Have These Superheroes Starred In Their Own Movies?


Superhero films are THE type of movie to make right now. Ever since DC created The Dark Knight trilogy and Marvel started building their MCU, just about everyone in Hollywood is trying to hop on the train of making superhero movies. People talk about them and they set themselves up for excellent action.

Due to the sheer number of superhero films out now, studios are beginning to draw on new characters to tell their stories. More heroes are getting their own spotlights these days, as well as new teams.

However, not everyone gets their chance to headline their own superhero film. That's where we want to challenge our readers. There are numerous movies starring comic book heroes, but which ones had their own movie? Which ones haven't?

For the purpose of this quiz, for a superhero to star in their own film, it has to be about them. They need to be the main character. Other members of a team won't count if they're not the main character. We will also not be including animated films to make things clearer.

With that out of the way, do you know which superheroes starred in their own movies?

Question 1

Has There Been a John Constantine Movie?

When it comes to the dark arts, few people are better equipped than John Constantine. While just a normal guy, Constantine got wrapped up in the wrong end of the world and had to learn to fend for himself. Later on, he would often be the primary person to deal with supernatural threats on the Earth. His prowess in the dark arts led him to be one of the people chosen to be on the Justice League Dark- a team designed to deal with magical threats that the Justice League couldn't handle.

Question 2

Has the Flash Had His Own Movie?

The Flash is the fastest man alive, and he has run all around the DC Universe plenty of times. After his mother was killed by the Reverse Flash, he eventually set out to deal with the murderer after he got his own super speed. Mostly, he can be found dealing with the petty criminals of Central City, but the Flash has been the crux of a few problems in DC's canon. After all, he was the one who caused Flashpoint.

Question 3

Has Shazam (Captain Marvel) Starred in His Own Movie?

After the young Billy Batson was given the powers of the gods by a wizard named Shazam, he was transformed into Captain Marvel. However, due to confusion with Marvel Comics, DC eventually changed his name to Shazam. Once little Billy shouts his superhero name, lightning strikes him from above and he becomes Earth's Mightiest Mortal. Featuring a host of thunderous abilities like the Wisdom of Solomon and the Invulnerability of Achilles, there are few who can go toe to toe with this powerful hero.

Question 4

Has Deathstroke Starred in His Own Movie?

DC's deadliest assassin is Slade Wilson, otherwise known as Deathstroke. Having all kinds of military abilities, Slade was part of a program that gave him a serum to enhance his strength and reflexes. The result was him turning into a killing machine, as he was originally known as Deathstroke the Terminator. Since then, Slade has fought many heroes in the DC Universe, but has never made it personal. He only kills those that he's assigned to- nothing more, nothing less.

Question 5

Has There Been a Punisher Film?

Frank Castle had his life turned upside down when he lost everything he loved. From that point on, he decided that the criminal scum of the world would have to be eradicated in order for the innocent people to be safe. Willing to take the life of anyone he deems a criminal, Frank Castle has expertly left a trail of bodies in his wake, often attracting the attention of much larger Marvel heroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil. Punisher has even tried to take down various superheroes.

Question 6

Has Wolverine Starred in His Own Film?

The Wolverine is the most popular X-Man to date. After being tormented through the Weapon X program, he was given an Adamantium skeleton to make him nearly indestructible. Also having a set of claws on his hands, Wolverine is one of the most savage superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately, there are times where his animal side gets the better of him and he slaughters everything in sight. Yet there's still a redeemable man behind the yellow spandex and Charles Xavier has tried saving him for years.

Question 7

Has There Been a Green Lantern Movie?

The Green Lantern Corps is a massive network of warriors tasked with guarding the universe from powerful threats. Since their inception, there have been a few humans to become members of this organization. The most recognizable one is Hal Jordan, who came across a dying Green Lantern warrior. After that, he was then chosen by the ring to become a Green Lantern himself. Since then, he has scoured the cosmos, protecting various worlds from other Lanterns and foes. He also serves as a big member of the Justice League.

