Hey 90s Kids! Try To Match These Characters To Their Old School Shows

Some would say that most of the good shows and sitcoms on TV are from the past. Past decades like the 80s, 90s and 2000s brought us some of the greatest comedies, cartoons, animated series, crime-drama and action series in the history of TV. They won awards, got millions upon millions of viewers, made some of their actors and actresses into household names and made a mark on history, not mention our memories.

One does not need to have been around in the 80s or even the 90s to know of or have watched these shows. They live on to this day, thanks to the magic of cable TV, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and social media. Some of these shows from yesterday have even spawned memes in this day and age that have gone viral. Some of these shows have even gotten a second life thanks to either getting rebooted, or being made into a movie years after they went off the air.

Take this quiz and see how many these old school characters come to mind while looking to name the show or series that they appeared in. It can serve as a nice memory jogger that may even inspire some to go back and binge watch these gems from the past.

Question 1

What animated series is this character from?

This man is the friendly, some would say too friendly next door neighbor of the family for which this series was named for. He wears his faith on his sleeve and often lets the breadwinner of the titular family borrows his things to the point where he gets taken advantage of. This series has now been on TV for an amazing 30 years and have won an incredible 31 Primetime Emmy Awards. In fact, they have even gotten their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, quite a feat for an animated series that is based on a fictional family.

Question 2

What early 90s sitcom is this character from?

The man who played this character is arguably the most bankable star in Hollywood right now. A big reason why is this show, which made him a big time star back in the early 90s. It had a memorable and cool theme song that had lyrics rapped by this actor/musician. This character was originally from a rough neighborhood in West Philadelphia were he liked to play basketball on the playgrounds, until one day he got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Because of that, his mom sent him to live with his "auntie and uncle in Bel Air" where he got a new start.

Question 3

What 90s sitcom was this character on?

This show was very popular during the decade of the 90s. It was on the tube for eight seasons from 1991 to 1999, and it won a Golden Globe, nine Kids Choice Awards and 12 People's Choice Awards. This character was the accident-prone, old school alpha male patriarch of the featured family on this series. He hosted his own cable TV series entitled "Tool Time" along with Al Borland, that always managed to stay on the airwaves despite his on the air hi-jinks and all around low ratings. Today, the actor who played him plays a similar character on Last Man Standing.

Question 4

What early 2000s sitcom was this character from?

This show depicted three siblings who lived under the same roof, and a fourth older one who at any given time was at military school or living on his own with his new wife. This character was a seemingly run of the mill kid, but early in the series an IQ test reveals that he is a genius, and he is placed in a gifted class where he feels really out of place. Their mom is very high-strung and has her hands very full raising all of these kids. Their dad is more chill and often tries to escape the chaos that the kids create.

Question 5

What 80s family sitcom was this man on?

Before his recent fall from grace, this man was a big time comedian and actor whose work influenced many that came after him. On this show, he played a well-off OB/GYN and the loving, caring patriarch of the featured family. He and others in the family were known for their loud, and some would say unfortunate sweaters. This show was on NBC for eight seasons and was one of a handful of successful and critically acclaimed family sitcoms during that era that appealed to many, many viewers. He was also in commercials during that time for Jell-O pudding and Kodak film.

Question 6

What hugely successful sitcom was this character on?

This character was played by James Gandolfini. He was the patriarch of the family that this series was centered around. This series took place in suburban New Jersey right across the Hudson River from New York City, and features the titular family, which was an organized crime family. This series ran for six seasons on the HBO network and won five Golden Globe awards and a phenomenal 18 Primetime Emmy Awards during its run. You may remember its opening credit montage and memorable theme song named "Woke Up This Morning", which was performed by the band Alabama 3, which hails from London.

Question 7

What highly popular crime-drama series was this character from?

This series was on the Fox network from 2001 to 2010 for a total of eight seasons, and won a total of 20 Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe awards. Kiefer Sutherland played this character who was an agent who protected people from threats that came from all different sources and angles. It was one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of the decade, and it was shot to resemble a film more than a TV show. You may remember its imagery with the digital-looking timer that showed how much time he had left to do his thing.

Question 8

What show is this witch from?

The 90s brought about a whole lot of shows that simply oozed girl power. The one this lovely young witch is from pretty much led the pack with its brave and clever titular character. Though she's new in town, the character here becomes fast friends with her and shows her around the school and around the town not realizing just how many bad guys are now flocking to their little burg. Along with their friend Xander, they chase off the bad guys back into the night from whence they came. Oh, and this show had vampires, witches, and werewolves way before Twilight was cool.

