Should These Horror Movie Characters Make It To The End? You Decide!

Do you love to get your heart racing by sitting down with a good scary movie? Preferably late at night, while wrapped up tightly in a blanket? Are the type of person who can watch horror flicks on your own or do you need someone to grab onto during those jump scenes?

If you love horror movies you've no doubt felt frustrated at the way that the characters behave. Like going to investigate weird noises when they should be calling the police or hiding in the most blindingly obvious places. Sometimes you almost want the killer to find them, right? But of course, you don't get to decide which characters live or die in a horror movie... Or do you?

You've always wondered how you would react if you found yourself in a horror movie situation so today we're letting you choose which of these horror movie characters should live and which ones should perish. In exchange, we'll reveal just how (and if!) you would survive a horror movie. Will you be able to outsmart the killer or will you need to rely on your brawn rather than your brains? It's time to take the quiz and find out!

Question 1

Laurie Strode (Halloween)

Scream queens may come and go but one will always remain and that's the original babysitter; Laurie Strode from the Halloween franchise. No-one makes you feel the fear quite like Jamie Lee Curtis. What should the fate of this classic character be?

Question 2

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

He's the one who stalks your dreams... Come on, sing it with me now: One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, Better lock your door. Five, six, grab a crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, Never sleep again....

Question 3

Buffalo Bill (The Silence of the Lambs)

Do you think Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs may have gotten a bad rap? Besides, he was only trying to help that young lady practice proper skin hydration, right? What do you think? Should we keep this creepy villain or let him go?

Question 4

Randy (Scream)

Randy managed to make it through Scream because he knew the rules of horror movies. And he was always trying to warn everyone else about them but you know how dumb these characters can be sometimes. Keep him or lose him?

Question 5

Jack Torrance (The Shining)

Jack Torrance didn't become a villain by choice, it was The Overlook that brought out the very worst in him. Jack Nicholson's performance in this movie was singular and impossible to repeat so do you think we should keep him around or let him dissolve away in his madness?

Question 6

Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

Did you know that the role of Patrick Bateman was almost played by Leonardo DiCaprio? True story. Leo signed up for the role of the demented businessman in American Pyscho but pulled out to do The Beach instead. Shall we keep him around?

Question 7

Nancy (The Shallows)

Movies that basically only have one actor can be hard to pull off. It can be difficult to keep the audience focused on the story but when it came to suspense this movie really delivered in waves. So what should happen? Should Nancy make it or can that poor shark finally get his meal?

Question 8

Big Daddy (The Purge: Anarchy)

After watching the Purge movies you properly asked yourself what you would do if all crime was legal for one night. Would you be locking yourself away in the basement or would you be like Big Daddy? Should we keep him or lose him?

Question 9

Father Lucas (The Rite)

We all know that when it comes to playing villains, Anthony Hopkins is simply the master. So who better to pull off the role of a priest who specializes in exorcisms than him? If you love religious horror (and wet-the-couch jump scenes) we know you'll want to keep this character!

Question 10

Sidney (Scream)

Poor old Sidney really got a raw deal, always having to defend herself against spooky faced killers, who couldn't seem to get enough of her. But we'll give her this, the girl had brains. Should we keep her or lose her?

Question 11

Dr. Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs)

Well there's nothing quite like a refined serial killer who knows exactly which vintage to enjoy with a serving of freshly braised brains, is there? Dr. Lecter is terrifying not only because of what he does but because of the way his mind works.

Question 12

Ed Warren (The Conjuring)

When you've got a ghost problem, and no-one else can help you, who should you call? No, it's not the A-Team and it's not the Ghostbusters either. No. If you're struggling with nasty evil spirits Ed Warren and his wife are the people you need.

Question 13

Ellen Ripley (Alien)

When you think of Sigourney Weaver, you'll always think of her as Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise. It was her most memorable role and when you think about how many times she outsmarted those slimy space aliens it's no wonder.

Question 14

Annie Wilkes (Misery)

Everyone wants to be famous until they have to deal with the crazy fans! When it comes to psycho devotees Kathy Bates took the cake when she played Annie, a crazed fan who kidnaps and tortures her favorite writer, in Stephen King's Misery.

Question 15

Shaun (Shaun of the Dead)

Shaun, a classic underachiever is finally given the chance to actually do something worthwhile with life. But it took a literal zombie invasion to make that happen. What do you think? Shall we let him live or leave him for the zombies?

Question 16

Erin (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

When it comes to choosing roles Jessica Biel hasn't done a great job but that's not to say we didn't enjoy her performance as a scream queen in the 2003 slasher flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What do you think? Should Erin live to see the sequel?