Question 8

Has Green Arrow starred in his own movie?

After Oliver Queen was shipwrecked on a stranded island, he spent years learning how to survive while honing his skills. When he returned to his home of Star City, he had every intention of saving it from the morally corrupt. He did this by employing his archery skills to become a vigilante known as the Green Arrow. Using his fighting abilities and a host of trick arrows to take down criminals and traverse the city, Oliver Queen quickly attracted the attention of powerful heroes and villains alike.

Question 9

Has Aquaman Had His Own Movie?

Moving over to the DC side of things, Arthur Curry is the King of Atlantis. He trained for years in all kinds of martial arts and is ready to defend his people with his life. Due to his hands-on nature, Aquaman has found himself facing cosmic threats that come to Earth. These events eventually earned him a spot on the Justice League, where he would work with the rest of DC's greatest heroes to protect the Earth at all costs.

Question 10

Has Nightwing Starred in His Own Movie?

Of all of the Robins that worked alongside Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson (the first Robin) is still one of the fan favorites. After having multiple disagreements with Batman over how things should be run, he made an identity for himself when he moved to Bludhaven and became Nightwing. However, he and the Batman are not on bad terms, as he is still a member of the Bat-Family and helps out Bruce when the occasion calls for it. While he works solo, Nightwing is a great team player.

Question 11

Has There Been a Movie Starring Man-Thing?

Playing with science and chemicals never turns out well as far as comic books are concerned, but it hasn't stopped people from making the same mistakes.Ted Sallis was a biochemist who was working with a team to recreate Captain America's Super Soldier Serum. Having worked with Curt Connors on his Lizard formula, Sannis felt confident. However, an accident occurred while he injected himself. He was immediately fused with nearby swamp and plant life. At that point, he was permanently changed into the swamp creature known as Man-Thing.

Question 12

Has Daredevil Starred in His Own Movie?

Matt Murdock wasn't born blind, but when an accident involved acid getting splashed in his face, he instantly lost his sight. However, this loss of sight bettered his other senses, and he could still "see" where everything was. With help from fighters like Stick, Murdock was able to fight for himself. Eventually, he decided to use these powers to take to the streets of Hell's Kitchen and fight the criminal underground, putting him at odds with villains like Kingpin and Stilt Man.

Question 13

Has Deadpool Starred in His Own Movie?

After the Weapon X program succeeded on the Wolverine, there were people that wanted to recreate the formula in order to perfect it. One of the later subjects was Wade Wilson, who was tasked with a deadly form of cancer. By taking the Weapon X formula, Wade was able to save his life, but his body and brain suffered permanent damage. Forced to hide behind a red suit, Wade became known as Deadpool and worked as a mercenary to better his skills and get a nice payday. He's also a big wisecracker.

Question 14

Has There Been an Iron Fist Film?

The young fighter known as Danny Rand received word of a mystical city known as K'un Lun. After traveling there, he decided to take up the challenge of defeating the dragon Shao Lou in order to gain the abilities of the Iron Fist. Complete with a sweet costume, Iron Fist had the power to punch harder than anyone else in the world. Once he traveled back to New York, he joined the Defenders and even formed the Heroes for Hire with Luke Cage.

Question 15

Has Moon Knight Starred in His Own Movie?

Marc Spector never had a high sense of morality and ended up becoming a mercenary as a result. However, when he went at odds with his partner, he was shot and left for dead. It's there that the spirit Khonshu revived Spector if he chose to serve him. Spector agreed and was given the powers of the Moon Knight. Part of what makes Moon Knight so interesting is the fact that many times, he is depicted as clinically insane where other times, his beliefs seem real.

Question 16

Has Black Bolt Appeared in His Own Movie?

The Inhumans are one of the most powerful groups in the Marvel Universe. Transformed into amazing heroes through the Terrigen Mist, they live in their own city and distance themselves from humanity. Their king, Black Bolt, is not only one of the wisest leaders ever created, but he is also one of the strongest Inhumans. His voice has the power to level entire cities and he is a combat expert. He has gone toe to toe with being like Thanos and still managed to deal damage.