Question 9

What MTV comedy was this character from?

For a few years in the mid 90s, this animated series was big on MTV. It garnered strong ratings, especially with middle school and high school-age kids. This character and his BFF were very unintelligent and were always up to weird and dangerous hi jinks. They were also huge fans of hard rock and heavy metal bands like Metallica, and a good portion of the show had them watching music videos and giving their own offbeat commentary on what they saw and heard. They were also remembered for their distinctive laugh, which could be heard from them at the most inopportune times.

Question 10

What gigantic 90s sitcom was this man the star of?

Please do not tell me that you have never seen or even heard of this sitcom. If you have not, you clearly live under a rock. It was not only the most popular sitcom of the 90s, but according to Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide and Rolling Stone magazine, it is arguably the greatest sitcom of all time. It featured this character, who was a stand-up comedian, in his Manhattan apartment and around New York City as he chased romantic relationships and hung out with his best friend George Costanza, who was the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary for the New York Yankees.

Question 11

What TV series was this character on?

Neil Patrick Harris came to fame in the late 80s when he starred on Doogie Howser, M.D. as the titular teen doctor who had to balance practicing medicine with being a normal teen. Then in 2004 he played himself in the hit movie Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. A year after that he got this role on this show in question. This character was a slick, well-off dude who would look to meet women but had no intention of getting into a serious relationship with any of them. This show ran for about nine years on the CBS network.

Question 12

What 90s sitcom is this character from?

This character had the exact same name as the actor who played him, and had some success on the ABC network in the late 90s. It depicts what his life would be like if he were not an actor, working at a fictional department store in his native Cleveland according to Wikipedia. The theme song of this show is an anthem of sorts for that city. Around the same time he was also the host of an improv show called " Whose Line Is It Anyway?". You probably know him nowadays for being the host of The Price Is Right after succeeding Bob Barker when he retired.

Question 13

What 90s prime time series was this character from?

Luke Perry played this character, who was the son of a hugely successful business tycoon. He started the series out as somewhat of an outcast, but then he starts becoming friends with the popular kids at West Beverly Hills High School. He also gets into a romantic relationship with Brenda Walsh, who was played by Shannen Doherty. This show ran on the Fox network from 1990 to 2000 and was produced by Aaron Spelling. It was nominated for four Golden Globes, an Emmy award and a Teen Choice Award during its highly successful tenure, and it made Luke Perry into a huge star.

Question 14

What late 90s/early 2000s sitcom is this character from?

This show depicted six high school kids in a small fictional town in Wisconsin in the mid to late 70s, and the adventures and hi jinks they got themselves into. It was part of the whole trend of 70s nostalgia that was big in the mid to late 90s, and it got strong ratings during its eight season run. This character made Ashton Kutcher a household name, and he went on to star in the movie " Dude, Where's My Car?". He also appeared in Two and a Half Men, and later he played Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs.

Question 15

What sketch comedy show was this character from?

This hilarious character was one of the most popular on this show. She works as a manicurist at the Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail Salon (which she mispronounces as "Goja Pitty Budy Nay Salon") according to the wiki page of this show. She hails from the fictional country of Kouvaria, which she says is near the North Pole. She is a trickster, as she refuses to answer simple, everyday questions with a straight answer, and seems to give the same few answers most of the time. She also likes to make fun of people in a very un-PC way, true to this show's tendency to push the envelope.

Question 16

What 90s sitcom was this character on?

Here is another character from the monster in the midway-type show that was the answer to question number 10. He was the best friend of the title character who was also the Assistant to the Traveling Secretary for the New York Yankees. He can be seen around diners and restaurants around New York City complaining about his life circumstances and blaming others for them. His quirks, lack of confidence and honesty and inability to maintain a fruitful and long lasting romantic relationship provided a good deal of the humor on this show. He was played by the talented Jason Alexander.

Question 17

What animated sitcom is this character from?

This show was on the Fox network for more than a decade after premiering in the late 90s. This character was the assistant manager at Strickland Propane, and had old school views and philosophies that sometimes caused issues with the rest of his family, although they always seemed to resolve things really well and stay together as a unit. He was a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys, as they lived in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas, which was apparently somewhere in or near the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. During its run, the show won two Primetime Emmy awards.

Question 18

What groundbreaking sitcom was this character from?