Question 17

Lena (Annihilation)

What would you do if a mysterious cloud of "shimmer" appeared and began expanding, and nothing that went into it ever came out again? Would you go inside? Well, that's exactly what Natalie Portman's hardcore character, Lena, does in this movie.

Question 18

Henry Bowers (It)

Henry Bowers was nothing more than a bully. Ok, and someone who was easily influenced by dark spirits. If he reminded you of a bully that you used to know you'd probably like to see him left alone in a dark sewer with Pennywise.

Question 19

David (The Lost Boys)

Keifer Sutherland made being a vampire look cool long before Twilight and True Blood came along. What do you think we should do with his character, David, the leader of the pack? Let him live or expose him to a little sunlight?

Question 20

Mr. Brooks (Mr. Brooks)

A businessman who also likes to kill people every now and again? No, we're not talking about Patrick Bateman or Dexter for that matter, it's this Kevin Costner character; Mr. Brooks. What did you think of him? Worthy of a sequel or not?

Question 21

Rosemary (Rosemary's Baby)

Talk about ditzy horror movie characters! How many signs did Rosemary need that something very strange was happening in her world? Well, she might have been naive but she certainly kept us on the edge of our seats in this classic.

Question 22

Nancy (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Back in the 80's the girls of horror movies generally weren't as plucky as they are today. But then there was this girl. Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street. She might have been afraid, but she faced her nightmares head-on. Shall we keep her around?

Question 23

Father Karras (The Exorcist)

This priest just seemed to have the worst luck. First, his beloved mother dies and the next job that he lands is assisting in the worst exorcism ever. What should we do with poor Father Karras? Give him another chance?

Question 24

Joe Doe (Seven)

Not only was he smart (he managed to outsmart the police throughout the entire movie) but he was also sadistic, so if you would rather get rid of John Doe we'll understand. Or do you think we should release him and see what happens next?

Question 25

Anna (The Uninvited)

When Anna (Emily Browning) returns from a stint in a mental hospital she finds that her father has married her mother's former nurse. Talk about a rude homecoming. And things get even freakier when her mom's ghost pops up howling for revenge...

Question 26

Clarice (Hannibal)

No matter how you look at her, Clarice Starling is surely one of the most hardcore horror movie characters. Not only does she have the guts to take on Dr. Lecter but she has the brains to compete with him at his level too. Should we keep her?

Question 27

Tallahassee (Zombieland)

If you can follow the rules (and killing zombies doesn't make you feel queasy) then maybe you could also join Tallahassee and his gang of misfits when the zombie apocalypse arrives. What do you think? Should we keep him?

Question 28

Lawrence Talbot (The Wolfman)

Lawrence is an actor who prefers to be on the road but when his brother goes missing from his ancestral home this character has no choice but to return and help look for him. But something more is happening here and the full moon might just be to blame...

Question 29

Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)

What was there not to love about this demented character? Okay, apart from the fact that she aided and abetted a serial killer and helped him dispose of the bodies by baking them into pies and selling them to the poor patrons of her pie shop.

Question 30

George Lutz (The Amityville Horror)

Before he was Deadpool Ryan Reynolds played a much more vulnerable character in The Amityville Horror. He plays George Lutz, a man driven mad by a house where a family murder was committed. Shall we keep this scary guy or let the spirits have him?

Question 31

Michelle (10 Cloverfield Lane)

Imagine you're just driving along, crying about your breakup, and the next thing you know you are waking up in a basement. And your phone doesn't work. And a creepy guy says the world is ending outside. Should we keep the long-suffering Michelle or let her go?

Question 32

Sara (The Forest)

If your twin sister disappeared in a forest in a foreign country, would you go looking for her or leave search and rescue to the professionals? Sara decided to go with the first option and we can't say it worked out that well for her.

Question 33

Thomasin (The Witch)

Thomasin really kept us guessing throughout this movie, didn't she? At times you didn't think she was capable of harming anyone, let alone her own brother but at other times, well, you know what we mean. Should we keep her or is she just too creepy?

Question 34

Evan Webber (Knock Knock)

Everyone makes mistakes and in this movie the main characters faux pas was not helping the two girls who came to his door looking for help but having a little tryst with them. From there it was all downhill. What do you think? Should we keep Evan?

Question 35

Kevin (Split)

Pulling off a character with multiple personalities (in an M. Night Shyamalan film no less) is no mean feat. James McAvoy did a pretty good job convincing us that he was a man with 23 other personas, but does that mean he should stay?

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