Question 17

Has Their Been a Namor Movie?

If you think that Namor looks a bit like Aquaman, you'd be right. This Marvel anti-hero is the ruler of an underwater kingdom, but with one big difference: he is much more willing to do the wrong thing. Over the years, Namor has decimated the city of Wakanda, destroyed an entire planet, and caused wars between other heroes. While he can do these things for the greater good, more often than not, he only does them to benefit his own goals.

Question 18

Has Howard the Duck Starred in His Own Movie?

Easily one of the most obscure Marvel characters, Howard the Duck is every bit as satirical and snarky as you might expect. While not quite the same as Deadpool, Howard finds the ironic hindsight in many things while, at the same time, not being afraid to give it to you straight. Most of his stories are parodies of popular cult classics or genres, meaning that he is not a character intended to be taken seriously. According to the writers, the big joke in his stories is that there is no joke at all.

Question 19

Has Their Been a Cyclops Movie?

Scott Summers has one of the most interesting abilities known to mutant-kind. By simply opening his eyes, he can fire red hot lasers at anything or anyone. This skill eventually landed him a spot at Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where he would learn to hone these abilities and become a member of the X-Men. However, he would go on to cause many problems in the future, as he tended to disagree with the philosophies of Xavier and other heroes.

Question 20

Has Red Hood Received His Own Film?

After Jason Todd, the second Robin, was kidnapped, tortured, and killed by the Joker, everyone in the Bat-family presumed him to be dead. However, with some help from a Lazarus Pit, Todd returned to life with a murderous vendetta against the villains of the world. Taking the identity of Red Hood (after his greatest fear) Todd ended up traveling back to Gotham and punishing Batman for not avenging him. After their immediate struggle, though, Todd has since become a powerful ally for the Dark Knight.

Question 21

Has Blue Beetle Starred in His Own Movie?

Jaime Reyes received a mysterious scarab after the previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, was murdered. Reyes was then given the technologically advanced powers of the scarab to become the new Blue Beetle. Equipped with an impressive suit of armor, and appendages that can transform into any weapon he needs, Reyes was determined to make a difference in the world. However, because of his young age, he often found himself working with the Teen Titans rather than the massive Justice League.

Question 22

Has Nova Been in His Own Movie?

There are many cosmic heroes in the Marvel Universe, and Nova is one of the most interesting. After receiving the helmet from his father, Samuel Alexander gained all of the powers of the hero known as Nova. Taking to the galaxies, he fights for the freedom of other people and aliens alike. He has often been seen teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to take down bigger foes, but he has been known to fly off on his own.

Question 23

Has There Been a Wonder Woman Movie?

When it comes to DC's heroes, they have a Trinity in place. This Trinity consists of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The latter of the three, Wonder Woman, is an iconic symbol of the superhero world, as she is a competent female character who can hold her own in battle. Born to the gods of Themyscira, Wonder Woman eventually came to our world when the pilot known as Steve Trevor discovered their home. Since then, she's operated with the Justice League, protecting the universe from various threats.

Question 24

Has Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Been in His Own Film?

Spider-Man is to Marvel what Batman is to DC. He is their most popular character and brought many beautiful stories to the comic book world. Having this hero being nothing more than a high school teen, Spider-Man is easily relatable, allowing anyone to project themselves onto him. We've all been a Peter Parker at least once in our lives, and that's what makes him such an excellent character. Did I mention that he also has one of the best costumes in superhero history?

Question 25

Has Batman Starred in His Own Film?

Batman is one of DC's most popular characters to date. Created over 75 years ago, the adventures of the Dark Knight protecting Gotham City have captivated readers since their inception. Boasting amazing gadgets, fighting abilities, and knowledge, there are few heroes that reach the levels of the Batman. On top of that, he has one of the most interesting rogues' galleries to date, featuring the clinically insane and people justified in their motives.

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