Horror Movie Or Kids Movie?

Toy Story 3

Fear is a funny thing. If you take a survey of 100 people, you might get 100 different answers for what they find scary. That’s not to mention how fears differ, morph, and evolve as we grow older. What might seem fantastic or funny to someone as a kid might seem completely chilling or disturbing to that same person as an adult (and vice-versa). With that in mind, it should not come as a complete surprise that the line between the charming and delightful and the unnerving and appalling in movies is blurry, at best.

The greatest case for this blurry line statement comes in our ability to distinguish horror movies and family films. Both genres are known to get pretty out there in search of a reaction from their audience. Sometimes the most disturbing moments or characters find their way into the middle of a kid’s movie. Seemingly innocuous events cast a sinister pall in the light of adult perspective. Other times, a horror movie goes for broke and ultimately just breaks. Horror as a genre is never all that far from camp, and sometimes an odd bit of directing or a budget stretched too thin takes something meant to be terrifying and turns it goofy. At their worst, a horror movie could find itself completely suitable for a child, and a kid's movie could contain elements so scarring that it even gives grown-ups the jeebies. So with that in mind, we ask that you test your mettle and see if you can figure out whether these images are from a horror movie or a kid’s movie. Good luck!

Question 1

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Return to Oz

A young girl is subjected to shock therapy due to her insistence that she adventures through a fantasy land. She makes her escape from the institution she’s placed in during a thunderstorm, only to fall into a river. When she “awakens” she finds her fantasy land in a state of ruination. There, she journeys with compatriots, including a re-animated moose head and a sentient jack-o-lantern, to set things right. Upon her success, she discovers the doctor she was committed to was killed during the storm and the nurse in the institution imprisoned.

Question 2

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

The Babadook

A woman brings up her son alone in the wake of being widowed in a tragic car accident during the boy’s birth. The boy exhibits behavioral problems that begin to drive a wedge between the family and the outside world, and between the mother and son themselves. A mysterious children’s book foretells the coming of a mysterious creature, and soon inexplicable events unfold at the house. Many of the potentially dangerous scenarios are attributed to the son’s acting out, but it soon becomes evident that there is more to the book’s story than it originally seemed.

Question 3

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Hocus Pocus

A trio of decrepit witches in the town of Salem drain the life force of an abducted girl in order to regain their youth. They are soon found out and hanged. On Halloween, three hundred years later, they are resurrected for the night. They begin to terrorize the town, with the hopes of killing every child in Salem before daybreak in order to remain alive. The only people aware of the witches plot are hunted down by a zombie who has had his mouth sewn shut, as the heroes of the movie have stolen a spellbook, bound in human skin, belonging to the witches.

Question 4

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

A legendary recluse opens his doors to a handful of children and adults. He disorients them time and again in a sadistic game in which only he seems to know the rules-- all the while belittling and berating them. One by one the children and adults fall victim to horrible fates brought on partly by scenarios meant to play to their specific greeds. When a lone survivor of the gauntlet of torture and disfigurement emerges from both the children and the adults, the shut-in reveals his ultimate intentions in a shattering of glass and an uprooting of the survivors from the lives they once knew forevermore.

Question 5

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Embarking on a fool’s errand to recover stolen property, a man narrowly avoids death after careening off the edge of a cliff in the dead of night. Stranded without transportation, the man hitchhikes, only to be picked up by a long haul truck driver. The driver proceeds to tell the man he was travelling on the anniversary of a horrific roadside accident , only to transform into a monstrous creature. He survives the encounter, and enters a bar. It is there that he is retold the same accident story by a menacing old man, who informs him that the truck driver the man rode with was in fact the ghost of the driver killed in the accident.

Question 6

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?


A car-full of insufferable relatives converge on a house for a Christmas holiday together. Ultimately the infighting becomes too much to bear, and a young boy unwittingly releases a hostile Christmas spirit upon the family. Snowed-in and unable to receive assistance, the family attempts to set aside their differences and dig in against the danger they face. The evil takes the form of several Christmas conventions and targets the family when they are at their most vulnerable. Only the wizened German immigrant grandmother seems to know the truth of what’s going on.

