Duane hits the police officer in the face with a shovel. Damn. Really, considering Duane only appeared in one episode, it'd make more sense to talk about his lasting impact on Morgan, but we'll get there eventually. For now, given what we already know about Morgan and what the man revealed in season three, do you remember how Duane sadly died?

Question 22

Mike and Terry

Are we cheating here by putting two people? Yes. Do we care? Considering how many people have died in The Walking Dead...nope. To clarify, Mike is Michonne's girlfriend prior to the outbreak, while Terry is a friend of the two who enjoys going to art galleries with them. Fun. Anyways, the two don't last long in the new world alive, though they do stick around as Michonne's signature chain walkers in season two and the beginning of season three. How did these two men die?

Question 23

Pete Anderson

Oh no, it's Porchdick. The father of Ron and Sam in addition to being Jessie's husband, Pete Anderson is an alcoholic, an abusive man who beats his family both before and after the apocalypse. Kept in Alexandria because of his expertise as a doctor, Pete comes into conflict with Rick not only for his abuse, but because Rick is falling for Jessie - not unlike Shane and Rick's conflict regarding Lori. Do you remember how it was that Porchdick met his death?

Question 24

Lori Grimes

Possibly the most divisive character in the show's history - and easily the most divisive in the years since her death - fans have warmed up to Lori in the past five years. Rick's wife and Carl's mother, Lori gets a bad rep for cheating on her husband with Shane (false, Rick was presumed dead) and for some of her decision making (ok, you get a pass there). Before Rick and her could patch things up, she died early in season three. How?

Question 25

Andre Anthony

From Rick's wife to what would have been his adopted son, there's not much to say about Andre Anthony other than what we already know: he was the son of Michonne and Mike but died early in the apocalypse. Well, that, and Michonne called him 'Peanut' as a nickname. Neat. While Michonne hasn't gone too in depth through the end of season 7, we do know that she loved her son and was a shell of a woman without him. How did she lose him?

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