This show premiered on the Fox network in 1987, at a time right after the network premiered and was trying to challenge the "Big Three" of CBS, ABC and NBC for big time ratings. It also came at a time when family sitcoms were positive, cheery and light and were aimed at people of all ages. This show, however, was PC, and therefore hugely hilarious, and it developed a big cult following. This character worked as a shoe salesman for a very modest salary. He peaked in life in his senior year of high school, when he led his high school football team to the championship.

Question 19

What big time sitcom was this character from?

There is no possible way you have not ever seen, or at least heard of this series. It was kinda a big deal from the mid 90s until its final episode in 2004, which was the most-watched episode of a TV series in the decade of the 2000s. This was Jennifer Aniston's character, who had a romantic relationship with Ross, played by David Schwimmer, who was her friend Monica's brother. This show was one of the most popular television shows of all time according to Wikipedia, and it was nominated for an amazing 62 Primetime Emmy Awards during its run.

Question 20

What old school sitcom was this character from?

Did I do that? That was the catch phrase of this character, which was usually followed by an annoying and distinctive laugh. He was a stereotypical nerd and the next door neighbor of the featured Winslow family. However, he quickly became the most popular character on this show. In real life, however, Jaleel White, the actor who played him, is not exactly dorky. He is pretty tall and is actually a pretty good basketball player when he hits the courts for a pick-up game. This show was originally a spin-off of another one, and was a huge part of ABC's "TGIF" lineup in the 90s.

Question 21

What late 80s/early 90s family sitcom was this man on?

This was another show that helped anchor the "TGIF" lineup on the ABC network for much of the 90s. This show took place in San Francisco, California, and it portrayed this character, who was played by Bob Saget, who had his brother-in-law (played by John Stamos) and best friend (played by Dave Coulier) raise his daughters Michelle (played by the Olsen twins) and Stephanie. Later on Saget became somewhat well-known as a stand-up comedian, and he also played a role on the show that is the answer to question 11 as Ted Mosby in the future. This show here recently got rebooted as a Netflix-exclusive sequel.

Question 22

What supernatural show are these three ladies from?

This show is based on an Archie Comic strip spinoff of the same name that starred a lovely platinum blonde teenage girl and her cat Salem. In this particular show, her character is somewhat rebooted, having one magical parent and one mortal parent. Unlike the recent reboot on Netflix though, she doesn't have to choose which world to live in. Instead, she goes to school like any other human girl and gets into tons of adventures which usually require her to discreetly use her own powers to solve odd problems. At least, she does when those powers aren't the direct cause of the problems.

Question 23

What 80s animated series was this character in the red shirt from?

"Hey hey hey!" This character was voiced by Bill Cosby and appeared in a Saturday morning cartoon series during the 70s and early 80s. It was meant to be both entertainment and education, as it depicted the character, who was obese yet loved to play sports, try to make good things happen in the North Philadelphia community he lived in. He and his friends were loosely based off of Bill Cosby's childhood friends and relatives, and the show depicts the kids trying to keep each other from getting into trouble while at school and while just hanging out around the neighborhood.

Question 24

What animated Saturday morning series was this character from?

Even though this animated series aired many decades ago, it was a classic and is still very well-known to this day. It has spawned several follow-up and sequel series, as well as several full length movies. This character was the title character's best friend, and together they would go around and solve mysteries. Often times they would be seen inside of their van trying to figure things out. This character wasn't the hardest worker around, and he seemed more interested in munching on snacks than he was in helping his best friend out in solving mysteries and getting the job done.

Question 25

This character is from what sitcom that recently got a reboot?

Her character on this show has the same name that she has in real life. The show aired on TV from 1988 and 1997 and got great Neilson ratings throughout its run. It depicted this character and her husband, who both have modest working class jobs and live in a small town in the middle of Illinois while struggling to support their family. You may remember that the actress who played this character was recently roasted on Comedy Central. More recently, this series got rebooted for a tenth season and was the third highest rated TV show that season according to Wikipedia.

Question 26

What medical comedy series is this character from?

This series was one of the more successful and widely-watched ones of the decade of the 2000s. It was nominated for 17 Emmy awards, winning two of them, and it even won a Peabody Award. It depicts this character, who was played by Zach Braff, as a young attending physician who starts the series out as an intern according to Wikipedia. His best friend is Christopher Turk, who is another intern and a young surgeon, and they were both roommates in college. During the shows run, Braff also wrote, directed and starred in the 2004 movie "Garden State", which took place in his native New Jersey.