Question 7

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Toy Story 3

A sentient version of the same monkey toy as used in George Romero's Monkey Shines stands guard over a group of prisoners who are held captive and tortured daily. The monkey, never not watching during the night in a room lit only by the sickening glow of the security monitors, screams at the top of his lungs to sound the alarm when an escape is attempted. On the group's escape, they are hounded by their jailers to near death at the hands of an incinerator.

Question 8

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

The Witches

An international group of witches convene for a clandestine meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to figure out a final solution to the young boys of England. Able to hide in plain sight through use of disguise, the witches privately reveal their grotesqueness to one another. Deformed and bald and with blockish mangled feet, the witches are all walking nightmares full of hate and vitriol. It is the Grand High Witch, however, who is the most evil and the most putrefying. The hero, whose parents died in a car accident leaving him with his grandmother (who is succumbing to diabetes), stumbles onto the nefarious plot and is poisoned. Turned into a beast, he is sicced upon by a cat.

Question 9

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Predicating the movie on a surprising amount of coulrophobia (fear of clowns) in the world, this movie turns the '50s b-movie on its head. An alien race that resemble deformed clowns come to earth in order to feed on the human population. They connive and trap people with deadly weapons modeled after the tools of a clown's trade-- only to capture people and envelope them in a cotton candy cocoon. Once paralyzed, they are drained of their blood by use of a silly straw.

Question 10

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

The Muppet Christmas Carol

A man, consumed by greed and ill will toward everyone save himself is warned off his hateful and miserly ways by the dead and tortured spirits of his former business partners. When their haunting is not enough to dissuade the man, a series of hauntings take place over the course of one night-- one after another. One dredges up the painful regrets in his life. Another reveals the miseries of the others his life touches (including a young child beset by crippling maladies). The last invites the man to witness his own cold and lonesome death.

Question 11

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?


A writer and Vietnam vet moves to a house, along with his young son, inherited upon his aunt's suicide. Shortly after the move, the writer's son disappears somewhere within the house. As he works toward finding his boy, the writer is attacked by the house itself and the spirits that inhabit it. He is savagely attacked on several occasions, including this scene in which a monstrous she-creature attempts to blow him away with a shotgun while he attempts to avoid an assortment of deadly flying knives.

Question 12

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Troll 2

A nefarious plot is slowly unraveled in the seemingly idyllic town of Nilbog. The residents, all seemingly eccentrics, are actually a group of goblins under the leadership of a druid. The goblins, who happen to be vegetarians, plan to poison a visiting family in order to turn them into plants (with the intention of then eating the vegetable family). Only intervention by the ghost of the family’s patriarch stands in the way of doom at the hands of the monsters.

Question 13

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?


A tale of alien abduction and invasion, this film begins with a father and son playing together-- only to have the father abducted by an alien. Years later, after the boy’s mother had moved on to a new beau, what appears to be the abducted father mysteriously appears. When the boy begins to suspect something, he is infected by his father, giving him powers and subsequently making the boy kill-hungry. In an effort to exact revenge for misdeeds, the boy creates killer toys to do his bidding.

Question 14

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Fade To Black

Eric is a solitary kind of guy. An extreme film buff, he daydreams and filters everything through the lens of the movies he has seen. An escape as well as a companion, the celluloid he engrosses himself in helps to mask the harsh realities of an unhappy life. He works up to asking a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like out on a date, but is stood up by her. It is then that he finally fully embraces the lure of movies and uses them as a means of getting even in the world.

Question 15

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?


A group of schoolgirls who go by the nicknames Gorgeous, Prof, Fantasy, Melody, Mac, Sweet, and Kung Fu go to the house of Gorgeous’ aunt for a vacation. It quickly becomes apparent that all is not what it seems with the house and the girls are attacked one by one. While attempting to cheer up the remaining girls after being attacked, Melody begins to play the piano. Initially the piano bites Melody’s fingers off-- and then it eats her alive.

Question 16

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

The NeverEnding Story

A young boy slowly unfurls a plot to involve him in the fight against an unspeakable and all-encompassing evil and its agents. Being helpless as a witness from a distance to the destruction and mayhem in this evil’s wake, he follows the events by a proxy who is also tasked with facing the terror of non-existence head-on. In the end, the heroes are not enough and darkness envelopes everything; leaving just a grain of what once was. The young boy then abuses the power he is given and hunts down his adversaries in an act of petty revenge.

Question 17

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Ernest Scared Stupid

A hapless dimwit accidentally unleashes an age-old monster once imprisoned by his own ancestor. The troll proceeds to lure children into its clutches by copying human voices. Once it has them alone, it transforms them into wooden dolls and drains their life force. With the aid of an eccentric hermitess, the dimwit and his comrades learn the secret behind combating the monster. In the meantime, the troll has amassed several victims and become increasingly stronger. It winds up unleashing a horde of trolls on the unsuspecting town; only to be beat back in one final confrontation.

Question 18

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Company of Wolves

An anthology film, the overarching story is one of lust and the budding of a young woman’s sexuality. Warned by her grandmother to beware men with unibrows. Upon encountering such a man, she is drawn to him. Despite his later abhorrent acts, and the revealing that he is a werewolf, she proceeds to lay with him. The tales within the film all center on the same themes of the discovery of the desires of adulthood and lycanthropy of one form or another.

Question 19

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

A brilliant musician and religious scholar is greatly injured, and loses his wife, in an accident. When his wife cannot be revived by a team of doctors, the musician goes into hiding and is presumed dead. He then takes it upon himself to exact revenge for the doctors failing to save his wife. He takes his inspiration from passages in the bible in order to mete out punishment in novel ways while escaping the increasing scrutiny from a mildly bumbling detective from Scotland Yard.

Question 20

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Problem Child 2

A horrific orphan with a history of arson and wide-ranging destruction is working to settle into his newfound life after managing to force the separation of his adopted parents. As he cuts a swathe of mischief and mayhem in his new town, he encounters another hellish child who appears to be more malevolent and devious than he himself. As time goes on, they attack one another through various means-- and several innocents become entangled in the crossfire. The movie ends with an explosion.

Question 21

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Puppet Master 2

Following up on the leads given by someone who may or may not be mad, a group of researchers journey to a coastal inn in search of answers. When one of the researchers goes missing after spotting some unwelcome visitors in her room the remainder go scrambling. It is then that a mysterious figure, claiming to be the inheritor of the inn, appears from a trip to Romania. All is not what it seems with this man, and the ensuing fallout leads to one final mystery.

Question 22

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

The Puppetoon Movie

An anthology movie, this story revolves around a boy entering a store after hours after being chased in by a horrible storm. Through unknown means, the contents of the store come to life around the boy. Startled, he begins to seek refuge, but there is none to be found. Eventually he is caught by an animated creature; pinned and vulnerable. He is then attacked brutally, and is also taunted by an animal’s severed head. It is only after a police officer happens upon the store that the boy is saved.

Question 23

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

During the bombing raids on London in World War II, three siblings are sent to a far-off village under the care of a woman. It is revealed the woman is a witch, and in a means to pacify the children, gives them an item that is bewitched. Eventually the witch has swayed the children, and they enter the heart of the bombing raids in search of lost magic. The journey takes them face to face with deadly animals and tyrants. Narrowly escaping tragedy, they come back only to be captured by Nazis and forced into a final showdown.

Question 24

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy's Dead

A group of teens stowaway from a shelter on a trip to help jog the memory of a recently admitted amnesiac. While there, it becomes apparent all is not right in the town they’ve settled in. Taking refuge in an abandoned house, the house itself transforms into another house, and the teens are no longer safe. The boy in the photograph falls asleep at the television, and gets sucked into a videogame where the rules aren’t always clear or fair. Oh, and someone else is manning the controller.

Question 25

Horror Movie or Kids Movie?

Wizard of Gore

A stage magician and hypnotist has a truly horrific act seemingly akin to the Grand Guignol performances of 19th century France. The acts, which involve death-defying illusions on women volunteers, become a looming mystery as those volunteers later die in the same manner of their stage performances. A local television host and her boyfriend, who have both seen the performance, decide to investigate. The plot thickens, as reality itself becomes a source of unsure footing. The ending may be too surprising for words.

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