Question 27

What series is this faux journalist character from?

Booyakasha! He was the star of this series that was named after him, and he played a naive journalist and interviewer who was from Staines, England and took many of his mannerisms from stereotypical urban hip hop culture. On this show, he interviewed some prominent and famous celebrities and influential people, such as Buzz Aldrin, James Lipton, Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky. The fame that Sasha Baron Cohen gained from playing this character led to him starring in the hit movies "Borat", "Bruno" and "The Dictator". He also made cameos in "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" and "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" according to Wikipedia.

Question 28

What 80s sitcom was this character from?

This character was the main star of this sitcom, which was on TV and highly rated for much of the decade. Set in the Columbus, Ohio area, it depicts parents who were Baby Boomers and former hippies who had three, and later on four kids and had to deal with the generation gap and the resulting clash of values and philosophies. Alex was a clean-cut kid who was super ambitious and rejected the values of his parents. His ultimate goal was to become a stockbroker on Wall Street. Michael J Fox, who played this character, later went on to star on Spin City, and he also starred in the Back to the Future movies.

Question 29

Which of these shows was this man on?

This man starred on this show in question along with Chris Pontius, and both of them had previously starred on another hit show that was also on MTV and spawned a few full-length movie specials through the years. On this one, they traveled around the world and introduced their audience to animal species of many different types, while also pulling off dangerous and entertaining pranks with them. The show was on MTV for four seasons in the mid 2000s, and seemed to take its cue from another show, "The Crocodile Hunter", that was done by Steve Irwin down in Australia.

Question 30

Which show did this man star in?

This man was originally a guest star on a huge show that Steve-O did in the late 90s and early 2000s, and the show in question here was a spin-off of that one that aired on MTV for two years in the mid 2000s. Unlike the previous show, it was a little more organized in terms of its "plot", where every episode had a theme or mission that this man and his family had to accomplish to doing pranks or rad skateboard tricks according to Wikipedia. A few well known bands and musicians, such as Slayer and Billy Idol made guest appearances.

Question 31

What series did this already established actor star in?

After his success in the Back to the Future movies, a series of Pepsi commercials as part of their "Choice of a New Generation" promotional campaign and the answer to question number 4, Michael J Fox became one of the main men on this series. He played this character, who was the fictional deputy mayor of New York City, who is devoted to his job but is not as good at dealing with his personal issues. After season four of this show, Fox left and was replaced by Charlie Sheen. This show was nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards, winning one, as well as nine Golden Globes, of which they won four.

Question 32

What sketch comedy show did this character appear on?

This character was a motivational speaker who would be invited into the homes of families who had kids who were heading down the wrong path and needed a pep talk. He was 35 years old, he was divorced, lived off of "government cheese" and lived in a "van down by the river", something that he was not exactly shy about admitting. True to the man who played him, Chris Farley, he made people laugh with his histrionics and borderline hyperactive temperament. This character appeared during what many considered to be the "golden era" of Saturday Night Live, which was said to be during the early 1990s.

Question 33

What 80s crime-drama series is this character from?

This character was played by Tom Selleck, and it was the character that got Selleck started out as a successful actor and made him a household name back in the early 80s. This show was on TV from 1980 to 1988 and won two Emmys, including one that was awarded to Selleck for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series – Drama according to Wikipedia. On this show, he played an investigator who was former Navy SEAL and Naval Intelligence officer and had an enviable, leisurely lifestyle that he took full advantage of in between taking on cases and bringing people to justice.

Question 34

This timeless character is from what 80s action-adventure series?

This character would "pity the fool", but was great at what he did. On this show, he, along with his three colleagues, was a "soldier of fortune" who faced some injustice while serving in the Army a decade earlier. He was a very skilled and talented mechanic, and he was really strong, as he would simply grab his enemies and hurl them in the air instead of fighting them. He was known worldwide for his gold chains and his Mandinka warrior hairstyle that looked like a Mohawk, as well as his distinctive baritone voice that almost sounded like a growl.

Question 35

What 80s sitcom is this character from?

This character was played by child actor Gary Coleman, and it helped launch his career. The characters parents were not around any more, and so he and his older brother Willis were adopted by Phillip Drummond. This character's catch phrase was "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?", and thanks to this show's popularity, that catch phrase became a pop culture legend over the years. This show was on TV for eight years in the late 70s and 80s, and was one of the more popular and memorable TV shows of that era. To this day, Coleman is still known for this role.

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